Teri Raza ~ Episode 10 Review

Right from the get go it was clear that Teri Raza was not going to set the world on fire. Nope, this was not the serial to watch if one were looking for something hatke. A slapdash concoction of mangled religious traditions, conventional social drama fare and freehand cut paste from various movies, this one was never about the story. Sarmad Khoosat and Sanam Baloch are fabulous as Imtiaz and Suhana, a newly married couple trying to adjust to each others’ foibles, and it was the various tender moments between the two that made this my weekly must-watch. Take the Suhana-Imtiaz scenes out of the equation, however, and the serial resembled a day old deflated balloon. And this is exactly what happened with this latest installment of Teri Raza, a much ado about nothing that nobody cares about.

Today’s episode trained the spotlight squarely on Rameez. Had this character been written and executed with any kind of finesse the plot twist today would’ve made maybe (?) some (?) sense, but afsos. None of us can see what Suhana sees in Rameez, but chalo let’s give her the benefit of doubt ke bechari na samajh bacchi hai, magar Suhana ki amma ko kiya fascination hai Rameez se? Can someone please explain why Talat aunty keeps dragging Rameez back into the picture? Matlab ke hadd hi ho gayi?? And then all that followed: The two moms screaming at each other, Rameez screaming at all and sundry, fake heart attacks, Suhana screaming at the driver, Suhana and Seema baji screaming at each other, police case, FIR, possible suicide attempt … Can someone please pass me my migraine pills?

Where, how, when and why did a gharelu istikhara story turn into a comedy/thriller/suspense are questions beyond my dukhtey dimagh’s comprehension. Going by today and the precap it seems like the scene is being set for even more unbelievably impossibly silly twists. If the next episode is anything like today’s then this may well be my adieu. Allah hafiz, Imtiaz … tumhara tau bas ab Allah hi hafiz hai.

What did you all think of today’s episode and this turn of events?

Written by SZ~


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  1. SZ – your review makes me feel sorry for us i.e. Audiences who watch this drama.

    I have yet to watch today’s episode and plan to see it soon, may be over the weekend.

    Since I know the ending, current turns of events may be taking us in that direction.

  2. SZ, like you very difficult to muster up enthusiasm for this serial after this episode. Where on earth is it going– other than making the audience actively dislike almost every character except for Imtiyaz, Seema baji and Manzoora. This was an epic episode showcasing everyone’s misbehavior; and the very worst was reserved for Suhana. Who screams at their mother like that? Very disappointing. I wonder where you found the strength to actually review it?
    AS- everyone keeps hinting that the ending is Suhana getting together with Rameez. I still had this little hope that it is untrue, but after today, like Rhett Butler, ” Frankly my dear, I don’t care”

    • Molly-i saw the episode and just one word-WORST.

      Can you believe Imtiaz also directed Humsafar and now he is part of this mess.

      Suhana’ mom does not trust her. Suhana does not trust her mom. Aap ko court k chakkar lagva dungi and i felt like saying – Tauba.. We all have been taken for a ride.

      There can’t be a better response than as you rightly said – i don’t care

    • @Molly: Epic is the right way to describe a disaster of such proportions …
      Re; the review: suffice it to say this is my shortest review ever but took me the longest. My incentive to write was to see if you all were as equally disturbed. Not like dusasters havent happened before. but this has set a whole new record, and that too in not a good way :/

  3. This episode was so dumb. That I can’t manage to say anything more eloquent about just how dumb it was is a sign that you’re a much better person than I am, SZ. Hats off to you.

    Honestly, what a train wreck!

  4. Hey SZ
    You said it , migraine pills required after watching the silly mother’s yelling .
    Suhana and Rameez deserve each other , they are both selfish , immature and foolish .
    Imtiaz , buddy , kahan phas gaye ? Nikal lo before it’s too late 😜
    Manzoora is the most sensible person in this drama followed by Seema.
    And someone please tell me how in the world did Rameezs CV end up in Imtiazs company , I didn’t know one could apply for jobs on their friends behalf ? ? And that silly friend never even bothered to inform rameez , hey I’ve applied for you so you might get a call 😨
    I feel so sorry for Imtiaz!!!

    • @Deeba: Sab hi kuch ajeeb sa hai yahan .. so hard to find any logic here. And Imtiaz is crazy too …who gives jobs to such obvious twits , and what is his authority to hand out jobs to random ppl? Its not like hes the owner of the company or anything .. agar aisay hi jobs baant raha hai tau mujhe bhi dila de .. clearly there is no quailfication reqd in this office :/

  5. SZ, I’m saying goodbye to this drama because this is an impossible watch. At the moment, there are so many “what” and “why” questions in my head – what did I just watch? What made Sanam say yes to this show? Why did anyone think this episode would make any sense even in the make-believe world of Teri Razaa? Arrghh…

    • @VZ: Its not just you … its gonna be a collective goodbye… it was silly to begin with but now with the small moments gone as well I dont think anybodys interested any more.

