Darzi Ki Marzi ~ Short Film

Ever had a run-in with a darzi? Wondered why we can never ever get our clothes on time? Matlab ke garmi ho ya sardi, eid ho ya roza, khushi ya ghami, these guys are just always busy. Ever wondered why?

Written by Faheem Azam, Sana Khan Niazi, Harold John, Fahad Zaki and Narmeen Abdulla, directed by Faheem Azeem and Arbab Hussain, and produced by Teeli, this fun short film brings to light the secrets behind these darzis being the busiest people, ever! Dekhiye aur jaan jaeyi all that the darzis don’t want you to know!

Nazar Ul Hasan is absolutely fab here as the quintessential darzi and he is ably supported here by Ahmed Mujtaba, Mujtaba Rizvi, Tehmasp Rahil, Faheem Azam and Sana Khan. The detailing, overall designing and editing of this film is spot on. 

Check it out and bataiye kaisi lagi – will wait to hear your take on these darzis’ Chi (Qi?)!

Written by SZ~

Darzi Ki Marzi ~ Short Film 

13 replies

  1. 👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽 😂😂 maza agya!! That was brill! haina havent we heard it all 😢
    But that last qi – i wonder how this darzi is surviving 🙈.. And which woman goes to him! Maybe those who need motivation to start that diet or hit the gym 😂😂 #toofunny
    ‘backless’ was hillarious!
    @SZ thanks for sharing. Needed a laugh


      • Oh acha! I still havent had the time to watch that. This was short and sweet tou jaldi se dekh li.. abb i really need to find time to watch the telefilms etc and theres dastar e anaa …my watch list is getting longer and longer! 😬


        • I hear you – take your time to catch up — we after all have only dimagh and it can absorb only so much .. and I speak from experience 😜


  2. Kia Qi hai yeh?!

    Thanks for sharing this. Speaks to each and everyone of us. I’m also beginning to see the pattern here.

    Good find, SZ.

    Now to watch Ladies’ tailor.


      • Aray nahin, nothing to be alarmed.

        while you are at the shop waiting for the dress, how the beautiful ladies who have seemingly just a 5 minute thing to do with their dress etc, get called back again and again..lol

        My imagination just goes into overdrive.


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