DBuzz ~ Desis’ Take on the Hot ‘n Not on Desi Screens

For the past couple of years I have been one of the most vocal critics of the declining quality of Pakistani dramas magar ab it seems like perhaps, just perhaps things are changing.  This third quarter of 2017 has been a crazy busy one for Pakistani drama fans. There is a whole slew of new serials, literally roz ek naya drama, and some of them actually look good. 

Ab whether all these dramas stay the course and fulfill the fans’ expectations is a question that can only time can answer but for now I know I am a lot more enthusiastic about the range of choices and the variety of approaches to storytelling. Do you think change is on the way?

In naye walon ke ke saath saath we have the ongoing ones, of which some have a dedicated following, others which are in the dragfest stages and those that are way past their expiry date. And then of course there are those completed serials that we all have on our watch lists.

With so many new and ongoing and older dramas that we all are watching it is well-nigh impossible for me to keep up, but fikar not…. DBuzz hai na!

Here’s the newest DBuzz thread. Feel free to share your thoughts about dramas that you are watching and enjoying, or not, whatever the case may be. Or perhaps you want to know from others about a particular serial you think you would like to watch? You can also use this thread to share and discuss other desi entertainment related stuff, movies, music etc. 

And speaking of music let me start off this thread with the first episode Pepsi’s Battle of the Bands.

‘Fess up! How many tuned in for Fawad Khan?

Written by SZ~

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  1. Yes, I admit it. I watched Battle of the Bands just for Fawad Khan (even if I’m sort of not on that bandwagon anymore).

    It was kind of refreshing to see him just be himself in a space that he really cares about. The highlight for me was the band Kashmir and the lead guitarist who was absolutely killing it on stage. My reaction to him was almost exactly like FK’s (only I think I used a few more swear words, lol). Also, it was a nice surprise to see Ayesha Omer MC’ing the show. She looked amazing…as always.

    Also, thank you for setting me another Urdu puzzle. Aside from the shows you’ve already reviewed and the two title cards with English on them, and the very first one on the top left (seriously, what is that?), I think I’ve managed to figure out the rest. From L to R, going clockwise from the top: Ghairat, Gustakh Ishq, Mohabbat Tumse Nafrat Hai, Begangi, Yeh Raha Dil.


    • As you mention the Urdu titles, might I add, it is so refreshing to have them in Urdu script, names, end credits etc.

      Roman Urdu just doesn’t do justice to it.


        • He’s a character on Pinjra, a show that had a great run for about 20 episodes and then fell apart completely.

          For some inexplicable reason, Mubashir has not one, not two, but three women in love with him on that show!


        • Haha! Dalal, now that would be a whole different drama wouldn’t it!
          Haan waqai! I hadn’t noticed that – but kitna accha hota if he’d bought some pep pills instead, to look a bit more in tune with the going-ons around him. He puts me to sleep in Dhund.


  2. Ah, maybe it’s an award season thing, you know just like all the supposed oscar worthy movies come out in the last quarter usually. Maybe they are trying to do the same with dramas.
    Get the better ones out when it’s just the end of summer vacations, all the moms have the house to themselves again..
    Too much?
    I think so.
    It’s probably just a happy coincidence, good to see a wide variety to select from.
    All the better for viewers.

    Mostly YouTube is the medium for watching for me – so of the above, Watching

    1.Yakeen ka safar (just binge watched 14 episodes is 3 days though) and wanna follow O Rangreza (let’s see how that unfolds).

    2. Tried Muhabbat Tum SE Nafrat hai, couldn’t get into it unfortunately.

    3. Same is the case with Shadi Mubarak hu, light hearted and fun but some thing is not gelling. Have left it for now.

    4. Alif….hearing good reviews but have not been ab,e to watch that one. Perhaps another binge session is in order.

    5. Dastaar e Anaa and Jalti ret per, now those look intriguing. What are they about?

    Rest didnt like them. Or not my cup of tea.

