Yakeen Ka Safar ~ Episodes 19-26 ~ Overview

For me to tell you that Yakeen Ka Safar is now a phenomenon of national proportions would be akin to stating the obvious. Anyone who follows Pakistani dramas or Pakistani pop culture even half heartedly is well aware that the hunky Asfandyar is now THE go-to doctor for ‘ilaaj of beemaris of all ilks.

To start off, let me begin with Ahad Raza Mir’s safar – he started off on a somewhat awkward and unsure note in Sammi, his stilted Urdu a marked hinderance in his performance. From there we saw him increasing in confidence in Yakeen Ka Safar till this latest episode where he absolutely came into his own. The scenes where he struggled with his emotions, torn between punishing his brother’s secretary and his commitment to his profession, were pitched just right, keeping time with the character’s overall arc, not giving into OTT melodrama.

The scenes where he kept walking past his patient’s mother, his Hippocratic oath ringing in his ears were beautifully executed. Well written and nicely directed, the scene took on a whole new life when it came alive on-screen. Well done team and well done Ahad Raza Mir. We have a new superstar in town!

That Dr. Asfand comes off as good as he does is in large part due to Momina Duraid’s very smart pairing of Ahad with Sajal Aly, a much more seasoned actor who is hitting her stride these days. Sajal and Ahad make a great couple on screen and it is easy to be lulled into buying into their tracks.

In my first review of Yakeen Ka Safar I had called this serial a throwback to the good old days of HUM TV, when class and quality went hand in hand, and this is the X-Factor which has been a hallmark of this particular serial since the beginning.  I love the familial interactions, the normalcy of interactions between parents and children, the camaraderie between bhabhi and dewar, all may seem like a no-brainer but check it out and these things are hard to find on TV these days.

Where the acting in general has been spot on, Shaz Khan and Hira have been especially impressive. I enjoyed the bonding between Shaz and Ahad. They were very believable as brothers and Asfi’s grief at his brother’s passing was , therefore, very real and relatable. With the return to that emotional point in the story Farhat Ishtiaq scored an absolute home run, as we all turned into emotional wrecks, reliving those traumatic moments with Asfi and his family.

That Farhat Ishtiaq is the queen when it comes to understanding and writing about feelings is a no secret. It all started with Humsafar and after 5-6 years of playing with our emotions, she is a master when it comes to creating emotional graphs for her characters and these skills are on full display here. For Asfi and his family, Urooj’s press  conference brought much-needed answers to lingering questions surrounding Daniyal’s death, freeing the family of the burden they had been carrying all along, allowing them to close that sad chapter and open new happy ones. Yes, shaadis. Asfi’s with Zubiya and Gaiti with Haroon.

Speaking of shaadis, let’s come to my problems here. It continues to be a perpetual frustration to see that every single drama of ours revolves around the masla of shaadi. Why?

I am not against the concept of shaadi, nor do I have anything against a shaadiwali-happy-ending but to see marriage presented as the only way to complete a woman’s existence, the be-all and end-all of her life, is extremely frustrating.

Much was made about this being a story featuring professional women, but apart from the fact that Zubiya is trained as a doctor and works in the hospital, where else have we seen any signs of ambition and drive in terms of her career? I was thrilled when she convinced Gaiti to use her education to come work at the hospital, but all this to what end? Just so that she could play rishta-aunty and introduce her friend to Dr. Haroon? And marriage to him would somehow end Gaiti’s “dukh“?

Similarly, Faryal’s return to the scene was also all about shaadi. Why? We were never really told the reasons for her failed marriage, neither did anybody care, but why would she want to remarry after a presumably traumatic divorce? Wasn’t one bad experience enough for her? I get it that Asfi’s quite the catch, but still my question remains… why is shaadi the raison d’être for our drama heroines?

Urooj’s press conference might have brought closure for Daniyal’s family, but what did it do for Noori, the rape victim with whom the story originally began? I realize there are still a few more episodes to go and this may be addressed later, but no justice for her and no resolution for her family till date makes me question the need to bring up “issues” just to check off boxes? What good are solutions if they come at the end of a long-drawn story? Where is the time then to see the solution put into effect and demonstrate its impact?

After 26 weeks Noori’s rapists continue to roam free, Zubiya is still haunted by fear of anyone finding out her dirty little secret, her mother’s murder is still unaddressed – her father basically walked with that murder, her brother physically abused her (but oh yeah, not his fault because his wife is evil), Khajista’s story was brought up and then glibly elided over. How does all this help raise any awareness – we already know all this. What’s new here? What’s my take home message?