      Haha! If only somebody had thought even half that much 😉

  6. SZ your review n all comments above are literally my dil ki awaz. Such a nonsense epi.. ishq itna lalu aur jaahil bhi hota he aj pata chala.. the way suhana spoke to her mother n bechari saas how excitingly she was telling beti ki aamad n ths girl was meanest ever.. oh n to give rameez such imp they edited out precap scene between Imtiaz n sitara aunty.. i was waiting for tht scene till end..
    Not taking more this serial seriously.. like Molly has commented apt .. i dont care

  7. This question isn’t specific to this episode, though it’s somewhat relevant to how Suhana and Rameez are written on this show.

    Why are so many lead characters in these dramas only children? Often, the lack of siblings means these characters never have anyone to rely on other than their parents (and sometimes not even that) and they almost always have questionable judgment with respect to their friends, in the rare instances the writers allow the leads to have friends. Wouldn’t having a sibling on the scene help with character development and narrative?

    In this case, if Suhana had a sister who could smack her upside the head and explain life to her, wouldn’t she be better off? Wouldn’t the show be richer for it?

    One of the things that made shows like ZGH or Silvatein so interesting was that all the characters had siblings. With Kashaf and Zaroon, for example, whatever else they were, we at least knew they were good, caring siblings, right? Similarly, nobody in SeMM is an only child, and all the siblings really care for each other, warts and all. In a fictional world where the parents are often not that great, a sibling would be the perfect foil, no?

    • @RK: The simple answer to your very relevant question is logistics, the practicality of drama production.

      Even if the writer writes in siblings or extended families they are told to cut down on the number of characters because there arent enough actors going around for these roles. If its a Sanam Baloch show you wont find too many actresses willing to play an essentially nothing role. ZGH had the siblings because it was Sultana Siddiqui’s drama (the head honcho at HUM) and not many actors could say no to her, so she was able to get good enough actors for bit parts. You cant have a nobody playing FK’s sis or one of Sanam’s sisters.. nobody would buy that ..Humsafar the novel had two (?) younger sisters for Ashar, whom he got married first then got married to Khirad later, hence their age difference, but even his siblings were cut off from the drama …

      Another point is that with so many dramas beig produced these days, there is a real issue with trying to find character actors to play even the basic mother/father parts, forget abt siblings …As one insider told me recently its so much easier to get dates from lead actors since they do select projects, its the character actors who have no time at all … so ab maa baap nahin milte tau behen bhai tau door ki baat hai …and doston ka tau koi sawal hi paida nahin hota ..

      • Ah, interesting. I didn’t realize this was because of a supply-demand issue for character roles. That makes a lot more sense than just blaming poor writing for the lack of siblings on these shows. Apologies!

        I used to joke that there were only 20 actors in Britain which is why every British show always featured the same group of actors, and now that I’ve watched a few Pakistani dramas, I feel like I’m seeing a lot of the same faces over and over again.

  8. Can I just comment on one more thing? Talat was front and center in this episode, but I honestly couldn’t focus on anything she was saying or doing because I was so distracted by her clothes! In one scene, she was wearing this floral print kurta with bell sleeves and bows, and it was like Little Bo Peep had wandered off her meadow and into Karachi somehow. 😉

    • Haha! Ek kiyon dus cheezon par comment karo! I think as the trauma from yesterday starts to subside we will have many more things to say about what all transpired in the 10th ep 😀

      Yes!!! Wth was that!!

      And on wth things, did anyone notice the none of the clocks, on that clock wall, were in sync?? Why the why would you have a) so many clocks, an b) all out of sync??

      Also Seema baji was wearing a green shirt when she came to pick up Suhana, that shirt tirned purple while in the car, and then went back to green when the came to that beach house – which btw looked nothing like any beach house Ive ever seen …

    • Hahah RK… your comment gave me a good laugh and also @SZ your comment on other thread k it should have been named as Talat ki Raza had me in fits🤣🤣

    • @Kanta: Hi! Lovely to hear from you on this thread 🙂 Bas yar .. come join us in the group hug 😦
      Afsos is about all we can do at this point … It was bad, we knew that, but hadn’t expected it to derail quite as soon and quite in such disastrous a fashion…
      Re: continuing, I hear you .. I’ll check this week and see where it goes.. :/

      I know this was a disaster but do check out other stuff … would love for you to join us regularly, chahey khushi chahey ghum – the more the merrier 🙂

  9. @All: I wont be reviewing this one this week, but I suspect many of us will tune in just to check on Imtiaz ki khair khariyat .. so, please know this thread is open and you are welcome to share your thoughts abt the new eps here 🙂

  10. Thanks! SZ.. ..yes.. Imtiaz’s character is really impressive…love this site.. just chanced upon few days back.. and loved your review on ZGH… in fact started.. Diyar-e-dill… I am hooked on to Pakistani dramas.. and why not .. we share the same culture….

    • @Kanta: So glad you are enjoying your stay here – hum bas aisey hi hain .. discuss everything to death and to the minutest detail 🙂

      Would love to know what you think of DeD when you are done .. if you read through the reviews youll see how our views on it changed as we went through the serial. Mind you though it was a hot favorite among viewers and possibly the most popular serial since ZGH.

      Sure, I hear you … its just like how we Pakistanis are hooked to Bollywood.. same 2 same bilkul 😀

    • Haha! Not quite a train wreck, especially as this episode did have a significant amount of Sarmad in it, thus making all of #TeamImtiaz happy, lol.

      But the promo for the next episode has disaster written all over it, no?

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