Yaar-e Bewafa ~ Episode 2 Review

First episodes are hard; there is a lot going on in terms of storytelling where the writer and director work to get audiences to buy into their premise such that by the end these new characters appear relatable and familiar. Once that is accomplished it is then time to move on with the narrative and get down to the nitty-gritty of storytelling. The fact that viewers tune into the second episode signals they are onboard and want to know more about the going-ons in these characters’ lives. Unfortunately that is not the case here. After a relatively decent first episode, the second episode of Yaar-e Bewafa failed to build on the momentum from last week.

Last week the episode ended with Fizza laying down the gauntlet, telling Zaid she was done waiting for their financial situation to improve and needed things to change. Rather than building on that hook, this latest installment started on a bizarre note. It took me a minute or so to figure out who those three random guys were and that this was actually a flashback. I’m not quite sure who was having this flashback and why the need for it. Last week a considerable amount of time was spent on establishing the difference in their socio-economic backgrounds so why the reiteration?

Though Fizza claims to want financial success for Zaid for his and their sake, it is quite evident that her father’s rejection is hurting her and she would like nothing better than to be able to rub her husband’s success in his face. Yes that explains her motivation. For his part, Zaid ostensibly is doing all this for Fizza, the love of his life. What I don’t get is what about his love for his mother? He has no qualms about lying to her, she was absent even from his civil marriage ceremony, and now he’s happily mortgaged his house and is yet to tell her about his departure. Banda ijazat na le, magar bata tau dey! Betey se tau bahu behter hai .. at least she cares enough to remind Zaid to tell his mother. Mind you though, she’s not asking for much beyond that. So thrilled are they about leaving that they are not even thinking about the elderly mother.

Another thing that puzzled me was this rush to go abroad. Has he forgotten he is going on a student visa? Where and how does he think he’s going to land a naukri that pays so much, enough to cover the mortgage and his living expenses, and find time to study as well? Don’t know much about Australian immigration but surely these days its pretty common knowledge that dollars don’t grow on trees abroad. Had they been from a gaon this naivete would’ve perhaps been excusable, but coming from an educated couple? Such oversimplified writing would’ve been less noticeable had the director not dwelt on this aspect as much and moved on to other presumably stronger aspects of the script.

With all the attention being lavished on birthday celebrations and shopping sprees, while I guess the poor dadi, who is yet to be informed, is babysitting the child, there was hardly any time left to show Amna, who got dumped on yet again. As it is she’s shown married to a loser, and now the loser has cancer. Two episodes in and her track remains vague and undefined. It would have made for a good change of pace to have alternated the two tracks.

This latest episode failed to hold my interest, enough that I will take a break from this and catch up after a few weeks. Yaar-e Bewafa seems to have the makings of a good binge watch serial.

Did any of you watch? Kaisi lagi aaj ki qist? Do you plan to continue with Yaar-e Bewafa? Looking forward to your take.

Written by SZ~

2 replies

  1. Hey SZ…only got some time today to watch this episode and it was slow… I agree with you about waiting for a few weeks. I think the story will only pick up once Imran and Sana cross paths….Arij is not that convincing in this role. She seems very very agitated all the time which I guess is the point but still…I felt ke kahin mujhe toh kahi jane ki der nahin hogi lol.

    Will check out Dhund sometime this week…:)


    • Hey! Haina! It was a lackluster kind of an episode .. I dont what it is but there is something off with the way the characters are being shown .. Im not very convinced by any of them. Yeah, lets check in on this after sometime .. maybe the story needs time to find its rhythm ..

      Dhund I loved …. will wait to hear what you thought of it 🙂


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