Teri Raza ~ Episode 2 Review

This is not the next best thing since sliced bread nor will watching it help you find a cure for cancer and it does not purport to highlight any deep dark societal menace – nope, this is not that kind of hat ke serial or a super special mega project. Set aside these kinds of expectations, however, and Teri Raza makes for an enjoyable Tuesday watch.

Picking up the strands from last week, the second episode moved along rapidly. Now that Suhana’s graduated her family would like her to get married, and so would she – to Ramiz. Ramiz, however, leads a life not as uncomplicated. His father is sick from the stress of business losses but Ramiz refuses to let such mundane matters stop him from weaving an alternate reality. Pretending to be what he is not comes very easy to him.

Ramiz’s difficult relationship with his parents – one spoils and the other abuses – has left him emotionally untethered. Superficially charming, he is a liar, has anger management issues and is an emotionally abusive person. Sadly Suhana is so madly in love that she cannot/does not want to see the darkness that lies just below the surface.

Imtiaz, the other man in Suhana’s life, is the complete opposite. He’s bashful, awkward, not quite as smooth with the ladies, but yeh sab chorain. His biggest shortcoming is that he is much older than the girl his heart desires. But woh jo kehte hain na ke dil tau hai dil.. tau bas Imtiaz’s dil wants Suhana … problem is ke Suhana’s dil wants Ramiz. Ab whose heart wins and whose gets broken is a question to be answered in the coming episodes.

This second episode of Teri Raza felt better than last week’s. Partly because of adjusted expectations, and partly because some rough edges were smoothed out. Thankfully gone were the repeated references to istikhara and with the college track now behind us also gone was the perceived need for Ramiz’s college stud attire and Suhana’s giggly friends. I’m not quite sure what kind of magic happened the minute he graduated, but Ramiz’s dressing improved overnight. And along with the wardrobe Shahroz’s acting too looked less affected this week.

That said, I am still not on board with the execution of the whole Ramiz track. The scene with the parents was so off and didnt look convincing at all, neither did the screaming and shouting at Suhana sequences. What worked though was the scene where Ramiz was simply sitting by himself while the OST played softly in the background. Why can’t we get more of such stuff – so much more effective than the OTT shouting matches.

Sanam Baloch’s Suhana bring to mind Bano from Dastaan, the early happy episodes when she was the darling of the household. While her acting skills are just as impressive, she does not look as young as she did then and making matters worse is the harsh lighting and dark makeup. Hence it is difficult to be persuaded by the basic premise of her character. That said, I enjoy watching her on screen. She is effortless as Suhana and I enjoy her scenes with Sarmad Khoosat. Their chemistry is fabulous and their banter very natural. While Sarmad and Sanam are very good, the real superstars here are the two senior ladies. Ayesha Khan and Shamim Hilali are flippin’ fantastic!

Last week’s episode established the derivative nature of the story and so wasn’t expecting much on that front, but what has surprised me, and pleasantly at that, is the progressiveness of writing. When Imtiaz expresses his desire to marry Suhana, his mother does not automatically latch on to the idea of a younger, chand si bahu. I appreciated how she gave her son a reality check and tried to dissuade him. Later she is almost apologetic when she brings the rishta.

For their part, Suhana’s family deserves a gold medal for not being the clichéd drama family and going gaga over the prospect of a rich damad. Along similar lines, I like that Suhana is not the typical sati savitri, and after an initial hesitation actually tells her mother about Ramiz, who in turn does not freak out at the thought of her daughter liking somebody. How I wish more of our dramas featured evenly sketched characters like Suhana, Imtiaz and their families.

Amidst all that worked, what did not quite gel, in addition to the lighting issues mentioned above, were, the continuity error – Suhana tells her dadi she’s graduated but in the very next scene Ramiz refers to their impending graduation – and the off timeline. Imtiaz picking up Suhana for the mehndi, their shopping trip and the main event later – didn’t add up at all in my book. Also, by now we get that Imtiaz is older hence conservative in matters of attire, but surely the poor guy has clothes other than formal layered ensembles? Aisay chalta raha tau he garmi ki wajah se he will melt into a puddle before he gets married!

Rounding up to where I began, Teri Raza is not a masterpiece but what I appreciate is that it does not claim to be one either. For sure it has its share of flaws but for now I am enjoying Aabis Raza’s simplicity of storytelling, the characters and their nuances, and the acting. What about you all? Yay or Nay??

