Alphabet Soup ~ What’s In A Name

A rose by any other name would smell as sweet

Yeh tau hai farmaan Shakespeare ka, woh jin ki ek duniya madah hai aur gun gati hai. 

Meri tau koi haisiyat nahin ke main sheikh sahab ka kaha jhutlaoon, magar agar jaan ki amaan paoon tau would venture to say ke sahab apni kahiye. Aap ko nahin parta hoga magar hamein tau bohot farq parta hai …

You all must be wondering what I am going on about … magar yeh dekhen zara aap khud check kare lein 

Kambakht Tano?
Naseebon Jali Nargis?
Bholi Bano?
Bechari Mehrunnisa??

Ab aap khud hi bataein … what kinds of names are these? Do any of these entice you to tune in? Are you intrigued to know ke why Nargis is called naseebon jali? Ya phir Mehrunnisa bechari kyon hai??

Ab Sheikh sahab kehtey hain names don’t make a difference but I think they do. What do you say? Yes? No?
Chalein, jab tak aap sochein let’s put you all to work…

A) How about a listing of some of our favourite drama names and say why they  are memorable. Was it because there was something poetic about title, or the name was particularly apt for the story, or some other reason. For me, for instance, Dhoop Kinare is one the best names ever for a drama serial. I just love the thought and images it evokes.

B) And since we are talking about names and why I (we?) think they are important, how about we name a couple of serials that could have done with a different name. For me these names below were such a turnoff ke I refused to go anywhere near them.

C) And finally, because these are two iconic serials we all know of and about, whether we watched them or not, how about you come up with new names for them. Dekhtey hain if a rose is truly a rose …

Written by SZ~

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  1. Amazing and brilliant idea SZ.. this will surely make us do quite a brain storming😃 filhal tou just wanted to acknowledge the idea and that k i loved it. Will come later on this:)


      • I loved Shehr e Zaat and Ullu bare farokhnt nh titles.. so captivating and Talkhiyan too.. it always gave that bitter feeling with out making it so depressed ..

        Oh for tht Pinjra fits the bill.. should have been some other name i think more audience would have gotten attracted..

        Lol for zgh n hs.. their names are brands unko Kya kehsakte hain HS is perfectly suited for what we were shown baqi zgh k lye i have to again come back lol


  2. Wow, SZ! Excellent topic. I need to think a bit, so I’ll post in detail later.

    For now, I just want to say how excited I am that I managed to decode the Urdu in that second panel of pictures: (L to R) Meri Saheli Meri Bhabhi, Mera Dard Bezaban, Adhuri Aurat, Souten Meri Saheli. (It helps that two of the titles were so similar, lol).


    • Well done you! 👍👏
      Actually thought to translate, specifically for you, but with such “innovative” titles what was the point 🙄


      • It’s good that you didn’t, because I had about 20 minutes of good fun trying to figure out the Urdu myself, lol. For someone who knows Hindi, trying to read Urdu is more like decoding a cipher rather than learning a new script.

        (Yes, I’m a huge nerd, lol).


  3. Hi SZ
    Bohot hee aala topic hai and I totally agree with you , some of the names are so bizarre .
    I found “Tishnagee Dil Kee” quite funny esp the word Tishnagee being sung in the OST.I hadnt heard the word before so I had to look up the meaning !!!!

    Another one is “Man Pyaasa”, sounds like soft porn😜.

    Then there is” Bachay baraye farokht “!!!😨
    Gustakh Ishq.
    Ghareebzaadi. I mean seriously?? !!!!😬
    Love in Gulshane Bihar

    Some would sound so wierd if translated in English like “Jaltee Barish” =Acid Rain
    “Is Chand pey Daagh nahin ” =Spotless Moon😂

    “Waada” should have been named ‘Aisee maid kabhee na rakhna’😉


    • “Bachay Baraye Farokht” is a terrible title! Hopefully, it’s not descriptive of what the drama was about!

      Who thinks up these things anyway?


    • Deeba Deeba Deeba!! Yaar chhaa gayen aap tau!! I havent laughed this much in a long while – thank you – was much needed!!

