Aangan ~ Episode 1 Review

Written by Faiza Iftikhar, directed by Qasim Ali Mureed and produced by Six Sigma Plus, the first episode of Aangan aired this past Saturday on ARY. The first episode was sharp and sassy and brought to mind some of Faiza’s earlier writings and her particular brand of incisive humor.

Aangan is the story of a  joint tabbar, which is typical to a Tee. All of us who have grown up surrounded by chachis, mamis, phuphos, cousins, and naanis and daadis will so relate to going-ons in this dysfunctional family. Oopar se sab perfect and everybody smiling just so, but the minute the guests leave everybody’s smiles disappear as if by magic and out come their real personas. Petty jealousies, small catfights, eccentricities, personality clashes, sab kuch yahan dekhney ko milta hai. But what makes this crazy family work is that despite the differences there is that intrinsic something that makes them stay together.

The story kicks off with the question of Zoya’s shaadi. It is not as if she is not good rishta material – she is! – but the fact that Zoya is the youngest daughter of an elderly couple, and the only unmarried sister of four brothers and one older sister, means that any prospective groom has the difficult task of meeting everybody’s standards. Hence the pichley 120 rejected rishtey and the tension surrounding this latest proposal.

As these guys make plans to check out the prospective groom’s family we get an insight into everybody’s personality – har koi ek alag hi sample. The patriarch of the family knows his children all too well and would rather spend his time on the dramas playing out in the political arena, leaving the gharelu dramas to his wife.

Among the children, Zahid (so aptly named!), the third son, stands out for his convenient pseudo religiosity. Sajjad is the oldest one who is in charge of the family finances. The three bhabhis have their own fundas. Hajra is the one in charge, Laila feels othered because she is not from the family, and the youngest Rubina feels victimized. Anila is the married daughter of the house and her husband Alauddin is universally disliked by all. Standing out amongst all these very loud, in your face characters is the very introverted and withdrawn Zoya. Though she is everyone’s go-to person nobody ever stops to ask her what she wants.

Of the actors, Mansha Pasha is endearing as the beleagured Zoya. Samina Ahmed is as usual on point and her scenes with Qavi were fun to watch. I enjoyed all the three bhabhis‘ quirks, essayed well by Irsa Ghazal, Iffat Umar and Uzma Hassan. It is a pleasure to watch these lovely ladies taking a break from the routine and doing something kooky for a change. Of the three brothers played by Noor ulHasan, Hasan Ahmed and Paras Masroor, Paras was particularly good as the ultra religious Zahid. He shares great chemistry with Uzma and it is great to watch them together again after Sang-e Mar Mar. Hasan is thankfully a lot more animated here as compared to his outing in Dhund.

From the first episode it seems that even if the story is not terribly original the writing is engaging enough to keep viewers interested; I enjoyed the deft blending of humor and social critique. In terms of direction this was a smooth episode and served as a good introduction to the story waiting to unfold.

The episode ended with the news of Alauddin’s accident so it’ll be interesting to see if they all end up going to meet Zoya’s prospective in-laws. For her sake I hope they do warna tau woh bechari nashtey banate banate aur doosron ke bachon ko taiyar karte karte hi khatam ho jaye gi!

So yeah a promising beginning. How many of you all watched? Your take?

Written by SZ~

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  1. Yeaahhh i m the forst one today!!!
    I loved the first episode of Aangan. But i was thinking this was the one with Ahad and Sajjal…the period drama we r hearing abt. But may be thats a different one idk. Anyway i watched it and loved it in the end. It was funny, crazy in your face face but still so relateable to our own mamu mamis, chachis, phuphis qnd of course phuphas 😉 u said it right….her koi alag he sample hai! And Qavi and Smaina Ahmed were brilliant. Their scene where he didnt want to go out and stop his sons from fighting was hilarious!
    Waiting for the next episodes now.


      • Haha! No worries. I am the resident typo queen so you’re all good. Mere paas edit button hai isliye thori bachat ho jati hai verna tau … 😉


    • @Mavra: Hey! First one indeed!
      Yeah I dont get why this issue with names. HUM had announced the name for their serial way back in the spring/summer so I dont get why ARY had to go with the same name, but khair hai .. we’ll get used to this.

      Haina! It was in your face and typically I am not a fan of these kinds of “funny” dramas but Faiza does comedy well and Qasim Mureed does a great job in keeping it all in check. So yeah it was fun, Ab my big hope and prayer is that they dont drag it forever… fingers crossed!


    • @SK: Hey!! Haan do give this a shot – its a quick fun watch .. a welcome change from the heavy duty stuff on otherwise. Will look fwd to your thoughts 🙂


  2. Hey SZ! Ur reviews are more entertaining than the dramas but i’ll be honest with u. I m not interested in the same saas bahu fights & domestic politics that has been done to death. The only good thing for me is Iffat omer . May be bcoz of her i’ll give it a try. Have u seen’ Shayad’ on Geo starring Uzair jaswal & Sadia khan? I dont know y its not being promoted much. It also aires on Saturday. I thought u’ll review that bcoz i luved its first two episodes. Lead actors are easy on the eyes, they share a great chemistry, Ost & background score r amazing. Its beautifully shot. Cant wait for its 3rd episode.


