Teri Raza ~ Episode 8 Review

Up until the last episode I was onboard with the going-ons in Teri Raza, there were many loopholes but the smaller moments held it all together and there was an inherent logic to the narrative. Now after 8 episodes I am wondering about the larger purpose of this serial.

Teri Raza started off as a story of a college girl and her crush on a colleague. From there it wandered into the territory of religion and became about istikharas and Allah ki raza, then there was the psychotic boyfriend and his dysfunctional family. A couple episodes ago this became all about arranged marriages, last week was about adjusting and accommodating with new spouses and this week fell pretty much along similar lines.

Next week’s precap seems to suggest the story going off on a shuk tangent, introduces the possibility of a talaq and has Rameez transforming into a crazed person out to avenge his izzat. What else is left now? Doosri shadi? Halala? And where does the istikhara fit into all this? What kind of a buffet type approach is this to story telling: biryani pasand nahin tau pulao ley lein, qorma nahin khana tau qeema kha lein, daal hazam nahin hoti tau aloo tau hain hi. Matlab ke lets put everything on the menu, kuch na kuch tau kisi na kisi ko pasand aa hi jaye ga? 

Had Teri Raza been just about arranged marriages and expectation vs reality I would’ve said we have an absolute winner here. What we have here instead is a hodge podge of way too films and dramas, all of which are not gelling well together.

This latest episode continued with the story of the newly married couple and their attempts to adjust to each others’ lifestyle. Where Imtiaz is making a genuine effort Suhana is much more capricious. At points she seems to be succumbing to her husband’s charms but then Rameez and his memories pop up and she’s back to her I-am-the-victim-here stance. I don’t know how Imtiaz stands her but I am losing patience with her mixed signals.

Age is but a number, I was a firm believer in this adage till I met Suhana. Honestly, my heart goes out to her, I can even relate to her dilemmas, but then there are just so many situations she creates for herself. Imtiaz has given her so many opportunities to come clean and start anew with a clean slate but it is as if she has decided to spend her life being a victim. Last week there was hope that Suhana was turning the corner, but this week was back to square one. If she is that unhappy then why doesn’t she just spare everybody the misery and go back to her parents’ place. Surely she doesn’t expect her husband and mom-in-law to put up with her and her attitude for the rest of their lives? If anything she should be angry with her family for pushing her into this situation. They did the istikhara, not Imtiaz and his family, why then is she punishing them/him?

And if Suhana is not bad enough, we have Talat, Suhana’s mom. I can now see the apple has not fallen far from the tree. Why the heck did she have to rush to call Rameez’s mom? Is he a toddler that his mother needs to be told to tell her child to behave? For a family that talks so much about Allah ki raza they show very little real faith in allowing God’s will to play itself out. And now thanks to aunty ji’s immaturity Rameez is firmly back in the picture.

And speaking of Rameez, when we first met him and Suhana as college friends, there was almost no indication that they had been this close. It had appeared they had been close friends who had just recently admitted to falling in love with each other, at the end of their student life. Suhana was shown taking Manzura along on her dates because she couldn’t go alone. But now all these flashbacks seem to indicate otherwise. When did they spend all this time together?

This episode also set the groundwork for shuk angle, enter Suhana’s older cousin. She is beautiful, highly educated, has an apparently flourishing career, why then in the Lord’s name is she so upset that she is as yet unmarried? Why this need to show marriage as the ultimate purpose of a woman’s life?  We saw this rush to marriage in Suhana’s case also, but it made sense within the context of the story, but here, this angle was totally uncalled for and such regressive stuff should not be used as a plot point in this day and age.

All in all, it is a good thing the producers went with great actors for this serial. Sarmad and Sanam are absolutely fabulous as Imtiaz and Suhana. Their scenes stand out for their sincerity and emotional quotient and all this is done without any fuss or melodrama. Their breakfast scene, walk in the park, dinner after, Imtiaz’s shock, his later withdrawal, Suhana’s fumbling attempts to make nice, and then him telling her didn’t marry for household help, were all brilliant. I could watch them again and again. Add to this Shami Hilali and her and Sanam’s lovely ludo scene, I can almost, almost overlook all my aggravations with the lack of a larger narrative coherence. But then I remember the older cousin scene and Talat’s phone call and Suhana’s conversation with Jeena and the precap and I am annoyed all over again.

Let’s see what next week holds in store for us.

Written by SZ~

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  1. I so look forward to this show every week, so just imagine my terrible disappointment with this episode.

    It was annoying and confusing for several reasons, including those you’ve already highlighted here in your review, SZ. But OMG, I was SO irritated with Suhana here. I want to give her the benefit of the doubt, because (a) she’s young, and (b) the heart wants what it wants. But can she not see the effort Imtiaz is making here? Despite being older and set in his ways, he’s compromising, giving up a little of his own rigidity to accommodate her, trying to figure out what makes her happy, actually trying to know and understand her. And her response to all of that is a blunt “mujhe zara si mohabbat bhi nahi hai”? Wow, Suhana. That is ice cold.

    I did feel a bit for Rameez in this episode. There are too many people pulling him in different directions. There’s his over-indulgent mother, there’s his overbearing and unhappy father, there’s a random friend who keeps inciting him about Suhana, and on top of all that, there’s now Talat as well? Good grief. No wonder the poor guy is a bit psychotic.

