Mushk ~ Theater Play ~ Curtain Raiser & Giveaway Contest!!

Mushk ~ Fragrance ~ is a new Urdu theater play that brings Sania Saeed and Nimra Bucha together on stage for the first time ever. Lahore, Islamabad and Karachi – peeps this one is a play that should not be missed!

Penned by Rabia Qadir and Seemal Numan and directed by Kanwal Khoosat, Mushk is the story of Sophiya and Zoay. Sophiya is a brilliant novelist who guards her privacy like a hawk. Zoay, on the other hand, is a journalist determined to force her way into Sophiya’s solitude to gain an interview with the reclusive novelist about her latest publication. As events unfold it becomes clear that nothing is at first seemed. Sophiya is holding on to a secret she is unwilling to part with and Zoay knows a lot more than she lets on. What is it that she knows about this novel and it’s novelist?

Ab who is hiding what and why, and how it all pans out yeh tau sab dekhne ke ba’ad hi pata chalega. For now I’ll leave you with the teaser that while the storyline might appear simplistic it is definitely not that. As these two women pare away each other’s lies and evasions, their interactions reveal an increasingly complex pattern in an apparently simple melody. Journeying through the story these characters realize the meaning of love. Mushk plays with the idea that individuals are inherently unknowable. This play is an Olomopolo Media Production.

Dates ‘n Venues
Mushk opens in Lahore and then travels to Islamabad and Karachi. Dates and venues are as follows:

Lahore:  6 – 8 October, 2017 at Alhamra Arts Council
Islamabad: 21 – 22 October, 2017 at Pakistan National Council of Arts
Karachi: 3 – 5 November, 2017 at Karachi Arts Council

And now to the important stuff:

We at Desi Rants N Raves are absolutely thrilled to partner with OlomopoloMedia to bring you this fabulous opportunity to win tickets to this play in all the three cities – 3 sets each for each of the three cities!!

You can enter this contest TWO ways:

Click on the video below and follow instructions for entry

Click on the link below and follow instructions for entry

Good luck!!!

Written by SZ~

N.B. This post has been sponsored by Olomopolo Media.

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    • Me too! But khair I am trying doing the next best thing which is to share this contest with friends and family and hoping they win and get to go.. and also asking ppl to share further, helping spread the word. Theater and particularly good theater of this kind needs audiences’ support big time. So you and others reading this .. please help spread the word – thanks!


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