Piyari Bitto ~ Episode 4 Review

Watching this latest episode of Piyari Bitto I kept thinking if there was a case to be made for someone being too good for their own good. Shakira, for one, is a chalta phirta ishtihar of exactly such a person.

When we last left her, it was pretty obvious that Shakira was in no mood to play the blushing bride – that boat had already sailed. That phone call, where she gave Mehboob his waiting orders, was as sad as it gets. Why just why couldn’t this woman be reasonable just for once? Why couldn’t she continue looking for Bitto after her rukhsati?

And her brother was absolutely right, good or bad, Bitto was with her mother and there was nothing that Shakira could do to change that reality. Magar… sigh!! All such rationalistic thoughts are for the likes of you and me, Shakira tau kisi aur hi matti ki bani hui hai. Hence she called off the rukhsati, toro-ed Mehboob’s dil and upset her mother-in-law. Most definitely not signs that spell marriage any time soon.

This is not to say that Shakira is wrong to worry about her beloved niece. No. She was absolutely right and her instincts were spot on in that Bitto needed to be rescued. My problem is the extent to which she puts everyone else’ well being above and beyond her own.

Sakina, however, is the exact opposite of her altruistic sister-in-law, there are no limits to her narcissism. She is willing to go to any limit to satisfy her needs and in this pursuit is absolutely blind to the dirty games being planned and payed out right under her nose. Even her own daughter’s pleas go unheard. All that matters is there always be someone pandering to her ego, others be damned.

Promo for the next episode promises lot more dhamakas in store. Seems like Sakina Begum will not rest till she’s messed up the lives of everyone else around – now it’s Imtiaz and Rukhsana’s turn.

That such a grim storyline has me engaged till now is credit to the team. Saji Gul’s script unfolds at a brisk pace and Mazhar Moin directs fluently without playing up the melodramatic potential of a story of this kind. I am particularly enjoying the realism of the visual narrative. It is a drama about the middle class and it looks and feels exactly that. The tang galis, vintage houses and the exterior shots – all a  welcome change from the typical living room dramas. The rickshaw chase in particular was very well done.

The acting is top notch. Sania Saeed is fantastic as shakira and so real that ere i to run into her somewhere I would grab her by the shoulders and give her a piece of my mind. Atiqa Odho is brilliantly cast as the complicated Sakina. Even though she is playing a completely evil character I like how we are able to get into this woman’s head and see how she must be justifying her actions to herself. Farah Shah was so good in that one scene when Sakina calls her plain. Rashid Farooqi is as immaculate as ever. Tipu Sharif made quite an impression as the awara ‘ashiq. Fawad Khan is shining as Mehboob and last but not the least, I am enjoying Saniya Shamshad here as Bitto.

So, yeah still on board and looking forward to what happens next.

Are you guys watching?

Written by SZ~

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  1. Shakira is really never going to get married, is she? Khair, this was an interesting–if somewhat filler-y–episode of PB. Of all the good things in this episode though, that auto rickshaw chase scene through the narrow alleys and bylanes was the best part. I really like the look of this show. Here’s a sad story, but the sun is always shining, everyone is always brightly dressed, etc.

    Saji Gul should be commended for writing three women who are so very different: there’s self-effacing and sacrificing Shakira (who is nevertheless very stubborn and determined herself), there’s Sakina, who thinks the whole world owes her an apology because she was a beauty married off to a less-than-ideal man (and if her methods are terrible, there’s some relief in seeing a woman fight for what she thinks she’s entitled to), and finally, there’s Rukhsana, who isn’t as openly malevolent as Sakina, but is nevertheless quite territorial and not above manipulating people for her own interests.

    The men are just props, lol.


    • @RK: Nope… doesn’t seem like it :/ But on the good news front, Mehboob doesnt entirely disappear from the story . .there is a proper track for him, ab lets see where that goes. But kiya yaar! Didnt you feel like sunaoing a few to her .. he brother really shouldve not let her get away with it ..

