Tau Dil Ka Kiya Hua ~ Episode 1 Review


aur bhi ghum hain zamane mein muhabbat ke siwa
rahatein aur bhi hain vasl ki rahat ke siva

Not sure if the intention was to challenge Faiz, but first episode of Tau Dil Ka Kiya Hua seemed geared towards exactly that.

Written by Khalil ur Rehman Qamar, directed by Shahid Shafaat and co-produced by Momina Duraid, Tariq Shah, Sana Shahnawaz, and Samina Humayun Saeed, the serial opened with an introduction to Faris Chawla, a softhearted businessman, whose wife no longer wants to live with him and is seeking a divorce. Maya has moved back with her parents not because Faris is an awful man or some such, but because she wants to be with Saif, an old flame now back in her life.

For his part, though disappointed, Faris seems to have accepted his wife’s decision with a lot more equanimity than those around him, particularly Daria who seems to have an emotional stake in Faris’ well-being. His Siraj uncle, however, seems to have a lot more experience in such matters and counsels Faris to move on.

Unlike Faris, Saif, the person at the center of this maelström, is not an easily likeable man. While their daughter professes to love him, Maya’s parents are not quite as taken with Saif, a man with secrets. Is Saif really in love with Maya or is he using her for his own nefarious purposes? While we wait for an answer for that one, for now the term ‘ishq mein andhi is perfectly suited for Maya.

A third angle to the triangle is introduced with Muzna. While her exact relationship to the three leads is unclear she is definitely not a Maya fan. Muddying the waters farther is a pre-existing business rivalry between Faris’ family and Muzna’s parents. The episode ends with Saif leaving us with a very strong hint that Maya’s happily-ever-after dreams are destined to be shattered. When and how this will happen is what the serial is all about.

As far as first episodes go, this was an interesting opening, a hat ke kind of an introduction raising more questions than were answered, and I enjoyed the intrigue thus created. That said, this is not a thriller, at least not at this early a stage, so I don’t get the need for the constant (and loud)musical reminders to that end. Moreover, Khalil sahab is an experienced writer who knows how to keep audiences engaged, and the opening is a testament to that, but I really wish he would try his hand at something other than shaadi, pyar, muhabbat and talaq type stories. I don’t know about you all, but I was bored after the umpteenth mention of shaadi and talaq. Yes, there was a lot of repitition in this very talk filled episode.

Among the actors, Sami Khan was easily the pick of the lot. Ayeza Khan looks pretty, but acts distant and emotionally detached. Despite all that Maya was saying I was hardpressed to believe her claim, that she loved Saif to the extent that she was willing to risk it all. Zahid Ahmed’s Saif did not work at all for me either. He and Ayeza have absolutely no chemistry and their scenes together were very long and boring. Rehan Sheikh and Mansha Pasha are personal faves so am looking forward to seeing more of them. This is the first time time I have seen Hira Hussain and am intrigued about her Muzna.

As a director Shahid Shafaat did well in terms of unfolding a complicated begining, but I so wish he had cut the long winded scenes. I hope as we go along there will be less talking and repitition, shorter scenes and the background music will not be quite as in your face. Also, Im not quite sure if it was just the print I was watching but why was everything so orangey/red?

All in all this was a decent opening, not something that kept me glued but I did walk away wanting to know more know about these characters and their motivations. Aap logon ne dekha? Kaisa laga?

Written by SZ~

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  1. So i watched this with least expectations and it was exactly like that.. not upto mark.. opening episode was different.. kind of intriguing k ke chakar kya he but few minutes in and all i could hear was Talak and vo tum se bohat mohabat karta he.. i was literally annoyed with such repeatitons… and to be honest i cant find the charm in Khalil ur Rehman Qamar writings.. MNYH was enjoyable because of hina bayat track and MJ direction.. after that hie MTSNH is nightmare… SZ i agree with you ..about exploring new topics now..

