Teri Raza ~ Episode 7 Review

Marriages are hard. Arranged marriages that much more so. Forced and/or rushed arranged marriages the hardest. Ask Suhana and Imtiaz.

Seven episodes in, what I am enjoying in Teri Raza is not the bigger picture, but the little asides, the insights into human psychology and nature of relationships. Suhana and Imtiaz are not bad people, but circumstances are such that neither of them are how they were before this marriage of theirs. Suhana was a cheerful bubbly girl and Imtiaz a warm caring person. Yes, both had their fair share of foibles but nothing that would lead them to be described as difficult.

Post marriage, Suhana has issues with Imtiaz’s clockwork routine, his sleeping habits, food choices, ages of his colleague – she feels caged and enslaved. For Imtiaz, Suhana is no longer the fun girl he fell in love with, she’s too immature, watches way too much TV, makes no attempt to integrate herself into his household and life, and has no sense of boundaries as she share all with her mother.  Matlab ke listen to either of them and it’s like both have no redeeming qualities whatsoever.

It is not that they have undergone some sudden change, rather it is their circumstances that have changed, too much too fast. Neither of them thought they would be required to make so many adjustments, so many little matters would become so important so suddenly. And this is where Teri Raza scores. It is in its detailing of this minutiae of daily life that the drama scores a home run. Though most of our dramas deal with marriages in some shape or form, very few show this aspect of post-married life, where even two good people can inflict pain on each other just because they are unprepared for how much work goes into making a marriage work.

In situations like this it is incumbent upon the grown ups in the two families to watch from a distance, stepping in only when specially asked to do so, as when Imtiaz looks to his mother for advice. I love, love how intelligently his mother stays neutral but guides her son to look beyond his hurt ego. Similarly Suhana’s mother refuses to be swayed by her daughter’s litany of complaints. As both mothers rightly tell the newly wedded pair, both need to give each other space and time.

So many couples step into new marriages thinking the hearts and roses will continue forever – well, they don’t. Once the routine of daily life sets in, it’s all about understanding the other, not merely expecting the other to do all the heavy lifting. Suhana and Imtiaz’s nascent relationship is made that much more difficult with Rameez’s omnipresent shadow. Given time, had the marriage not been rushed, Suhana would’ve probably gotten over him but now her imagination has colored him in all shades of white. In Suhana’s mind, Rameez is now everything that he never ever was in real life, a knight in shining armor.

Imtiaz of course has no clue about what’s cooking in Suhana’s mind and so following his mother’s advice, he takes the lead. Unbending, willing himself to be flexible he holds out an olive branch a chocolate bar. Suhana is surprised by Imtiaz’s gesture and her smile signals her tentative acceptance of this offer of friendship. Again, in a drama so steeped in conventional tropes it is lovely to see a man making the first gesture of compromise, to see him willing to take the lead in this relationship. Otherwise, as was hammered in throughout this episode it is a desi girl’s said and unsaid job to make the marriage work, she has to be the one to compromise, she has to be the one to mold herself according to her husband’s desires. All her duty. Singlehandly.

So yes, plenty of role reversals here, all making for a pleasant watching experience. Unfortunately though, the spectre of Rameez looms large and he is not the kind to sit by silently on the sidelines. Suhana is all warm and fuzzy for now and is on her way to accepting Imtiaz as her life partner, but will her newfound interest in Imtiaz be able to withstand Rameez’s return? From the precap it seems like Imtiaz’s hard work is gonna go down the drain, but one can hope and pray, no? Chalein ji jaldi se baa jam’at dua ke liye kharey ho jayen aap sab loag. 

Sarmad Khoosat and Sanam Baloch are fantastic as Imtiaz and Suhana and bring their characters to life with such verve that they become very real relatable and easy to invest in for the viewers. Suhana’s frustration and hurt were palpable as was Imtiaz’s confusion, lack of comprehension and their very real chemistry was on full display in the chocolate scene. Shamim Hilaly as Sitara is another one who just makes me wanna hug her each time she comes on screen.

Ayesha Khan is another favorite but today I felt a huge disjunction between her very peppy character and the circa 19th c. lines, straight out of Mirat ul Uroos, that she spouted about shauhar ki ghulami, hakim hai tumhara. I get the gist of what she was saying but it could have been scripted a lot better in a more updated lingo, so that it didn’t sound as regressive as it did. Similarly, Suhana’s mom’s lines.

Again, I get what she was trying to get across to her hell-bent-on-rebellion daughter, but her lines about the husband’s home being the real home of the wife and that her parents’ house was no longer hers were extremely problematic and sent out a troubling message. Woh tau shaukar hai ke we know  hamara Imtiaz is not abusive or anything but what if he was? Were someone to not get the depth of those lines they could very well be taken the wrong way. A bit more careful writing was needed here.