      Btw, dont you winder abt how easily her brothers give in to Shakira’s choices.. they apparently held their own when it came to her nikah (making him wait etc) but now its like they – well now only one is left so he – just sat back and said he would go ask for another tareekh.. I was happy to see ke atleast Rukhsana had a few things to say to Shakira ..

      Yes, I too am hating but liking Sakina for her gumption ..


      • I’m going to be totally shallow and admit that my only interest in Mehboob as a character is in his relationship with Shakira. So if he’s out of the picture for her, then whatever, he can just disappear from the story altogether, lol.

        And see, I had Shakira pegged from the beginning as someone who doesn’t give up easily once she gets a bee in her bonnet about something, and also that she’s used to getting what she wants. That may also explain why she goes to pieces when the world doesn’t quite bend to her will.

        I’m curious about where the story is headed for poor Shakira though.


  2. Assalamoalaikum..
    Hai Shakira….we do have such characters in real life too!…lol…yes,i also want to sunaoing her….thanks to bhabi Rukhsana for representing us for this! yani k whatsoever ..guardianship in will was not regarding the property only? can she own bitto like that instead of her mother…phupian buri banti hain esay asal life may k bhabi ko apni aulad ka haq b nhi day rheen…..
    Shakira… sacrificing soul who can create troubles for her loved ones by seeing good from only one angle …she ignores other angles which might stir havoc in other’s life…this is not fair!
    Sakina…..snatching soul….she can destroy every person on earth for her choice even her daughter!
    pure evil
    Rukhsana…is sane….a mediocre…who listened to Sakina about house giving in jahez n confronted Shakira..ofcourse that was not fair with the wives n kids already living…who knows Shakira’s husband after wedding asks her to sale tht house? where would have they gone then..? They shud give money equivalent to that amount to her instead of house..
    Again..she knows what izzat means to a woman…not once she gave any affirmation to such gestures of Sakina..rather stood firmly against her decisions…so far the only likable character!


    • @Doctor: Wasalam
      Lovely to hear from you again 🙂

      True many people, particularly women, like Shakira around… this is, btw, based on a true story, I have been told. Haha! you too?! I so wanted to tell her bibi wake up and smell the roses .. magar nahin .. but that said, I love the commitment with which Sania has played this woman that she makes you feel her sincerity whether you agree with her actions or not.

      Interesting take on Rukhsana, but yeah .. I can see where you are coming from and i tend to agree with you that she is perhaps the only one who says whats on her mind, without trying to make it more palatable by covering it with pretty words. At the same time, though, I think she is also bholi in the respect that she is easily misled by others .. for instance she didnt think of the issue herself till Sakina pointed out that giving Shakira the house would not be good for their family … and she reacted to it just as Sakina expected. That said, she did sunao Shakira of her own accord this time when it came to the question of postponing the rukhsati .. so yeah interesting character if you give her some thought .. will be interesting to see how this character develops …

      Keep reading .. and likhti rahiye . its good to read your take 🙂


      • Thanx SZ…I’ve been reading u for quite sometime now but don’t get the time to comment.. This drama seemed good so I gave it a go n so far engaging….
        I agree with u on Shakira…till first 3 epi …I also took her immensely loving mager in this epi her over loving attitude is creating problems..is lyeh ghusa a rha hai us per….one or two of my very near relatives are like her..I loved them the most but when I see them over sacrificing or doing something which will neither benefit them nor others just because they think that way, rather can do damage ;to un per b esa hi ghusa a jata hai….
        to b short….itna acha na bnain k log kha jain…werna phir acha kernay k lyeh kon bachay ga ager ap hi na rhay?


        • @Doctor: Chalein then thanks to this drama aap ne apni chup tau tori 🙂

          Like you to have seen plenty of women around us like Shakira lets hope that this drama can help raise some awareness ke its not always good to be so selfless. Even though our desi culture teaches us otherwise, sometimes its good to be selfish and look out for personal interest as well..

          Lets see what happens next 🙂 And you dont ghaib, ok? 😉

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