Naye Dramey ~ New Serials in November 2017

Dosto! Its that time of the year again, time when we are hit a with a deluge of new dramas. Every day it seems like there is either a snazzy promo, a catchy OST, or a press release announcing the arrival of yet another new serial.

Ab how to find time to watch these, with several of the September serials still running, is a serious conundrum. That said, a good project with a different concept and/or an innovative approach will always find its audience.

So let’s get to it and see what the various channels have in store for us. Kaunsa actor kis dramey mein, konsey writer ne kiya drama likha, kis director ne kiya kamal dikhaya hai, aur kahan ki purani story kahan repeat ho rahi hai…

Following is a listing of new drama serials in no particular order. Some of these have already started in the past week or so and others are slated to started in the next few days.

Bedardi Saiyan
This serial stars Sanam Chaudhry and Agha Ali, along with Sheheryar Zaidi, Saba Faisal and Ghana Ali. Written by Jehanzaib Qamar and directed by Mohsin Ali, this drama is two episodes in. It airs Wednesday and Thursday at 9 pm on Geo. You can read a synopsis here.

Nauman Ijaz, Uzair Jaswal and Sadia Khan come together for this coming-of-age love story directed by Syed Ali Raza Usama and produced by Babar Javed for Geo Entertainment. This is penned by Faiza Iftikhar and is based on her 2015 novel by the same name. For those interested, the novel can be found here.

Ek Thi Rania

This drama is written by Madiha Shahid, of Digest Writer and Zoya Aur Suleha fame, and is directed by Abdullah Badini. It stars Sumbul Iqbal and Syed Jibran. This serial is produced by 7th Sky Entertaiment and is slated to air from 3rd November, Friday at 8 pm on Geo Entertainment.


This serial marks Sana Javed’s return to TV after her big screen debut in Mehrunnisa V Lub U. Sana is paired here with Feroze Khan. This has been written by Asma Nabeel, directed by Anjum Shahzad and produced by 7th Sky Entertainment. Its starts airing from Monday, 6th of November at 8 pm on Geo.

Aisi Hai Tanhai
This project marks the return of Nadia Khan after a 17 year break from acting.  Here Sami Khan is paired with Sonya Hussyn, who plays Nadia’s younger sister. Other cast members include Saba Hameed and Seemi Pasha. Revolving around the issue of the misuse and harmful impact of social media on people’s lives, this Big Bang Entertainment drama is written by Mohsin Ali and directed by  Badar Mehmood. This drama is slated to air on ARY Digital in the very near future.

Dar Si Jati Hai Sila

Directed by the O Rungreza director, Kashif Nisar,  this serial is written by Bee Gul and produced by MD Productions for HUM TV. The impressive cast includes names like Nauman Ijaz, Sakina Samoo, Yumna Zaidi, Noor ul Hassan, Kiran Haq, Saman Ansari, Amna Malik, Munza Arif, Saleem Sheikh, and Humayun Gull. I don’t know how the serial will shape up, addressing as it does the sensitive issues of psychological and emotional abuse and sexual exploitation within the family, but for now the OST, lyrics co-written by Saji Gul, has me intrigued. By the way, O Rungreza followers check out the set – kuch dekha dekha sa hai, nahin? There confirmed air date is yet to be announced.

Main Maa Nahin Banna Chahti

This Rubina Ashraf, Ali Abbas, Rabab Hashim, Nida Mumtaz starrer is directed by Furqan Qureshi. The story has been written by Parisa Siddiqui and screen play by Mustafa Hashmi. This Moomal entertainment production addresses the desi propensity to value sons over daughters. This serial has already started airing and is four episodes in. New episodes air Wednesdays and Thursdays at 9:10 pm on HUM TV.

Khidmat Guzar

After his outing as a spoiled feudal son in the recently concluded Adhi Gawahi Azfar Rehman is back again in a negative dark avatar as MukhtarOther cast members include Noor Khan, Shazad Nawaz, Eeshal Fayyaz and Ali Josh. This drama is written by Afifa Muhammad and directed by Fahim Burney for A& F Productions. This serial has started on APlus last week and new episodes air every Thursday at 8:00 pm. 

This serial is a remake of the famous 1983 Hindi film by the same name. Starring Resham, Yasir Nawaz, Sabreen Hisbani, Faizan Khawaja, Anooshey Abbasi, Khalid Malik. This one is written by Soofia Khurram, directed by Shahzad Rafique and produced by MasterMinds Productions. This serial started on 26th October and new episodes air every Thursday at 8 pm on Express Entertainment.