    Trying the list style – was this RK’s?


    • *5. Plus a couple more in there; do not have a clue what they are about. Gustakh Ishq, Begaangi, Daldal and Yaar e Bewafa?


      • Gustakh Ishq is on Urdu 1 .. I think 3/4 eps in, didnt care for the teaser so followed the path advocated by “paas kar ya bardasht kar” and moved on

        Yaar-e Bewafa : I have reviewed the first two eps .. didnt appeal enough to me to go beyond that …check out the review please

        Begangi & Daldal yet to start – first week of Aug, probably.


        • I’m still watching Yaar-e-Bewafa, mostly because I can’t quite work out where the bewafaai is going to come from. Four episodes in, it’s not terrible so I’ll probably stick with it for a bit. I gave up on Adhi Gawahi altogether though.


          • AG was a complete mess .. Young fans loving it tho, because they have a couple with “sizzling chemistry” to ship.
            Hasn’t YeB already started painting the wife in dark shades and the other guy’s wife as the sati savitri, and he has a terminal disease, no? After i reviewed the first two I checked the third but kinda lost interest… had a been there done that kinda feel about it.. khair if you’re watching tau please keep us updated when a big twist or some such happens …


    • Alif Allah & Dastaar-e Ana both reviewed by yours truly 🙂

      Jalti Rait, I just posted a teaser, didnt care much for it so have bypassed it .. if somebody else has watched then please jump in with a quick synopsis and your verdict ..


  3. yay Dbuzz Again:)….Ok so currently I feel I am watching way too many drama’s partially because some should have ended by now…. Sunday’s its TDKKH, but am going to take a break from this one and catch up after 10 eps, because of the slow pace.

    Monday’s it’s Yeh Raha Dil..still….umeed chor di hain this will ever end. They really butchered this very vibrant and fun drama. Tuesdays it’s Alif Allah I lost interest after episode 4, but binge watched it last week and it is better now, finally the true colors of all the characters are emerging…so it is interesting for sure. Apart from this Bhaagi and O Rangreza have me hooked.

    So my guilty watch these days is Tumhare Hain which airs on the weekend and I like it, don’t ask me why…perhaps because I think Aga Ali and Sarah Khan make a damn handsome couple… this drama does not have a wow story line, but everyone seems to be doing justice to their characters and overall it’s an engaging watch.

    Also I started Farz, which airs on PTV, I’ve seen two episodes and I am amazed how different the story is from the usual fare..directed by Kashif Nisar and the same female lead as Dumphukt (good Actress).. I def recommend this one to anyone who has spare time. YT has good quality uploads.

    On my list still is Pehchaan not sure where to find the time to watch this, Dumphukt and now Dhund… reviews have me intrigued will def try to catch up soon 🙂


  4. I have finally now 5 to 6 dramas on list over whole week to watch.. pehle tou kaal tha dramon ka.. so its Baaghi,Orungreza,Dhund and Teri Raza. these 4 have surely got me hooked.. then just for the sake of finishing the drama to its end line,i m watching Pinjra and Ye Raha Dil.. both of them seriously need to end like pretty please..

    Baqi yes.. watched BOtB… mainly because of FK n Meesha.. but by the end of first epi.. i was so impressed by Farooq .. such an amazing guy he is.. Ayesha omar failed to impress… but overall i loved the show..


    • Farooq was amazing and far and away the best informed and most serious musician on that panel. I’m actually sad he’s not a permanent judge on the show.

      I actually really liked Ayesha Omer. She wasn’t given that much to do, but what she did was fine. She looked great though, and I think that was maybe the point of her role on the show anyway.


      • Reg AO.. i don’t know the way she hosted i didnt enjoy her or maybe how this was edited made a big difference.. m yes loved her outfits

        Soo soo agree on Farooq being most serious judge.. every judge was looking for different thing…but the way he did it was phenomenal


  5. Hey guys, thanks for your views on BOTB. Mixed feeling of nostalgia aside, I wasn’t planning on following it. Your views, intrigued me to check it out though Rehmat and RK.

