O Rungreza ~ Episode 9 Review

A string puppet!

Yes, that’s exactly what I was reminded of while watching this yet another excellent episode of O Rungreza. Much like a marionette, kabhi koi kahin se kheench raha hai kabhi koi, Qasim too is being pulled from all directions. The difference, however, is that marionettes are nothing more than cloth and string whereas Qasim is a flesh and blood human being. Not that this distinction bothers Khayyam much.

For a man whose claim to fame is his writing about love, the most delicate of human emotions, Khayyam is determinedly dense when it comes to emotions other than his own. Meri pasand, meri chahat, meri zaroorat, meri muhabbat – it’s all about main aur meri for Khayyam. He’s manipulated Mammo all through their married life then he tried control Sassi, but she had grown up watching him at close quarters. Thwarted by Sassi, Khayyam’s now turned to Qasim, a much easier target.

Qasim is unable to resist the lure Khayyam dangles in front of him. He knows that travelling down the path outlined by Khayyam can only lead to heartbreak and heartache, but so blinded and so helpess is he that he cannot say no. Khayyam thinks he has manipulated Qasim, but Qasim has been manipulated by his own fickle heart. Marrying a firebrand like Sassi will consume him and burn him, but he’s helpless. He sees disaster approaching but he stands there transfixed, almost hypnotized.

For her part, Sassi, the puppet master holding the strings to Qasim’s heart, is on a trip all her own. Like Qasim she too is consumed by passion. But hers is of a different kind. Her passion is fueled by anger and a thirst for revenge. She was initially drawn to showbiz just like any other glamor stricken fan, but now she is in it to spite her father. The imprint of her father’s slap may have faded from her face, but it is impressed, as if cast in stone, on her soul. Khayyam will have to pay for raising his hand – no matter how high the cost.

Enter Wajih Kamal.

Unlike others who wear their hearts on their sleeve, Wajih plays his cards close to his chest. He’s definitely interested, more than interested actually, in Sassi once he knew who she is, but he’s not about to tip his hand quite as yet. That Wajih and Sassi are going to get together is now a foregone conclusion, but what happens when an immovable object meets an unstoppable force? Anyone wants to hazard a guess?

We thought we had seen fireworks aplenty in O Rungreza, but little did we know that those were just stray sparkles from the stage being set for the main event. Wajih’s entry has certainly stirred the pot and with Tipu waiting in the wings the real party is about to begin. I for one am scoring myself a front row seat – you guys gonna join me?

With memorable scenes and lovely moments galore, O Rungreza is turning into one heck of a ride. Kitne turns hain aur kahan kahan se aa rahe hain kuch pata nahin chal raha, but still the characters stay true to themselves. This then is the mark of a true writer – thrills aplenty but never at the cost of the story or its characters. Saji Gul, take a bow! And standing right alongside, sharing the well-earned applause, are the director, Kashif Nisar, and his fabulous cast and crew. Well done guys, well done!

Written by SZ~

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  1. Im in bit hurry will comment later but couldn’t resist praising your fabulous review… like Qasim says kya karti he app sassi. I can say kya karti he ap SZ..👏


      • quite late.. but loveed this episode.. i was shocked on Khyam’s highest level of selfishness… matlab k gadhe ko bhi baap banana is his daayen haath ka kaam.. mammo aur qasim per raub daal kar he gets some ego boost.. nh tou sassi n Sonia Jahan ke aage paseene chut jaate hain.. coward..

        Tipu’s scene was so bad.. seemed like biryani khate khate saabit kaali mirch munh me agayi 🤦‍♀️

        Sassi’s meetup with WK was interesting. Omair Rana is fab actor..i couldn’t find any trace of Saifullah in him .. so looking forward to more scenes between Wajih n Sassi.

        Last scene was my fav.. how they tried not to disclose grooms name.. 😂 i like how writer has indulged humour in such colorful plate ..


        • “Tipu’s scene was so bad.. seemed like biryani khate khate saabit kaali mirch munh me agayi 🤦‍♀️”

          brilliantly put!! Hopefully he’ll be better when he gets to PK and stops with that patently fake accent.