    Dont think will follow this.. may be on off k dekhun ab kis ki shadi kis k saath hui he or kiski talaq hui he.. because neither the cast is compelling enough to make me watch nor the characters..

    I think tomorrow airs Teri Raza.. for this hopes are high..lets see

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    • @Rehmat: Thank you my friend for keeping me company as we trial out these new dramas 🙂
      Shukar! I thought I was the ony one kinda not getting into the feel of the whole thing, despite this having an interesting way of opening the story.

      Did the screen look orange/yellow on your end too? I think that was a contributing factor as well .. warna often times I can sit thru stuff simply because it is aesthetically pleasing.

      Yes, Teri Raza tomorrow – fingers crossed for that one!

      Did you have a chance to catch up on Shadi Mubarak? Wih kaisa laga?

      Btw, where’s everybody else? Are we the only ones watching these days?


      • Ummm i am not sure about screen being orange or yellow.. quite poor in observing such things🤦‍♀️

        aray yar i have watched only 15 mins of shadi mubarak.. thora ffwd me dekh lun tou atleast kuch comment kar sakun🙈🤣

        Seriously bilkul khali khali lag raha he.. sab kahan bi bhayee VZ, FA, RK, Seher… no fun without u all


        • Hey! @Rehmat, @SZ Aap ne yaad kiya hum
          Hazir 😉.. honestly it seems like forever! Missed this place. Oh and belated Eid mubarak to everyone!

          I was away on holiday. Saw ur post alert at the airport yday and was surprised to see SZ reviewing a drama with a title like that !… and u know i always read the reviews after watching.. Hadn’t seen any teasers or promos so I had no idea before taking the plunge – except whatever the title gave away..

          almost gave up after 15 min – which had already told me that the lines were typically KUR and hence the zaroorat se ziada ishq wala love ki entry along with a (non)healthy dose of shadi and talaq…
          like you said there was something abt it that was intriguing and for the first time ever I actually liked watching Sami Khan – eventhough he is playing a typical KUQ superhero – the Ishq-man . Abb I guess I’m past the age where supernatural powers create much excitement for me; or perhaps its the way shadi and talaq were being handled so casually that it put me off.
          Dunno why but Mansha Pashas track reminded me of her track in MNYH – the sidekick.. the partner in crime suffering ishq-ba- mushaqqat , ishq- ba-jamaat… we also have our typical heroine who just doesnt appreciate the super hero ki super magnetic powers (shano from ST was an exception) … we have the villains who are dushmanan-e-ishq.. Seemi Pasha track seemed off but her daughter’s track seemed to have an interesting twist – and although Zahid Ahmed seemed a bit distant I thought his track has dark intriguing side to it – but afsos all this still doesn’t seem compelling enough to tune back in next week – maybe in a few weeks ; if that. Waise bhi its KUR so we know akhir kar ishq zindabad and happy ending or not muhabbat amr ho hi jae gi.. lol

          I also noticed the orange tinge to the print but it was intermittent.

          @Rehmat Having said all of above I have to admit to my guilty pleasure these days – MTSNH 🙈 . Its so bad that its kinda good I guess. 🙈🙈 . I actually dont understand why Im even watching it.. everyone is totally farigh and got nothing better to do except playing cricket.. but somehow i find myself tuning in every other week to catch up on their non-existent lives. Sad right?! 🙈


          • @FA!!! You’re back!!! *Does a happy dance*
            Yaar aap sab logon ne itni aadat kharab kar di hai ke its not fun till all you guys plus more are here .. bas no more ghayab-ing allowed!! And @VZ had better come back and @RK and @Seher and every other friend needs to watch along – bas thats that #SZKeFarmaan ;D


          • @FA. Dude seriously missed you.. n see how amazing your comemts are.. always mazedar 😁..