Peeves with writing aside and the horrible decor of Imtiaz’s house notwithstanding, Teri Raza is among my favorite serials this quarter. What about you all? Are you buying into Suhana and Imtiaz’s shadi ki b’ad ki story?

Written by SZ~

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    • I loved the minute details they showed between newly wed couple.. the things that are realistic and actually happens.. Suhanas thinking of flashbacks and how now she is caved and slaved was nicely done..her extreme reaction to being under dressed was so relatable.. i used to be exact same.. without understanding what other person is trying to say.. just react extremely 🙈 .. i liked how Imtiaz realized after listening to Suhanas rant and tried to adjust.. even asked cook to make parahtha n omelette.. koshish kar tou raha he without knowing wahan daal nh galne wali..

      Seema Apa tou taez niklien.. never expected her being a career oriented.. first impression was like bholi bhali si. But that was a good surprise factor..

      But best was seeing such amazing mother Shamim Hilali was beyond brilliant.. i tou want my bahu back.. wah .. wah.. she does it so naturally. Making her son understand in such a realistic n soft way.. in per kis ko na pyar aye.love her scenes.. im definitely enjoying SK n SB chemistry.. they both are soo good together..


      • @Rehmat: Hello! Lovely to hear from you – missed you last week 🙂

        Haina! These small details are so relatable. I too remember so many such irritations from the early days, which my husband I both laugh about now but at that time they seemed so big. I love how they are showing that people with difficult marriages are not necessarily bad people, its just that circumstances are such that they end up hurting each other.

        I also like how positive/normal all these characters are (at least so far). It made me think we rarely if ever have dramas which show this phase of marriage without inserting a “bad guy” in the middle .. DeS, for instance was about the same things but she had a horrible mother in law. Kankar the hubby was horrible. Humasfar there was Khizer, ZGH was a maslon ka anbar .. I think the only other drama with normal ppl in a trying marriage was Mora Piya, which I absolutely loved for exactly the same reasons. Khair I digress ..

        Oh haan that Seema Apa, waqai! Also that other girl, Shahroz and Suhana’s friend, we now have two other ppl entering the picture and you can see that the pot is going to be stirred pretty soon .. zaalim samaj! Why cant they just let Suhana and Imtiaz be?!


  1. ” It is its detailing of this minutiae of daily life the drama scores a home run. Though most of our dramas deal with marriages in some shape or form, very few show this aspect of post-married life, where even two good people can inflict pain on each other just because they are unprepared for how much work goes into making a marriage work.”

    What a lovely thought. After a few years when a research- scholar writes his dissertation on popular culture, this well could be used by her in quotes:)

    Marriages are hard indeed. And the early days of marriage are such a complex mix of desire to bond and a desire to flee. It happens to all couples across cultures.Throw into that mix an ex-boyfriend, ugh, poor Imtiaz


    • Thank you, Molly 🙂

      Yes, marriages are hard, no matter what the culture. And as you so rightly say yahan tau there are so many problems ..poor Imtiaz ke dimagh ki dahi banney wali hai :/ I hope we get at least a couple more similarly warm and fuzzy eps before the villain makes his entry. Bechara Imtiaz kidhar phans gaya!


  2. I saw your post’s title in the reader and sacrificed my sleep to watch the episode. :p Just finished it and LOVED it! Matlab okay the conversation in their bedroom got me teary-eyed, I dunno it was. so apt and emotional and artistically conveyed. the thing about being “the good wife”. then I also loved their show/snacks wala time cuz one effort on his part and a better morning next! 😀 it was pretty. I also really like Imtiaz ki ammi aka phuppo. Adaab to her! though Suhana’s dadi’s comments…. I totally agree that they could’ve been more updated n less MiraatulUroos-ish. Last but not the least, AAMEEN n hopes to Rameez not ruining it but then who are we kidding, right? :S


    • randomlyabstract: Hi there! Lovely to hear from you. Aww! So sorry to have made you sacrifice your sleep but chalo all for a good cause 😉
      Yes! Those scenes were really fab and I loved Sanam and Sarmad’s range of emotions in those three/four scenes ..did you notice the quiver in her voice as she starts to breakdown at the end of “good wife” (love how you put that!) they are so good together!

      Re: Rameez.. ufff!! You know i just chanced upon the ARY page and I am ready to commit murder. They have happily disclosed the outline of the story – I cannot tell you how mad it makes me.. chalo story tau predictable hai hi but why give out the whole shebang .. I will not post the link here because I dont want to give out spoilers, because who knows they are also capable of having changed it after posting .. but basically bottom line yeh ke tough times ahead for our boy 😥
      Ameen indeed!!