Written by SZ~

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  1. I enjoyed this second installment, and I’m enough of a fan girl to admit it’s all because of Sarmad Khoosat. His Imtiaz is shy and awkward, yes, but also a thorough gentleman, and I was glad to see that his rishta wasn’t dismissed out of hand, aside from legitimate concerns over the age difference.

    Sanam Baloch is just a force of nature, isn’t she? She and Sarmad have fabulous chemistry, and their banter reminded me of Sanam’s character from KPKP. Speaking of chemistry, she doesn’t really have it with Shehroz Sabzwari though. In fact, I’m having a hard time understanding what Suhana even sees in Rameez. I mean, sure, he’s pretty, but he’s also abusive, troubled, and unreliable.

    I suppose the plot is that she’ll unhappily marry Imtiaz whole still being in love with Rameez, and eventually Imtiaz will let her go because he’s a nice guy. I’m already dissatisfied, lol.


    • @RK: Shukar!!! I was so afraid ke there was something wrong with me ke I was so into this episode. Its a simple story but well-executed and combine that with two faves plus two more faves tau bas!

      Hehe! Isnt it funny how the right guy can have us rooting for what would otherwise be generally unacceptable .. Im so looking fwd to seeing more of them together .. thank god for dadi and her istikhara.. and because its a match aopproved by the powers that be I think I can safely say that your prediction is wrong … nice guys dont always finish last, at least not in desi dramas, or films for that matter. Hum Dil De Chuke Sanam yaad nahin?


      • LOL. The right guy makes all the difference. I’m trying to make my obvious crush on Sarmad less obvious, but here toh doosri episode me he fail ho gayi! 😉

        You’re probably right about the ending. All the promos I watched of this show featured Sanam and Shehroz in nearly all the scenes, so I figured he was supposed to be The One for her.

        For the sake of argument though, isn’t a guy who gives up what he wants to make the woman he loves happy–even if that means she goes off with someone else–still sort of “finishing first”? Ah, I’m such a romantic, lol.


        • Hehe! Arrey bhai dil khol ke express your feelings – we’re not exactly known for being subtle here – not in such matters atleast 😜
          While ppl started watching this for Sanam, Sarmad is, I think, the big breakout star here .. have you seen the number of admiring tweets he’s getting on twitter?! Mr Khoosat might just have carved out a new niche for himself – the thinking girl’s heartthrob!

          Btw, for those who haven’t heard yet, Sarmad has signed on to a new directorial project starring Imran Abbas & Sajal Ali.


        • Oh, re: your thought – it surely romantic as heck and I for one would be thrilled..A man like Imtiaz should not be wasted on silly twits like Suhana — I think he should look around for a bit more, kaafi saari qadardaan khawateen hain aas pass 😜 #justsaying


  2. It was actually a good epi.. i am so liking SK and SB effortless chemistry and even for that matter his scenes with all ladies are so natural.. such a great actor he is.. i couldn’t understand the scene where both mother n son were in night gowns(?) And ama ji saying beta jaldi agaye.. what was that??

    Shehroz Subzwari’s Rameez was so bearable this time.. with his troubling psyche issues i really dont get what suhaana likes in him.. a good face.. thats it.. i wish Jahan vo manzura ko itna close rakhti he that she can even witness the love birds talks.. tou manzura ko ye bhi batati k kyn acha lagta he.. for spoon fed ppl like me🤣 with Imtiaz they have quite cleared why he is likeable at first place but with rameez.. they have showed both good n bad aspects of him but yahan kuch jum nh raha..

    But lets see how it goes.. for now im happily on ride


  3. SB SK were fab together but what was a pleasant surprise is their families. Like you mentioned it was refreshing to see the not the typical desi drama approach towards such matters in a supposedly conservative family. Im loving the oldies – although it was difficult to get my head round how they were related..
    I mentioned this last week too, Im glad to see Imtiaz is no kharoos type.. Dunno why but I kept thinking abut Sk ka cameo part in SeZ. This time the guy gets lucky! lol – I’ve mostly seen him in troubled OTT sort of roles, so this is a nice change!
    SB did remind me of Bano too! and there were a couple of points where perhaps the BGS note somehow sounded like Daastaan too..
    But the scene of the week was that date.. This maid is quite something right?!! I was laughing my head off when she gets up only to sit back down (with her cola) right next to Susanna! Talk about kabab men had!!! Funny how that didn’t bother Rameez..
    Speaking of which his shouting and screaming really didn’t go down well with me. I was thinking this character is badly written and was a write off for me (him and his family), but the way you described his issues made me wonder if we could’ve had something really interesting here had we had better acting and direction..
    Rameez’s wardrobe may have improved but someone please help poor Imtiaz! I was feeling suffocated watching this.. and as much I liked SB’s gharara pants last week, this week Susanna had some serious wardrobe issues! Aik you dares messed up her hora, opera se her supposedly out of this world jora was also out of tune, and def outdated! Maybe thats what reminded us of Bano lol

    Oh I forgot to mention last week – I’m loving the OST . The ghazal is fab!

