Reel to Real ~ Drama Inspired Food Recipes

Recently at a friend’s place I happened to meet this non-desi lady who has just started watching Pakistani dramas. After the usual chitchat about the good looking leads and the girls’ pretty clothes and the emotional stories etc, what surprised me was her interest in drama food- a surprise because I thought it was only us few who remembered dramas for their food content.

Fawad Khan aur Mahira Khan aur Osman Khalid Butt aur Sanam Saeed ek taraf, she wanted recipes for shami kababs and dahi baras and biryanis, and had questions about what kind of soup was it that cured all types of ailments, waghaira waghaira … 

As we started talking recipes, I got to thinking of how everyone had their own version of the standard staples and how each of them sounded so similar yet just that bit different. Since then I have tried some of my friends’ recipes and enjoyed the variation from routine. So… that started me thinking ke if I enjoyed them, perhaps you too would like to try out kuch hat ke, kuch nayi aur kuch jaani pehchani recipes …

Chalein, let’s do something different today. I have collected some mazedar recipes so allow me help you out with the age old question of aaj kya pakega, with a spin on some drama inspired menu items.

Click on the underlined for recipe links. Enjoy!!


Shami Kababs from Urdu Mom
Hari Bhari Aloo Tikki from Tickle Those TasteBuds

Dahi Baray

Dahi Baray 
from Flour and Spice Blog
Burns Road ke Dahi Baray from My Ninja Naan


Hot and Sour Chicken Soup from Tickle Those Taste Buds.
Spinach and Tomato Soup
from Spice Zone

Paratha Roll

Chicken Paratha Roll
from Tickle Those Taste Buds.
Anda Paratha Roll
from Yummy Bites by Abiyah

Biryani & Pulao

Chicken Dum Biryani from Love Laugh Mirch
Memon Masoor Pulao from My Ninja Naan
Punjabi Biryani from Flour and Spice Blog
Vegetable Biryani from Growing Up Gupta

And of course no desi meal is complete without a meetha


Orange Chiffon Cake from Tickle Those Taste Buds
Cardamom Walnut Chai Cake from Love Laugh Mirch


Suji Halwa from Tickle Those Taste Buds
Carrot Halwa from My Ninja Naan

With a shoutout to the bloggers whose recipes are shared here, I hope you all will try these and share your feedback. Feel free to share your own tried and tested ones as well.
Bon Appetit!

Written by SZ~

25 replies

  1. Hey SZ , the dum chicken biryani sounds delicious , have you ever made it this way ? Pretty complicated coz I’m so used to using shaan for my biryani but if you’ve tried it I’ll give it a shot.
    Waisay u r so right , the magical bowl of soup is the remedy for all beemaris in our dramas .😂😁esp in the hospital scenes and when recovering at home.
    And har moqay pe chai , chahe khushi ho ya ghum chai is a must!!!


    • Hey! I have tried it and yes, i too am a Shaan certified cook so it did sound like a lot of things happening but once I got down to it it was actually pretty simple. I skipped the tamarind part because I wasn’t quite sure how that would work, but other than that it was delish and since then I have been tinkering more and more with using fresh spices .. so yes do try .. and please do share the results and pics 🙂
      Haina! That soup! Most recently it was in adhi gawahi ( the gif is from there) . he had supposedly fractured an ankle ( by tripping over two three stairs! ) and lo and behold amma brought soup! 🙈

      Also, all of you guys, please let me know if you would like more such lifestyle posts, where we mix up reel and life..


      • Yes, I’d love more lifestyle posts. Actually, it might be fun to talk drama fashions as well, especially for folks like me who have no fashion sense, lol.

        Re: soup, IIRC, yakhni was a bit of a plot point on Mera Naam Yousuf Hai, although used really well there.


        • Yeah, that yakhni made sense there, but usually it’s just really random.. remember even in Humsafar she makes him soup when it was a car accident he was in 🤕.. actually I should do a post on most cliched plot points: listening to doors, tripping over stairs and breaking various body parts, or resulting in miscarriages, vomiting means pregnancy .. so so many of them ..


          • Yes I also want a post on fashion sense. That will give me an opportunity to re-visit all the old serials. You tube zindabad! Kick off with the Humsafar blacks and Khirad in dupatta-less white as she protests her innocence.( what lovely chikan embroidery). Great symbolism.


  2. Loved it SZ . I watch food channel and sometime I tried too.
    I tried Avacado paratha came out good . Halva reminds me of SeMM , lol.


  3. Excellent idea.

    Now this is a Zara Hat Ke idea for a blog, indeed.
    Will definitely try the recipes also in due course. Never looked at food that way myself. It’s always been there in some scene or other.

    Good one, SZ.


  4. Wah! What a fabulous post! Well done, SZ! Khoob saari taaliyaan!

    Thank you for the recipes too. I’m motivated to actually make some of these things now, although I doubt anyone of us can compete with Palwasha in the halwa department.

    I feel that a post about drama food is incomplete without some sort of ode to chai. The garam pyaali is so ubiquitous and so meaningful in these dramas, and can be used in so many different ways to move the plot.

    Let’s see…there’s the Incidental Rishta chai, wherein the hero falls for the heroine before she’s even done pouring. This is a common trope, and most recently seen in Teri Raza where our man Imtiaz is lattoo for Suhana before she’s even asked him if he’ll take cream in his coffee.

    There’s Truth and Reconciliation chai, where a family drinks chai together and somehow resolves all the world’s problems in the process. Sang-e mar mar tried this around Episode 20 or 21 when Daaji gets the whole gang together to drink green tea and try to move on from the terrible tragedies that have struck all of them.

    We also have Awkward Flirtation chai, wherein tea provides the perfect cover for giving compliments after stormy night encounters, as most recently seen in….hahaha, you knew I was going to go there, lol.

    Finally, there’s everyone favorite, Proposal chai, wherein saving the girl from a hot cup of tea is the only way the boy can worm his way into her otherwise hard heart.


    • Haha! And there goes my next post! All those chai gifs will not see the light of day anytime soon 😩

      Yes, do try the recipes .. I have tried a couple and they’ve turned out good 👍


      • No, no. Please delete my comment and write your chai post! The world must not be deprived of your writing and all those fab GIFs. 😀


        • Haha no it’s ok .. this gives me an excuse now to moan and groan and sigh like those desi oldies .. haye haye .. yeh aaj kal ke larkiyan bhi na .. ek hamara zamana tha .. haye haye huk haa ..


    • What a fantabulous post this was! Never realised how tea was such an integral part of the stories. More power to you RK!
      I do wonder though how post dinner coffee or tea (any caffein) lets people sleep. 🙂


  5. Thats such a superb post.. v.much hatke.. maza agya.. though im not a good cook but recipes u have shared are easy to make.. so will definitely try..

    I normally follow food fusion recipes n they turn out great.


  6. Great Post SZ! I was having a bad day but I loved the convo here…everyone’s input also superb…I actually never paid attention to how food plays part in the drama’s we watch, but I will take note.



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