    I’m not as convinced as you are that we’re headed to shuk-talaq territory, and I think it might still be possible to accommodate hurt feelings of betrayal and withdrawal in a story where the focus is on adjusting to a spouse you don’t know very well. We’ll see. Hope springs eternal and all that.


    • Haina! This episode was soo bad and so all over the place!

      See thats my exact problem with this serial now – what is the larger point here? Is it really abt adjusting to a spouse? I think there is so much going on that even the creatives are all confused .. shuk and talaq is brought up in the precap and there has to be a limit to Imtiaz’s patience .. it wont take a rocket scientist to figure that Rameez is the guy Suhana is interested in, as per the precap the two guys meet – and after that I dont think he will want to have anything to do with Suhana.. no matter how much he loves her he has his izzat too.. and abhi tau its only the 8th ep .. they have to drag it out till at least 20 eps .. so even if its not talaq there is lot more drama still to come .. sigh!


  2. I agree with all points ,and little sad too . sarmad and Sanam are seasoned actors . I enjoy watching them ,one reason I didnot watch in the beginning because I was not sure , but after reading your review I started watching ,I donot feel bad because I enjoy your review . And hoping that it will get better .
    Can you send me the link to watch Tere raza and O rangreza. I tried you tube but didnot get the recent one . Thanks SZ .


  3. Hey SZ
    Yeah , this episode was quite bleh compared to the first few.
    Suhana is annoying , what’s wrong with her ? The hubby is trying his best to please her and she has a doting mil and those parathas looked amazing , aur kya chahiye , nashukri larki?
    I was quite amused to see her dupatta covered with embroidered chickens , not sure I would ever don that!!!
    I hope she comes to her senses .
    Waisay u r right , from all the flashbacks it seems rameez and Suhana spent a lot of time together and went on several dates .


    • Haha! Deeba, I love how all of us are mad at Suhana for dissing our boy…bechara! Even spoilt his diet for her and dekho kiya sila mila us ko :/

      No, but on a more serious note, I get that we are seeing somebody fighting her ownself as much as she is fighting others around her, she is getting charmed and hates herself for her weakness, but that said I wish the writer had given Suhana some more of a realistic touch, just like we feel Rameez needed to be les black .. at this point its all so uneven: Imtiaz with a halo, Suhana the wicked withch of the west and Rameez the reincarnation of evil kineval .. aisa kahan hota hai duniya mein :/


    • Haha! I loved that embroidered dupatta and the gorgeous tassles, but yes the roosters would’ve been better off as flowers or butterflies or some such …
      And haina! when did they go on all those dates? Shuru mein I distinctly remember Suhana telling Manzura that they had never exchanged I-love-yous and that they fought all the time .. tau phir yeh sab kab hua?


  4. Hello All,

    I’m going to catch up on this, because of my Sarmad Syndrome – he’s just cool isn’t he? And pitted against him, Shehroze Sabzwari is so not cutting it (at least for us here). Maybe I’m giving away my age!


    • VZ– Then we must all be the same age :). I dont like Rameez because of his over-coiffed, blow-“fried” hair. Never is a hair out-of-place, which is so exhausting even to watch. Add to that, he is a very ordinary actor. Sarmad will just blow him outta the water in their scenes together, I am sure.


      • Dear Molly, I must admit I’ve never been impressed with Shehroze Sabzwari as an actor till date and his response to Chain Aaye Na coloured my opinion of him as a person as well. Sarmad’s Imtiaz on the other hand is full of interesting possibilities (not sure how much depth we’ll get to see him play). There’s such a lack of genuinely interesting men on desi TV, that I’m holding on tightly to any crumbs coming our way lol.


          • Hello Deeba – no yaar, I haven’t watched it – I was just following all the hoopla that was happening ever since the trailer released. I did watch the trailer and felt that way enough!


      • Haha! By that token we are qabar mein pair latkaye hue types .. he is just badly and sadly miscacast here. But I think even he knows that .. check this out


  5. The only person from whose angle the story seems plausible as of now is our “heart on his sleeve” Imtiaz. He has doubts which he should. His poor lovelorn declaration” Lekin mujhe mohabbat hai” just brushed aside. As for Suhana- Her reaction to him is so patchy, so incoherent; there is no central thought behind her characterization. She tells her mum Imtiaz suspects her, the underlying thought being that she will lie if he gets around to asking her. And when the poor guy asks her she coolly says she dosent love him a bit.It is almost as if there were two story writers writing the script. Yes this story is going out of hand.

    My wandering attention was struck by the clocks and the paintings on the wall. So two main walls are devoted to either a collage of pictures or clocks. Very similar placement. I think the art director was just being lazy.

    As to the chicken motif on Suhana’s duppata I think that was to signify her young age, perhaps? Suhana is clothed quite often in college fashion. In fact almost everytime she is on screen in informal clothes, she is always wearing something which college kids wear. Even her night suits are the anti-thesis of what a young bride might wear. But it all gells together. When she does wear formal clothes, the colors are so subdued and at times matronly, almost as if she is attempting to pass off as a much married woman. None of the happy joyous bright colors here. There is a schizophrenic quality to the clothing veering between a kid and a matron. In fact there is some thought behind her costumes. Maybe the costume director should try her hand at scriptwriting and end up writing a more coherent episode than today’s.


    • @Molly: Ab tau there is also a fountain/undefined body of water in that not-so big room! Why would anybody want water in their living room in the heat and humidity of the homeland is beyond me!


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