    • Hey! I totally get you abt being fed up with the same old, and the story does have a deja vu feel to it but I enjoyed the quirky characters – but dekhte hain how abhi tau only the first ep.

      Re: Shayad, I tried the first ep and it didn’t click with me .. I’ll try and watch the other two eps.. the problem is there are so many dramas and only so much time that if the first ep doesn’t click it’s hard to go back


  3. Fun review, SZ!

    I watched the first episode, and I actually kind of loved it. True, there’s nothing particularly novel about the show or its plot, but man, is that a lot of acting talent packed into one house or what? The dialogues were fun too, no?

    There were so many scenes in this episode where I felt like someone had turned a camera on to my own extended family, lol.

    In short, this was really good, clean fun. Thanks for the recommendation!


    • @RK: Haina! So glad you watched and enjoyed this 🙂
      Yes, the writing does set this apart and this is vintage Faiza Iftikhar. Love how she uses humor to underscore issues you could never address otherwise. And yes, the actors! Irsa!! How different is Hajra from Mammo – love her bright red lipstick, and Uzma was so much fun and Iffat was hilarious as the angraizi bahu.
      Oh and the biggest surprise: Weren’t you surprised to see our friend from Dhund and Pinjra animated and actually interested in the going ons 😉

      Btw, have you checked out the Baraat series? This one is a step child of that series .. it was written by Mohd Ahmed (season 1) and Vasay Ch and directed by Marina Khan & Nadeem Baig .. It had quite a few seasons and was very fun.


  4. I thoroughly enjoyed both the first episode and your review.. ab me bhi sets pehchane lagi hun..v.first scene where zoya is standing in balcony and i am like ary ye tou pyari bitto ka ghar he n this balcony was bitto s father room😂

    Anyway.. that parai bahu vs behn ki beti and devrani ki beti seemeed sooo relatable.. we have same case in our extended family.. poor parayi bahu always feel leftout where as behn ki.beti k.maze n gets extra edge too.. i so enjoyed hajra ki teaming kabhi us k saath kabhi us k saath.. cast is just amazing.. i am so looking forward to phopoo n phopaa k drameee… a very light hearted drama indeed..


  5. Faiza iftikhar: the reason why i watched this drama, because she is too good in writing family dramas.. and i enjoyed it to the core.. I don’t think it is something like AunnZara but i do believe that we r in for an entertaining watch


    • @Atty: No, not a story like AZ, but the sharpness of writing and character sketches are just as detailed. I was reminded more of the Baraat series in terms of the story line. Ab lets see how the story progresses…


  6. SZ! Nice review. It made me tune into this one. I caught episode 1 and 2 together and I liked it :). I love Faiza Iftikhar’s writing. Dillagi was one of my faves last year so glad I tuned in. I just loved Isra Ghazal in this, mainly because her character in this serial is the complete opposite of Mamo.. i was just totally amazed by that. And then I remembered she played Farwa’s mom in Farwa ki ABC and she was good there too :). Also loved Iffat Omer she was very classy. Uzma Hassan was alright, A little over the top, but I guess that’s required for the role. On a side note did you catch the trailer for Arth 2? What do you think? I loved it and I hope it brings Uzma the spotlight she deserves.

    As for Mansha Pasha I have always admired her for the roles she picks. I have never seen her as the roti dhoti mazloom aurat in any drama. So right now I hope the story is as much about Zoya finding herself among the circus in her house and that she will not be a flat character. Finally a fun drama to watch.


    • So glad you checked this one out! It’s fun haina! Yes, Irsa is so fun and she and Iffat and Uzma together are a riot! ZQ was fun in the second gp .. will do a follow up review this week.
      Arth2 has me intrigued so let’s see .. Uzma is a fab fab actor and so underrated and typically typecast ..I do hope Arth does her justice. Isn’t it frustrating that none of these movies release here? I so wanted to watch Verna but it isn’t playing here .. Ab let’s see if Arth releases here


      • Yes completely. I was luck to have caught MPNJ in Toronto last September, but yes not sure when I will be able to see this. Right now I am just eagerly awaiting Balu Mahi on Netflix lolz..


  7. I watched the drama as you recommended it . I liked it as after a long saw so many good actors together . And that made this ordinary story so very special and relatable . The script was quirky and sharp, and the actors were fantastic . I bet we could see our family members in at least 5/6 characters 😂😂
    It’s been a while since I saw something which didn’t need the brain to be overstimulated . Simple story , simple effective dialogues and fab acting. I would watch it , hope it doesn’t loose its USP later .
    Brilliant review as always . Drama koi bhi ho , aap ka review hameesha zoordaar hota hai

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  8. this drama is so similar to the indian serail “Ba Bahu aur Baby”. Joint family / controlling mother in law / irritating badi beti and damaad / phuphi and niece liking the same guy / 1 brother staying separate with his family……


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