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Firaaq ~ Episode 4 Review

Do people have to be related by blood in order to inherit the hey-look-I’m-a-nutso-ands-I-am-the-happiest-when-I-mess-with-other-people’s-lives DNA? No! After today I’m convinced these mutated genes are just as easily passed on via rishtedaari. Don’t believe […]

Firaaq ~ Episode 1 Review

Firaaq, written by Mustafa Afridi, directed by Aabis Raza and produced by MD Productions, is a story of separations, estrangements, alienations and distances, be they actual or metaphorical. Tabasum, the matriarch […]

Laa ~ Episode 3 Review

Laa ~nafi. Laa ~ negation. Laa ~ looking beyond that which is apparent. Laa ~ Sarmad Sehbai’s very well-written and well-knitted story of a man looking to find himself after being stripped off the identity that came with […]