            Reg. MTSNH… hahaha@ plays cricket.. i watched tht epi jis me they were playing cricket n to my utter surprise apa bi or whts her name Saba faisal plays tht character .. itni old aged bandi ko wicket keeper bana dya 😲 or was she umpire 🤣.. guilty pleasure he tou phir theek he.. cyz my guilty pleasures are even worse
            Than this drama LOL…


            • What is khaali haath? And why you watching it akele akele? Batana chahiye tha na so that we could’ve joined you 😜


            • Re Cricket in MTSNH : oho woh tou shuru mein tha.. nano has batted and hit some sixers.. and apparently thats how she got her baal safaid – by playing cricket in dhoop! And im not making this up – that was actually in the last ep!!
              Mere baal tou yeh dekh ke hi sufaid hone shuru ho gae hain!


            • FA.. nooo seriously..hahaha..by the reviews i read i thought nano chess ki champion hongj with all plotting n planning

              Rofl @ mere baal safaid shuru hone🤣🤣🤣🤣 omg i cant stop laughing


    • *Sharmoes* Bas behen ab what to say kabhi ghuroor nahin kiya 😉
      Asal mein I know just a handful of couplets baqi tau bas truck rickshay type she’r aatey hain 😉


  2. @SZ Khali Haath is so called famous drama which is running high on trp charts… so now on mondays its tough competition between YRD, Khali Haath n Sun yaara 🙈🤣🤣

    Drama based on saali jeeja relationship,, how jeeju has gandi nazar on saali… we have Kiran haq,Aeeman khan,shehzad sheikh and Abbas Ali ( son of waseem abbas)

    Hahaha haye i was so embarrassed to tell… 😜🤣🤣


    • @Rehmat Re khali hath : Saali jeeju relationship & gandi nazar.. that seems to have all the trp masala . 🙈😱📈


      • @FA. Oh bhayee aur kya . N aur tou aur 20 epis hogaye hain.. saali ne abhi tk nhn bataya apni behn aur maa ko abt jeeju ka tharakpan n aur tou aur usi jeeju ki baaton me akar now shukking apna sweet sa husband n apni un married sis.. k ye bhi yahi karaha hoga.. i know.. u can kill me 🤣🤣🙈🤣


        • @rehmat sirf is lia bata rai hun ka you’ll feel better I am also following khali haath with a hope ka is mein khuch different hojai but nai kasam ha saali sahiba ko ka aqal istamaal nai krni.


          • @asma.. thanku i actually felt better.. my goodness can you believe.. ulta tum zobia api ko bachao unke tharki husband he.. tum umaima k peeche par gaye.. ulti ganga beh rahi he seriously n why are they dragging so much..i thought shaddi k baad kuch different hoga.. but ye tou qisa hie aur shuru hogya🤦‍♀️


  3. WOW! i checked the page today and found ek nahi, do nahi, ikathay 4 drama reviews.. doosri Eid ho gae ye tau..
    i checked this one, better than other dramas started this week, but after MTSNH i dont think i have the patience to sit through another heavy duty dialogues filled Love story..


    • Atty: Bas dekh lo kabhi eid kabhi nagha isi ko kehtey hain 😉 And not 4 but 5 reviews! yes, I have been absent for a bit but have decided to get back in the mode so the new plan is to give every new drama – or at least most of them – one go atleast then we’ll choose ke kya continue rakhna hai …

      Acha, I havent seen MTSNH, but this one was just so talk talk talk ke bas dimagh mein dard ho gaya .. and yeh loag ki duniya mein rehte hain ke they are only obsessed with their own and each others’ love lives.. clearly they all need new hobbies!


  4. SZ I only watched this because of you LOL. You were trying to rally the troops so I decided chalo dekh letain hain and I was surprised that I actually liked this 🙂 especially because I hated the first episode of MTSNH. The trailers for this were not great and you are absolutely right that Maya and Saif are just boring and well Aiza Khan is a bad actor in my opinion so can’t say more there. All the other cast was effective. I like Mansha Pasha too and Rehan Sheikh was in his element. Also enjoyed Usma Peerzada’s dialogues. I think I will keep watching this. Looking forward to you reviews.


