Shadi Mubarak Ho ~ Episode 1 Review

Two back to back great telefilms and I was lulled into a false sense of hope: Perhaps I had been too cynical … perhaps all was not lost … perhaps there was hope of better things coming our way … perhaps … perhaps …

And then I watched the first episode of Shadi Mubarak Ho.

Written by Yasir Hussain and directed ‘n produced by Wajahat Rauf this latest shadi-themed serial opened its account on ARY Digital on Thursday. Billed as a lighthearted entertainer, Shadi Mubarak Ho revolves around the issue of Nyle’s shadi, jo ho ke nahin de rahi despite his mother and phupho’s best efforts.

While Nyle’s nitpicky mother is going crazy, and quickly driving others to that point as well, trying to find the perfect girl for her only son, the son in question is busy playing driver for his friend’s wife’s cousin. What ensues is supposedly a comedy of sorts, which might have been interesting conceptually but when translated on screen comes off as crass and patently un-funny.

This is Nyle’s story but in the first episode the servant, Ikhtiyar, gets more attention than the phupho, the parents, their son, his intended and the intended’s cousins all put together. And on Ikhtiyar, he was constantly referred to as a servant, but is he really one? We saw him cooking and talking about cleaning but I am yet to see a servant as well-dressed as the iklauta beta and who garners almost as much attention if not more.

Apart from Nyle’s household we were also introduced to Nyle’s best friend Ahsan, his wife Nimra and their newly arrived cousin Zoya. I’m not sure how old all these people are supposed to be but jokes about Nyle as a cancer patient can only be funny to a child. Ahsan’s constant complaints about his wife and marriage were off-putting as well. Also, while Yasir Hussain was spot on with his accent as the Pathan driver, Nyle’s behaviour with Zoya and his ensuing conversations with Ahsan about her were very troubling. And then after all that Zoya will still fall for him? Why?? It is this kind of glitzily packaged disturbing sexist content that normalizes misogyny and harrasment and contributes to regression on TV. To say I am disappointed in the Shadi Mubarak Team is putting it mildly.

With actors of the calibre of Salman Shahid and Bushra Ansari there is an unsaid expectation of quality, but none of that could be discerened from this episode. I hope as the story progresses there is more to these characters and that there is better stuff coming our way. I shall keep an eye on this serial and see how the story evolves but for now my first impression is not a positive one.

Any one else watched this first episode? What did you all think?

Written by SZ~

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    • @Sarah Jahan: Thank you for reading and commenting – good to know I wasn’t the only one not laughing. Look forward to hearing more from you on other threads.


  1. Sz, when I heard about wajahat rauf and yasir hussain behind this drama I decided to watch Karachi se Lahore. First half was decent and than it got bad so fast…it was like a spiral…I guess I don’t need to explain that I will not be watching this drama lol….although I am still curious why Saba qamar did the sequal of this horrible movie.


    • @Seher: I hear you – I also had tried to watch those movies but quickly realized they were not my cup of tea. This one I checked out because: a) I had said that I would try and review at least the first episodes of the new dramas to get feedback from you guys, as to what we should pick up to watch together; and b) I was a fan of the Baraat series, both Mohd Ahmed Sb and Vasay Ch had dome such a super job with it, that I thought ke chalo is ko try kar lete hain .. who knows ..
      Needless to say not gonna be reviewing this one again any time soon.

      Also, you had asked about O Rangreza. I checked with Saji Gul today and he says it starts around 15th July on HUM, after Yeh Raha Dil ends. Promos should start airing in the next few days.


      • @SZ thank you for the update o O Rangreza…will def watch that. Did you get around watching more of YRD? If only VC had written this drama….is he writing anything after Jackson H?


        • @Seher: Nope nothing after JH for TV. He is writing eclusively for movies now from what I gather. Yes, it would have been fab to have had VC do this one .. .atleast kuch tau sense hota and the comedy would have been way more intelligent. Baraat series, for all its problems, was never misogynistic like this.


    • @Atty: Yay!!! You’re back!! Tons of hugs for you – kaisi hain kahan hain? Hope all’s been well with you.

      Haina! I too miss Baraat series, more so when you see nonsense like this being passed of as humor. Yes, 15 mins sounds about right, had I not already decided to review this one I too wouldve walked away … :/


      • @SZ i know kuch lamba ghaib ho gae, aap bhi tau kuch regular review nahi kr rahi thi.. waisay kuch aisa chal bhi nahi raha jo regular review kiya jaye.. i am only hooked to Ye Raha Dil these days..
        BTW u r always on my mind when i am watching any desi drama with critic eye..
        Now that u r back to writing mode i hope we get something to discuss regularly. I have hopes from O Rangreza


        • @Atty: haina.. i am also hooked to Ye Raha Dil.. i am really liking how it’s been executed and performances are lovely..


          • @Rehmat oh great! so u r also following YRD.. haina? isn’t it fun to watch? Yumna and Ahmed make a lovely couple.. and u r right, credit goes to director for executing a simple story so beautifully. It reminds me of Humsafar, a straightforward story, directed and performed well.


            • @Atty: oh absouletly Yumna n Ahmed ali have rocked it big time.. love their chemistry.. yumna is so good.. her other drama Pinjra has totally different character of hers. And goodness she have nailed both characters..

              Hehe true.. though anum gohar i m not liking but that doesn’t take away my likeness for this one..


        • @Atty: Re: watching with a critical eye – I hope thats a good thing ke aap ko mera khayal us waqt rehta hai 😉

          Haan ji, I was ghayab and inactive so obvs cant expect people to show up .. but chalein ab Im back and youre back tau its all good 🙂 Ab, agar kuch acha nahin bhi hoga tau we can create our own entertaiment .. after all, all threse dramas have to be good for something at least! 😀

          Yes, IA. looking forward to O Rangreza…


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