Teri Raza ~ Episode 5 Review

This fifth episode marked a turning point in Suhana, Imtiaz and Ramiz’s characters. No longer straightforward and transparent, these three are now people with ulterior motives, what they say and do very different from what they actually think and want. Credit to the Team Teri Raza for elevating a routine love triangle into something more textured and nuanced.

Ramiz had always been a troubled young man, but it was immaturity and idiocy and not malice that governed his actions. That slap from Suhana, however, has changed things forever. And his dysfunctional parents do not help matters either. Now he is a man on a mission, out to teach Suhana a lesson, no matter how high the cost, for either of them. Ramiz goes through an emotional rollercoaster in this episode and Shahroz gets him right this time around. He is very effective in communicating Ramiz’s anger, frustration and eventual determination. That said, there is still nothing that tells us why Suhana likes this man. Surely there must be at least one redeeming quality? This, inability to convey Ramiz’s charms to the viewers is, for me at least, a gaping hole in an otherwise reasonably well-knit narrative.

Though she fails to convince us of Ramiz’s  charms Suhana is a quick learner when it comes to Imtiaz.  Though she showed Ramiz the door, she is clearly not over him as yet. She is torn between desire and duty and feels equally pulled in both directions. She dare not upset her ailing daadi but snaps at her father and is rough on her mother. Her best, however, she saves for Imtiaz. Their dinner scene was all kinds of fab. Suhana had always been an open, honest girl, but she is now playing games, manipulating Imtiaz to come to her aid. There is now a discernible edge to her and it is easy to see that the cheerful fun Suhana is now a creature of the past.

For his part, Imtiaz doesn’t say so to her face, but he knows he’s being played. This is where I am glad that though he appears to be a big softie he is no pushover. He agreed to help, but after listening to her he withholds his wholehearted consent. There is now an element of doubt in his mind. Though his mother tries to explain it away, but from this point on Imtiaz will always second guess his fiancée’s seemingly unaffected banter. Gone is the easy, unquestioned affection he had for Suhana. That dinner scene was superbly played by Sarmad and Sanam both.

For a seemingly routine story there is quite a lot going on in Teri Raza. I am enjoying Aabis’s handling of the characters and his pacing of their graphs. The three tracks are nicely woven in, moving from one to another with practised ease. I am particularly taken with the many sweet and visually interesting moments. Daadi’s passing on her shadi ka jora to her granddaughter, her telling her bahu how she preserved it with neem was all kinds of aww-inspiring. Imtiaz and his mother discussing stuff while going up the stairs made for a nice change from the typical living room setting.

Another noteworthy point is Suhana’s styling. I like the look for this character, where not only is Suhana’s youth emphasized but her artistic flair and conservative streak are also highlighted through her penchant for jewel toned tops, the colorful accessories and usage of scarves. Imtiaz, on the other hand, needs to buy better fitting suits. That one particular suit, in the dinner scene, was all kinds of bad! Aunty ji, bahu ko chorain, your son needs a new darzi, ASAP!

While all this works, I am not as happy with the constant references to istakhara as an absolute. I am also not on board with the inherent idea that Suhana’s life would inextricably changed after marriage. Why couldn’t she do her internship after marriage? I realize she was using this as an excuse, but how I wish Imtiaz had burst Suhana’s bubble on that account. Or her mother when Suhana was going on about cooking classes and impending marriage. Aur koi nahin tau Manzura should’ve chimed in.

And speaking of chimes, can any one explain the reason for all the clocks in this serial? There is a whole wall full in Imtiaz’s house and one huge one hanging, quite randomly I might add, in Suhana’s living room – why?? What am I missing here?

Peeves and problems considered, I am still invested and interested in Teri Raza – what about you guys?

Written by SZ~

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  1. I get really excited on Tuesdays because it’s officially Teri Raza day, lol.

    There was not nearly enough Imtiaz in this episode, but what we did see was fab, and especially the scene over dinner. I liked how they were both trying to get the measure of the other, and how neither was especially satisfied. If these two ever end up on the same page wrt this marriage, they could have one of those rare relationships between people who get each other. But I have a feeling this show is all about Suhana and Rameez finally getting together at the end.

    I didn’t care for Rameez any more in this episode than in any episode before, but I was a little surprised that all his friends appear to be women. Now I understand why his father described him as a philanderer to Suhana. It’s probably not true, but he gives the impression of being a bit of rake (and a slightly useless on at that!)

    I thought Sarmad looked really sharp today, brown sports coat notwithstanding. That suit he wore in the office scene was fab, and he looked fab in it. He’s handsome in an understated sort of way, and I really like that. Ok, I’ll stop being the swooning fangirl now. (No, I won’t!)


    • Meri behen! I have no clue why i too wait for tuesdays for this drama. There are other intellectual, more interesting ones around but somehow this just makes me happy lol

      Ramiz is a weirdo and yes he’s always with girls (his only guy friends have been those he plays pool with and whom he owes money), although I dont see any single reason why! Reminds me of Mubashir in a strange way, because with him too we could never get what those ladies saw in him .. or perhaps its just us not getting these guys’ charm, pata nahin..