In cases such as these, Zubiya’s badnaami, her mom’s murder or Khajista’s track or the rape case, the solutions I’m being offered are:
a)  hope and pray for karma to take its course – maqafat-e ‘amal
b) hope and pray for karma….
c) hope and pray …
Rest mitti pao on informed intervention or redress. As long as at the end of the day you get the hunky doctor to look at you just so, and you get to go home with the said doctor all iz well.

And all is well indeed …. this is the message that Team Yakeen Ka Safar would like us to take away from this serial, beautifully wrapped as it is with a sparkly bow on top. But do take a second and third look…

Written by SZ~

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  1. zalima!!! lol that was good fun. @SZ thanks for a fun review.

    But honestly what on earth was this ep?! Was that that the best resolution they could come up with? I was sooo disappointed! I haven’t really been following YKS properly since after Danyal’s death. I was angry how they had ended Noori ki kahani, but I still had some hope in Asfandyaar’s pledge to bring out the truth one day.. Aaj I tuned in by chance and uffff! if this was his effort to find the truth then like you said lets all just hope and pray for karma to take its course hamesha – Afandyaar was a good doctor tou uss ki jholi main (totally out of the blue) girr gya urooj ka beta, woh bhi jab she is all lachar and no good for nothing – matlab ke perfect timing! abb keep doing ur duty as a good doctor and hope and pray that she will organize the most effective press conference that the entire world is tuned to (not just nationwide but worldwide audience!) and hope and pray more ke she will spill all the beans in one go.. and ooper se Asfandyar steals all the credit for bringing out the truth?! really?! – its all abt the yakeen in karma!!! – wasn’t it about seeking justice? where was insaaf or justice in that?.. isn’t that a very dangerous message especially for a drama that raised very important issues in the most dramatic fashion?!!.. #disturbing

    Where’s justice for Noori? how will Urooj get punished for what she did? or was the press conference an expiation for all her sins? Why isn’t she scared of Rabb Nawaz and co any more?(or good old karma has already caught up with them and they have disappeared from the face of the earth somehow) – how will they get punished? what abt the rapist son?.. bass aik press conference ne subb ke gunah dho dale!?!?!?!

    Yakeen ka safar in karma and shaadi khana abadi.. get these right tou aage sub set hai… wah wah!

    sorry im just blabbing on.. as you can tell Im absolutely fuming!

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    • @FA: Welcome back!!!! You were missed and how!

      Haha! So good to read you and glad to know we are on the same page .. bas aajkal dua ka zamana hai… Allah pe bharose karo and hope for the best … reminded me so much of DeS when I was watching this today ,,, wasnt that the takeaway there too .. wonder which direction PK drama is going …


      • Awww I missed this space too! Just been super-busy so haven’t really been watching anything – but caught this by chance today and just as I finished and as I was fuming, ur review popped up in my inbox 🙂 .. I had to rant my hear out!

        The real shame is the theme had so much potential – I was quite excited to see lawyers and court battles and hospitals – some professionals on our screens – that would’ve made a refreshing watch if dealt with properly but it all turned out to be a saga with all kinds of issues thrown only to be brushed under the carpet..

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      • Wish there was a like button FA, loved your comment.

        SZ, as always completely agreed with your review.

        I had already discussed my concerns on this drama long ago, not repeating again.

        With each episode of YKS air, I go back to DK to the relevant event happened there in the drama. So much copied and renewed with new labels etc. Even words and sentences are copied and modified!

        LoL on shadi- the only purpose of the life!

        Every time someone talks to me from Pak (close or not so close relatives), only they inquire about my shadi. So I guess, that is the major problem in whole Pak, forget about bijli, paani, lawlessness and countless problems!


        • @Saadia: So true abt PK mein shaadi being a huge masla! And precisely because its so annoying for the younger lot I was disappointed to see for Zubiya to turn into rishta aunty, kinda ridic..


      • Thanks Mehak for sharing this information. I started watching this drama from around episode 18 or so.

        It makes more sense now. Where is Noori?


    • FA! Welcome back. You were missed so much!

      Hope all’s well with you and yours. Your fabulous rant here has inspired me to actually watch YKS, so thank you.