Most of us were expecting Aangan, an adaptation of Khadija Mastoor’s novel to come much later, but this one, though with the same name, is a completely different serial. Written by Faiza Iftikhar and directed by Qasim Ali Mureed this one is Six Sigma Plus production. The ensemble cast includes heavy weights like Qavi Khan, Samina Ahmed, Waseem Abbas, Irsa Ghazal, Iffat Umar, Noorul Hasan, ZQ, Uzma Hassan, Paras Masroor, Hasan Ahmed, Mansha Pasha and others. Confirmed air date is yet to be announced.


And finally, last but definitely not the least, the much-awaited Manto makes its TV debut on Friday, 3rd November on Geo at 10:00 pm. Unlike the movie, which focused primarily on Manto’s life, this includes a selection of his short stories as well, offering a fuller picture of this literary genius’ life and work. For those among us who have seen the film there is not much else that needs to be said about Sarmad Khoosat’s brilliant direction and acting. For those watching this for the first time, be prepared to be blown away. Along with Sarmad, Sania Saeed and Nimra Bucha, this serial boasts a cast unlike any other, with names like Irfan Khoosat, Humayun Saeed, Faysal Qureshi, Hina Bayat, Rehan Sheikh, Yasra Rizvi, Nadia Afgan, Imran Abbas, Mahira Khan, Azfar Rehman, and so many more. To read more about this project read my interview with Sarmad here and here. For my take on the movie read here and here (does not have any spoilers). 

Also slated for tentative late November/early December release is Akhri Station, the Kashf Foundation project written by Amna Mufti and directed by Sarmad Khoosat. This mini serial addresses mental health related issues and stars Sanam Saeed, Mikaal Zulfiqar, Irfan Khoosat, Nimra Bucha, Eman Suleman and others.

Finally, If all these serials are not your cup of chai then there are other options avalable:
Malkin on Geo (airs Monday at 8:00 pm), Dilnawaz on APlus (8 pm on Mondays), Laal Ishq also on APLus (Saturdays at 8:00 pm), and Khamoshi on HUM TV (Saturday at 8:00 pm).

So …. ab kaunsa drama dekhen ge aur kaunsa chorain ge? Vote Below!

Written by SZ~

10 replies

  1. Hi SZ! Thank you for the overview. Most of these drama’s look average to below average. I am going to just watch Manto and Yumna Ziadi’s new drama. I saw the promo’s for this one and I am not sure if its a topic I want to watch, but I am already impressed by the cast… all familiar faces working with KN… so hopefully it will not disappoint.

    P.S. when can I rant about the last two episodes of O rangreza?? Waiting for you to post your thoughts soon 🙂


    • Hey! How’ve you been?

      Re: OR: I am still not caught up on the missing eps .. Can you wait till Fri? I’ll post a detailed overview of the missed eps and you cant rant to your heart’s content there – theek? Thank you in advance for your patience!

      High five! I too am planning on following those two dramas, but will give a couple others a fair shot … let’s see what floats and what does not ..


      • Sure no problem…it has gotten a bit show so it’ll be better to have a review for a set of episodes. Have fun catching up.

        All is well. How are you? I guess it’s the busy time of the year… Looking so forward to Manto have been waiting forever as I was not able to see the film. Now does GEO post HD prints of their drama’s like Urdu1? Never really followed any Geo drama although sometimes have contemplated finding Mor Mahal online…but the print needs to be good.


  2. @SZ thanks for the update. Had no clue abt any of these.
    Oh haan Loving the polls 👏👏👏👍🏼
    Re Manto: tha jis ka intazar..!! Finally!! The movie was quite an experience. Cant wait for the drama..
    Apart from that return of Nadia Khan sounds good but negative effect of social media..?! Really?!! Abb that ‘issue’ put me right off that one..
    Watching Paras Manzoor and Uzma together would be nice after sange marr marr but the poster seems like a big khandani saga. not sure abt that yet.
    Oh haan akhri station sounds interesting… might give that one a go. When u say mini serial whats that supposed to be? I wonder how many eps are classified as mini serial now? The return of the oroginal 12-16 eps maybe? Or perhaps bbc style 3/4 part drama or something less than 10? That will be an intersting change and hopefully set a better fresh trend..


  3. Great job with the previews, SZ! My job has eaten my life, so not sure how much time I’ll have to keep up with everything that’s coming up.

    But I’ll definitely be watching Manto. Super excited to finally see at least a bit of it!


    • Hey hey! I hear you .. same 2 same story on my end :/ Manto tau hai hi, additionally Im looking fwd to Sila … although I am seriously wondering how drama makers expect us to watch so much … OR and Manto the same day?!


      • Hello SZ, Also today last episode of YKS. Adds to your list of Things to do (review i mean). Take care and look forward to your reviews


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