Teri Raza ~ Episode 1 Review

Written by Naila Ansari, directed by Aabis Raza and produced by Big Bang Entertainment, the much awaited and anticipated Teri Raza opened its account on ARY Digital today. First off, it is great to have Sanam Baloch back and is a pleasure watching her onscreen. Setting aside the Sanam factor, the first episode failed to live up to the hype created around this project.

A largely derivative affair, Teri Raza is the story of Suhana, a young chirpy college student beloved by her parents Zafar and Talat. Theirs is a happy household where the dadi rules the roost and every decision is made only after performing an istikhara. Suhana is a hopeless romantic who dreams of being wooed in an ishq wala love kind of style. Suhana’s romantic fantasies are given further fuel by her maid Manzura, who seems to hold a PhD in matters of the heart.

In sharp contrast to the relaxed atmosphere in Suhana’s household, Sultan and Tanveer live a stress-filled life. Apart from financial worries there are also concerns about their only son Ramiz, a self-absorbed young man who is lot more complicated than he lets on. Ramiz is Suhana’s class fellow, and though he teases her and she calls him a narcissist they profess to be in love with each other.

Imtiaz’s entry in this story stirs the pot. He is Suhana’s cousin and has returned to Pakistan after spending several years abroad. He remembers her as a chubby child and she calls him presently overweight in return. Repartee aside, Suhana promises to help Sitara, Imtiaz’s mother, find a suitable bahu for her not-so-young son.

As was obvious from the promos there is not much new about this love triangle. That said, I had hoped to see a fresh approach in terms of story telling but I am disappointed. Every single cliché was played out here and not too elegantly at that. Sanam and Shahroz both got their filmy entry, but while Sanam was able to work her way through the typical azaan and alarm intro, Shahroz’s college hunk wali entry was a complete washout. Try as he might Shahroz does not fit the bill as a cool dude, a heartthrob who college girls are majorly crushing over.

And speaking of college girls, where and who are these chichoris so excited about a pack of chocolates?!? And why this need to show Sanam and Shahroz as college students? Both look much older and would have been so much more believable if they had been colleagues at work or some such. Matters are further messed up due to zip zilch chemistry between the two. The only place where Shahroz left an impression was with his dancing skills.

All was not lost though. Where the Suhana and Ramiz pairing flickered and fizzled, Suhana and Imtiaz’s chemistry made for an interesting watch. Sanam and Sarmad’s pairing works quite nicely, Sarmad’s brown suit not so much. Among other characters, sequences with Suhana’s family were nice and made me happy to see normal people on TV for change. Infact these and the scenes with Sitara and Imtiaz were the best part of the episode. Ramiz and his family’s track was a complete washout.

Teri Raza was originally entitled Istikhara, and after the first 20+ references to this word it is easy to see why. I wish someone had cut down on the constant references, we get the point, trust me. In terms of acting, Sanam, despite not fitting the bill as college student, was so much fun to watch.  Shahroz might make an impression at a late stage but for now – no. It is good to see Sarmad back on-screen. Tanveer Jamal, Shaheen Khan and Ayesha Khan made for a believable family unit. Shamim Hilali makes me want to adopt her every time I see her onscreen, and I am disappointed to see Tara Mehmood wasted as Ramiz’s mother. Oh, and jatey jatey Manzura ke hair and makeup ko salam... I am beyond impressed with such a made up maid.

Pros and cons considered this was an average opening. Let’s see what is in store for us next week. So, this was my take… what did you all think? Kitnon ko Shah Rukh Khan ki yaad ayi? 

Written by SZ~
Teri Raza ~ OST ~ Ali Sethi

44 replies

  1. I quite agree with you…v.predictable story indeed.. i was excited and looking forward to Sarmads entry.. knowing that he is one of the factors beside SB to watch this drama.. wasnt disappointed.. both SB n sK were really good.. not so happy with SS n SB track.. seems fake.. maza nh aaya.. n yes u r so right.. getting happy on dairy milk chocolate.. please 2 min silence for those girls 🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️

    Istikhara pe itna zor tha k its easy to get where story will go..for now i am like itna maza bhi nh aaya nai hie itna bura laga.. so will see how it goes next week..