    Ach tou by the looks of it Susanna is gonna agree to marry Imtiaz when she finds out abt the lie / jhooti kasam right? And later she will regret? But thanks to Istikhara the union will somehow prove to be a blessed one. So the story seems fairly straight forward.. I’m counting on the individual moments that SB and SK will create together as a couple in a mismatched troubled marriage and their journey together. What I’m not looking forward to is Rameez and his undue interference in their marriage – hoping they would limit that to a minimum.. #fingerscrossed


    • @FA: lol! That maid! Bhai she has to figure in our most memorable characters of the year list .. she and her potential rab-ne-milayi-jori mate, Manzur…. this to me is the main mystery: Kiya Manzura ko miley ga us ka Manzur? Kya duniya hone degi yeh milan? Kiya in ko milane ke liye karna parega dadi ko istikhara?

      Re: Suhana and the jhooti qasam, I don’t think she’ll find out now, hence the whole I’ve been wronged attitude after the shaadi .. it’s only towards the end that she’ll figure it out ( drama needed to be sponsored by tubelight banane wali some company) and I think Manzura will be the one to beak it to her ., hence justifying the coke ka expense and the kabab mein hadi scene .. sounds plausible?

      Btw, you asked abt Dastar-e Ana yesterday .. so I decided to watch .. Abhi on ep 3 and watching – really liking it so far!


  4. SZ I watched the first two episodes just now… perhaps the fact I was watching it together made me feel that Sohana talks toooo much! I am looking forward to this drama taking off once she and Imtiaz get married. I think that’s the story, how she marries him based on istagara. Too be honest Rameez seems like a waste of space. I hope she realizes quickly that he’s just a spoiled brat and not worth her time.

    I really laughed at the whole scene where dadi tells the parents about the rishta and the parents are like “par woh toh abhi bachi hain”… I was like kahan se…In reality the age difference between Sanam and Sarmad is not that big… so it makes me wonder that the script was probably written for a younger actress or perhaps Sarmad was not supposed to play Imtiaz…anyways its a little comical. I had really hoped that Sanam would star in a drama with a more gritty and nuanced role…but I have adjusted my expectations 🙂


    • Seher: Hey!
      I think they have purposely shown Suhana as the over chirpy type so as to create an arc for her character where she becomes withdrawn and quiet after marriage .. as in bujh jati hai . kinda something similar to what we saw with Bano in Dastaan ..

      I think the age difference between Sarmad is about 7-8 years if not more so they can get away with it technically but yeah as we said on the first ep review they should’ve def consulted with us casting experts lol! 😉

      Good to have you on board 🙂 Even the most boring of dramas are fun when watching with a gp 🙂


  5. Agreed! Isn’t it funny though that in almost all the new drama’s the senior cast is like stealing the show….I love Shamim Hilaly in this role…she is so elegant and she is by far the best dressed in the drama so far 🙂


      • Yes! Loved those…even Aysha Khan is wearing some very nice jewelry…..I don’t know who styled Sanam but that gold with blue dress was just awful also the jewelry.


        • Yes, Sanam not doing too well here .. Like @FA said, her first ep wardrobe was still behter ..but second ep was a mess, especially that mehnga jora .. but her antique looking necklace with that not-so-mehnga jora was lovely


        • Haha! I have a saree I love in exactly that shade of blue and I frequently wear it with gold…and now I won’t be able to wear it again without thinking of this conversation!


          • that blue is actually quite chic and works really well with gold – but that outfit was all wrong! What was it to start off with?! And who wears dopatta like that?! the supposedly mehnga jora had the darzi type cheap lace and a fazool sa blouse… so everything that could go wrong was wrong with that look! Abb if they didnt make such a hoo haa abt the mehnga jora tou hum dur guzar karr dete ya phir darzi ko hi blame karr lete…


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