      Please don’t stop here .. .I am sure you have a few other gems lurking around in that brain of yours .. bas ab come up with new names for HS and ZGH and whatever takes your fancy .. 😀 😀


    • @Deeba 👏👏👏 🙈😂 😂 Too funny – these gems?! Mann pyasa 😂 & ufff Im loving the english translations. Acid rain


  4. Hahahaha I love this! And Deeba’s comment is gold!

    ”Bachay Baraye Farokht” was the absolute worst!! Like, what were they thinking?! Also, who would want to say,”Hey, I am watching Bachay Baraye Farokht,” or, ”Are you following Naseebon Jali Nargis?”

    I find myself liking one word drama titles: Malaal, Vasl, Daam, Tanhaiyaan.


    • MM: Hey! Haina! Aisey naam ke batate huey bhi sharam aaye!

      Re: Bacchay baraye .. uff that is all kinds of ugh ..

      Vasl and Malal and Tanhaiyan all three I love ..there is something so evocative abt them ..

      Ab bhai Im still waiting to see new names for HS and ZGH .. people come on!


  5. New name for Humsafar: Meri Zaat Zarra-e-Benishaan 2.0. 😉

    Alternatively, Mummy Yeh Aap Kya Keh Rahi Hain.

    Sorry. I’ll try to take this more seriously now!


  6. Acha tou after reading ur post and comments i thought id better do my homework and dig out some names of dramas that i didnt even know existed – first stop Hum – so the current trend is muhabbat and dil – with 3 entries each!
    – phir wohi muhabbat, muhabbt mushkil hai and muhabbat khwab safar
    – yeh raha dil, tou dil ka kya hua and dil e janam…
    I mean hadd hai yaar! And thats on currently on just one channel – sub aik saath!

    Some others i came across :

    Mubarak ho!! : Shadi mubarak ho , mubarak ho beti hui hai, (both on ary)
    Beti : bo bo ki beti , beti tou mein bhi hoon

    nikki aur buddy , kambakht tanno, biwuis urf bitto – dramon ke nahin tou logon ke naam hi behtar kar lain bhai!

    Mehru, meher, mehrunnisa – yeh nahin you Bholi bano, tumhari maryam.. kuch tou nya ho!

    Then there those that jin ka naam sunte hi you feel the sense of loss – (or should I say you recognize the doom and gloom) Khali hath, tere bina, sangsar, shikwa nahin kisi se (yani ke u just know ke kitne hi zulm o sitam hue honge aur phir ooper se aam maafi! )

    Then there are some where they have tried so hard ke they went overboard – they are either mindboggling or tongue twisters muhabbat tum Se nafrat hai , tou dil ka kiya hua, adji gawahi, lot ke chalay ana, kabhi socha na tha!!

    I liked name dastar-e-ana.. catchy right? yet to watch the play though.. and i loooved matae jaan hai tu. i watched that with my daughters and the ‘matae jaan’ bit really touched me! shehre-zaat was a lovely wholesome title – and goyaa , numm and laa were short and sweet but very intriguing – unfortunately plays didn’t live up to the titles as they progressed!

    Alternative names : @VZ had named Dyar e dil .. dyar e dard! Where r u VZ? Missing my partner in crime here.

    adhi gawahi : poori himaqat
    Firaq : modern day mirat – ul – uroos (kia kia kuch we learnt from this play..! )
    Muhabbat subh ka sitara hai : kash mein machli hoti
    Teri raza : the best thing abt this drama is the OST. perhaps something extracted from the OST wouldve been nice in this case..

    New names for humsafar and zgh : Humsafar was the perfect title! infact one of the best ones! New title for that kafi sochna pare ga..

    Zindagi gulzar hai : pride and prejudice , ya phir diaries of wimpy/ grumpy kids , bridget jones diary or on this case kashaf zaroon diary


  7. @FA!!! Farshi Salaams! Dramas ki PhD aap ki hui!!
    Uff between you and Deeba – thank you for the entertainment!!

    LOL@Good Wife … remember apni Alicia – as faar away from Khirad as she could possibly be!