    Hahaha omg tht maid.. she was more dressed up than ghar k maalik.. seriously.. n how after all household work she was still so tip top.. haalat he


    • @Rehmat: “getting happy on dairy milk chocolate.. please 2 min silence for those girls 🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️”



  2. This seems like a comeback cast project.. from tanveer jamal to lady playing dadi and ofcourse the lead.. admittedly i’m only watching this for SB and SK and if hum dil de chike sanam is anything to go by Im really hoping that we will have a big chunk of Ramiz-free eps . didnt like salman khan and not enjoying shahroz either!
    Re chochori dostain : that seems to be the in thing.. drooling over a driver in A31 or dribbling over cheepo chocolates.. honestly where domthey dream up these scenarios!
    And talking of chichorpan.. Ramiz’s entry wasnt short of that.. red car, red tshirt and a phooldar jacket! I needed to pull out my sunglasses! That was red overload going on there. Red Alert!!!!

    Speaking of entry the opening had every single formula used.. azan, city overview, namaz and then the alarm to wake up the sleeing beauty.. all this followed by a nashta ki table where istakhara was served ss main course.. a new perspective to healthy wholesome breakfast!

    SK SB chemistry I enjoyed. When I had first heard abt their pairing I wasnt so sure but today that was the best thing abt the show and Im quite looking forward to more of their scenes together . I liked how SK’s character is not a kharoos uncle type older match, but there is still a freshness and slight humour attached to him. I enjoyed the light banter. It worked here.. was it Sarmad playing his magic here? Or was it just me thinking his scenes stood out and had a different feel and direction altogether?
    Overall not impressed so far but I’ll watch for SB and Sk and looking forward to hopefully a good few Ramiz free chapters to this saga – fingers and toes crossed!

    Oh and that brown suit was awful!!! If and when they get married Suhana should throw that out at once!!!

    Acha seeing that cast is a big thing in this project, it is also the most disappointing thing for me.. Ramiz and co – the whole family didnt work at all for me.. so my question is who wouldve made a better choice for Ramiz’s role?


      • Haan i was actually thinking of him after posting the comment…quite a match! wasnt he her younger brother in daastan?
        What abt either of the two brothers of Yaqeen ka safar?


        • Oh Shaz Khan would be amazing as ramiz.. not sure abt Ahad Mir.. he looks bacha abhi..

          Oh i didnt watch daastan.. sorry.. no idea abt it


          • I was thinking ahad would fit better as a student.. though shaz khan would make a better match.. btw they should’ve refrained from Sanam’s close ups with full make up, she looks alot older that way. Her wardrobe adds to the younger feel/look, close ups take that edge away. Although not fan of the entire wardrobe i did like a few pcs and they helped shed a few years.. I liked her gharara pants outfit in the chai ki trolley scene..


            • Haan as a student tou perfect but paired with sanam tou uska chota bhai nh lagega because i too felt in closeups sanam looked older.. like in confession scene after ramis left n she put her hands in ‘omg style’.. her hands revealed k ye early 20s walon k nh he.. call me mean but thts wht i caught my eye instantly.. so yea u r very much right. Oh yaar same here loved her outfit in chai scene… even mehndi wali dress was strictly ok


          • Ufff aik tou fazool mein uss larke par marr rahi main ooper se bekar si chocolates parr bhi… i mean hadd hai yaar! And who walks around with so many chocs with them anyway.. and didnt anyone tell these 5 yr olds dont take sweets from anyone – and certainly noone dodgy who has Red Alert written all over them!


            • OMG! FA! You make me laugh so much! Ah man! Seems like we need this drama to liven up things around here. Honestly, these dramas need to go visit some colleges and see how evolved students have become since the dark ages … I mean where where are such characters coming from?!? I dont know what annoyed me more – the entry wala outfit or the entry way mein baithi larkiyan .. kafi tough competition hai ..


            • Hahah n reason kya tha cuz he came after 6 days.. like dude.. 6 days the 6 years nh.. n all tht missing n un larkion ki ankhon me glow.. in a way i know 6 day.. 6 saal lagte he when heart throb of college or your crush comes after gap🤣🤣

              Rofl @ red alert.. u cracked me up seriously.. too good 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣


            • @SZ re entry main bethi larkian : haina! And what was that footprint on the jeans all abt? If it was a way to mark the hero entry it certainly left one in a bad wayyy!!!


