Humraahi Hum Chale ~ Fawad Khan & Mahira Khan ~ Fan Made Video

I don’t know about you all but after wading through a slew of recycled dramas with ghissey pitttey concepts and cut-paste scripts I was in need of some fun and fresh stuff to watch.

Thanks to Twitter I came across this fab fan-made video. If you are a Fawad Khan and Mahira Khan fan and love their pairing then this is pure gold. But even if you are not just watch this and applaud the vidder, Maha. Kya concept and kya talent!

Bas ab main aur kuch nahin boloongi, khawateen aur hazraat aap zara yeh check karein

Maha, bhai wah!! Maza aa gaya!

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  1. Yaaar this is absouletly brilliant…maaan the editing is beyond amazing.. Maha you are magician.. songs selections the scenes.. i mean everything is so awesome.. loveeed loved and loved it.. and this made me miss these 2 and their rocking chemistry..

    Thanku SZ for sharing with us.. isnt Maha the same who once made movie trailer on SS and FK? That you shared here as well?


  2. Wow. That was terrific! Props to the vidder indeed. 😀

    Also, I see I’m not the only fish that can be easily reeled in with FK-shaped bait, lol.


    • Haha! Bas see I am trying to cater to all my readers’s likes and dislikes 😉

      I am typically not a fan of VMs, but when you see something really hatke then I’m totally hooked.
      And if you havent already do check out the link I posted above, in response to Rehmat, that is another of my faves!

      And catch up please with Teri Raza (hashtag special request) need you to weigh in on Sarmad’s brown suit .. seems to have caught everybody’s eye 😉


  3. This is simply amazing; so what is this’;? Is something in pipeline? Besides after watching ths I again have to say that Fawad who always looks flawless certainlg didn’t look his best in Khoobsurat


    • Hey Ruba
      No, this is a fan made video, merging scenes from various projects that Fawad & Mahira have already done .. the vidder’s editing skills are applause worthy.


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