  2. SZ and FA; I just happened to quickly check in and saw your thoughts. I want to write a detailed comment later over the weekend… but cant resist two short points and a paradox…..
    one, yes we have been through one of the most intelligently and beautifully designed plays of these times. Every drama ploy, literary motif that grips the audience has been used.
    two….this play recognizes that people/viewers love stories with a broader canvas, themes which lift people out of their own cloistered worlds. That should be a great realization for production houses, for hopefully the theme of kitchen politics and evil MIL machinations will be gone from our screens for some time. Always good if people are forced to think of the injustices in the society, country and the civilization.
    and yet, paradoxically, it has a hero who rises above her circumstance but does not/will not address the fact that her father murdered her mother. The theme here is that injustices in the family are easily redeemed by mending ways of the errant member. that law and morality do not extend to the family and mere realization is enough. And that is an evil justification.
    I love the story arc. I love the characters and the artists and I smile at the use of coincidences and karma to bring closure to the story. But I just cannot stand the fact the play raises the issue of the murder in the first episode and proceeds to absolve the murderer because of filial love.


  3. I guess u have not followed the show very closely. Rab Nawaz Shah & his son died long time ago . They were killed by Noori herself & she also died in the process.


    • @Mehak: Hello, and thank you for reading and commenting 🙂
      Appreciate the factual info, but I was pointing towards the larger issue as I have clarified in my response to @Urdu Mom.


  4. hey noori, kills off Rab Nawaz and his son herself. So press conference would have been closure for her family.
    Plus faryal does tell asfandyar the reasons for her failed marriage, that she just could not forget him even though her husband was a decent guy. And that’s why the marriage didn’t work out.


    • Hey! Lovely to hear from you 🙂
      Yaar, It’s not abt the nitty gritty. I’m annoyed abt the larger issue which is the easy breezy way everything is brought up and then brushed away .. noori in the end had to go for vigilante justice, the system basically failed her and she died without closure .. her rape was pointing to a larger problem of corruption in the system, whereby she was raped twice, once by the feudal and second time by the system .. If this is how it were to be handled then they might as well have shown a financial corruption scandal .. why drag in a rape story when there was no need .. I’m unable to see what my takeaway is from the rape issue is and that’s extremely problematic in a serial that purports to specifically raise and address issues .. otherwise yeah it’s all neatly packaged and ends tying up prettily ..


      • In my understanding is to show more the character of Daniyal and how he was willing to risk his life for her honour. To show how he never gave up and stood upto evil. Many people would have withdrawn the case for the sake of their family safety. It showed his commitment and good brace character It is actually showing what people should do but don’t because there is so much corruption death threats etc if you go against high profile criminals. Believe me I had issues too I wish Noorie didn’t have to kill them to solve it . I also thought that Barrister Usman being such a huge famous lawyer and Asfandyal vowing for justice would have done more why would they just leave without clearing Danyals name?. Rabbawaz and his son were already dead ,they could have found Arooj a long time ago and somehow got the truth from her.
        But having said that I do think Allah does eventually do justice whether it is in this world or the hereafter and as Muslims that is a big thing, many people don’t get their just dues in this world and no one is a better judge than God and what looks like karma is his way and prayer definitely is not to be taken lightly . Yes I found it annoying too that her son happened to be bought to the same hospital and he treated him, how convenient and I wish it was done a better way to show they tried to at least get justice.
        Honestly though karma does come back and bite you. But yeah Ahad was amazing in this scene and owned the whole episode, Perfect emotions!
        Thx for a good review, you brought up some good points. I am enjoying it other than those couple of things I had issues with. Sajal has been fab and yes all the relationships have been beautifully shown:)


        • @ SK: enjoyed reading your balanced take on the play, yup it has its fair share of good and bad points – but filhal tau we’re all enjoying Asfi’s heroic turn .. let’s see where they go from here!


  5. Well if they would have shown proper and through justice given to Noori.. it would have been very similar to Udaari’s ending.. though that was very well executed..

    This to me seemed more REAL… because this is the true picture of our society.. where getting justice is really difficult. Anyone trying to get in your way is murdered brutally. I agree this is not the message which should be given to the society… but thats the harsh truth anyway…

    And yes Noori did get revenge on her own. by killing those waderas.. and got killed herself too.. you might have missed that part.


