Nikhar Gaye Gulab Sare – Finale Review

It is with great sadness that I write this post today – my favoritest soap ever, Nikhar Gaye Gulab Sare, just concluded. If you would’ve asked me on May 14th, the day before the first episode aired, whether I watched and enjoyed soaps, forget about following them religiously, my answer would’ve […]

In Memorium: Humsafar n Kuch Pyar ka Pagalpan

Despite a whole slew of dramas being churned out on a daily basis by all the 500 entertainment channels, why is it that so many of us still remember every dialogue of Humsafar, or reminisce fondly about Kiran and Shimraiz, or keep requesting sequels to Humsafar and Kuch Pyar ka Pagalpan?