      • Haha yes, all for a good cause. xD YES, those emotions. It was so well done. And no, please please, someone ask them to change the ending. I mean…. well, nobody holds their curiosity so like I obviously went and saw it ;_______; HELP ME
        Let’s hope they change it. It’s one of my favorites aaj kal. Also I’m watching Yaqeen ka safar & Iltija. Are you watching these two?


        • Oho!!! Kyon???

          Yes! I too am hoping and praying ke they changed the ending .. I mean what bakwas would it be if all this was for naught .. and why would they lead us like that to only dash our hopes later. Im keeping faith in the fact that given this is a straight chhapa of Hum Dil De Chuke .. they’ll stick to that ending as well #IfWishesWereHorses

          I’m following YKS, had done an overview till ep 14, ab am now waiting for Zubiya to wake up and smell the roses .. I m quite fed up of her martyr/victim phase and need it to finish .. Asfi is pretty cute though and the reason I tune in every week.. will have another overview soonish


  3. Can somebody explain to me the meaning of all those clocks?? Surely there has to be a reason for them — nobody has so many just for the heck of it. What am I missing here?


    • @SZ
      Great review as always, SZ. Greetings all. Have missed DRNRs all summer!

      So about the clocks, I too was thinking about it. I came to the conclusion that it emphasizes his time-/schedule-driven existence. It is one of her peeves, no?



      • @JR: Hey hey! Welcome back – and you were missed as well! Hope you had a productive trip and managed to squeeze some rest in as well 🙂

        Arrey wah! aatey hi youre all caught up – shabash! 😉 Haan good point, makes sense .. but arent they then going overboard with the in-your-face symbolism? All that ticking would drive me nuts!


    • They are there because some clock company is sponsoring this n they want us to buy these antique style clockes.. yahi baat he.i m telling u


      • @Rehmat: Wah!! Kiya idea hai sir ji! Watercooler aap ka hua!
        LOL! Actually I have no idea why they have so many clocks but your expln seems spot on .. as you well know ke hum hi loag stupids hain jo har baat ki khaal nikalte hain … Me thinks they were just there in the house..and speaking of house, did any of you catch the fact that Imtiaz’s house is a combination of various houses .. the stair case they come down from is not the one they go up from and the various rooms etc do no match up either ..


  4. What a fun episode! I really enjoyed watching Suhana and Imtiaz first skirt each other so carefully, then be so annoyed with each other, and then edge a bit closer. I especially enjoyed the bit where the light bulb went on for Imtiaz and he realized that he needed to lean in a bit, to compromise a little as befits the more mature and grown-up partner. What I didn’t expect was that Suhana would actually also make an effort. Sometimes I don’t understand Suhana’s motivations. On the one hand, she’s all “Suhana sirf Rameez ki hai” and on the other hand, she’s at least a little pleased that Imtiaz is willing to be a bit less stiff and formal with her.

    It looks like bad stuff is going to happen next week though. Ugh. Can’t Imtiaz and Suhana be happy newlyweds for at least one episode?


    • @RK: Seems like we’re all on the same page re: what we’re liking here 🙂
      Re: Suhana, I thought that was a very natural confusion in her behaviour – ek taraf she has her “love” (which was more like infatuation turned into a zabardasti ki zid on account of her parents rushing her into this marriage) and on the side is her natural response to a warm gesture … I dont think shes sorted it all in her head as yet. Were she to be given time Im sure she would see things differently from a distance – as in whether her love for Rameez is real or her incline towards Imtiaz a new beginning – but sadly I dont think she has the luxury of time.. why cant Rameez just go away ? 😦


      • I have this bad feeling that the show is meant to have Suhana reunite with Rameez probably with Imtiaz’s blessing. I know I’ve been belaboring this point, but I think the show is about true love triumphing over istikhara, family obligations, etc.

        Also, I know we’re all #TeamImtiaz here, but based on YouTube comments and such, most people really want Suhana to be with Rameez, goodness knows why. /sigh


        • @RK: Yes, thats the theme of the show and the spoiler I mentioned below tells you excatly how it all pans out, so if the commentators are saying that they are not off, theyve also probably read the synopsis …

          I think we;d talked abt this on earlier threads that the casting was so off that instead of us rooting for Suhana to end up with her lover we were all rooting for the other guy… And then theyve nade matters worse by drawing out such stark opposites, with no grey afforded to either of the guys that basically Suhana just ends up looking like a fool.

          All that said, Would we have felt the same way abt Imtiaz if it was some random actor… For my part, I know I would’ve never gone beyond the very mediocre first ep .. what abt you all?


