Osman Khalid Butt Se Sawal ~ You Ask He Answers ~ Redux!

When we last interviewed him Osman Khalid Butt was a popular star. A theater actor and director, v-logger (who can forget his Humsafar parody), co-founder Desi Writers Lounge, indie film actor, TV actor with a hat ke serial like Aunn Zara to his credit, screenwriter for Siyaah, Osman was doing it all and very well too. But little did we know then that this was merely the trailer – picture tau abhi baqi thi!

Fast forward 2+ years and Osman Khalid Butt is a bonafide superstar. From acting in mega projects for TV: Diyar-e Dil, Sanam, Baaghi, to playing the hero in the recent film Balu Mahi, to penning Janaan, scripting and co-hosting Lux Style Awards 2017, to walking the ramp as a showstopper, to rapping, to director of choreography for the upcoming Parchi –  Obi’s list of achievements continues to grow and impress.

Aur phir jab itna kuch naya hua hai tau Obi ke saath hamara ek naya sawal jawab ka session bhi tau banta hai, nahin?

I asked and despite being über busy Osman very graciously agreed to a round 2 of our very popular DRNR Readers’ Q n A session.

Here’s your opportunity to ask your favorite star all those questions that nobody has ever asked before – matlab ke avoid those same old ghissey pittey thakey huey sawal, please and thank you.

Important things to keep in mind:

  • Last date for posting questions is Sunday, September 10th 2017
  • Post questions in the comments section below 
  • Post each question as a separate comment
  • Do not ask questions that’ve already been asked, please check before posting
  • No personal comments, no rude questions and no abusive language
  • Your questions may take time to show up, please be patient & check in a few hours  

Bas ab kijeye sochna shuru and likh daliye jaldi se apne sawal …phir na kehna khabar na hui! 

*Osman’s pics courtesy his facebook page.


256 replies

  1. A good memory and a bad one from your childhood?

    P.s. I am worried how will you answer all these questions
    Hash tag caring fan :p 😀

  2. You are the choreographer for Parchi, my question is, how hard it is to find a way to express yourself according to what you have on your mind?

  3. Writer, actor and now choreographer. What appeals to you the most?
    What about direction… And production…

  4. There hasnt been any OsMaya activity since — Hum Awards, if I am not mistaken. WHY DONT YOU DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT? 😳 Like, pretty please….

  5. Can we look out (agree or not, we are always looking out tho) for an OsMaya movie in like — 2018 or 2019? After Maya gets dont with teefa in trouble. What say?

  6. Your views about Dumbledore and Snape? They are the most controversial of all. Especially Dumbledore. Like Do you agree with his mindset? The decisions he took? Our headmaster was good, bad or gray? What about the potions master?

  7. In June, reviewit.pk published an article about “Pakistani Harry Potter Cast” . They gave you the role of Neville Longbottom. Which character would u like to play in Harry Potter if given the chance?

  8. Favourite and least favourite character from Game of Thrones?

    P.S: I do not watch that, just asking!

  9. Can you upload a hand written message… A quote… Anything.. For us Obians?? On Instagram or Facebook?

  10. Your reaction when you see all the crazy and cute antics of Obians on Instagram? The edits. The lovey dovey captions?😂


  11. If you could time travel, which classic Pakistani drama would you like to star in? As which character? And why?

  12. Do you miss Wali Suhaib Khan? If yes , what do you miss about him? If no , why not? 😦 You once said , men like Wali exist , so tell us one hint we could like identify to make sure it could be our Wali and we don’t miss being ‘Wali ki Farah’ ? ( Him being chacha ka beta doesn’t count ) :p
    And in last , Khanzada Wali Suhaib Khan was , is and will always remain one of your best work and our favorite. We look forward to see you in more striking roles like him.
    ( Ps.. Are you following yakeen ka safar?If yes, do you see Afsandyar could be an aquantiance or almost friend to Wali because they both seem to have a contrasting difference between who they are and what they make world to believe & plus their love interests, Dr.Farah & Dr.Zubia , could be closely working co-workers that could make this legit. :)… Though if u have read diyaredil novella , i adore Wali & Ebaad’s friendship. )
    We treat fiction as sacred and real. I hope you don’t mind.. This was one question with follow ups. 😀

  13. You once mentioned about writing a play ( in your first facebook live chat ) in which you want hina bayat to be casted. If I’m not forgetting , it might was themed horror. Are you still writing ? When are you hoping it would see the daylight? Anything regarding it you wana share ( of course not the plot ) ?
    Other than that What’s next in your writing ventures? An advice for screenplay writing ?
    Do you read Urdu Novels or Books ? If yes , recommend your favourite author and book please?
    One quick choice: reading or writing? Film or Tv ( writing ) ?

