Teri Raza ~ Episode 9 Review

First off a huge heartfelt hug for Sitara aunty. Bechari aunty ji. Pehlay tau woh akeli theen, that was a problem, then she got saddled with a crazy bahu and ab tau un ka so-called samjhdar beta bhi haath se nikal gaya.

Rather than have his immature wife follow his lead we have an otherwise mature Imtiaz turning a 180° and dragging Seema, an outsider into his private affairs and telling her ke thehro bibi, beemaron ki timardari ba’ad mein, pehle come offer safais for your na-karda gunahs to my biwi. And not like the said biwi is kahin se bhi sane. No, she is the kind who can confuse confusion, pal mein tola pal mein masha types. And then he has the temerity to call this deewangi?! Imtiaz, arrey yaar tum ne tau bara hi disappoint kiya… tum se aisi umeed tau na thi! Haye aunty ji, kahan aap ke arman aur kahan yeh sab kuch! 

Sarmad Khoosat and Sanam Baloch are fabulous actors, work well together and are an absolute treat to watch. Nine weeks in, Teri Raza has parts that are simply brilliant and then are times where scenes seem to make little or no sense and add nothing to the overall proceedings.

This latest episode continued with Suhana’s bipolar behaviour. One of the one hand she seems to be on the verge of succumbing to Imtiaz’s charms (have to say he’s laying it on pretty thick now), but then in the very next scene she is back to playing the main-kahan-phans-gayi type dukhiyari. I can see how a young girl like Suhana could get very confused by the mixed messages from her heart and mind, but this internal struggle is not translating quite as coherently on screen.

Suhana calls Rameez and gets upset when he’s rude to her, but a few minutes later she loses it with Imtiaz for taking Seema to the hospital? All without blinking an eye? Later, towards the end of the episode, after a morose car-ride, Suhana is all worked up about Rameez’s udaasi, but then in the next scene she is all chirpy and cajoles Seema into accepting her apology, and by the end of the episode she is happily calling Imtiaz an akhrot. I don’t know about you all but I had a hard time dealing with Suhana’s waxing and waning affection for Imtiaz. Had Suhana’s mood transitions been handled more smoothly it would have added much needed depth to the narrative and not detracted from it.

On things that don’t work: Rameez’s track and its larger purpose. I mean, yes, we know he is there as the kabab mein haddi, but other than what is he all about? We have seen his dysfunctional parents, personality disorder, anger management issues, his playing fast and loose with the truth, but all this information to what avail? We haven’t learnt anything “new” about him nine weeks later that we didn’t already know in the first episode. The precap hints at something happening with Rameez so may be there will be something that will justify the import accorded to this character.

Amidst all that does not work, there are the Sarmad-Sanam scenes and those are what make Teri Raza a cannot-not-miss serial. This one is not about the story but about characterizations. Many had initially tuned in because this was Sanam Baloch’s comeback serial, but nine weeks after most are watching for not just Sanam but for Sarmad as well. He makes a fabulous Imtiaz, doting to the point of losing it. And then we have Sanam as Suhana. Together they are magic and even the most mundane of scenes becomes that much more special and it is hard to pick which one of their scenes I enjoyed the most in this latest episode.

While we have seen plenty of love stories in the past, Teri Raza marks a new turn with the portrayal of its male lead. Imtiaz, despite his old-fashioned name, is a truly new age hero. A welcome departure from the desi leads of yore, he is not just charming and romantic but actually spells out what it means to love a woman. It is not just about the gifts he gives her and the sweet words, but about respecting her individuality and treating her as a partner, someone with an equal voice in the relationship.

Unlike our quintessential desi heroes, Imtiaz does not ask Suhana to change for him, rather he changes, and that too without her asking. Typically it is the desi woman, the Sita syndrome, who has to prove her innocence in our culture, but here he is the one who offer proof of no wrongdoing. And all this accomplished without turning the male lead into a less of a man – this is good writing and good execution. A huge round of applause for those responsible for Imtiaz!

Sadly hamari Suhana is not mature enough and is confused about kaun hero aur kaun zero…  let’s hope and pray ke bechari ko jald hi aqal aa jaye and Aunty ji ki arman poorey ho jayen – Ameen! 

Written by SZ~

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  1. My favorite part of today’s episode–” Bas mujhe itna hi romance aata hai” . I caught myself grinning away idiotically for all of Sarmad’s goofy romance scenes. Irresistible.
    You are so right that this play is not about situations( which are quite phuss!) but about characters. The writer has portrayed Imtiaz’s character so sensitively, but has faltered with Suhana. Maybe the writer is a woman of our age group. 🙂 There is no reason for SUhana’s blow hot, blow cold. Which is why it fails as a story.
    I so love Imtiaz’s mom’s reaction— as she says there may be nothing technically wrong with Suhana’s behavior except that she does not show Imtiyaz any affection– which is how most desi Moms behave. I must say the incident which sparked off the mum’s reaction was quite ambiguous. I mean both could have been sleeping separately for some other reason other than denial of conjugal rights. Maybe he had a cold or a fever. But trust a desi mom to jump to the most dramatic reason ever. Would she have thrown the same fit if it was the bahu sleeping on the sofa and not the son? 🙂
    Loved Imityaz’s party scenes. How confident and natural he seemed in comparison to our hair-dresser’s dream anti hero 🙂


  2. Such kaha kahani ka lia kon drama dikhta ha. Hum tu enjoying new #husband goals and #saas goals. Allah kra yeh trend jari o sari rahay.other than that zabardast review and I completely agree with you. Let’s see what is going to happen in ramiz life now.


