Adhi Gawahi ~ Episodes 1 & 2 Review

Before I begin let’s all please observe a two-minute silence.

The reason for this request will become clear later, abhi let’s begin with a quick sketch of the characters and their stories so far and phir aage baat karte hain.

Adhi Gawahi is written by Saima Akram Chaudhry, directed by Fahim Burney, co-produced by MD Productions and Fahim Burney, and airs Wednesday and Thursday on HUM TV. If the first two episodes are any indication then this will be a fast moving story with twists and turns awaiting us in every episode. No need to add Shan or National masalas here – this is a one heck of a spicy story.

After her husband’s passing Ayesha chose to move in with her two brothers. She and her  college going daughter Salwa are generally happy with this arrangement but for the younger bhabhi Khaula who sees Salwa as competition for her daughter Soha. Competition because the older bhabhi Sana has an eligible son Sa’ad, and Khaula is afraid of him preferring Salwa over her daughter, someone not quite as with it as her more outgoing cousin. That she kept Soha at home rather than studying with her cousins is another reason for Khaula’s insecurity. Meanwhile as expected, Sa’ad and Salwa are but ofcourse very interested in each other while Soha is busy mooning over her cousin.

Adhi Gawahi has the love-triangle-between-cousins trope down pat but that is not considered enough. Enter the spoilt feudal – stereotyped to a T. Chaudhry Hamadan Mustafa is the scion of an ultra rich feudal political family. To complete the picture his mother, a typical waderi, complete with a maid pressing her feet. Mrs Chaudhry has spoilt her only son rotten, to the extent that he sees nothing wrong with spending tons of money on a horse he desires. That his uncle and cousin try to stop him does not bother him one bit. He gets what he wants. And these are horses. Wait till he sets his sights on a woman.

Sa’ad, Salwa, Hamadan, and his cousin/sidekick Faseeh, are all college mates and have one last assignment to submit – a short film. There is a lot, and I mean A LOT, of drama that happens in the interim but I shall leave that for you to figure out, for now suffice it to say by the end of these two episodes, Salwa finds herself in a bizarre predicament.

Now, let’s go back up to beginning and the two-minute silence.

Just the other day we were lamenting about how our dramas had turned shadis and talaq into a joke. Well, without giving anything away, Adhi Gawahi takes this one step further. I get the impulse to add in the unexpected, a thrilling hook to keep viewers returning, but there is a fine line between acceptable and ludicrous and this one just crossed it. I don’t care how this twist is rationalized later, there was absolutely no need for this. This is NOT entertaining by any stretch of the imagination. Shadi, talaq, rapes, domestic violence, extra-marital affairs, we’ve seen everything trivialized… now on to nikahs. 

Adhi Gawahi is not the first drama to turn nikah into a joke, a mere plot device. No, that dubious distinction goes to Rishtey Kuch Adhooray Se, also starring Sohai and presented by the same production house. The difference, however, is that the older serial was never touted as an issue based serial whereas this one is ab kya issue hai, apart from Salwa’s certified stupidity, remains to be seen. But here are my two cents. Channels, producers, directors, writers, actors: Please stop pushing nonsense using buzz words and labels approved by marketing departments and TRP gurus. If such shenanigans continue, well then everybody knows what happened to the boy who cried wolf.

Even if one lets the story issue slide by, then too production-wise Adhi Gawahi is a mess, hurriedly put together with disproportionate effort directed towards coming up with a stunning OST video. Yes, applause is due to whoever came up with the concept, the song is lovely, leads look fabulous and I am lusting after Sohai’s black Ali Xeeshan chadar, but at the end of the day let’s not forget this is a serial not a song video shoot. 

Like in Teri Raza, another new serial started this week, here too we are asked to believe the leads are in college. Why? Why is youth associated only with college students?? When you have actors way past that age then why not show them in a different setting? Why not as junior professionals? The difference is only a couple of years, but it goes a long way towards creating a plausable scenario.

Making matters worse, these two episodes were riddled with serious continuity issues and timeline was off big time as well. I am not sure how all this escaped notice but it was almost impossible to overlook. Azfar’s closeups in the beginning of the first episode did not match up to the rest of the scene and were obviously tacked on later.

When Adhi Gawahi started it held out the promise of turning into a guilty pleasure, but as events have unfolded it has become clear this drama has derailed and is not my cup of chai. Aur aap ke liye? Chai ka cup worthy or not?

Written by SZ~

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  1. Not worthy at allll. i Could only watch for 10 mins wo bi I force myself ka koi bi drama follow nai krai other then yaqeen ka safar. Are you watching yaqeen is safar?


