Tau Dil Ka Kia Hua ~ Episode 2 Review

This second episode of Tau Dil Ka Kia Hua was a vast improvement over the first one. Gone were the orange/yellow tints, background music was more in keeping with the languorous feel and repetition of phrases was cut down to some extent. What remained the same, however, was the patented Khalil ur Rehman style of writing: lovely use of urdu language, lines upon elaborate lines full of intricate word play and heavy duty philosophical musings about life, love and complications thereof – beautiful to hear but ultimately with little or no bearing on or connection everyday life situations.

Difficult as it is for me to absorb so much verbiage, directing such a script and getting actors to deliver these florid lines convincingly must be harder and it is to Shahid Shafaat’s credit that he accomplishes this with a lot of finesse. Rehan Sheikh, Sami Khan and Mansha Pasha were great today, the thehrav they bring to their dialogue delivery and scenes is applause worthy. Sami Khan in particular is very good as Faris. I like the little touches hes given to his character and the way he’s pacing his character’s arc.

From what we’ve seen of him so far, Faris is a likeable easy going guy, but it seems like with every additional person who comes to express concern/sympathy/advice it is getting more and more difficult for him to maintain a calm front. I get that with us desis there is little or no concept of private space, but this what we see happening here is a bit too much to absorb. It is as if Faris’ life were playing out for the whole world to see. From the precap it seems like all this overlap between his public and private space does finally get to him. What happens after that point is what I think will be of interest and should push the pace of the story.

The anti-heroine, Maya, though an interesting concept is not written as interestingly. She is the easily played fool unable to see through Saif’s awoved affections. There is no nuance afforded to her, no deeper explanations offered for why she is easily persuaded to walk out on a functional marriage. This simplistic story that we are being given about her is not persuasive enough for me and I can’t buy into this flat-lined shallow character. But where script fails her, I wish the director and actor had worked together to give Maya some more depth and grit. For now the heavily made up Ayeza is not holding my interest.

Unlike Maya, Daria’s is a more fleshed-out character. Bearing a marked similarity to Madiha, from Mera Naam Yousuf Hai, incidentally also played by Mansha Pasha, Daria is a rare breed among our drama ladies, someone who knows her love will never be reciprocated but is perfectly comfortable with that knowledge. Love =/= shaadi for her. I like the sense of calm that Mansha has imbued in Daria, offering a welcome contrast from Maya’s OTT nakhras. Her scenes with Ayeza and Rehan Sheikh were both very well done. Rehan Sheikh as always is an absolute delight.

While this was a better episode than last week’s I cannot help but wish for some movement in the story, figuratively and literally. Not only is the pace slow and the dialogues verbose but most scenes were with the actors seated. This lack of variation in staging scenes adds to the general feeling of inertia that prevades this story thus far. Hopefully Faris’ breakdown next week will shake things up in more ways than one. Let see what unfolds next week.

What about you all? What did you think?

Written by SZ~

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  1. HI SZ! Great review. I always admire how you always see through everything and get to the crucial aspects :). My take from this episode is that the writer wants to keep this whole mystery angle going and there are so many characters that you always end up with some badly written ones. For instance the story should highlight why Maya even got married if she could not even show compassion to her husband’s heart break. I mean I get it she does not want to be with him, but she seems like a person without any heart so how can we believe she even loves Saif. Or is she the villain of this story? Why does It need to be black and white? Saif is another weak character in this play. The drama is too focused on what people around the main characters are thinking and not the people at the center of it.

    Also wasn’t this episode supposed to start with where it was left with Muzna and Saif talking?

    Anyways let’s see where this journey goes 🙂


    • Hey Seher! Glad you’re enjoying this one and that my review resonated with you 🙂
      Haina! I too want to see Maya explained a bit more in depth, but from the BTS I have seen it seems like her shallow nature is a given in this drama ., and that is a problem for me, atleast .. I do not buy that people do such things for no reason at all .. Ab let’s see ..
      yes that scene from the last ep was kinda left hanging right there .. I dk let’s hope for the best ..

      Btw, so here’s a question for you all:
      What do you make of what Mansha ( sorry her character name eludes me for now) says to Maya, something to the effect that a man’s mistakes affect only his family whereas a woman’s mistakes have an impact that is felt for generations .. I have been thinking of this line and don’t think I agree with this … men and women both should and do have equal responsibility for their behavior and no matter who errs those around always suffer .. from what I have seen from his writings KURQ tends to favor men in his writings and women generally come off as irrational, immature, frustrated, bitter characters . Any thoughts?


      • Hi SZ,

        I remember finding the sentence odd. Like I did not really get his point…so I re- watched the dialogue again. Rehan Sheikh’s character says it to Noor Khan when she points out that when men make similar mistakes women often don’t file for divorce or even leave. I think from his standpoint he feels that if women commit this sort of mistake (getting involved with someone else) it ruins the future generations. I think it references to the essence of a marriage – pro creation. The fact that women are the ones from which future generations stem – they don’t have the right to have multiple marriages like men or even be associated with another man…etc. As for agreeing with it. I believe in our society/ culture men are not allowed to show tolerance for such behavior. But I do believe there are men who forgive, who think of the larger picture, khandaan toh done instances me garab hota hain.

