Baaghi ~ Episode 4 Review

Action-packed, is how I how would describe this latest installment. The chase sequence, Rahim and Sajid running after Abid, was very nicely executed, and great fun to watch, the extra thudda, Rahim to Abid, even more so.  This scene was the highlight of today’s episode of Baghi.

After trying all means possible to stop her impending marriage Fauzia decided to take matters in her own hands. Left behind were her sharminda family and angry baratis, but what did Fauzia care. She had always had a devil-may-care attitude but this was the first time where she publicly defied her family. And surprisingly there was not much of a price for her to pay for her misdeeds. Chaudhry sahab intervened, her father went along with the village elder’s wishes, and by the end of the episode Fauzia and Abid were happily engaged and could be found frolicking around in the gaon ke sabz lehlahatey khet.

In a culture where daughters are severely beaten up for merely stepping out of the house with their heads uncovered (I am exaggerating but you get my point, hopefully) I found today’s episode a bit too pat and too convenient to buy into the filmi happily ever after moment between Fauzia and Abid.  If chaudhry sahab was indeed so progressive and so concerned about betiyon ki razamandi aur khushi and girls’ overall welfare, I wonder why Fauzia’s sister, Nazia, also didn’t go file her complaint with the kindly and just village elder. Why were girls still being abused on his watch? Also, if he was so aware of Sajid’s harkats why hadn’t he stepped in earlier to stop him from harrasing other village girls? Didn’t they too have similar rights as Fauzia’s and expect to be able to move around freely, without being harassed by the local lout?

Among other things that didn’t jive quite as well was Sajid’s reluctant but ultimately resigned acceptance that Fauzia was no longer going to be his. In fact the relative ease with which not just him, but Fauzia’s parents, Rahim and even Asma accepted this whole scenario was quite unbelievable. Honor is everything in our desi society and more so in such a rural setting, so that after mitti paoing on her family’s izzat Fauzia was back to her normal routine of hanging around Abid’s shop was difficult to believe.

Also surprising was the speed with which Fauzia got re-engaged. Again, yes chaudhry sahab had her back, but still I expected Abid’s mother to have put up more resistance to the mangni. What is to say that Fauzia would not pull another such drama after marriage? Yes, Abid’s mother has seen Fauzia’s posters and not been impressed and made a mental note, but woh tau ba’ad ki baat hai.abhi tau Fauzia’s gotten everything she wanted, right down to her Dilwale Dulhaniya inspired sarson ke khet mein moment with Abid. Writing has been a major issue with this serial and today it was major let down. I have seen many such rural setups up close and nowhere in any of them would a girl have been let off the hook so easily. This plot twist did not work at all, at least for me, given the very real zone of this story.

Despite my problems with the writing, the fact that I am watching and keenly at that is a testament to the effort of the director, Farooq Rind, his technical crew and his cast of actors. The cinematography and lighting are absolutely fabulous, making the village mahol come alive in viewers’ living rooms. The set design, with all the patently new bartans and furniture, heck even Saba Faisal’s brand new chappals, is yet to grow on me.

Saba Qamar is the primary reason to tune in to Baghi, she has Fauzia down to a Tee. Her scenes with Ali Kazmi, their typical gaon type flirtation and chichora romance, are very well done. Ali Kazmi is another who impresses here. From the precap we see him undergoing a transformation, from the besotted ‘ashiq to an angry controlling shohar, and I hope that there is a proper transition there, not just a sudden about turn. Simi Raheal, as Abid’s mother is a delight to watch, and her ankhon hi ankhon mein evaluation of her bahu-to-be was fabulous, and Fauzia responded right back in kind. Loved this moment between the two actors.

Sarmad and Nadia are a delight to watch but I really do wish they had been given something more solid to work with. Their scene, when Asma sulked outside and wouldn’t let Rahim go into room where the mangni was happening was very good. Irfan Khoosat sahab made for a believable beleagured father, and I half expected him to suffer a heart attack or some such – beti ghar se bhaagi thi! – but I guess he is made of sterner stuff. From the precap it seems like fireworks are about to start, what with Abid’s mother finally getting the chance to get her bharas out and Abid’s 180° turn.

I hope Fauzia is enjoying her song and dance in the khet ’cause it sure doesn’t seem like there will be much of that after her marriage. Let’s see what unfolds next week.

Written by SZ~

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  1. Hey SZ
    I guess the Chaudhry is the supreme authority,that’s why his support for fouzia gave her the edge and her family came around aaraam se.
    Waisay ,men and their insecurities about women is koot koot ke bharawa in the land of the pure.
    Lagta hai Adil will do a complete turnaround from a besotted tharki to a typical mcp.


    • @Deeba: Hello hello! Ji, that’s how it all went down in this episode, but I found it a bit too convenient and pat .. aisey progressive chaudhry hotey tau phir tau bas baat hi kiya thi .. Exactly! That’s my point, even if the chaudhry was behind her, even then for the men to back off itney araam se was again convenient.. and then her again roaming around in the gaon with ease.. I dont know I have never seen such things happen in our conservative society, where once the girl steps out of the house like Fauzia is allowed to go back to her purani life with such freedom .. maybe others could buy it, I could not hazmofy it ..
      Yes, Abid sahib will be in full form next week – sigh!