  2. SZ! I feel bad for you that you actually watched this. LOL…I watched a very decent first episode yesterday, better than most. Do check out Yaar e Bewafa it actually depicts the real issues after mohabbat, shaadi etc…when life actually moves on and you come to the realization ke bhai aur bhi cheeze chahiyen to be happy :).


    • @Seher I actually watched that too after watching adhi gawahi. 2 min silence for me too lol.. I needed to watch something else to stop me going poori crazy! But idk maybe because i had watched this madness before, i just couldnt get into that either. Samina Ahmad was cute and made me want to hug this ageing mum, but i didnt feel much for the couple. Luckily the agent didnt turn out to be a complete fraud otherwise two sets of ultimate himaqats in a space of short space of time would have thrown me over the edge.. keep us posted if its worth watching.. @ SZ would love tp hear what u think of this .. was it just my frame of mind?


  3. I was thinking of @Rehmat and your #2minsilence! I mean yahan tou hadd hi ho gai yaar!

    Yahan kia ho gya?! First ep although totally crazy, was a bit of fun. But doosri khatam hote hote umeed bhi khatam ho gai…

    Aik tou its all rishta shananigans going ons in the household.. the crazy aunties aur opper se the spoon feeding! We were worrying about 5 yr olds getting free chocolates the ther day magar yahan tou guy was being literally spoon fed some dodgy looking soup! No wonder hamdan couldnt stand that sight! Bhai peir mein choti si chot lagi hai – wapas se bachha 4 mah ka nahin ho gya ke he needs to be fed cerelac! (Waise the kababs in the first ep looked did make me hungry!)

    Lol @ no need for extra shaan chat masala. I think they mustve come up with the story in shan masala ki factory.. harr tarah ka masala add karr diya hai yahan! Yeh mix plate ka masala hai..

    Btw i didnt realize it was issue based. What issue is that? How to deal with rishta issues? How to avoid wrath of obsessive crazy aunties? How (not) to deal with nikahs? Or how (not) to make films and dramas?! – Unless i missed something in this roller coaster of a ride, i think any issues raised in this drama must be from another world kionke aisa kuch and aise characters ka yahan tou na suna na dekha! I always used to wonder after watching disney classics how they imagine up such stories but look Our desi version of disney is now trying to play catch up!!

    Re why students : i guess they were thinking professionals are mature enough to do such himaqat.. but honestly guys aisi himaqat koi nahin kar sakta!!

    @SZ yes Timing was totally off and nobody bothered to change clothes for 2 days! And shikar also went on for 2 days… and btw those hunting scenes were so badly done! Remember Laa?!

    And opening : we had the sleeping beauties (yuk na shid dou shid) and alarms YET AGAIN! Can we please try something new. It doesnt have to be one (or all in case of teri raza) of 5 multiple choice scenarios.

    Dil ka kia hoga was bad enough with shadi talaq muhabbat but this drama has set the bar for utter craziness even higher! If this madness continues we will be observing alot of silent moments yahan 🙈😬😐😱 #2minsilence


    • Oh, btw, did you notice the interior decorating.. who did the decorating?? It was obvious they had randomly furnished an empty house .. the kitchen where the bhabhis discussed all the khana was brand new .. there were random sofas in the hallways, the golden sofa in Sa’ad’s room looked it came from Nida’s talk show and there were three pankhas going on in the front porch at dawn, and then in the next frame they were all off .. and who goes for shikar wearing dress shoes?? Uff so much randomness!!


      • @SZ ok just read the link.. Im speechless! I mean even if they r trying to tackle the gawahi issue a) whats the point in this stupid twist? B) how can anyone be so daft to fall in this situation in the first place And c) gawahi issue is no joke – its a serious religious matter. Drama makers are no scholars to be passing judgement on such sensitive matters. D ) whilst dealing with such sensitive material they cant mix matters and make mockery out of sanctity of nikah. And lastly its important not to mix and confuse social and religious issues. Whilst there is room for discussion in social matters, religious opinions, beliefs and rulings are personal and sacred . They need to be handled with alot of sensitivity.

        Sohai’s other venture u mentioned also had complicated issues regarding nikah with various point of views. Dramas and entertainment industry in general are in no place to pass judgement and rulings on such complicated matters.

        I didnt realize ppl actually liking this?! Like you said thats even more dangerous – playing with young minds. They are rooting for this fantasy, rather than seeing what went horribly wrong! #worrying 😱


      • Re decoration : after the latest ep woh tou bhool hi gai! It looked like a furniture store (outlet) with random furniture and odd sofa sets all over the house! That gold armchair thing was so ugly!