        As for KQR I only watched MNYH and I guess maybe in that drama women were not shown to be that irrational both Maya and HKB were strong and smart as far as I remember even Mansha’s caracter was exemplary.

        I can’t really stand Aiza Khan, as she has done most of KQR drama’s there may be something to your observations LOL.

        P.S. do you understand what Imran Ashraf’s role is exactly? Is he related to someone…it is odd he cares so much and I don’t really see his connection.


        • @Seher: Hey! Thanks for responding to my query .. appreciate you going back to recheck .. I absolutely agree with your take that there are all kinds of people and they behave variously in various circumstances. Dariya says something similar to Maya as well when she goes to her house to samjhao her and we see Maya sort of taking it in.. .My problem with these lines was more about how troubled i am that these lines kind of put the burden of making relationships work all on the woman .. mard tau ghalti kar ke nikal jata hai .. magar in our patriarchal desi society a woman just keep getting all kinds of stuff dumped on her shoulders .. starting with the time she’s born .. to the time if the childre dont do wel tau phir maa ki tarbiyat pe sawal .. and now lets just dump the blame for future kharab nasals on her as well …

          We saw these kinds of thoughts play out in Sadqay Tumhare where Samiya Mumtaz’s character is shown as a bitter/angry woman who has no qualms in slapping her children at the slightest of provocatio ns .. as it turns out she was abused at the hands of her lover and there was a long winded history to it, but rather than empathizing with her as a victim and showing her as having suffered a trauma which in term affected her psyche she was effectively turned into the villainess of the drama …

          In MNYH Behroze Sabzwari keep sighing about his lost love (Afia) in front of his second wife (who waits on him hand and foot btw) and refers to himself as having led an adhoori zindagi and having compromised?!?? And this after having been married twice??? Only a man can get away with saying such things .. how would a wife feel in such circumstances .. would she be allowed similar leeway?? No. This is what Maulvi sahab showed us in his relationship with Afia .. infact he kept blaming her for never having accepted him as her husband …

          I dont know if I am making much sense here, but basically for me KURQ’s convoluted philsophy doesnt quite work .. lets see how this one goes ..

          Re: Imran Ashraf’s character dont quite know, but if you are interested check out Phir Kab Milo Gay on YT .. this same drama was aired on ATV/TV One .. its the exact same script, same situations only character names are diff and some scenes come in diff sequences but the rest is same 2 same .. Actually I have no clue why the writer or the producers recycled an old script and are now peddling it as a brand new thing ..

          Here’s the OST ..


          • I agree with your observations…molwi saab was indeed despicable and I forgot the other guy…also not good enough for Afia begum :). I agree with you, but let me tell you…I have heard it plenty of times around my own average existence ke bacho ki tarbeat is all on mom. Mom has to make the sacrifices etc etc. so KQR is not original just re phrasing the mind set…Being a mom myself now I truly believe the only way we can change these perceptions is to raise our own children and especially sons to not take women for granted, to be equal in all aspects like career, children, household, family. All these aspects are absolutely skewed in our culture and its all on the woman…..I can go on and on on this topic…it lies very close to my heart 🙂

            OMG…. wow..I guess KQR is a brand now so they decided to throw some money at the script and voila… this actually looks more interesting…lol…soundtrack is nice. 🙂


            • @Seher: High five girl! Exactly it is up to us as mothers to change the mindset, and it seems like you are doing a fine job too – you go girl!

              Yes, KURQ is not saying anyrthing new but it troubles me to see him putting out such views and awam accepting them easily as wah wah kiya baat kar rahe hain … there are so many for whom tv is the only way of getting exposure to the world beyond their immediate environs and instead of giving them something different to think about our media is only propagating problematic ideas.

              Haha! Haina! And Im sure FQ was a better villain than Zahid Ahmed .. just from what little i saw of the drama I think FQ brings about a lot of charm to the character which this new version lacks ..


  2. Enjoyed the review SZ! Yes, I’m a Sami Khan fan so it’s great to see him this show, doing so well. My only concern is that this show doesn’t get dragged endlessly. Another KurRQ script (Mohabbat tum se nafrat hai) is now dragging, long winded dialogues, cricket matches, slaps etc. Fingers crossed for this onw.


    • Afia: hey! Long time! Lovely to hear from you 🙂 yes, I too am enjoying watching Sami Khan in a good production where he gets an opportunity to stand out. I too have similar concerns abt dragging etc.. it’s very hard to watch long winded lecture filled scenes week after week, no matter how beautiful they sound. Dekhte hai


  3. Lovely review SZ.. yes it was better than 1st episode but still i am not entirely sold out.. Mansha Pasha ans Rehan Sheikh were absolutely brilliant.. i even liked Noor Khan.. Zahid Khan and Ayeza khan are literally beyond average.. as yet there is nothing in story which is gripping.. even the mystery factory is not compelling enough.. oh well i sound like a nitpicker .. but dekhte hain how it goes..