          Omair Rana was also in this latest ep of Mujhay Jeenay Doh .. he and Nadia J are the best parts of that serial .. did you watch this ep?


  2. @SZ After reading your review I saw the episode and i like your review more than the episode.

    Drama is interestingly written and actors have done a fine job. One smiles at many places too – especially in scenes where Sassi and Qasim are together.

    To me, none of the main characters in drama appear normal.

    Mom Mumtaz is too meek and submissive.

    Dad Khyyam is too dominating and at times I find him behaving like a villain.

    Daughter Sassi – as her mother says perhaps lovingly, is Churail. She is also a Sher (Sherni). The way she speaks to both her parents, kya mai bolun..

    Qasim – he is bakri

    In the last episode, when Sonia tells Mumtaz, mainay khyyaam ko chorh diya hai, i felt good. but when Mumtaz pleads with Sonia, I felt both angry and helpless too

    Teri Raza perhaps does not deserve more reviews but if you have seen, please say few words about it as well.


  3. Lovely review, SZ. I enjoyed the review more than the episode. I felt so bad for Qasim and his, I am sure, short lived happiness, that everybody’s bad behavior appeared worse than ever. And now add Tipu, who also pokes fun at Qasim. Cant wait for him to grow a spine, otherwise he is going to get treated worse than any of the hapless, helpless women in the dramas


    • @Molly: I feel bad for Qasim too, but I am very fascinated by the way this character is written, I dont know how familiar you are with this poetic imagery, but I am reminded of moths so mesmerized by the flickering flame of the candle they forget everything and head straight towards that ultimately deadly flame .. there is something about the power of love that is as enervating as it is invigorating.
      But yes, poetic imagery aside, I too can’t wait to see Qasim’s evolution into someone who can command rather than demand Sassi’s love & respect.


  4. Great review, SZ!

    What a terrible, manipulative person Khayyam is! He’s willing to bargain with his daughter so he can get what he wants, but he has no intention of actually going through with whatever he promises her. And now he’s roped poor Qasim into his schemes too.

    Qasim’s reaction to the news was not surprising, but I have this feeling he won’t go through with it. Partly, it’s about his own self-respect, but partly, he wants Sassi to have what she wants, and he’s pretty sure it’s not him.

    I’m intrigued by the whole Wajih Kamal angle. He’s an interesting character, and it’s fascinating that he was the first man (so far) on this show who wasn’t immediately either impressed or taken in by Sassi. I think Sassi is in for a world of hurt though, even as smart as she is.

    The little glimpse we got of Tipu was surprising. I don’t know what I was expecting, but that was not it, lol.


    • @RK: Wajih Kamal is fab! I love how distinctively diff he is from the rest of the khuli kitaab characters. Yes, like you I too am looking fwd to seeing the Sassi and Wajih equation develop, since he represents the world beyond the narrowly circumscribed world of her haveli. All her rebellions have been so far within the walls of her home which have proven to have been very forgiving. The real challenge lies in how quickly she adapts to the not-so forgiving beyond the chardiwaari…


    • @RK: Re: Tipu .. what an unforgettable scene that was! If Im not mistaken this is among his first serials, he is Hamza Firdaus and is veteran actor Firdous Jamal’s son. He may have inherited his father’s acting genes, but none of them were on display in that very over0acted scene, with the OTT accent and the hand gesticulation .. I hope he calms down by the time he moves away from the green screen and returns home.


    • RK I am truly enjoying your comments throughout the O Rangreza reviews! Your last sentence is very accurate. I was not expecting that at all… hopefully his role will remain small. 🙂


  5. @SZ
    I enjoyed this episode.
    Like all of you feeling somewhat sorry for Qasim. Particularly since his feelings for Sassi are both genuine and somewhat innocent. Like when he tells Mammo he just doesn’t want her heart to be broken. And he has no problem with her being in the movies.

    If Qasim marries Sassi he is most certainly in for a roller-coaster ride. I think he’ll have more on his hands with Khayyam though, who it seems doesn’t want to let go of controlling her.

    Wajih K’s entrance into this game is a great move.
    Khayyam – checkmate! Well played Sassi.

