Yaar-e Bewafa ~ Episode 1 Review

Yaar-e Bewafa, written by Mohsin Ali, directed by Zeeshan Ali and produced by Wajahat Rauf, opened its account on Geo TV on Thursday. For a first episode this served as a decent introduction to Zaid and Fizza’s story. 

Zaid and Fizza are a young couple and they seem like  a happy well-knit family, one son and Zaid’s elderly sweetheart of a mother. But that’s a false impression. Minutes into the story everything begins to unravel and one can see the fault lines deepening in Zaid and Fizza’s marriage. 

Where Zaid is concerned but at the same time not pressed about his socio-economic status, Fizza is deeply ambitious and cannot wait for her husband to move up the financial ladder. Her drive stems from the fact that she knows first-hand what a comfortable life means and feels like. She had once had it all before she gave it all up to marry her love, Zaid. 

With time as the rose-colored glasses have come off, Fizza has started to push Zaid to go abroad. Part of her really wants him to do well for his own sake, but another part needs this success so that she can rub it in her rich father’s face, who had predicted that she would never be happy in such a mis-matched relationship. And to this end, Fizza is willing to go to any extent, even if it involves lying to Zaid’s loving mother, keeping her in the dark about her beloved only son’s travel plans. For his part, Zaid is not entirely blameless. So far he’s going along with Fizza’s plans – but for how long will he allow himself to be pushed around?

Also shown is Amna and Saleem’s story. Like the other pair they too have a son, but that’s where all comparisons end. There is no love lost in this relationship as the meek, much younger wife tries her best to noy ever upset her husband. Saleem is a quick-tempered cranky man who gets into fights just as easily with his colleagues at work as he does with his wife. How and where this track connects with Zaid and Fizza’s remains to be seen.

In terms of the basic plot this is a pretty straightforward story with distinct Dil-e Muztar vibes, with none of its bells and whistles. The only thing different here is that for a change Imran Abbas’ character is a middle-class man, father to a young child, not the typical foreign return/rich eligible bachelor type roles he plays. Arij Fatyma and Sara Khan were good in this first episode. Samina Ahmed is an absolute fave of mine, and the variations she brings in her acting – the stern Jannat Bibi in Pinjra vs the benevolent mother here  – are a testament to her acting prowess. Zeeshan Ali’s direction keeps the narrative moving along fluently.

All in all this was a decent introduction a simple story simply told. A good time pass for those looking to fill up their Thursday evening slot. Just remember to close your eyes everytime Kamal Wasif aka Mr Richie Rich comes onscreen – what the what was that checked suit all about – aur itna tight?? 

Written by SZ~

P.S. Here’s the official Geo synopsis – does contain a few spoilers so read at your risk.

6 replies

  1. Lolzz..the kamal wasif comment cracked me up. The suit was so distracting from what he was saying lol….great review! Looking forward to watching this together. ☺


  2. Just finished watching this in 3 instalments.. 🙈 your review did justice to first epi.. it was pretty much decent indeed.. and tauba thtv suit gave me din me taare.. how was he even breathing..

    Story is predictable.. but not intriguing enough to look forward for next week.. will give it a pass..


    • Haha! That suit was something else, nahin? Waisey Mrs. Money Bags ke pants bhi klafi interesting thay … I cannot imagine Fizza being their daughter or ever having lived in that house, even if she nixed her behenji look..


  3. I watched it. I didn’t hate it. Not much of a story yet, but at least there was nothing especially objectionable in the first episode.

    (I’m still watching Hiddat as a sort of guilty pleasure, and so it’s a bit of an overdose of Arij Fatyma right now, lol).


    • @RK: Did you happen to read the handy dandy synopsis Geo’s provided? It pretty much tells you whats going to happen in the next four five eps ..
      Yup, I agree its a pretty basic easy going time pass .. nothing taxing abt this one.

      What’s Hiddat? Synopsis please?


      • Hiddat is premised on the idea that a girl who has the temerity to fall in love with someone of her own choosing and then chooses to run away from home to avoid an arranged marriage with a cousin must be punished. Forever. Also, her suffering is not sufficient, so her entire family must be made to suffer in one way or another.

        The show is actually sort of terrible, but I’m watching it because the thukraoed cousin and his mother are weirdly compelling and because–for a change–the lead character (played by Arij Fatyma) has no remorse over her actions and finds a reason to blame almost everyone else for her plight. She’s obnoxious, but there’s something revolutionary in her refusal to meekly accept the garbage the world is sending her way.

        Please don’t watch it, lol.


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