    • Rehmat: thank you for watching, reading and commenting even though you’re not onboard as yet. Chalo koi nahin, at least this time around it seems like we have plenty of choices this quarter , so why settle for something that doesn’t quite work for you. I too am


    • Sorry, hit send by mistake ..
      was saying ke I too am still in the process of trialing this one. I need Maya to stop being a cardbooard cutout before I can take this story seriously .. dekhte hai


  4. Mansha’s character is very good and she played it very well. This episode was much better, in terms of underplaying KRQ’s dialogues so that they sound less preachy


    • Agree with you Atty. Doesn’t Mansha’s calm and collected manner and the lovely subtle hint of a smile remind you of her character in MNYH?


  5. “was the patented Khalil ur Rehman style of writing: lovely use of urdu language, lines upon elaborate lines full of intricate word play and heavy duty philosophical musings about life, love and complications thereof – beautiful to hear but ultimately with little or no bearing on or connection everyday life situations.”

    Yes, exactly!!!

    It worked well in Pyaray Afzal. Or maybe it was because it my first time being caught in it all (it was a beautifully crafted drama piece – minus the little bit in the middle that didn’t work out and felt just shoddy patch up work).

    Could it be that the under developed character of Maya is due to the fact of writer being male, and his stories being centered around the men (where women in their respective lives cause chaos) rather than the other way round, the majority of dramas portray?
    But no. Cause Farah wasn’t such in Pyaray Afzal.

    Perhaps, it’ll take a couple of more episodes for her story to be revealed and her character to be evolved so it is on same level as Daria’s.


    • Asal baat Tu reh gayee.
      Will watch the second episode and give it another try as the first didn’t work for me. (PS: we had the discussion on Twitter DM and then I sorta rejoined the chat here :)).

      After posting, my initial reply I am reading the other comments and feel the same way about KRQ’s writing style as voiced by others.
      * Sadqay was a true story, no? So I didn’t critique it the same way as other dramas because hey, what if he is still feeling lost/loved/resentful toward certain people? It was after all his story – how he saw/sees things.
      * and after watching Pyaray Afzal, noticed the same trend in his other work – character development wise. So maybe it is a conscious thing on his part; that may be how he perceives people (read men/women) relationships and so brings them to the screen.

      Disclaimer; I get a sense of the writing style; I didn’t watch MNYH and having watched only 3 episodes of Muhabbat tum SE nafrat nai (so slooooowww…someone rightly commented it should be titled, FOXY tum SE nafrat hain…anyway) and the first episode of this one.
      So, don’t sue me.


      • Update: Watched the second episode. much better than the first certainly.
        But mysteries still remain…hopefully the third episode will answer them.


          • episode 3 was gripping, 4 was average.. because i could not connect to saif’s character and he got major screen time in episode 4


            • Ah! Thank, Atty, for the update. Will try and catch up this weekend. Are you planning on watching Baghi and O Rungreza?


          • yes, eagerly looking forward to O rangreza.. and baaghi is looking good from trailers, will give it a try (hopefully with an unbiased eye).. though Qandeel baloch is a topic i m not interested in discussing too much.. too confusing to say who is wrong and who has the right reasons to be wrong (not sure i could give words to my thoughts or not. see! even one sentence is confusing)


            • @Atty: Don’t youthink those are the best kinds of stories to read or dramas to watch, where you don’t quite know which side to fall on. Maybe watching the story unfold like this will allow us to make our own judgement, because so far everything we know is based on either third party accounts or on videos made for public consumption, consiously projecting a particular image .. lets see kiya hota hai – looking forward to Thursday and Fri 🙂


            • @SZ if i talk about veena malik, she has so many shades to her personality, she can act, she can talk very well, then on the other hand she does some non-sense things which intrigues me to know what goes on in her mind.. but sorry to say Qandeel baloch, or Meera for that matter, i find them too stupid to pass any judgment on them and their actions. i don’t find any thing attractive in them.


          • Too many for sure, too little time indeed.
            I did persevere through the 2 hoping st least by episode 4 it will give some clue as to how and why did they get together in the first place and what happened For Maya to all of a sudden up and leave?
            But it wasn’t to be.
            I think the pace is slow or they are trying to create a mysterious aura or whatever.
            they tried but the ‘dialogues’ and maybe the delivery too at times, the tone at least anyway made me a bit angry rather than awed.
            Must have watched in a bad mood.
            One was good though,
            ‘Tootay huay rishton ka Naam Nahi Huna chahiye’ yaa jo rishtay toot jatay hain, in ka Naam kyun huta hai?’. Can’t remember already but whatever it was, was good. Memorable. My oxymoronic review aside, haha, I want to get into it but I can’t – there is something missing, something that I can’t point my finger at.
            In spite of the great actors line up and the famed writings of KRQ.


    • @SZ i will definitely watch it, for great performance by SQ if not for Qandeel baloch..

      just today i watched HINDI MEDIUM and absolutely loved it.. after a long time i enjoyed a bollywood movie so much.. i literally had LOL moments and teary eyes moments.. SQ, irfan khan, deepak dobryal nailed it with their performances.


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