    Have to agree with RK on this one.

    Spoiler alert: I didn’t vote for EP, back then – it was Aaroh. So, I wasn’t really watching it for Fawad Khan nor for anyone else for that matter, SZ except the reason mentioned above.

    Not that it really matters.


  6. Not specific to drama, but I watched this interview with Omair Rana on YouTube today, and it’s fascinating on so many levels. I enjoyed the heck out of it, and maybe you will too, lol.


  7. So today was the first episode of Chanar Ghati on TV One ..the promos had excited me so I wanted to really watch it. I also love Samiya Mumtaz so that was another reason .. And then I saw that Mohd Ahmed sb was credited with the writing tau then that became one more reason to watch …

    So the premise is fab, rife with possibilities but the execution is so so so so so bad ke hadd nahin .. I cannot even begin to tell you all how bad it is . watch if yo need to understand the reason behind the five so – s. I was going to review it .. started my draft and even had the first para done but then had to abandon it because that would mean that I would have to watch till the very end, dhyan se, and that ws an absolute impossibility… I have never seen a brill story being murdered with so much relish, set to horrible bgs … basically watch if you must .. and do come back and share your thoughts ,, you’ll find me sittign in the corner somewhere, nursing the migraine I got after this ep .. #disappointednhow


  8. Also, for fans of Bee Gul and Khalid Ahmed combo, they are back together again, working on a new project Jahan Ara, that has just started shooting for the new channel Bol .. I will be posting BTS pics on insta and fb so stay tuned…


  9. Guys,
    MJ’s Dobara Phir Se is now up on YT, the official HD version made its TV debut this Eid … do check it out and lets hear what everybody has to say .. I watched and was less than impressed. The writing is all over the place, the characters are wishy washy, overall narrative needed to be a lot tighter and the editing leaves a lot to be desired. Had the potential but not tapped properly. Hareem Farooq, IMO, is the only reason to watch this movie .. she is such a talent and looks amazing. Rest, well… you guys watch…


    • On your recommendation, I watched this last night, and I enjoyed it for the most part.

      Mehreen Jabbar’s aesthetic is all over the film, whether in the shot-framing, the camera that turns New York into one of the movie’s characters, or in the way characters interact with each other. This movie is a fabulous visual treat, and is worth watching just for that, IMO.

      The acting isn’t too bad either. Adeel Hussain is so much better here than in Ho Mann Jahan, and his is the best performance in the film, IMO. Not sure how he does it, but the character’s restlessness is perfectly captured by his body language and facial expressions. Basically, he’s Jamshed of Jackson Heights in slightly more sophisticated packaging. Tooba Siddiqui made a real impression on me as well. I thought Hareem Farooq was lovely, but she didn’t do anything for me in this movie.

      The writing was, well, not so great. I liked the fact that the movie doesn’t make too big a deal out of the heroine being divorced and a single mother. I also liked the gentle subversion of typical gender roles with the Sanam Saeed-Ali Kazmi couple. But everything else felt too thin on the ground, and the plot meandered so much before getting to the point that I kept thinking this should have just been a 30-minute short film instead.


    • I saw this comment just now but my YouTube news feed had this movie.. i saw 2 hrs ki movie but ok lets see if i manage to watch it in 1 go.. and oh boy they stretched it so much… last 30 to 45 mins i was like can we just finish this quickly.. i agree with u regarding Hareem.. she was absoulety fabulous in movie followed by Ali Kazmi n SS in some scenes.. AH was ok tbh.. editing was weird.. balke i felt kuch naya dikhane k chakar me jo dikha rahe the vo bhi wasnt making sense.. story was predictable.. but a complete look nh arahi thi movie thi.. dont know if I’m making sense.. that kido was cute.. SH ans SR were treat as special appearances..

      Expected more from mj


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