About DRNR

Desi Rants N Raves ~  our take on what’s on Pakistani TV


We make watching Pakistani TV Dramas cool!



Should Humsafar be listed alongside PTV classics like Ankahi, Tanhaiyan or Dhoop Kinarey?

Is Fawad Khan the hottest guy ever on Pakistani TV?

Are our dramas promoting and perpetuating problematic stereotypes?

Are we satisfied with how we as a people are being presented to a global audience?

What role, if any, does our electronic media play in shaping popular culture?

Is our media fulfilling its responsibility vis-à-vis providing meaningful entertainment?


This is but a sampling of the kinds of questions that bring us together as a group. We laugh and argue, criticize and commend, and drool and ponder over what is being shown in Pakistani dramas.


No drama related issue is ever too big or too small, we discuss ’em all!


 Come join us ~ Rant N Rave with the DRNR gang!



14 replies

    • @ Saayaa Blog: Hey! Thanks for visiting and checking us out – much appreciated 🙂 AZ is totally fun n crazy, isnt it! I had a blast writing those crazy reviews.. glad to know you’re enjoying reading them .. would love to read yuor thoughts on indiv episodes …

      And what else are you watching these days? Anything “real time”? If you’re liking OKB as Aunn, do check out his serial Goya thats recently started…

      And dont be a stranger now … looking fwd to many more convos 🙂


      • LOVING GOYA! ARY Digital is coming up with some really good dramas. I agree with your episode 5 review 100%. Glad to see Junior Hashmi breaking free from daddy’s ‘zaleel’ and ‘aziat’. Sana Javed is one of my favourites (Lubnaaaa from Pyaray Afzal was too cute) and Osman is doing really well Mash’Allah!

        I watch most of the HUM Tv dramas regularly but some of them have been a disappointment: Firaaq, Daay Ijazat. Initially loved Digest Writer but it has become a bit slow. What do you think?


    • Hello Roshni, thank you for visiting and commenting. Welcome! Lovely to hear from you 🙂 You can access all these dramas on YouTube and a couple ( Humsafar, Zindagi Gulzar Hai, Sadqay Tumhare ) are available on Netflix as well. Do give them a dekho .. would love to hear your take on them! I hope you will subscribe and stay in touch 😊


  1. yeh hui na baat, desi bandon sey mil ker ander ka desi bahir a jata hai. Thank you for the pasand (like). shayad yahan per aney sey koi new Pakistani drama dekhana shuroh ker doon. filhal koi click nai ker raha.


  2. Hey SZ!

    First I kept going to your (old) blog and couldnt understand why there seemed to be no updates. That you had somehow stopped watching dramas seemed implausible. But today I found your new (cool) site!

    Will you be reviewing ‘Sun Yaara’ and ‘Bey Khudi’ by any chance? Both recently completed. And ‘Manchahi’ (still on)?

    Best wishes


    • Syrah: Hello! Lovely to hear from you – glad you found me. Thanks for writing 🙂

      Re: my old blog, I have been here for the past five years, but if you are referring to DP then I have no clue about their status.

      Re: Sun Yaara: I have heard many good things about it and have it on my watch list but given the rate at which new dramas are starting I honestly dont have the time .. but if I do, will def review it. Same goes for Bekhudi and Manchahi. Nothing from what I am currently reviewing catch your interest?

      Looking forward to hearing more from you


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