    • @Farah: Hello and thank you for visiting, reading and commenting – much appreciated 🙂

      No, I did not miss that part, as I mentioned in my response above. Also I would not call a victim killing her rapists and herself in the process as justice – that’s not the kind of a resolution that should be portrayed on screen as it sends very disturbing and wrong messages. Also, I get that getting justice in such cases is very hard for women .. but when such a topic is brought up on screen there should be a point to it, beyond the fact that it got a main lead killed .. if showing her getting justice would have been like Udaari then perhaps they could have chosen another scandal for Daniyal to fight… quite a few other worthy causes still left to fight for ….

      Please do continue joining in our convos .. always good to read different perspectives on dramas we all enjoy so much.


  6. Thanks SZ for the review. I am glad I am getting to know/read views of some other members for the first time e.g. Farah, urdumom, FA and Mehak.

    Did this episode make any one misty eyed..


    • @AS: after you had requested a review couple of times I was expecting to read a detailed comment about your observations abt the storyline etc.. but so far nothing .. kind of unfair nahin, to read others and ask questions but not contribute yourself?

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  7. SZ great review. Enjoyed reading this. I jumped onto YKS around episode 19 and therefore I am still watching it but honestly the whole play is too slow for my liking. Currently I am wondering if Zubiya’s insecurities will be addressed properly. Her background and rishte daar have really hurt her confidence. She is a doctor, but she is still carrying major baggage and her being a professional has not really enhanced her personal life. I really hope that Dr. Asfandyar and family will help her resolve her low self esteem. This is another issue raised in this drama, The general stigma that follows pretty girls. Very quickly they are called all kinds of things because they are pretty and maybe naive at a certain point in time, but if there is anyone who learnt from their mistake its Zubiya and I really hope it is handled properly. I still feel that good conversations/ dialogues are lacking in this play and I am afraid they will brush over certain things just to show a wedding. I guess we just have to wait and watch. 🙂


    • @Seher: I am with you re: your concerns abt Zubiya and I also wonder that if she has to be helped by Afi & Co to solve her own issues then what is the difference between her and the other typical drama heroines?

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  8. I didn’t watch Sammi – only a couple of episodes – so didn’t watch the debut performance of Ahad Mir. Thoroughly enjoyed seeing his transformation in this serial; both physical (thanks to the Parwaaz filming that maybe forced him to change his hairstyle et all) and his character development. He is a good addition to the industry. Completely agree with your evaluations, purely based on performances in this episode. It was very well executed.

    By the way, was there ever a ‘doctor’ for our generation (gen X)? There was Dr. Ahmar; we do remember watching and enjoying the serial but as kids, you know. Then there is Dr Asfi.
    Who was in between?🤔


  9. EXACTLY my sentiments down to a T! Farhat ishtiaq is comfortable with romances and that’s her strength. She took on darker topics with Drama but has been able to deliver. The rape, the murder of barrister Daniyal, the murder of sajal s mom, her abuse, near rape, Khajistas abuse. It all seems that farhat tried too hard to take on serious topics without focusing on one and doing justice to it. And the reason for tia dramas sudden popularity is NONE of those storylines but rather the romance between the two main leads which reminds everyone of Dr Ahmer and Zoya . I wish a farhat ishtiaq had just made that the focus and reduced the other background noise. Gaitis new romance feels so forced. Btw SZ, it’s the 30th anniversary of dhoop kinare . Please please please do a review! I just finished watching it with my husband. It was so so so so good that I wanted to cry. Yakeen Ka Safar reminded of that drama and I had to rewatch it. Nothing else compares. THAT drama is how you do a real Desai romance. The relationship between ahmer and Zoya is so organic and natural. Sigh!!!

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    • @SZ, please bring a like button to your website.

      @Sara loved your comment as well.

      Thank goodness, there are some other people who think alike.

      Coming back to DK, I found this drama way back in 2008-09 on youtube. I love it. All scenes are worth listening and understanding.

      The relationships were so real and beautiful. Specially, the relationships of Zoya with Dr Ahmer, her father and Anji.

      I still listen the conversation between her and her father when he got heart attack and was on bed rest, while playing luddo. The dialogue, “Insano ki asal pehchan” is engraved in my brain.

      Every time, I was YKS- I go back to DK. Nothing, matches with Dr Ahmer and Dr Zoya.



    • @Sara: Hey! Thanks for reading and commenting .. aap kahan ghaib ho gayi theen?