  3. Thanks for the review. Enjoyed the episode. Enjoyed your review.

    loved the subtle communication between husband-wife duo Imtiaz and Suhana.

    Considering Imtiaz’ intelligence! found it a bit odd that he brought his employee home to clear Suhana’ doubt.

    Many in the audience including me are wishing since previous episode that Suhana ko Imtiaz se pyar ho jaay. So when she exhibited jealously toh it felt good but later as you rightly said – her bipolar behavior..

    I know the drama ending – I read it on Ary website. Still no spoilers here for those who are watching it with interest.

    suffice to say – itnay saaray arsay mei zra si bhi mohabbat nhi hui tumhay mujhsay and wife says: i am sorry, mujhay zara si bhi nhi…

    and for viewer Molly – drama is written by Naila Ansari. A video of her is available on youtube where she is talking about Teri Raza drama.


  4. Hey SZ
    You are so right,bohot hee immature hai Suhana,silly girl ,qadar karo ,kahan milta hai itna acha caring husband.Rameez is not pining for her so why is she even thinking about him.
    Sitara Apa was too rude at breakfast,ab aisa bhi kya hogaya….


    • Aww!! Na bolo Sitara aunty ko kuch bhi! I ❤ her 😀

      But seriously, Suhana tau bilku pagal hai! Rameez, tau I dont even know what his problem is .. kabhi he is ready to go to Dubai, kabhi London, aur pehley he was in Turkey — wah what a life!


  5. What a masst review.. Suhana Imtiaz scenes are treat to watch yar.. and aise husbands kahan milte he plz tell.. the way he soo nicely says u can do whtever u want or dress up nicely or that romance wala scene.. Sk n Sb are amazingly awesome together.. and with Sh .. they 3 makes an adorable trio… i super love phopoo ka reaction.. S deserved tht.. she should have been proactive.. love sitara aunty said to her son.. i actually havr heard this first time k itne ache bete ki na qadri hogi tou ghusa tou ayega..

    Can v plz kill Rameez.. i dont understand S ka leechar reaction towards R… mari jarahi he us per itne ache husbabd ko chor kar.. bipolar is apt word.. it was like bari bari she was feeling for R n I…

    Looking forward to next week


    • Hi Rehmat
      Seriously , kahan milte hai aisay shohar? ? Humay bhi batayein 😜
      Rameez jaisay loafer to har jagah hain , all they want to do is party , flirt ,spend baap ke paisay and not work.


      • Hey Deeba.. haha hai na.. literally yar banda apni fantasy world me chala jaye Imtiaz jaise husband ko dekh kar.. is duniya me toy kam hote honge.. 😉

        Yes no work aur attitude aise dikhana jaise sab kuch wohi tou ar rahee. Hain


  6. Great review, as per usual, SZ!

    All I can say is the promos for this episode were really misleading. Here we were all thinking about things like shuk and talaq, and it was all just a red herring. Instead, our man Imtiaz turned up the romance to 10000. He was laying it on a bit thick, but I think he was really moved by Suhana’s sudden jealous outburst. That definitely came out of nowhere. How does a woman go from “mujhe zara si bhi mohabbat nahi hai” to burning envy in 4.6 seconds? Strange!

    I was also a bit stunned at how quickly Sitara cooled to Suhana. While I understand where she’s coming from as a mother, shouldn’t she have tried to at least talk to Suhana about the situation instead of just giving her the cold shoulder?

    You hit it right on the nail with Suhana being all over the place in this episode. I’m really having a hard time relating to the character because she swings back and forth between extremes so often.

    I think I kind of get Rameez now. He’s been raised in a very dysfunctional family, one where the mother indulges him and the father thinks he’s unreliable and not likely to succeed at anything. So when Suhana, someone who loves and indulges him, marries a successful wealthy man, she’s basically treated Rameez exactly the way his parents do. So he reacts in the same way too, all petulant and entitled. He hasn’t had a chance to grow up yet, I guess.

