Teri Raza ~ Episode 4 Review

Last week I tried to help Sitara aunty and Imtiaz bhai by suggesting they set a shaadi ki tareekh ASAP. Magar afsos… aajkal ke zamaney mein neki kar dariya mein daal. Meri suni hoti tau we would’ve all been spared ranjhe Ramiz ki rants. But as things stand now Ramiz is very much back and behaving like the proverbial haddi in the delicious shami kabab that is Imtiaz and Suhana’s yet to blossom love story.

And, this in a nutshell is what happened in this latest episode of Teri Raza.

All this was expected, no surprises or unexpected plot twists happening here, but despite that there is a certain something that reminds me to tune in every Tuesday. And that certain something is in the details, the nuances of the various characters.

Ramiz annoys the heck out of me, but I like that there is an understated explanation, not an excuse, for his bizarre behaviour. His parents’ toxic marriage, both continue to use their only child as a convenient pawn in their battles of one-upmanship, has left it’s mark on his personality, and it shows in his dealings with those close to him. On paper  this was a character with a lot of potential but unfortunately on-screen Ramiz is coming off as very uni-dimensional, with little nuance afforded to him by the actor, Shahroz.

Sanam, on the other hand, tackles Suhana with a lot of skill, sensitivity and empathy, bringing to life a young girl conflicted between duty and love. She agreed to the engagement, because she felt that was the right thing to do under the circumstances, but with the reality of marriage to a virtual stranger staring her in the face, she is justifiably second-guessing herself. Was she too hasty in her decision? She thought she knew Ramiz but that didn’t pan out too well, where then were the guarantees that Imtiaz was the right person? And now with Ramiz’s re-appearance she’s further torn. Can the adults be in the wrong here? Is Ramiz telling the truth?

Suhana has weighty questions on her mind and she turns to her made-up maid Manzura for answers. Now much as I love Manzura, and she has excellent choice in poetry, I don’t think she can be of much help, even with her fiancé, the driver Manzur, doing double duty as a spy. Suhana, girlfriend, you really should’ve hung out with some sensible girls at college instead of those easily placated chichoris… dekh lo now you have no one to turn to, no one to ask for advice. Bas bibi ab bhugto baith ke…

Suhana does not know this yet but Imtiaz is really the right guy for her and not just because he is super cute. Imtiaz maybe the awkward nerd, but he is also sensitive enough to offer the girl he loves a chance to back out of their engagement. And if this was not enough, his care and affection is not just reserved for his lady-love but also extended towards the other woman in his life, namely his mother. Such a leading man is a rare breed and makes for a welcome change from the alpha males we typically see on our TV, all brawn with very little brain and zero heart. Sarmad is fabulous as Imtiaz – and his clothes weren’t even rumpled this week!

Next week’s precap promises more of Ramiz’s OTT rants and raves and I am so not looking forward to those. I hope the director compensates us by giving us an extra dose of Dadi, Sitara aunty and Imtiaz’s scenes. So yeah, I am still watching and enjoying this one …. what about you all?

Written by SZ~

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  1. Was waiting for your review. Will quickly write what i have ij mind… yes Imtiaz is super super cute . The way he said super awkward.. i was like noooo man you are uber cute.. uff the way SK has played Imtiaz makes me go aww amazing.. i haven’t found recently any hero which has been this good.. so coming to his awkwardness.. drinking 2 glasses of water, talking so politely with in laws n more so his mum n fiance.. i honestly look forward to his scenes and our rockstar oldies scenes… instead of laila majnu ki kahani..

    Oh n how loving was hearing sindhi and poetry.. chlo manzura kuch tou tum ne apne number barahe..

    I liked how shehroz acted in last scene.. the frustration n anger was portrayed nicely n thpar lagane k baad bhi our love struck lady is having second thoughts.. clearly she is ishq me andhi…

    So yes im v much enjoying this.. only if stop playing ost like after every 5 mins.. abhi ye haal he .. shadi k baad tou suna suna k paagal kardainge.. they need to learn how ost is tactfully played by MJ..