        I was watching this fascinating documentry yday abt driverless cars – duniya kahan ja rahi hau.. Aur yahan abb apparently buying cars is bilkul out – buying horses is the new big thing.. talk abt regression spne yahan!! (Waise for a billionaire didnt that kitchen snd interior look very modest.. iss se acha tou aunties ka kitchen tha)


    • @FA.. hahaha @ crazy aunties feeding him.. uff tht scene where salwa feeding him.. it was really eww.. fracture bhi nh hua tha bande ko.. and treating him like sadiyon ka beemar..


  4. @FA: Thank you for the comment – I was begining to think I was the only who watched and was perhaps over reacting – shukriya for reassuring me ke I am not alone.

    Exactly!! I too was all set to designate this as my next guilty pleasure .. magar yeh to kuch chichoon ki maliyan type drama hai …The twist is soo disgusting ke had nahin .. but you know I was reading comments on various fora and ppl (read impressionable tweens) are all sighing over the chemistry between Azfar & Sohai .. I dont know what the people in decision making positions are smoking but this can only be seen as entertainment if you are totally out of it .. I guess paisa ka nasha kafi sar charh ke bol raha hai yahan .. its all abt TRPs and bas .. who cares if they are messing around with young minds … yeh sab khayal us waqt aata hai jab they have a sponsor… bas phir then we get lectures about the impact of TV and about dramas being agents of change … aone kharche pe they can only produce such bakwas … That this is an MD Production has me disgusted. They have surely lost me as an audience the next time they hold press conferences about their sponsored social issues waley dramey.

    Even production wise this does not look like an MD Production ..

    You asked about social issues, I have linked it above but basically according to her its about a woman’s gawahi holds no value in our culture


  5. So…because I saw that you had posted a review for this show, I watched both episodes last night.

    I feel kinda dumb, because I didn’t really understand it all! I spent three hours researching what “adhi gawahi” meant and why it was a social justice issue. I think I get it now, although it seems to be a fairly controversial/serious religious issue and I feel like TV dramas are maybe not the best forum to shed light on this sort of topic.

    Where is the plot headed anyway? I’m worried that it’s some sort of naqli nikah becomes real nikah sort of scenario, but that can’t be it. I mean, that would be a really stupid way to advance the plot, no?

    Someone please to explain the plot to me!


    • @RK: Sorry to have gotten you to spend so much researching something which really may have nothing to do with the story anyway, Yes, absolutely, TV is not the right place to air these legal questions and dramey tau bilkul hi nahin!! Hence my first aggravation. B) Lets just suppose that they have done this whole research and whatnot and are going to present it really well, why should we even begin to care when the entire problem is self-created by a stupid girl. Yes, it is the naqli nikah which is somehow asli because it had their real names and she signed a real document .. ab will follow discussions about whether it is legal or not .. .how utterly stupid is that??

      Why do our TV channels even bother showing us issues when they are actually promoting regression. Were I a conservative mother viewing this drama I would actually agree with Khaula that its better to not send your daughters to college .. keep them at home because clearly young girls have no sense nor are they learning any sense in college .. What the heck was Salwa thinking when she said qubool hai?? Surely this was not the script she had written? And then that feudal talking about not acting with na-mehram??? Such utter rubbish!!! And the precap shows even more garbage coming our way ..
      If you havent watched this, please dont, but that other nikah drama was also equally mad .. I have linked the wiki page for it .. just read the description and thank your lucky stars you didnt see that one ..

      Ab as you can see you got the plot absolutely right and it is just as stupid .. might get interesting later but I dont think I want to participate in this mockery of the art of genuine storytelling.


  6. I needed some sort of sukoon after watching these initial 2 episodes.. and oh mere tha kya.. pehli episode me tou ghin chakar bani rahi between soha and salwa.. and their mumanis and amis.. but by the end of 2nd epi.. i had my mouth wide open.. what did i just watch.. so hamdan says k cant act with na mehram…mehrm hona chahiyae.. didn’t this strike any chord with salwa and co.. then salwa madam saying agr mujhe kuch acha na laga tou edit karwa lungi . Like was she serious .. what was she thinking k mehram kaise banegi.. nakli nikkah se🤦‍♀️ and then with real names nikkah was going on.. and she is cool with it.. totally unbelievable..

    I read the links u shared SZ… and this concept is not at all applicable to get dramatized.. so agree with @FA.. religious matters shouldn’t be touched…


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