  2. IMHO, fox is was helped by chaudhary Saab as she actively seemed help and chudharani also has soft corner in her heart for her.where as her sister doesn’t have courage to stand for her not even in front of her father let alone chaudhary Saab.
    Saba is amazing actress


    • @Sidra: Hey! Thanks for reading and commenting 🙂 Yes, absolutely, you are right, Fauzia was helped by chaudhry and and chaudrain, but my problem is way her return was handled .. chaudhry sahab ne keh diya aur sab ne maan liya? Our society lives and dies on the concept of izzat and here so much has happened but Fauzia bibi is back to dancing in the khets? I find this scenario implausible.

      Yes, totally! Saba is hitting it out of the ballpark here ❤

      Hope to continue hearing from you


  3. Sz nice review! Despite all the flaws I am truly enjoying this drama mainly because of Saba Qamar’s magnetic performance. She is just absolutely amazing…the scene where she is reading her future mother inlaw was perfect. Very soon she will find out the problems ahead of her…I think that is the reason that they went through stuff quickly here….because now even if things turn sour quickly she has no backing from her mekha. I am curious if she will seek her parents shelter when Abid turns exactly like her brother in law….I think then she will face the brunt of the stuff she did in this episode. Nways looking forward to how things unfold.


    • @Seher: Yes! That scene was fab!! I love love Simi ji and then Saba with her and their ankho ankho mein isharey – so so good!

      I see what you are saying abt this setting the stage for her having no place to call home after the future fiasco with Abid, but then this just goes to the point I, and others, have made earlier that the script anticipates too much, which makes for a less than organic unfolding of the narrative. Its a good thing they have fab actors and a great DOP and director that so many loopholes can be relatively easily overlooked. Saba is indeed fantastic here! Loved that little scene with the teddy bear with Ali .. they are so good together ❤


  4. Wonderful writeup, SZ! You really don’t miss a thing, do you?

    The pacing of this episode was much better than the last, and I was definitely not bored. I thought some aspects were a bit filmy, but in context, it all came together pretty well. And what to say about Saba Qamar. She’s terrific in this role, and is pretty much carrying the show at this point.

    I’m really enjoying Ali Kazmi here as well. I know Abid is about to take a turn for the worse, but for now, I’m really digging his take on the lovestruck suitor with the crooked smile.

    If I have a complaint, it’s only about the writing here. It’s all very loud, and all the characters get to shout and be indignant and make their feelings known. But there’s nothing about the writing that invites us to look beneath the surface and really understand these characters. Even with Fauzia, the independent and feisty rebel is on full display, but we’re rarely shown a quiet moment where we can reflect on Fauzia as a person rather than as an event or a trigger for future events. I mean, maybe she’s not just a self-obsessed iconoclast; maybe she’s just a lost little girl looking for attention from her parents? Every now and then, there’s a flash of depth in the way she’s written (like in her scene with the chaudhrayan, for example), but mostly the showrunners don’t seem to care that much for nuance.

    Maybe as Fauzia’s life moves into its most controversial phase, we’ll see a bit more layering to her character? Fingers crossed.


    • @RK: Thank you .. glad you thought the review covered the ep well enough.

      Thank you! I am so glad that you too have equal reservations abt the writing .. yes, I too miss the quiet moments, self reflection, perhaps questions, concerns, fears, maybe? You know we have not seen even one scene where she rethinks her actions or words.. its so unnatural.. almost everybody, no matter how powerful or strong has a moment or two of doubt, but here we get none of that honesty. In many ways Fauzia remains as elusive and illusive as the girl on whose life this story is based. We can always hope for layers and nuance but I am not holding my breath, particularly after these 4 eps, here in this one they set up stuff and then conveneiently glossed it over to get on to the next plot point ..I think the occasional flashes are what we should be looking out for, and those Idk if they come from the writing or are on-set improvisations from the actors and director..


  5. Too late to join but that thudda made me to come n comment.. poori epi ek taraf n that classic n sudden thuda ek taraf 🤣

    I too found fauzia so casually n easily coming to shop abit unrealistic…as if itna huge step lene k baad.. just gaalis were more than enough.. choudhary sahab ki dahshat unke ghar me ,but apne ghar me tou they could havr shown strictness ya tou waqai choudhary ka itna roub he k no1 dares to do anything..

    Last scene was so much fun.. no not khet wala romance but saas n bahu ka ankhon me takrau..

    Actors r doing fab job only if there was weightage in writing.


    • Aww! Never too late! Lovely to hear from you on this thread .. I wondered of you’d given up۔
      Haha! That thudda made me laugh so much cause it was so u expected but so real 😂
      Indeed, lets hope the writing can shake of its stupor and do justice to Fauzia’s life.


  6. Drama Baaghi is one of such unique dramas. It shows the true and the bitter side of society while dramatizing the real life story of Qandeel Baloch.
    The drama shows how Qandeel was a simple girl who was exploited everywhere. The drama will also speaks volume about the so-called honor killings and the lives ruined in name of Honor.
    And Saba Qamar is a very fabulous Pakistani actress, she also played awesome role in Indian movie “Hindi Medium” it has amazing story.


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