      Agree with your critiques .. and on Gaiti, that part where she allows her little guy to go off on an outing with a stranger was all kinds of weird .. and what does everybody know abt Dr. Haroon personally that Zubiya is going around playing cupid. This point is underscored even more heavily if yu think of all he baggage that Zubiya herself is carrying and how resentful she is when Dr Asfi’s mom asks her for her aunt’s address (as per the precap) …#strangedoublestandards

      Ok, your farmaish for DK review is noted .. will try and get to it as soon i can 🙂


  10. It would have been far better if FI just had stick to original novel.. that itself had so much potential instead of mixing 100s of unsolved social issues which precisely didnt help ratings it when romantic track started .. it grabbed more attention.. having said tht this epi was indeed brilliant.. oath scene flashbacks of danial n last scene..made me teary eyed.. no wonder why i was FI writings at first plc..

    SZ loved your spot on review 👏


  11. @All: Much has been made out abt showing working women, creating role models etc, but a quick scan through social media comments for the past weeks makes for an interesting read as in that everybody is inspired by Dr. Asfi’s selfless act etc and I have see quite a few moms saying they would like their children to become doctors like DR ASFI… so far am I yet to see any comment talking zubiya being a working woman or role model or an inspiring character .. the only talk abt her has been in terms of Asfi’s love interest and the romance angle ..
    your thoughts?


    • It is like saying the obvious but SZ your point is very valid as always.

      On social media, you know what kind of response a real life person like Malala gets.. Mostly hate and some support too

      Even in drama, Dr Asfi was not initially kind to Zubiya even though Asfi’ boss / senior also asked Asfi to go easy on Zubiya and not be that harsh.

      Afterwards we had couple of scenes where Zubiya was praised by Asfi e.g. when she delivered a child at someone’s home and later when she has hurt her hand and Asfi saw her and did the dressing. Later he was seen defending Zubiya when careless and irate sons of a dead patient were accusing Zubiya of neglect.

      I am also reminded of an example from western world most likely USA – when a client gets advice from male versus from female.

      Same advice is considered better by client(s) when he receives from a male than a female!

      On the need of female role models, I guess most of the fans of Dr Asfi are females.

      When you see around yourself, do moms mostly treat their sons and daughters same now a days? I feel scenario is improving albeit slowly.

      Going forward, I am hoping Zubiya will come out of her shell and exhibit her independence streak a bit more and will be a role model for some if not many.


    • SZ, Zubiya was never created an ideal girl! She was vulnerable since teenage! Only thing she achieved is a medical degree that too on her father’s finances. She was not a top-notch like Zara or Kashaf to get into medical school or higher studies. She was even struggling to do basics correct in the beginning in the hospital. She has not been shown, what she thinks of the guy who is moving forward to her. Her thoughts on his moves, etc. The only charm is that she pairs nicely with Asfi. I also don’t get when and what attracted them towards?

      On the contrary, Asfi is an ideal since the beginning. He is the saviour of the IZZAT of FAMILY and even of Zubiya! He is the best medic etc. How will then people not like Asfi?

      Women are never portrayed as brave and independent except a few writers in Pak TV industry!

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      • @Saadia: Thank you – that’s precisely my point. I was underscoring the vast gulf between what the makers tell us/think what they are showing us and what we are actually seeing on screen. This is the issue with all the lead pairs we have seen in recent dramas .. DeD had the same issue where Fara was the silly immature twit even though she was in med school whereas Wali was shown as the sober (cough cough) mature man …
        I honestly worry abt the stuff being dished out on tv and the eagerness with which audiences are lapping it all up …

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        • I can’t comment about YKS specifically, but I think part of the problem is that the female lead’s education and/or profession are hardly ever important to the actual plot, and that’s a huge problem.

          I mean, sure, Kashaf’s exam-topping achievements are highlighted in ZGH, but we hardly ever see her at work, being an administrator, helping people, etc. Similarly, we’re told Humsafar’s Khirad is a brilliant student, but do we ever see her even finish her education? What about Shirin in SeMM? At no point in the show does she show a desire to do anything with her abilities, her inheritance, or the free reign she gets from Daaji. She spends the whole show moping about and pining for Aurang instead.

          As long as romance and shaadi remain the overarching goal for these characters, it doesn’t matter what they do, they’re never going to be truly inspirational.