      I think Sarmad got a hair cut in this ep, or had a hairstylist work on his hair. I noticed a difference in the way he looked overall. That jacket at dinner – uff! did you see it from the side? That shoulder pad was sticking out at a weird angle! Oh and did you get why he was calling her in the middle of a meeting?Had she picked up would he have walked out??

      Idk about the ending .. if it is a faithful copy of Hum Dil De Chuke then Imtiaz will get her at the end.. I know Im rooting for it to be 100% chaapa!


      • You have a real eye for detail, SZ! I only notice random things like Sanam’s bangles and jhumkas, lol. I thought this was the same brown suit from Episode 1, so I just kind of wrote it off.

        As to calling her from the meeting, that was my first thought, ki bhai aisa kaun karta hai. Then I figured he wasn’t calling her, but she was anxious she hadn’t called him back, so he was anxiously waiting for her to call or message. I guess if she’d actually called, he would have excused himself with one of those “sorry, I just really have to take this call.”

        I have a lot of hope that Suhana will ultimately come to her senses and appreciate what a catch Imtiaz is, but alas, the promos suggest tough times ahead for our man. Also, I think maybe the point of the istikhara angle might be to demonstrate that Suhana is wrong to interpret it the way she does, i.e. agar istikhara ke khilaaf karein toh kuch bura ho jaata hai?


        • Ah yes, your explanation of the phone call thing makes perfect sense.
          Sanam’s accessories are very pretty indeed! I loved her bangles and jhumkis, both.. Btw, Manzura has her fashion game on point as well . Did you notice her tulip shalwars? I am still unable to figure out what is her role in the household .. she doesn’t cook or clean or anything else .. I think I may want her life


          • I think we should get a good look at her fiancé Manzur before we decide if we we want her life, lol.

            Btw, I’ve been randomly reading comments about this show on social media, and a lot of people really don’t like Sarmad as an actor. I’m beginning to wonder if I’m just a bit weird re: the things and actors I like, lol.


  2. What?!! A copy?
    I thought we were done with those.

    How sad.

    I am just going to watch it via your reviews. Bus done hu gaya.

    Oh and him again? would y’all please tell me who Mubashir is? He is a character rather than a name of an actor, I got that much from your replies. 🙂 but who you referring to, Shamoon or the other guy? (I keep forgetting his name, Sunita’s husband).


    • Bhai, ab dekh hi lo Pinjra 😉 The first two eps should explain it all! Yes, Sunita’s husband, but it is him and the combo of that character which makes “Mubashir” all kinds of memorable…

      Teri Raza is like a mixed chaat ki plate .. sab kuch mil maley ke make up something else .. It is familar but is still continuing to hold our interest – matlab me and probably two three other ppl …


  3. Assalamualaikum. It’s been a long time I read your reviews, didn’t get time to follow any serial particularly. Watching this now and it seems like the same old story but yeah you are right, even I wait for Tuesday to watch the episode of Teri Raza, missed out yesterday’s episode though :p after reading the review I think I need to watch it as soon as possible 🙂


    • Walaikumsalaam, Abeer! Kaisi ho? How are your studies coming along? All done with college? Lovely to hear from you – been ages!

      Haha! Chalo ji .. good to know this group of crazies is slowing gaining strength 😉 Do join in whenever you have time ❤


  4. Salman Rushdie in “Haroon and the sea of stories”says there are only 7 original stories in the history of mankind, the rest is a retelling of those. I am not particularly disappointed in the story, nor am I elated. It does seem old-fashioned in a 70-80s sort of way. I know why I watch it– only for Sarmad’s acting. He puts so much fun, gravitas and love in a role that could easily have become a caricature of a cuckolded fool. He does not have the stronger lines, the plot insights, the secret emotions ravaging the plot. Sometimes good looking co-stars overshadow other artists so much that they hardly matter. But this guy, an ordinary looker, wipes the floor with every other person who shares the screen with him. I keep waiting for him to come on the screen. I think in every story, drama or film, the audience decides very early which of the characters they want to root for. I think that is what happened to most of us on this page.


  5. I loved the way Suhana reacted on dinning table scene.. poor girl has had enough.. SB was fab there.. i agree with you SZ .. that only if they had made clear why she loves Rameez.. or what see sees in him .. it would have been lot clear and easy to analyze the character.. ab pata nh what he is upto.. and seeing suhana in promo for next epi.. ye larki tou baaghi lagrahi thi..

    I second RK and Molly on SK’s Imtiaz.. just few scenes and he so effortlessly makes his presence felt and that too such lovingly…. yes #TeamImtiaz..

    You are right on those huge clothes… they divert all the focus from scene.. so on face.. and Manzura tou suhana ki assistant/Secretary zyada house help kam lagti he.. kya character he yar😂


  6. Read your review, I haven’t started watching yet . . Song reminds me of old memories . I wish Bee Gull writes something good ……. Miss all the wonderful dramas ,nothing interest me , but I always read your review.


    • Hello Ranjan … there are a whole bunch of new dramas that have started .. wait a week or so mabybe once they get going perhaps you’ll get into them ..
      Irregardless, do keep in touch and drop in every so often – always good to hear from you 😊


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