    • @Rehmat: Aww! Sorry to have kept you waiting. Bas me and my brain freezes .. havent been able to write a single word since last week.. Dhund still pending :/

      Haina! Sarmad is super cute and not to mention uber hot in a very appealingly nerdy way 😀

      Yes, Manzura’s bits of Sindhi were so cute and then her recitation of Shah Latif, even though she was off key – was thinking of you when watching!

      And for those who might be interested in the original Sindhi wayi – here are the legends Alan Faqir and Zarina Baloch singing Latif

      Yes! Thank you for reminding me – in a very nicely done play I dont get why thy have to overuse the OST so much .. we get the emotions – we truly do!


  2. Btw, fun trivia, Bakhtawar Mazhar, the lady playing the rishtey wali aunty in Ladies Tailor is Jiji Zarina’s granddaughter.


  3. Gosh, I loved this episode. Ok, I’m really just talking about the Sarmad scenes, lol. /fangirls

    But seriously, how great was he in that bit on the terrace?! That stricken look on his face when Suhana says she doesn’t want to marry him, and the worry lines that sort of stay on his forehead even after she dismisses it all as a joke? Great stuff. I’m just wondering when/how he’ll find out about Suhana’s feelings for Rameez, and how he’ll react. My poor sweet nerd. /cries

    Speaking of that terrace scene, Sanam was pretty great too. I thought it was interesting how she was all smiling and cheerful, but the joy never quite reached her eyes. The thing is, girlfriend, you need to get with the program and fall in love with our nerdy hero like yesterday!

    Does Rameez have any redeeming qualities? What does Suhana even see in him? I get that his parents aren’t the nicest people in the world, but there’s nothing about them that suggests their son should be quite so abusive or so volatile. He actually came off kind of psychopathic in that scene where he threatens to kill, well, everyone.

    I loved the OST last week, and this week I’m already tired of Ali Sethi’s voice. They need to use it sparingly and maybe just over the end credits or something. Ugh.


    • @RK: High five! Good to know we’re on the same page 😉 Bas ab lets get together and send out a memo to Suhana as to the program that she should be following. Nahin tau bas chor de us ko . .there is a plenty long line of girls more appreciative than her! *Runs to go find a spot in said line*

      Yes, that terrace scene was all kinds of awesome – a hackneyed kind of a sequence made into something very special by the two very good actors involved. Actually now I can point to that scene and say that stuff like that has me hooked to an otherwise mundane serial.

      Re: Ramiz, so I actually read up on children of dysfunctional parents, and yes, depending on the level of trauma psycopathic traits are a part of the range of symptoms. That said, Iam with you on being disappointed with the treatment afforded to this character .. he has the negatives all right, but fails in the charm department, and I think its nit just the actor, the director too has been unable to deal effectively with the various shades of the character, choosing instead to just paint him with shades of black, which is unfair to both Ramiz and Suhana. I say Suhana, because at ths point she is coming off like a silly twit carrying on about a someone who is so obviousy bad.


      • Haha! Does Sarmad have any idea that he’s giving Asher Hussain a run for his money?! 😉

        You’re right that the writing and the direction have let Rameez down a lot. If Suhana is going to keep carrying a torch for him, it has to be for more reason than him being a college crush, no? Then again, maybe that’s the point, i.e. infatuation and love are very different things, even if they feel like the same thing at first.

        Anyway, I’m definitely on board this ride. I just wish I didn’t have to wait so long between episodes, lol.


  4. Btw, what do you guys make of the use of all of those clocks in the decor of Imtiaz’s house… Idk about our guy, but all that ticking would drive me nuts!


  5. Hi SZ
    I’m thoroughly enjoying Teri Raza.
    And Imtiaz is simply adorable.
    Sanam baloch never disappoints,good to have her back.
    Yeah , the wall of clocks was a bit bizarre.
    Don’t care too much for the OST, sounds banal.


    • Hey hey! How are you?

      So you’re an Imtiaz fan too? Wah! Love how Imtiaz is gathering quite a following among the ladies! Wonder if the makers foresaw that their older, ostensibly boring lead would garner such an interest!