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          • RK: thank you – your last line sums up my issue with this and other such serials so aptly. I hadn’t read your comment fully when I responded to Seher, but yeah .. that’s the basic problem with 99.9% of the serials


    • @SZ the problem with female oriented media content throughout this world is the fact that even if they show women are empowered, have an amazing career and even lots of money a woman’s story is only complete if she finds love and settles for it. A very basic example is Grey’s Anatomy. Yes it is the story of a doctor with a lot of personal baggage, who transforms from a first year resident to an accomplished surgeon, but what drew viewers to actually watch this? Her love interest with Dr. Sheppard. Ever noticed how there are so many shows where men are in the lead and the love angle is nowhere in sight, but if its a woman who is the main character there’s always some guy trying to fill in the gap. I don’t think this will every change. However if you get a chance watch Farz. Sonia Mishal is in the lead and there is no love story, just a girl who wants to do something more meaningful than the set standards. It was very refreshing to see and I hope more inspirational drama’s like this are made.


      • Seher: thank you for raising an excellent point and I agree with you on the points you raise. Here’s what I think of these issues you’ve raised.
        Re: Grey’s Anatomy or any other western show for that matter, yes there is the love story and the leads are always eye candy ( let’s not forget ER and how it transformed George Clooney’s career), but even with all that there is a storyline and an underlying argument that is being subtly pushed all along.. whether the regular viewer gets it or not immediately is not the point. It’s takes a lot of similar shows to change a socially entrenched mindset, but nonetheless there are points that hit home in subliminal ways. Thus seen the love story and eye candy is glitzy packaging to ensure that viewers check in, because otherwise where is the difference between a documentary and drama. So, yes, shows like Good Wife can be dismissed as yet another show abt a philandering man whatever, but in the midst of all that we also saw a woman jumpstarting a career after a long break, managing motherhood and a career, and most importantly not always succeeding- which was a fabulous message to put through – that it’s rough and not everything works out a 100% all the time ..and it’s not always abt love all the time with women.. I love Law & Order SVU and there Olivia has men who come and go through her life but really nobody watches it for her love story.

        I don’t have a problem with love stories or a track where there is a love angle added in, because that is a part of life. But to make it primary where all else is reduced to background chatter, and that too nonsensical chatter, should not be acceptable any more. And by this i don’t mean that a woman needs to be always shown as a working woman, no. It is about giving a fuller characterization to a a female character where she has other things in her head other than pyar ishq muhabbat, shaadi , paise,and shopping. And seen that way 99,9% of our Pakistani drama heroines fail that criteria. Zubiya is a doctor but she is never once seen reading a medical journal or looking for a course to enroll in or some such. Her bhabhi does nothing except complain abt money. Similarly SeMM .. what do all these women do?? By this token I’m thrilled that in Piyari Bitto Sania’s character is a that of a tuition teacher even though she’s a stay at home person etc.

        To inspire a drama lead doesn’t necessary have to step out of the box, because realistically speaking a large majority of our desi women are still living in the traditional setup where it is not always possible to work outside the house, but surely within the house they can be shown as doing something productive with their lives? Even as basic as giving tuitions to neighboring kids, or running cooking classes, craft classes for ppl around? Quran classes? So many small creative ways in which TV could bring about a much needed change in mindsets abt the role of women as productive members of society.

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        • You’re right Alicia from the Good Wife is a true example about a general story of a woman trying to stand on her own despite family pressure and the public limelight. I think you are right empowered women don’t necessarily have to be professionals its al about showing women can think as logically as men. And although Dr. Zubiya may not be a good example, we have seen the likes of Aamina Sheik or Saba Qamar do roles of empowered women. The one thing that stood out when I finished Dumphukht was the very strong characterization of all the women in this drama, apart from Sonia Mishal, Saba Faisal and especially Saman Ansari had a very powerful role. So even if it is slow we are seeing the ‘norm’ of the female lead change even in our industry albeit maybe too slow for our liking.

          Ok Pyari Bitto is next on my watchlist. 😉


          • @Seher: DP is so on my watchlist! I am so eager to begin .. maybe thanksgiving break.

            Haha! PB might not be your cup of tea . its a very sad story with almost no happiness there .. watch if you want to see great acting. Sania was heartbeakingly brilliant in the first ep. Actually, just watch the first ep.


          • @Seher – considering difficult past of Zubiya in YKS, and she is at whatever stage in drama now, I would like to think that it is definitely some achievement on her part.