    I love love the one you have for Muhabbat Subh Ka Sitara and Firaq. Firaq reviews and comment I still go back to read at times .. they were soo fun! Even the ones for Shukk..


    • Ufff yes shukk! That was another crazy one. I hated that title though. If u hadnt reviewed that one i wouldve bypassed that for sure! that shouldve been Parosi – neighbors from hell.


      • Remember how long it took for me/us to get onboard then we loved it then it gave us such a huge dhoka … I think that was one of the first serials to get extended totally randomly just because it was doing well .. I remember Sanam saying that they all didnt want to go back and start shooting more episodes but were forced to by the producers …


  8. Okay so I have a poetic new name for ZGH: Dil-e Nadaan
    Why, you might ask.. so yeh naam isliye ke its the title of Mirza Ghalib’s ghazal which is such a perfect fit for Zaroon and Kashaf’s relationship

    Dil-e-Nadaan Tujhe Hua Kya Hai

    Dil-e-Nadaan Tujhe Hua Kya Hai
    Aakhir iss Dard ki Dawa kya hai

    Hum hein mushtaq aur wo hein Bezaar
    Ya Ilahi yeah Maajra kya hai

    Mein bhi MooN mein Zaban Rakhta Hoon
    Kaash Poocho ke MudAa kya hai

    Jab ke tuj bin nahi koi mojood
    Phir ye Hangama ae khuda kya hai

    Ye pari chehra log kese hein
    ghamza-o-ashuu-o-ada kya hai

    Sabza-o-gul kahan se aaye hein
    Abar kya cheez hai, hawa kya hai

    Hum ko un se wafa ki hai umeed
    Jo nahi jante wafa kya hai

    Haan Bhala kar tera bhala hoga
    Aur darvesh ki sada kya hai

    Mein ne mana ke kuch nahi ghalib
    Muft hath aaye to bura kya hai

    P.S. I copypasted the ghazal from here


    • Wah i love that! Not a fan of the drama but That was the ost of Bari aapa (sung by tina sani right)? I still go back and listen to that ghazal every now and then.


  9. Dyar-e-Dil : the chronicles of narnia (complete with the lion Aslan (agha jan/later suhaib with his unexpected appearances) adventures of the children and ofcourse the white witch aka ruhi)


  10. Wah Kia timing ha ……recently become victim of this namon ki paheli. Few friends are recommending Mubarak ho beti hoi ha but the title is so putting me off until yesterday I got to know that it’s by faiza iftikhar. Abi tk soch mein hn writer pr bahrosa krn ya title pr :p


  11. LOL…This thread is so much fun to read….FA your Dyar e Dil one is too funny……I’m not a big fan of ZGH or Humsafar. Although the title Humsafar is great it should have actually been Shukk…because wasn’t that the whole twist in the play…and as for Shukk it should have been Shukk mat karna, cause doesn’t everything go down the drain when she actually does Shukk? lol…

    I never liked the title Mera naam Yousaf Hai…. more appropriate would have been Mohabbat Aag si..I love that title….drama bhi bura nahi tha or one of my all time favourite songs by Nayyara Noor…Ishq hume barbad na kar (how apt lol)

    Also I just googled the Urdu synonym for Bigotry and its Tasub or Hat Dharmi… shouldn’t these words have been used by now in any drama title? Which ones…hmm have to think about that


    • Or “tashadud”? I mean, all those social issue dramas, and they’ve never once used the actual word for tyranny? Weird.

      I like “Zindagi Gulzar Hai” as a title, but that just may be my pro-ZGH bias, lol. “Humsafar” doesn’t do as much for me as a title, but I also can’t think of one that fits quite as well. (I’ll just get ready for the anda-tamatar now by admitting I’m not a huge fan of Humsafar, lol).


  12. P.S. On a side note how cool would it be if there would be an actual Pakistani drama based on the “good wife.” That female character would be epic and so empowering…Saba Qamar could definitely do it :D. If only we had writers of that caliber.


    • Yes, absolutely! And someone like HKB would be fabulous in the Diane Lockhart part too.

      I’m still waiting for the desi version of “The Wire,” fwiw.