    When he learned who Sassi was, WK’s expression was priceless.

    Looking forward to the next episode.



    • @JR: I too am enjoying even the littlest of moments – so aside from the ones you mentioned, there was this little exchange of isharas between Mammo and Qasin when he silently requests her not to tell Sasi the name of her prospective groom .. so much in that little moment, with no lines no nothing . brilliantly done!

      So looking fwd to seeing Sassi react to Qasim’s name!!


  6. Hey SZ
    Great review!
    Sassi kee batein are so entertaining.
    Qasim bechara, he’s ecstatic and petrified about marrying Sassi.
    Mommo is really irritating , I don’t blame khayams lack of patience with her .
    Can’t wait for the next epi….esp Sassis reaction
    Best drama ever 😊


    • @Deeba: Haha! Entertaining tau waqai hai!
      Haina! Sassi tau qeema bana de gi Qsaim ka! If I were him I’d have run for the hills by now! But I guess dekhney mein jitna pushover lagta hai, utna hai nahin.. its someone with nerves of steel to deal with a revolver raani like sassi!


  7. Love the show and you write an even better review. Uff all I want is for Qasim and Sassi to be happily married. Yeh Wajih kahan se aa gaya!
    Loved the scene where Qasim celeberates with the dupattas twirling round and round! Loved it all 🙂


    • @afia: Thank you 🙂
      Haye! Bechara Qasim, I dont think Sassi will come to him as easily – abhi tau barey paapar belnay hain dono ko!

      Yes, that was fab! And wasnt it lovely to see this kind of an joful celebration come from a man- typically its always the woman who is ‘ishq mein andhi and dancing ecstatically like this..


  8. SZ….beautifully reviewed…I love your metaphors….Qasim is def a moth.. I laughed so much during this episode. Although Qasim is in a very sorry state currently….Whenever he gets petrified hearing Sassi’s voice I start laughing. As you mentioned in your comment above he is the full embodiment of the typical desi larki. He can’t stand up for himself, he’s scared all the time and still has the audacity to day dream like a silly kid even though he knows reality will be different. I never in my life imagined watching a male lead in a PAKISTANI drama like this…I think the new era of drama’s and story lines has truly arrived. How funny were Sassi’s comments when he was twirling in the dupatta’s and the whole zeher dialogue was just such fun…. Bilal and Sajal have some great chemistry…great acting 🙂 can’t wait for next Friday :D….


    • @Seher: Exactly! It is fab to see some new kinds of characterizations in our TV dramas. Love how it is making audiences re-evalute prescriptive labels: larkiyan aise karti hain aur mard waisey karte hain … its good to see this kind of experimentation happening .. hoping others take note … am so fed up of the same old same old…

      Yes, those scenes were fun 🙂


  9. Astounding, the word that came to mind when observing the lengths Khayyam is pearled to go to, to get his wishes.

    Are you sure their isn’t some ‘inspired by true events’ writing in there? It is at times, really really hard to fathom that this brilliant piece of writing can me truly fictional. Not taking away anything from the team that puts this together but maybe I’m reading too much into this. Just wanted to put it out there.

    Speaking of which, a slight pet peeve of mine, when using the screen screen in driving scenes, please please do get the people who are driving, to act as such. It’s probably a slight inexperienced actor thing but the a,punt of time they spend looking at the passengers while talking…nuh uh…can’t happen in real life. Especially on the roads of Karachi, one split second…and you know.

    So…umm.. Yeah.


    • @Arisha: Hey! I am not sure if you were sharing your thoughts on the latest ep or last week’s but this week’s driving scene was really off … that cgi screen so very tacky that the actors didnt even bother pretending they were in a car … the green screen effects are really badly done, even that scene with Tipu/Hamza was awful. HUM TV should really take a leaf out of SRK’s book and start investing in technology … #muftmashwara


  10. @Arisha

    Inspired by true events- on YouTube, some audiences have stated that it is their story. One lady from Pak in some European country, her life is almost like Mumtaz or even worse perhaps as she is facing severe health issues as well in addition to being neglected by her husband for another lady

    It is really painful to go thro her comments

    @SZ look forward to review of latest episode


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