Aur Dramey! Drama Serials Starting in September

Along with signifying the unofficial end of summer and the begining of a new academic cycle, this year September is also the month when a whole bunch of new serials go on air. Ab aap in sab mein se kiya dekhenge aur kiya pass karenge yeh tau huyi ba’ad ki baat, for now let’s take a look at what the different channels have in store for us.

Written by Aymal Raza and directed by Ramish Rizvi, Faisla stars Sonia Mishal, Goher Mumtaz, Ali Abbas, Saba Hamid, Waseem Abbas, Humaira Zaheer and others. This serial has opened its account with a double episode on Monday at 8:00 pm on ARY Digital. Did any of you check it out? If not, here are some teasers:

Neelum Kinarey
This one is written by Amna Mufti, directed by Adnan Wai Qureshi and co-produced by Momina Duraid and Mehroze Karim, this one stars Samina Peerzada, Affan Wahid, Gohar Mumtaz, Sumbul Iqbal and Ushna Shah. Some of you might remember this from way back in 2015 when it  aired on HUM Sitaray. A few episodes in this serial was then shut down on account of some unexplained reasons, but is now ready to aired again on HUM TV. Watch out for the first episode to air this Friday. Don’t know how the story will pan out, but the Kaashmir setting sure is scenic.

Mujhay Jeenay Doh
This issue-based sponsored serial is written by Shahid Nizami, directed by Angeline Malik and produced by Angelic Films in coordination with Center For Communications Pakistan. This serial has been in the news quite a bit because it marks the return of Nadia Jamil to TV and also signals Mehreen Raheal’s comeback after a sabbatical. Other notable names in the cast include Salman Shahid, Gohar Rasheed, Sarmad Khoosat, Ali Tahir, Hania Amir, and others. The story touches upon several issues endemic to rural areas but revolves primarily around the question of child marriages, a detailed synopsis can be found here. The first episode is slated to air on Monday September 11, on Urdu 1. 

Piyari Bitto
Written by Saji Gul, now of O Rungreza fame, this serial is directed by Mazhar Moin and stars Sania Saeed, Atiqa Odho, Rashid Farooqui, Farah Shah, Saniya Shamshad, Fawad Khan and others. From the teasers this seems to have all the makings of an intense serial. Check out what Sania Saeed had to say about her character

Piyari Bitto is slated to air this Saturday at 8pm on Express Entertainment. Check out these teasers.

Laal ‘Ishq
This is the much awaited and anticipated sequel to writer Khalil ur Rehman Qamar’s mega hit serial Landa Bazar, which aired in 2002. Directed by Dilawar Malik (who also directed the original) this sequel picks up the story fifteen years later with a mix of original and new characters. Babar Ali returns as Bali as does Khalil ur Rehman as Hukum. While many of the original cast members are expected to return, Ali Zafar’s reprisal of his character still remains unconfirmed. Among the new cast are included Saba Hamid, Faryal Memhood and Turab Khalil. Though the air date for the first episode is yet to be announced, it is confirmed that this mega serial will air on APlus TV very soon.

Apart from these, there are several other serials that have recently started airing and included among them are Pagli on HUM TV (which I watched and reviewed) and the Nauman Ijaz, Iffat Omar and Seher Afzal starrer Imam Zamin on TVOne, which did not appeal to me, at least not the first episode.

So, guys this was the lowdown on September’s harvest of dramas … any which one caught your interest? Which ones you planning on checking out?

Written by SZ~

15 replies

  1. Thanks SZ for this interesting write up and compilation.

    The way we have so many film ‘genres’ e.g. Horror, action, thriller, romance and so on; likewise can you try to define genre for dramas wherever easily possible

    Hoping some channel starts showing a good comedy drama too.

    You must be having a fairly good idea-What audiences like / don’t like. Have you tried conveying this to drama makers / channels


    • @AS: I could classify dramas, but unfortunately 99% of them come with a default setting of pyar and shadi and problems arising thereof, and gharelu masley masail .. if and when there is a thriller, mystery, horror serial that comes out i will be sure to tag it that way.


  2. Look better than the summer collection, on paper at least. Mujhe Jeenay du, Laal Ishq and piyari Bitto stand out for now. Without looking at any trailers.Is Fawad khan really in one of them?

    The original PTV waala Landa Bazar was the hatke serial of the time, tbh, no 2 serials were quit alike if you think of it.
    I can’t remember the story. Didn’t watch the 2002 version either.