      • I would love to see Hareem Farooq as the desi Alicia .. I think she’s a strong actor who needs a substantial role to show her worth .. and if we went older, closer to Alicia’s age with teenage children, then I would want Nimra Bucha .. she has a lovely interesting face with a similar lived in quality as Julianna Margulies’


          • @SZ Never thought of Hareem as Alicia but it can work – although I do feel sometimes she seems a bit distant and disinterested.. I think Amina Sheikh or Sanam Saeed work well… but yes Nimra would be fab! Also Meesha Shafi! She would be quite something in courtroom!


            • 👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽 ok Adnan siddiqui and meesha will be quite a match actually! Abb im looking forward to the desi version already!
              Acha tou Who will be Will? And we need a Kalinda.. Eli : Hasan Noman – Cary: Omer Naru ?


            • I think Ayesha Omer would make an amazing Kalinda, or maybe Uzma Hassan?

              Will and Cary and Eli (oh my!)? I’ll have to think about that, lol.


  13. Lol….wouldn’t adnan siddiqui be completely typecast in this role….how about noman ijaz ☺…..isn’t nimra bucha older than julianna marqulies? ….i dont like hareem at all…ive never seen her give a outstanding performance. Aamina Sheikh could work but my pick is still Saba or even Mehwish Hayat. Meesha Shafi would be awesome as Kalinda. Will could be Sami Khan or ali rehman khan. ..Carey has to be slightly younger like ali abbas..or ahad raza mir…i would like hkb as diane but i think samina peerzaada would be perfect in that role. Eli would be the crucial one…omair rana or ali kazmi ☺

    Sajid Hassan could be Lee lol…..this is fun


    • I’m on board with either Omair Rana or Ali Kazmi in the Eli role, lol.

      I’ve been watching this 2013 drama called Jazeera, and I think Faiza Hassan from that show would also make a really great Alicia.

      I’ve been thinking about Will a bit, and well, here’s a vote for DRNR hero of the week, Sarmad Khoosat. 😀


    • I don’t know how old Nimra Bucha is, but Julianna Margulies is in her early 50s. If we’re going for 40-something actresses (i.e. old enough to have teen children), I can’t believe Sania Saeed hasn’t rated a mention here yet. She’s awesome in everything, so why would this be any different?


      • Nimra is early 40s (?) def not older than Juliana .. I alsi like her because its a face less seen on TV .. kinda tired of seeing the same 4/5 faces .. Mehwish is very busy now given she’s booked for every Humayaun Saeed movie that ever comes out …


  14. LOL SZ! true… and RK you make a good point…. How about Ayesha Khan?? I mean she used to me really really good… remember Vasl and she is pretty and not very likeable…which was Alicia…it was hard to like her through and through… but I think Nimra would good fit 🙂


    • I love how creative this group is 🙂 Bas ab bajama’at dua karo ke we all get hired as a casting company or some such .. we see more dramas and know more actors than those in the industry!


  15. So what would our desi Alicia bhaji be called? Alisha would be a bit too on the nose, no? And is she still a lawyer, or is some other profession more credible in context?


    • Aliya, she can be a lawyer but needs to have blowdried hair 24/7 and wear designer joras (ghararas are very much in fashion) and whenever her philandering hubby comes for a visit she greets him with a cup of steaming chai and garam garam pakoras and say: arrey itni der kyon kar di? chai thandi ho gayi intezar mein .. acha aap fresh ho jayen main khana lagati hoon .. bache abhi abhi soye hain aap ka interzar kar kar ke


      • LOL. Chai with a heaping spoon of sarcasm, hopefully.

        Oooo. I just thought of something. Maybe the desi Good Wife is really just a sequel to ZGH set a decade after that finale scene, lol. Kashaf bhaji would make the perfect Alicia and Zaroon is halfway to Peter Florrick anyway. 😉


        • 😂😂 kashaf and zaroon as Alisha and Peter – thats too funny! So did Kasahf have a long break after having kids?! Now she returns after 10 yrs gap! And You have ur bana banaya Will – the old flame! But we will have to cast someone else ofcourse..