          • Hmm. You know, I never thought about that. I’m obviously invested in the show because Sanam and Sarmad are really great together. If they’d cast some other actor in the Imtiaz role who had less chemistry with Suhana, maybe it wouldn’t work and I wouldn’t care about this show at all. It’s possible!

            On the other hand, I’m a bit of a romantic sap, and I have a thing for stories where unlikely people fall in love and live happily ever after. I was even sort of disappointed when Michele and Jamshed didn’t get married on Jackson Heights!


          • No don’t think so.. if it wasnt for SK i would have given a miss i think..but thats sad to know she will end up with rameez


  5. After reading review I did watch and I loved it. Thanks. Little things matter so much in marriage , and I am glad that they are showing it hope people who sees this drama will acknowledge it. I know Man, for them it is hard to adjust.but all man are not same .lol .Sarmad is so natural .I loved the conversation with Imtiaz and his mother, very few mother in drama I saw like that giving good advice .


    • Hi Ranjan: Thank you for watching this after the review .. appreciate your faith in me 🙂
      Glad you too enjoyed the little details, all of which come as pleasant surprise in a very cliched story..
      Hope youll keep joining us on this thread..looking fwd to hearing more from you.


  6. I for one do not believe this story is about Suhana re-uniting with Rameez. First the name– I think it signifies God’s will and not Rameez’s will. Secondly I do not think our soaps espouse divorce as a solution. Thirdly, the writing is sensitive to Imitiaz’s potrayal. And good guys always win, at least in soaps. As to people rooting for Rameez -Suhana- they are probably the facile brigade, the viewers who make a big deal about good looks in actors. they are the ones who have forced great actors(without chand sa mukhda) to become character artists and not main leads. I really wonder what is there in the subcontinental psyche that believes that love should happen only to the beautiful people?


    • Molly: I am inclined to agree with you re: beautiful faces garnering sympathies, but from what I have read on various fora is that nobody is rooting for Rameez aka Shahroz as in the actor playing the part, to unite with Suhana. The actor has managed to alienate a huge section of the audience with his defence of his film that has flopped pretty badly. This story is a mes up in terms of characterization and casting and then the spoilers they have happily put out .. no wonder ppl dont know who to root for .. even I am wondering if I should be wasting my time here because if its all gonna be abt her returning to someone we are being explicitly told is bad then whats the point?

      Re: Awam forcing less than good looking people towards character acting, I would beg to differ. I think the media shoulders a big responsibilty for this, as in how they promote biases when they select only actors with certain kind of look in the lead.. Nimra Bucha is someone who has unconventional looks, but she is rarely if ever offered parts that put her forward as an woman capable of attracting male attention, audiences come in to the picture at a much later stage. Sanam Saeed was another one, who was initially put in the :unattractive” category – Mera Naseeb, ZGH- there were plenty of dialogs in both these serials that attested to her “plain” looks .. it was only after the awaam made ZGH a hit that things changed for Sanam in terms of projects she was offered.

      In the particular case of Sarmad, he actually stared off as a leading man, and played the hero alongside Nadia Afgan in the long running and very popular Shashlik.. so I dont think he’s ever been considered unattractive .. I think it was FK’s entry into the mainstream after the super success of Humsafar that Fk became a bar for “beauty” among male actors ..


      • IIRC, FK said in some interview that nobody pays money to see ugly people cry. As horrible as that sounds, there’s probably some truth to it.

        Plus, love and romance being a thing for young people is pretty deeply entrenched in our society, and as a consequence, nobody really wants to see older actors or actresses as leads in a romance. That’s unfortunate, because there’s more to romance than just boy-meets-girl-sends-rishta-lives-happily-ever-after.


  7. You are right SZ. As human beings we are primed to find certain proportions and features attractive. Film and TV production houses just find it easier to fill up their rosters with attractive people so that they have to work less hard at winning audiences over. As to the success of FK, I think it lies beyond his physical beauty- it is his voice modulation, the intimate way in which he converses with his co-actors without raising his voice and the way he romances the camera as if there truly is no one else in the room- those are the things which make him charismatic. There are many men who are blessed with good looks even on television and films but very few understand the medium as well as Fawad Khan does.
    Kinda funny how so many conversations go off tangentially into FK’s direction:)


    • Haha! Somehow it always comes back to FK!

      What I find really interesting about Fawad Khan is that his ability to slip into a role so completely that no one of his roles carries a trace of any other role. Ashar isn’t a thing like Zaroon, and Zaroon isn’t a thing like Wali, and Vikram Singh Rathore isn’t a thing like Rahul Kapoor, etc. It’s weird and cool at the same time, a bit like the man himself. 😉 (I have obviously spent too much time thinking about this, so I’ll shut up now, lol).


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