    Do I need to catch up on those to watch the latest installment?


    • @Arisha: LOL! No this is not the FK you are thinking of, this is Fawad a very good theater actor from Karachi, He was in Pehchan, Kuku’s husband, if you had watched that fab serial on APlus a couple of years ago.

      We’ll trial them out and see what merits a further watch. Piyari Bitto is tomorrow so Ill do that one then. Am also planning on watching Mujhe Jeenay Do.. Neelam Kinarey, Ill wait for a couple of eps before writing. Lal Ishq is intriguing for sure. I too dont remember much of the original serial but wont go back to watch. Hopefully the sequel will have legs long enough to merit a watch irregardless of the earlier parts. Lets see …

      Also, I am behind on O Rungreza ..trying to catch up as quick as I can .. are you still folllowing it?


      • @SZ: sorry to jump in.. Orungreza is going fab
        . Jaldi dekho.. 😁 also i remember watching Neelum Kinarey when it first aired..ufff tauba what a ridiculous drama it was. No wonder i didn’t even know k it was discontinued..

        I am also looking forward to MJD n PB.. not sure abt Laal Ishq though..
        But thanku for this compilation:)


        • @Rehmat: My pleasure – glad you enjoyed going thru it 🙂

          Haan, bus almost done for the writing, the hardest part 🙂

          Thanks for the headsup abt Neelam Kinarey, I think I mightve watched a couple episodes but not sure, but now that you’ve told me I’ll wait for a few weeks then try to see it in one go.


  3. I just want you to know that I read every single title in the collage above spectacularly wrong, lol. Urdu is a very difficult language to learn on the fly!

    I’m looking forward to Pyari Bitto mostly because of Sania Saeed, but also because I genuinely couldn’t figure out the story from just the promos, so now I’m intrigued.

    Are you still watching O Rungreza? That show is fab, and I’m really into it right now. I’m also still watching Yaar-e-Bewafa. It’s fairly predictable, but it’s not terrible so I’m sticking with it. Way behind on Dhund now though.


    • @RK: Almost done with OR.. bas ab writing.

      Haina! its almost impossible to keep up with all the dramas and they just keep on coming! How are we supposed to keep up?? In a way Im almost glad that TR derailed.. now atleast that slot has opened up and I can write something else in its place.

      YeB i left..and Piyari Bitto is starting tom so we shall talk more abt it then.. for now just stay away from the various PB press releases … they have given away quite a few things :/


        • Its because it is perceived that audiences are now so used to knowing the story (because of the popularity of novel based dramas) that they wont tune into unfamiliar dramas hence the giving away of the story line .. bakwas logic but thats how the thinking works :/


          • It would be fun if some day a network totally subverted this plan and put out wrong information about a serial just to reel viewers in, and the show turned out to be something completely different! 🙂


            • Arrey haapens all the time! What about all the so-called “strong women” shows? YKS is a prime example of such false advertising. Also apna Teri Raza.. supposedly abt istikhara, but even though they use that term like its going out of fashion the story itself is abt everything else except that … instead of Teri Raza (i.e God’s will) it should be called Talat ki Raza … uff! what a nightmare of a mom that woman is!?!


  4. Kuku. Pehchan. Absolutely no idea, unfortunately. Plus I would have not asked the q if I had bothered to watch the trailers. Haha. So, that one is one me.
    Will do now. Watch them, I mean.

    I missed watching the last 3 episodes, live. For O Rungreza. Caught up on 6 and 7 now.
    They get intriguing. As you’ve probably seen too now, and I know your review is up for all episodes since then.
    So, I’ll post about it there.


    • @Arisha: Pehchan is a must watch, if you like familiar stories with a fresh approach to them .. it is also the kind you described else where – the triangle – but so worth a watch. One of my all time faves!

      I recommend it always with such enthusiasm as if I have a stake in the drama LOL!


      • OH, I know the feeling. I’ve done that myself with many a tv shows and movies on Netflix that I have ‘discovered’ that weren’t mainstream popular.
        And recently, O Rangreza.

        (Are you finding yourself confusing it with Rangreza the movie. Now I have a hard time figuring out what the story is going to be and find myself inevitably comparing the 2. I was so looking forward to the movie cos it seemed different.
        Mighty confused now.)

        So, it’s all good.

        Will check it out. Certainly.


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