          • Well, Zaroon’s in the foreign service, right? So I’m assuming he eventually gets posted abroad and takes his wife and twins with him. So they’ve been gone a decade or so, and then they come back to Pakistan and our man’s eye begins to wander a bit? I don’t know, lol. It just kind of came to me in a flash.

            The thing is, I’m not sure Kashaf can get back into the civil service cadre, but maybe she can parlay her friendship with other wealthy/influential people to get into a different industry. She was reading books about Islamic banking while at university, so maybe she goes to work in the financial industry? Aur Sir Abrar toh hain hee help kare ke liye!


            • 😂😂 Seriously you guys need to join Hum content management team.. the ZGH sequel is bound to bring in the ratings too!! – it will be the ‘game changer’ ‘master pc’… #jackpot


      • 😂 desi Alisha! Alisha had a mother in law too so I guess we will have a desi + version 🙈
        But seriously though think abt it – a top notch lawyer with a philandering, scandalous hubby from political back ground – pretending to live a happily married life – family pressures and bachay etc.. – thats a typical desi masala right! The difference is in life outside the char diwari –
        I just caught up on Yakeen ka safar and was pleasantly surprised! I wasnt into it when it started but I think although still poorly executed, the lawyer track added some spice to that otherwise same old same old.. it was refreshing to watch something a bit different…
        So point being yes bachay chai and char diwari and all apni jagah Aliya ji needs to have a substantial interesting ‘onscreen’ professional life too!!


        • I was thinking that–because of the difference in the way law is practiced in South Asia vs. the United Sttes–maybe she shouldn’t be a lawyer. In fact, I was thinking she would be a journalist, i.e. still a profession that politicians and people wanting to be close to politicians are mindful of, but one that presents fewer problems in context.

          There’s also severe discrimination against women lawyers in Pakistan, India and Bangladesh, so I’m not sure our Alisha could be as influential as Alicia ends up being on The Good Wife.


  16. RK…I think that’s the perfect angle….Fawad is looked older with that beard these days……Zindagi not so Gulzar after all LOLzz


  17. So in this case Alicia ( Kashaf) is a diplomat… The whole setting could be Zaroon being Ambassador in UK and then trying to become the PK Ambassador in US. But then they could be rivals :)……OMG this could be like a political show…maybe more like House of Cards instead lol….I think I need to sleep


    • Has anybody read the end to ZGH the novella? Where Z tells Madiha why he chose Kashaf over her?? There was five thousand kinds of regressiveness in that answer .


      • I haven’t read the novel (obviously!) but I read commentary somewhere that the book version of Zaroon is not very nice to Kashaf at all. What does he say/do?


        • Hold on .. lemme check the exact words .. but even before that he slaps her after the wedding.. then regrets brings her back and she finds out shes preggo … Basically Z was not a nice guy and he did slap her at the library too ..


            • So this is how Z describes Kashaf to Asmara .. and explains the reason why he’s happy with her

              “Main koi baccha nahin hoon lekin phir bhi yahan aane se pehley meri tie ki knot Kashaf ne apne hathon se lagayi thi, mere coat ke collar mein roomal bhi is ne lagaya hai, mere ghar mein mulazmon ki ek lambi qatar hai magar is ke bawajood jo shoes main ne is waqt pehne hain woh is ne polish kiye hain, yahan aane se pehle se woh mere barey bete ko homework karwati hai aur chotey bete ko is ne khud feed kiya hai halanke us ke liye governess hai aur is ke baad woh yahan aaney ke liye dress up hoyi hai , and just look at her isey dekh kar aisa lagta hai ke woh itney kaam kar ke aayi hai? Aur yeh san yahin khatam nahin hota, ab yahan se janey ke baad woh mere liye night suit nikale gi, doodh ka glass de gi, phir office jaane ki liye meri saari cheezain taiyar kare gi, mera brief case check kare gi aur phir woh soye gi, aur subah merey uthne se plehley woh bedar ho chuki hogi … ”
              Asmara says, I couldve done the same if you wouldve married me and he says

              “Main ne is se bhi kabhi yeh sab karney ke liye nahin kaha woh yeh sab kuch apni marzi se karti hai aur agar mujhe ek percent bhi yaqeen hota ke tum ya meri society ki koi doosri larki yeh sab karti tau main kabhi Kashaf se shadi nahin karta … ”

              He later thinks to himself, he loves her because she changed herself and never asked him to change, whereas a girl like Asmara wouldve expected him to change and they wouldve ended up divorced within 6 months .. .