            • @Rehmat re 6 days : there’s def somthing really dodgy in those chocolates! These girls are high and hooked on something funny – and this stuff def makes them delusional.. Aise hi bare mana nahin karte…


    • FA u and ur fun comments are best thing on DRNR after SZ’s reviews.. seriously that floral jacket and hero entry made me nauseated..
      HIGHLY DISAPPOINTED (forgive me, but i wanted to write this in bold too)


      • Awww thanks! Its good to have you back! Haina! That floral jacket paired with red and the red car in the background was just too much!!!


      • @Atty: Aww! I totally get you, re: writing in bold .. there were such high expectations, nahin? Sirf entry nahin, the whole hero track kinda fell flat in a big way 😦


    • @FA: I think there was some confusion about Ramiz, as in which Khan he was supposed to be channeling .. some cues were from SRK’s repertoire – DDLJ, K3G and Kuch Kuch and then of course we have Salman Khan, quintessential hunk of Bollywood .. afsos all signals got scrambled and we ended up with an #OOTD that didnt quite make the cut. But khair his fan club was happy and phir they got phoren ke chocolates tau bas ..

      Honestly such utter nonsense with the Ramiz character. But then on the other hand we had the Sanam Sarmad pair and you are exactly right: the vibe was completely different. Their scenes had thehrav, even in Suhana’s family scenes the actors all looked comfortable and relaxed with each other and there was a palpable sense of purpose there, something completely missing from the Ramiz track. It was very bipolar in that respect and one can only wonder about the reasons for the difference. i get that they wanted to show a very different atmosphere for that family but this was like we were seeing two different directors. Lets see how things pan out over the course of the next few eps ..

      LOL! Lets get Suhana a copy of Mari Kondo’s “The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up: The Japanese Art of Decluttering and Organizing” as a wedding present. Imtiaz needs a re-organizing of his closet ASAP.

      See part of the casting problem is because Sanam does not look as young as say a Sajal. Remember Sajal and Shahroz made an okay pair in that bakery wala drama. Then Sajal would also make a good pair with Feroze Khan, who then would look young against Sarmad. But with Sanam, its kinda hard to match her up with younger boys, because they all look younger than her, and despite all the talk about Imtiaz’s age, Sarmad actually made a good pair with Sanam, a much more believable pairing than her with Shahroz. We are all hating on Shahroz, when really it all goes back to him being miscast here. We are talking about Daniyal R, but he wouldn’t look as young as the script demands this Ramiz to be .. but yes he would be great with Sanam.
      I think the easiest way wouldbe been to have ditched the college track and shown them to be relatively recent grads working in an advertising firm (another drama cliche) .. wouldve made so much more sense ..


      • @SZ re casting vs change of setting : haan thats true. But then the age difference between suhana and imtiaz would’ve seemed much smaller which from my understanding is also a key to the plot.. but i suppose a young, more hip sort of carear like advertising wouldve solved that.. shes studying drama or theatre tou they could’ve been doing something along those lines..


      • Re wardrobe : i think after they get married they will get rehaul for both sb and sk. Looking at the promos Sb ki kurtis will be replaced with more grown up kurtas and Sk’s three pc brown suits from abbas generation will be toned down to trousers paired with shirts and some kurtas.. so the magic of life changing tydying up seems to be in place lol – dadi’s wedding present after istakhara.


        • Waisey that book is about de-cluttering your life and I think before she gets to Imtiaz’s wardrobe, Suhana should throw Ramiz out of her life ASAP. Forget about his personality, his wardrobe is enough reason to dump him as a boyfriend.


  3. ‘Who are these chichoris so excited about..’ 😂 SZ, There are certain words in Urdu that can never be translated, thanks for making me laugh so hard.


    • @Tzclick: Haha! Glad to have been of some service 😉

      And welcome to DRNR – lovely to hear from another friend .. please do join in our convos, I think you would fit in well.. would love to hear more from you 🙂


  4. Who told producers and director that Sanam Baloch could still play college girl? I thought Shehroz Sabzwari is in love with 10 years older woman. She was trying hard to play a younger girl which she is clearly not.
    There were also many technical problems throughout the episode. No day-to-night transitions, bad lighting and Sanam Baloch.
    P.S. I think Sarmad’s brown suit was nice!


    • @Khizer: Hey! What a pleasant surprise to hear from you – thanks for dropping by and weighing in with your expert opinion re: technical issues.. you are, but of course, spot on. I thought the lighting was harsh and unflattering for Sanam, but hesitated to mention it because just that morning, in her morning show, Sanam made a special point to praise the DoP for his lighting and for making her look so good on screen!

