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Pehchan ~ Episode 9 Review

“Thoray dinon mein baby ho jaye ga, woh busy ho jaye gi,” she said to her husband, airily dismissing his concerns about his daughter’s happiness, and to Laila her mother reiterated how lucky […]

Pehchan ~ Episode 8 Review

In a social set up where people insist on sparkling clean cages for their pets, expect their kababs to be shaped just so, a mere suggestion that an old sweater be repaired by an inexperienced hand is frowned upon, and puraney bahar se aaney […]

Pehchan ~ Episode 7 Review

We take great pride in our culture, traditions and value systems. Handed down from generation to generation, it is our mashriqi aqdaar that distinguish our particular way of life. We live not as individuals but as parts […]

Pehchan ~ Episode 6 Review

Prevarications, evasions, sidesteps – not quite lies but not the truth either. All those little bharams we keep. Sweet little lies we tell to cover unpleasant realities. Facades we build to create illusions of happiness. Like […]