              For her part Kashaf says she did all this because she knew this was to ensure Z never looked elsewhere.. she knew she could neve compete with the Asmaras of this world, because she was plain looking, hence she made herself indispensable to him .. .

              I dont know abt you all but this is nothing like how would decribe a relationship made in heaven and such a zingai is not my defn of gulzar .


            • Wow!!! Ugh! Really Im shocked! So girl from his class aisa kuch nahin karti – bole ya na bole he wanted a maid for himself?!!
              And btw what made me laugh was that what zaroon didnt know was that kashaf was staying up till late so she could check his phone and brief case.. keeping tabs!
              So the moral of the story dont marry a girl from your class if u want a maid.. and marry a rich guy and phansao him buri tarah in ghardari charm miratu uroos style and keep tabs harr taraf – khilao sone ka nowala dekho ‘shukk’ ki nazar…. what utter nonsense!
              im glad whoever reworked the script /story tried to clean up that utter mess!


            • You know they cleaned it up, but isnt this basically what Rafia kept teaching K throughout .. apne shohar ko apni aadat dalo, she cooked and cleaned and kept track of his drycleaning etc ..

              Basically, I just want to know where can I find myself a Kashaf baji?


  18. I unfortunately am not a fluent urdu reader… I am just glad I can understand my Shan Masala’s..

    ….not sure if I mentioned but I am not a ZGH fan…but I can def see both these character be a definite grey shade in their middle ages…:D


  19. So much fun reading everyone ‘s input . SZ you are the only one can come up this kind of interesting topics . Loved it . I like Pehechan , qaid e tanhai, dur e shahwar and aur zindgi badlti hai. At least I could understood what that means , . For humsfer I could think in Hindi , mere jivan sathi . ( LOL) .


    • Hello Ranjan! Glad you enjoyed the post 🙂 We’ve, as is usual with us, totally run with it and kahan se kahan pohonch gaye – haha!


      • I can’t seem to reply on your post above…wow…I did not see that coming, it did not seem to me that Kashaf was that sort, it seemed to me she took her job very very seriously and that was a first priority. So I guess in the end her insecurities of loosing Zaroon did get the better of her…. the drama in my opinion made not much sense to me…I never understood why she rejected the friend (Shaharyar) and married Zaroon who she seemed to really dislike and then her antics and his behavior afterwards were all a bit crappy and the end was just a nice little tied ribbon on all the stuff underneath…made no sense.


        • No No all this and Kashaf and worked full time as well! Superwoman and Wonderwoman have nothing on her ..
          I had tons of issues with ZGH as well .. they shoved in so much and then mitti pao-ed on so much that they spent so much time talking about in the earlier eps..


          • Hmmmm….you know I was having a conversation lately with my MIL about the success certain people achieve, because they are go getters and it is actually a fact that youngsters from lower class to middle class income households are used to working much harder, they have drive and lots of ambition because they want to achieve financial stability ….so they go and get things done in life. And then you have the youngsters from high income households and they have no drive… they just follow a pattern…….these are the men/ women who also struggle in relationships because they can’t be bothered to fight for anything in life and talk about talaq in the blink of an eye……long story short….if Kashaf did not do everything for him he would not hesitate to give her talaq too….and for her that’s not the option….because she’s a fighter….they should have shown that though…that she was better for it.


        • Oh, each comment can hold six responses in a thread thats why you couldnt reply there .. you can always start off a new comment thread 🙂


        • ZGH was always a bit nonsensical and honestly quite regressive. It also pushed the whole class struggle narrative much harder than I would have expected.

          The show’s Zaroon is kind of a jerk too, but book!Zaroon seems much worse albeit in a different way.


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