  12. I agree with Saadia above. The story’s hero is Dr Asfandyar, who responds to the tragedy by developing a strong moral code and of course insufferable rudeness. Dr Zubiya is applauded as a survivor but not really a role model. There is no attempt to show her as a determined career woman. I dont know if this is how the author wished it to be projected, but she is shown as an introvert who does manage to survive determinedly and has compassion towards other sufferers. Also the tragedy that befell Dr Asfandyar is a public one so the response is also very public and on a grand scale. Zubiya’s tragedy is a personal one and so that kind magnificent arc of growth is not allowed her.
    I also wonder was the author really keen advocating an agenda for women empowerment? I dont think so. She basically tells a simple morality tale in a many layered context set on a grand canvas. The critique of the justice system in the first half does not come up in the second, which is about the individual and the family. I think the story is about the individuals. I havent read the novel, so all of you more scholarly viewers can correct me, but my feeling all through the serial has been that this is Dr Asfi’s story and Zubiya’s story is to emphasise the hollowness both feel and the coming together of two broken people. In fact I saw DK a few months back and there the heroine was spunky, positive and no coyness about her. I was just imagining the times it was set in and her frank, cheerful and unapologetic admission of her feelings for the boss — that was way before her time.

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    • Very well put Molly.. since u mentioned novel …then novel was mostly infact 90% about Zobia.. her feelings every time how abbi treated or her brothers abused her.. her thoughts n words on how she started liking dr.asfandyar or how shw felt when he ignored her.. so yes novel was different.. its just the charactets n basic plot writer has taken from novel


    • @molly: you bring up very good point abt the difference in scale of tragedies hence the difference in character arcs. Agreed. But even within that Zubiya hasn’t really shown growth- yes she’s moving along a path assigned to her more by fate then her choice ( mom wanted her to be a dr). And so even within her own life, she’s not yet empowered or acquired any agency.

      Re: whether the writer/makers really wanted to show empowerment or touch on issues- absolutely! Hence my outrage ( maybe a strong word choice but I’m more than irritated lol) and this critique. I think we have links to farhat ishtiaq’s interviews on earlier threads or you can google and you will see these very proud claims abt this serial addressing social issues, that they were going to portray empowered female leads, and that they were going to change the way female leads were portrayed and [re]introduce working women on screen. Had they not said that I would not be bothered at all .. the novel itself was pretty simple and simplistic and as you see it here was based on emotions – on an individual and a larger familial scale ..and that to me is Farhat Ishtiaq’s forte .. and I have given credit where credit is due .. but I am not a happy camper when they misrepresent their project and take on sensitive and grave issues as domestic violence and rape to only check off boxes and heck even send wrong messages — vigilante justice is not any kind of resolution to noori’s track, talking to an abusive husband in a casual uninformed manner is not the way to approach dv issues, dismissing a woman’s murder and saying the murderer was punished by fate is not acceptable at all. This is all so so wrong and irresponsible..

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      • @SZ Brilliant argument. I remember you were upset about the way they handled the Domestic violence case earlier too. I guess this is the “hey look I am so progressive” syndrome at play. I feel your pain at the easy solutions “found” to all issues or as @RK would put it, pack it all and tie it up neatly with a bow. 🙂 .
        And I am playing the devil’s advocate here — Does entertainment ever INTEND to bring about social change? I suspect not. The beast of entertainment relies on pandering to the sentiment of a majority of the people; it aims to connect to the masses; it cannot afford to challenge them and frighten them, how can it then aim to disturb the status quo? The TRP game has to target the lowest common denominator, as we are always told. It seems to me that entertainment can at best present the injustices to the people who have stopped seeing something as an injustice. Sensitization and not solutions. I would be happy if the enormous number of people loving YKS slowly start looking at domestic violence as a problem rather than the god-ordained right of the male to kick ass. Baby steps here.
        Similarly for Zubiya’s career. Even if ten girls get inspired to go serve in a remote area hospital, I think the entire posturing is worth it.

        Liked by 2 people

        • Well said @Molly 🙂 Lets leave it at this hopeful note and pray that even though serving in a remote area was not a preferred choice but a place to hide and heal, that some young girl is inspired to follow in her footsteps 🙂 Conversely, I hope no girl loses hope in the system and chooses to not report a rape or some similar heinous crime…
          Bottomline, mass entertainment comes with a lot of responsibility and if the makers cannot do justice to issue they raise then they should think ten times before they present irresponsible scenarios … I am quite happy seeing normal loving families 🙂

          Liked by 3 people

        • Thanks Molly for playing part of Devil’ advocate.