    • @Seher: LOL! Yaar, ab what to do .. ek taraf everybody says do more reviews then but then doosri taraf if I have to watch ek ke ba’ad ek drama akele akele tau then there is no point – so basically more reviews means more dramas that all you guys have to watch.. acha na lage tau koi nahin1 .. we are just trying them out at this point .. no emotional investment called for at this point.

      Ab see, you actually found something interesting in a play you would’ve normally not watched. I have to say I’m also beginning to have fun with this process of trying things I would typically not watch… so lets keep trialing 🙂

      And thank you for holding my hand through this trialing process – much appreciated 😀


  5. First off, a big hello to FA! Welcome back. 😊

    So, SZ, I tried to watch this and fell asleep halfway through the episode! I think that says more about my levels of exhaustion than the drama though. I’ll give it another try over the weekend.

    Also, this isn’t the fault of this particular drama, although the plot did trigger these thoughts: I’m just a little bit tired of the shaadi-talaq route that many stories are taking these days. I have this (maybe naive?) faith in marriage as a social institution, and it kind of bothers me that characters on TV shows don’t try harder, if that makes any sense.


    • @RK: I was not exhausted when I started, but 10-15 mins in I wanted to go sleep… had I not made up my mind to review it I wouldn’t have been able to sit through it. And this is not to say its bad, its just that the whole pkg is so badly presented and the repetition is so much that its hard to remember the good stuff.

      And yes, it did make a mockery of shaadi talaq and what not .. Other dramas are doing it too, but this one was just crazy … who ever heard of talaq in a week, and that too after a six month long marriage, which was a slapdash affair on a rebound .. .taubah my head is spinning just from remembering this … Also, I dont know how many KURQ dramas you have seen but he has stock characters in stock situations, and they are only concerned about love, marriage and divorce, and they all talk about this stuff as if its the norm. And if you watch his dramas regularly then you will see how each drama is a cut-paste from his other dramas ..

      It will be interesting to hear what you think the second time around 🙂


    • @RK thanks for such a warm welcome 😊 . I should do this more often 😉
      I mustve watched it in sleep mode becuase i missed so many key details like rehan sheikh wasnt the dad and how long that marriage lasted etc.. i just manged to detect KURQ ‘stock’ material (as SZ put it).. and yes like you I didnt appreciate how shadi amd talaq were being handled so casually. Aur abb jaise sundays inhin kamon ke liye reh gae hain?!.. try harder tou aik taraf yahan tou its a being handled as a complete joke.. chat shadi patt talaq aik taraf , magar jo talaq de woh na khae na piye na soe.. aur bechara ghalti se kar le kuch tou duniya pareshan ke kion khaya kion soya?! I mean life should end with divorce for him right?! zindagi ajeeran hona taken to whole new level! Lol .. hadd hai yaar! magar bass only KURQ’s super heroes can hadle such pressure with such grace 😉


      • Oh, and lets not forget the sexism in the scripts … there is atleast one bitter/angry/frustrated/bezar woman in his dramas. someone who is always in a complicated relationship with an ex-boyfriend .. case in point ST, MNYH …


      • @FA: hahahaha too good k kyn khaya kyn soya.. i remember even in zara yaad kar.. good 2 episodes were dedicated on.. k how on earth after giving divorce he is smiling.. jise talaq hui vo khush jisne di vo b theek hogya but side mashooqa gets worried like heck.. n yumna was beyond bad in zyk… uff


  6. @FA and Rehmat…. Thanks for the good laughs on your comments lol… I guess I am blessed I only watched MNYH so far from KURQ and that too because of Mehreen Jabbar…he has always seemed a bit overrated to me. I never understood the hype around Mere Pyare Afzal…. Now he wrote the script of the new Humayun Saeed Movie Main Punjab Nahin Jaongi… did anyone see the trailer…. seems also a repetition of a few drama’s combined.


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