    I’m impressed at how all the folks watching this show have suddenly gone from “why is she with Imtiaz” to “oh, I hope she falls for Imtiaz now.” What a couple of lopsided smiles and some good acting have done for Sarmad Khoosat here! 😀

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  7. SZ, finally caught up with this show, phew! My main peeve with this drama is the way Suhana’s character has been written – nine weeks in, I’m thoroughly confused about who/what she is – my full sympathies to Imtiaz! By this point, I should be feeling her dilemma, I should feel her conflict and confusion, but it’s not working that way. I’m irritated with her character and it’s because (a) her scenes with Shehroze don’t work for me at all, so I don’t understand her “love” for him (b) Suhana’s character isn’t fleshed out properly on its own so I don’t know material details about her at all – what are her values? What drives her? The play hasn’t established who she is at all. If we think of Zara of Daam or Falak of SeZ, we understand what they are all about, here they haven’t established Suhana’s character at all, so how am I supposed to feel for her?!

    I think we’ve seen quite a few Bollywood movies along the same theme (Woh Saat Din, Hum Dil De Chuke Sanam etc) – for this kind of conflicted heroine to work, the guy she likes (the Rameez equivalent) should be likeable – here, a combination of the writing and acting means that Rameez is feeling like the kabab mein haddi rather than Imtiaz! So we can’t really feel sympathy for Suhana’s situation.

    Imtiaz seems to be better fleshed out and the way Sarmad has played him works really well. Also, the contrast between Imtiaz and Rameez works entirely in Imtiaz’s favour, although on paper Imtiaz should be the bland, boring guy and Rameez the “exciting” one. Maybe Imtiaz is benefitting from Sarmad and Rameez is irritating because of Shehroze?


    • @VZ: You’re absolutely right that the writers haven’t established who Suhana really is. So far, she’s not so much a character as a plot device meant to inform our understanding of Imtiaz and Rameez. I think the acting is letting the Rameez side of that equation down quite a lot though.

      I’m probably going to get things thrown at me for this, but this is also an issue I had with Khirad in Humsafar who didn’t felt more like a character trope than an actual character. The other characters are defined by how they react to Khirad, but she herself remains sort of flat and constant (except for a few scenes here and there). I hope Suhana is given more of a chance to develop into a real character.


    • @VZ: Good to hear from you on this thread 🙂

      Haha! Writing of characters?!? what is that? there is no indicatio of any of that here, except for the fact that Rameez =BAD, Suhana=Confused and Imtiaz = Angelic. Bas. Beyond that basic brief there is merely a string of not neccesarily connected incidents that are being passed of as story/serial here. Imtiaz’s is the only character we understand because I suspect it has been worked on extensively by someone who cares abt their character, and that is why only scenes involving Imtiaz make sense whilst everything else around seems to be falling apart. There is no continuity, editing sucks and I dont think anyone knows the greater picture. It is almost as if they had a script then changes were made to certain parts and the rest still stayed the same hence the dissonance … I had written a couple of weeks ago that the best things the producers did in this play is to get a great leading pair .. bas ab we are tuned into their moments – mind you, even they dont have a properly defined story arc IMHO. The synopsis points to a story we are yet to see unfold so I dont know how long even these sane moments will last .. but lets see .. Im into this just for those few scenes per episode. Rest, I gave up on logic and sense a while ago,

      Re: the writing of Suhana vs the girls in Daam. SeZ, etc .. Arrey yaar, yeh tau sab purani baatein hain … bhool jao … even the writer of those characters cannot come up with similar girl .. check Baaghi to see what I mean .. It is no longer about building a character, having them do stuff that shows strength of character etc . .ab its all about talk talk talk …long preachy monolongues and what not …


  8. VZ/SZ, in case you both are not watching A3I i.e. Alif Allah aur insaan, you may like to watch its recent episode.

    There also as in Teri Raza, lead pair in drama, duo of husband wife Mikaal-Kubra battling similar issues. Here in Teri Raza, Suhana’ character is subtle and not munh-fat to her husband about her past love.

    Heroine is A3I is very blatant and outspoken to her newly wedded husband about her past love.

    Let us see what lies ahead for both couple


  9. I know Sanam is a great actress but I am watching only for Sarmad. What an amazing actor, there is not a strand out of place in his performance. He is soooo natural in front of the camera. Very charming indeed.


    • Hello Neeru,

      Lovely to hear from a new friend; thank you for reading and taking the time to write – much appreciated!

      Haina!! He is pretty fab .. as you can see we’re all fangirling big time here – good to have another likeminded friend join in the party 🙂 Now if only the serial couldve been half as good :/ What a mess this latest episode was!!
      Are you watching Sarmad in Mujhay Jeenay Do? He plays an abusive husband there.

      What else are you watching? Would love to hear from you on other threads as well 🙂


  10. I am a hardcore Pakistani drama fan so I will not embarrass myself by telling you what all I watch, I watch a lot…😀. I got hooked on since my sister in Delhi told me about ZGH and I was hooked and booked. Since I like Sarmad so much , I watch all of his dramas, Baghi and Mujhe Jeeney do. He is so versatile. I am also loving Sajal Ali’s Rangreza and many more….


    • @Neeru: Haha! Arrey bhai a hooked drama watcher is the best kind! Why be embarrassed, you are among friends here. Bas ab no more sharmindagi and jump right in! Will wait to hear from you on other threads .. agree disagree sab chalta hai… aa jao 🙂


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