  14. Rapid Fire.
    Regret or Not Regret :

    Leaving Parwaz hai Junoon?
    ( Ahad’s character seem to be no where, we’re kind of glad. :p )
    Signing up Balu mahi?
    ( What do you think couldn’t make it successful like A movie should? )
    Not marrying yet?
    ( You said in HsY , people will stop meeting you after you are married , why? – Two years – clock is ticking! We’re hoping for not having our hearts crushed like the balloon .. i’m gona regret posting it definitely.. )
    Any character/show/film you were offered but you didn’t take it? Which one? You regret or not?

  15. Aan Harib – last episode – what a mind blowing one of Sanam ( apart from where Harib confesses to Aan – You both killed it , maya’s hand gestures win ) – why and how? How was it , writing and acting it out? Do you think you guys nailed it in your own opinion ( which we do ) ? In Pakistani shows we hardly see a Happily forever after, so thank you for that episode!
    Diyaredil or Sanam Last episode? Which was more fun or hard? You loved — ? ( choose diyaredil or both 😂 )
    In you opinion , from Pakistani Tv shows , which couple is close to immortal couple Wali Farah ? And why ? Do you also think Wali Farah are at some unattainable level and are irreplaceable like we fans believe?

  16. One unbelievable inside scoop/incident about each, you never mentioned before, from – AunnZara , Diyaredil , Sanam , Aik Naye Cinderella? ( Secrets about MayaAli would be interesting. 😂) – it’s been so long we have seen you both onscreen. We miss #OsMaya. You both need to do together more iconic couple like #WaFa and not deprive this world from the awesomeness of you both. If not for your biggest fan following #OsMaya fans, then at least FOR SAKE OF ELECTRIFING CHEMISTRY you both have. Tell us please , we can look forward for an #OsMaya movie in coming year soon enough or a tv play?

    Ps. This must be six hundredth question for sure. Don’t dare to avoid it still.. ( please don’t 😂)

    Thank you for answering whichever question you would. It’s always been a pleasure to watch your characters and we look forward to watch certainly more challenging characters by you , believing you truly deserved to. Congratulations on all ventures in year 2017 & looking forward for new ones. Stay blessed.

  17. I heard in an interview that you signed balu mahi before reading the script. Do you think you should have read this script before signing it because the script was the only weak part of Balu Mahi, every other thing was simply perfect

  18. You haven’t signed any project with lead character since balu mahi, is it because you haven’t been offered a good character or you are deliberately not signing any?

  19. May i Narrate one incident??
    So, Ek nai Cinderella the Hotel in which you and Maya stayed in during shooting of it.. My mom was there for a conference.. So many years passed and now I am fan of Osmaya…
    #loveosmaya #obian

  20. Now,another one Please,.. 21st January 2017
    An incident happened which till date i dont believe.,,
    6pm.. Waited for some time.. Ek larka gari mein beth kar full booted shooted betha wa gorra chikna bkw laga ke😂
    Cutness ki inteha kar ke..gari se nikala xinhua mall ke andar ayya…Ufff… Aage koi naaaa puche… Koi aur nazar hi nahi aayaa… Bas obi ko dekhti gayi..Wo selfiyan li jaa raha tah sab uss ki taarifen kar rahe the… i stepped and asked for a selfie..Obi looked and smiled.. Took a selfie…Looked like a dream coming true…Then akhari moment he had to go emporium he had to woh hamesha ke liye mere samne nahi khara ho sakta tha .. Everyone gathered around his window asking for another selfie… I got in from the driver’s seat and then i gave my phone to you… OUR HANDS TOUCJED AND I WAS LIKE 😇😯😯😯😦😦 really Nervoussss… Then after my selfie you went……

  21. Hey OKB
    I have always enjoyed your work.
    Watched Balu mahi on youtube , the print was awful but watched it anyway . Loved the funny dialogues , some were hilarious and Ainny and you had a good rapport .Loved your dance moves , you’re good!!!
    Munkir , was a disappointment , I watched it mainly because of you but it was a drag fest . You seemed like a misfit in that dysfunctional family and Runa had no spark so all your scenes with her fell flat.Why did you do this drama ??
    But loved you in diyaredil , sanam &aun zara.
    Looking forward to seeing you in Baghi☺

  22. Thank you, Obi, for agreeing to this Q & A session – I know this will be a lot of work so thanks a ton in advance. Already looking forward to your responses #NoPressure

    And now… my two cents

    1. Fatafat Five
    (first thoughts that come to mind with these prompts)


    b) jawani

    c) dosti

    d) chocolate

    e) games

  23. As a choreographer what are some of the desi (Indian & Pakistani) movie songs that have served as inspirations? And, related, is there a recent popular song you think you could have choreographed better?

  24. What is the most positive change you’ve seen take place in the entertainment industry in the time you’ve been associated with it, and the most negative?

  25. And with that we come to the end of this session of questions for Osman Khalid Butt. Thank you all for posting your queries and comments. This thread is now closed.