          It is so nice that discussion here always proceed in a courteous manner.

          @SZ I missed your review of YKS in recent weeks and when u wrote it this time, it is good to see so many comments and discussion

          Probably not many episodes left now. Hopefully you find time to review every new episode of YKS from here on.


  13. Please allow me to add my two cents here; the case of the empowered woman – I find, it is often portrayed in a stereotypical way in the media and it leads me to believe that we ourselves are confused about the actual definition and meaning of the term.
    Is it a case of putting that personality in a certain box as well?
    SZ has given examples above to illustrate how it can be shown too.

    We only have to look around us – the women in our lives – the generation or two before us and we can find plenty of examples. I never see their stories on the telly, (these days) or rather she isn’t the main protagonist.
    The story of the empowered woman is mainly portrayed as someone who has to have a career/ambition pitted against someone who is domestically inclined, by fate or design – and these (fate/design) are factors, by the way, in both scenarios.

    – [x] Is it because of the dearth of specific writers, is it because the many we have engaged today, have not been able to understand the psychology to translate it accordingly on screen?
    – [x] Is it a collective failure on our part as we become short sighted and have ourselves not fully realized the contributions of these women around us? Only because they belong/have belonged to a generation that do not/did not think of it as it was something special they were being involved in?
    – [x] We have taken/are taking for granted, some of the luxuries we are afforded because of their (quiet) struggles in their times.

    I feel it is important to look at history too when trying to tell a story, trying to bring about a change, trying to understand a situation and providing solutions to it.

    Forgive me for going on a complete other tangent. Is it perhaps connected to the discussion or not, you can decide?
    I, in the meantime, will try and get my friend to follow this blog as well. She is much more precise in conveying the thoughts that I take a round about way in saying.

    On that note, I’d also like to thank you, SZ, for having a forum that is mainly for pop culture reviews on screen, theatre and films, we are allowed to engage in sharing and understanding each other’s points of views as well.


    • @Arisha your views gave me food for thought. I think we stereotype working women; media definitely does. Like we use “lol” for showing uncontrollable laughter, the term working woman comes with its own immediate understanding. She will be ambitious, driven and often neglectful of human relationships. Given a choice, she will choose career over love. And she will always have a back story of some sort to justify her hardness. She will more often than not serve as a counterfoil for the docile, homey woman whose life revolves around her husband.
      Yeah sure, never seen a conflicted career woman, who has to leave a small child at home because she needs the pay check?
      Or a woman who wants a great career but is a great mum as well?
      what about those DINKs where the woman is ready to take on life at an equal footing as her husband and be a friend, companion and a wife?
      Stereotypes encourage lazy thinking.
      I love your point about the unacknowledged struggle of hundreds of women in the previous generation who have made it possible for this generation of women to work. They must have felt the need for giving their daughters a voice, a meaningful existence, which is why even though they might not have worked a job but in hndreds of ways they created the path for our generation to step out. Each of us can think of our grandmothers, and mothers who tended us and directed their daughters. I know my mother did. But these were silent, non- dramatic events. a lifetime of building up daughters differently
      Which is why there is really no cinematic value to it.
      Like all revolutions, people notice it when it comes to the tipping point. I guess we are the tipping point generations.

      Like you, I too love DRNR because SZ has created this unique place for people to come for popular culture but stay back for food for the soul.


      • Thank you, Molly.

        I agree that these stories do not have great cinematic value but I also hope that the great story tellers can take these silent, non dramatic events and weave them into engaging and meaningful tales on screen.


  14. Dearest All:

    So so sorry for having disappeared on you all, bilkul bhi kuch bhi bataye baghair – my apologies. It all started off with me falling sick and then some work related busy-ness….. and then phir meri general lethargy .. basically bas I kind of lost my momentum. But now with things back on track, I am back and we shall hopefully be back to our regularly scheduled program and gupshup. There are ton of new dramas that have started and others that are slated to start in the next few days so there is much to talk about! Looking forward to catching up with you all … hope you’ve all been well. Missed you all! ❤

    Milte hain kal, IA!


  15. SZ I was just thinking about you . And was praying for your good health . Missing you and saw your post . Happy that your are ok


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