  6. Can’t get over what a complete actor Sarmad is. Lots of people think actors are vacuous, not so bright people. But give a really smart man the script and what an actor he becomes. What an actor he is. Not a bit of theatric. So nuanced and understated.I think he is better than Fawad’s Asher. Fawad acts beautifully but you have to admit that he is physically so attractive that you would be a bit biased for the sheer eye-candy. Sarmad is everyman, he is your brother, your neighbour, your friend and yet you cannot keep your eyes off him for the fear of missing his tiny self-deprecating grimaces, hesitant pauses and the inward look as he processes information. A talent like his is very rare.


    • Spot on observation, Molly! I think Sarmad has serious acting chops, but I suspect he’s happier behind the camera, so people tend to be a bit dismissive of him as an actor, particularly when it’s a role in a not very serious drama.

      I was just joking about the comparison with Asher, lol. I regret it in hindsight, because both Sarmad and Fawad are excellent actors, and they deserve to be considered on their own (very different) merits, and what I really intended was a comparison between Imtiaz and Asher.

      What you say is true, and I think Fawad’s looks tend to make people forget that he’s actually a good actor, and Humsafar (which I don’t love to the same degree as most others, lol) is nowhere near his best work, even just on TV. I think most were so caught up in the romance and chemistry between Asher and Khirad that they didn’t even notice the role required Fawad to do little more than look pretty and talk pretty. In that sense, Sarmad’s Imtiaz is better/more interesting than Fawad’s Asher.


      • @RK: I too think Imtiaz is more interesting that Ashar.. I went back to look at the OST and promos and seems like tons of drama yet to come!!
        Who would’ve thunk it .. itna random drama and so much enjoyment!


    • @Molly: Hello hello! Its been a while! Chalo, thanks to Sarmad we get to hear from you again – how’ve you been?

      Yes, he is a fab actor and particularly after Manto tau I don’t think there is an iota of doubt left .. hopefully the powers will get the issues sorted and the film will get the release it deserves.

      Back to Teri Raza, how fab was that scene where he is sitting at Suhana’s house waiting for her to come and those paani ka glasses and then the terrace wala scene .. just brill! And, you must watch Baaghi for Sarmad.. Him and Nadia are fab together and he’s in a totally diff zone there…check out his journey from Suit to Surma

      LOL @ that comparison with Fawad, I cannot tell you guys how much I have been scolded … messages, inboxes … ridiculous! @RK and I were just fangirling and kidding around.. Mostly my fault for starting the Humsafar comparison in my review and invoking Ashar’s name last week, because of the similarities between Imtiaz and Ashar and how two otherwise straightforward characters take on a whole different meaning when you have good actors on board, both of whom have made the characters their own. Also, an important point worth noting, Sarmad was the director of Humsafar, so a lot of his input in Ashar too..

      And ab don’t be a stranger 🙂


  7. Thank you SZ for such a lovely welcome. Have been busy shifting from India to the US and now feeling settled and able to catch up with all my interests. Looking forward to all the really great discussions we have here 🙂
    Loved all the insightful comments on Imtiaz/ Sarmad. I wonder how would Sarmad have really envisaged Ashar. Would it be a more layered performance than Fawad’s? Would it have provided more explanation about Ashar’s wilful blindness to all the shennanigans of his mum; may be it would have made the turn of events less melodramatic and more believable. I love love love Humsafar, but yes it is a little OTT with the story-line 🙂
    I have missed a lot in the past months. Please give your recommendations for my catch up viewing. I watched Be-sharam and it was different and intense. I loved the two leads and the non-dramatic way in which they have acted. What else is a good watch?


    • @Molly (Can i please continue calling you by this name, much easier 🙂 )

      Arrey bhai wah! Ab tau we are same 2 same – all amreeki ‘n all 😉

      Honestly speaking there wasn’t much that excited me personally in the past year or so, hence the blogging breaks etc. The only serial worth mentioning was Sang-e Mar Mar .. it started off slow but then really picked up and then fizzled out towards the end .. but worth watching for some good writing and acting. I have more hopes from this recent lot of dramas, there are quite a few choices with different and interesting approaches to storytelling.

      Looking fwd to continued convos ❤


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