      Hahaha!! I love how the brown suit has taken on a life all its own .. become quite the talk of the town 😉

      Hope you’ve been well .. What’s coming up next from you? The last project I had seen of yours was Nadia’s Geo drama, but that print was so bad ke it was hard to make out anything 😦


      • I’ve no clue what happened with Nadia’s project in post production! I did Sung-e-Mar Mar for Hum TV after that but it was an year ago. Recently completed a movie. It’s called “Verna” by Shoaib Mansoor. Was suppose to release on Eid but got delayed. Looking forward for your comments/suggestions on it.


        • Oh of course SeMM — and I even reviewed it and commented on it being your work. Sorry for being such a space cadet 🤦🏻‍♀️
          Ah! Good to know abt Verna. Will watch it with higher expectations now. In Manto your work was all kinds of fabulous – has set the bar very high!


  5. SZ…you are on a roll girl!! So many reviews in such a short time… “Applause” Just for the fact you actually took time to watch all these first episodes. I did not like the trailer of this drama unfortunately the story is pretty obvious so I am going to pass, but if you do keep reviewing this I will keep reading and who knows I may jump on at a later stage. P.S. Why o Why is Sheroz Sabswari still trying to act? He should retire like Abishek Bachan…not sure who is the worse actor…this is proof acting does not run in the blood.LOL

    Did you happen to see the previews of Yaar e Bewafa? The Sara Khan story looks interesting…what do you think?


  6. Wow, SZ, you are on a roll with this new season of dramas! I can barely keep up, but power to you!

    This is kind of an interesting comeback vehicle for Sanam Baloch. She’s so talented that I thought she’d have picked something with a bit more meat to it, but it’s pretty obvious where the plot is headed. Khair, it was nice to see her on screen again, and she was fine in her scenes. I think she’s definitely too old to play a college student though, especially one with stars in her eyes for the college Romeo type. (The makeup folks didn’t do her any favors either. I swear she looked ghostly pale in one scene and then weirdly glowing in the next).

    As for the aforesaid Romeo, agar chichora hero hi banna tha toh kamaskam apne Zaroon se kuch seekh liya hota! As it is, Ramiz was badly in need of some Kashaf level putdowns, lol. I’m not too impressed with Shahroz Sabzwari as an actor, but in the quiet moments when he didn’t have any dialogs, he was actually sort of okay, so maybe if the rest of his scenes just have him emoting quietly in the background?

    Also, all the talk above of hero entries made me think of this (which still makes me laugh to the point of tears):

    Finally, we come to the reason why I’m even watching this show (aside from your review, that is): Sarmad Khoosat, who shall be known henceforth as Sarmad the Suit. 😉 I enjoyed the banter between his character and Sanam’s character, and they actually have pretty decent chemistry. I’m guessing that the brown suit was meant to convey Imtiaz’s advanced age, but honestly, he didn’t seem that much older than Suhana in that scene. Of the suit itself, the less said the better, lol. Hopefully Sarmad the Suit will get a much snappier wardrobe in future episodes. 😉


    • @RK: Haha! I’m trying to keep up, ab lets see how long my good intentions last!

      Ramiz quietly hovering around in the background – haan woh ho sakta hai .. emoting, Idk
      Ramiz in need of Kashaf level putdowns.. absolutely!! You hit the nail on the head
      I was waiting for someone to bring up the “original” hero entry ever since I wrote it in the review and there you are . . and of course Im not surprised its you 😉 you are totally deserving of a “pankhi of the year” award
      and finally, Sarmad the Suit.. wah wah wah.. watercooler aap ka hua!!


  7. @SZ and DRnRs Peeps. Greetings from India everyone. I am sorely behind but have just caught up on this first episode. Enjoyed your review SZ and everyone’s comments. I too decided to watch it because of SB and of course SZ’s Tweet. You (all) have said it all.
    So I must confess that the DRnRs discussion was actually the best part of this episode for me!
    Wishing you all a great summer. Hope to check in again soon.


    • Hello hello! *hugs* How’ve you been? Hope your work is coming along good.

      Re: Teri Raza, spot on .. I too think our convos will be the real takeaway from this serial 😃
      Keep in touch as and when you can 😘


      • @SZ and all
        PS: I neglected to add what I did in fact enjoy; Ali Sethi’s OST.

        @SZ hugs right back. Too much happening here yaar. Writing is slow – good days and slow days in the field, but the good days remind me how much I love it.


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