Pyaar Ki Love Story ~ Telefilm Review

Are you tired of “issue-based” dramas? Had enough of women crying their eyes out? Fed up of heavy-duty sermons? Done with maar peet and cheekhna chilana? Looking for something lighthearted? Something humorous without being crass and in your face, sans overacting and loud music?

If you’ve nodded yes at least twice then allow me to recommend Faiza Iftikhar and Nadeem Baig’s eid telefilm Pyaar ki Love Story. I really enjoyed this one.

I am not saying ke this telefilm offers a cure for all that ails our drama industry or that it reinvents the wheel and is something hatke. Nope, none of that. There is, in fact, nothing new about this easily predictable story, but the difference lies in the telling of the said story.

Saman and Hadi are a young couple seeking to make their relationship official and for this they need their parents approval. Where Saman’s parents have no objections to this match, Hadi does not think his side of the family will be as easily agreeable. Enter Pino.

Ab why would Sher Afgan, Hadi’s uncle, have reservations? Who is Pino and why the need for her in what is essentially Saman and Hadi’s love story? How, if at all, does everything get resolved? Do Hadi and Saman get their happily ever after? In sab sawalon ke jawabon ke liye check out the telefilm.

A simple story, Pyaar ki Love Story is made eminently watchable thanks to Faiza’s witty writing – her one-liners are hilarious and the not-so-subtle digs at the entertainment industry will strike a chord with those who follow the real dramas behind the reel ones. Though the telefilm’s marketing highlighted the Urwa and Farhan Saeed pair, and they are fine here, this one really belongs to the senior actors. Asif Raza Mir and Saba Hamid are very good here. Iffat Umar is hilarious as the Punjabi wannabe filmi heroine. Nadeem Baig deserves a round of applause for standing back and letting the script take center stage and allowing his actors to do what they do best.

In many ways this reminded me of the days when lighthearted dramas did not mean slapstick, loud acting, loud music, and cringe-worthy dialogues. Thank you team – this telefilm is co produced by Six Sigma & Next Level Entertainment- for sticking with the basics and keeping this one clean and simple.

Overall I had fun watching this one. Aap logon ne dekhi? Kaisi lagi?

Written by SZ~

Pyaar ki Love Story ~ Eid Telefilm on ARY Digital

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  1. Yes, of all the telefilms lot this eid. i also enjoy this one the most. Iffat umar was outstanding. Hope to see such lighthearted plays more. Btw Eid mubarak to you 🙂


    • Khair Mubarak Asma ❤

      Long time! How've you been? Baby doing good?
      Haina! I too hope they go back to doing more of such plays … so much easier on the brain and fun too. Absolutely, Iffat was fabulous as the OTT wanna be heroine – loved her here!


    • Seher: Dekh ke batana kaisi lagi 🙂

      Are you having a problem finding links on yt too? I have no clue why ARY, HUM and Geo have started geo-restricting their videos .. its such a pain to find good clear prints :/


      • Sz i moved to US from Canada last year and yes since then I have trouble watching stuff on yt. It keeps saying something about region being restricted. I watched this and really enjoyed it. Saba Hameed and Asif Raza Mir have excellent chemistry (any suggestions which plays they have done together?). I love Saba Hameed….she is no less than Meryl Streep in my opinion. Her acting is always superb…all pk aspiring actresses should def learn from her. She always looks her part as well. This was fun ☺.


        • Seher: Phew! Shukar you liked it! Mazedar thi na!

          Re: Geo-Restriction: This is something relatively recent that these channels have started doing and its a pain because now there are so many dramas I dont get to watch because I cant sit through those awful prints uploaded by third party uploaders. These days I have started going through a proxy site and that seems to be working good for now.

          Yes, Saba and Asif Raza and for that matter even Iffat , actually all our senior actors are so very good. And like you I too really hope these youngsters are taking the time to learn a thing or two from them. I think it makes a huge difference when the newer actors work alongside senors.. do you remember how good Kubra was in SeMM … since then shes kinda all over the place and is yet to impress.

          Off hand I cannot remember anything that Asif Raza and Saba have done together – they were in Muqabil recently but not as a pair and I did not like that one at all – but if anybody else remembers anything of theirs please do feel free to jump in. Just Saba alone, I loved in the Baraat series .. particularly that season where she and her daughter are both pregnant at the same time .. it was a very different kind of a track and very intelligently written by Vasay Ch.


  2. Hi SZ,
    After reading the review, dekhna toh banta hai….will definitely join the discussion after watching


    • Samrita: Helloo!! Lovely to hear from you *hugs* ❤

      Uff! Now Im feeling the pressure! Acchi nahin lagi tau maar paregi 😉 Do come back and share what you thought – will be looking forward to hearing back 🙂


    • Ok now I’m feeling serious pressure ke dandey hi na par jayen 😜
      No, but seriously do watch and let me know kaisi lagi .. will wait to hear your take 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

  3. After reading your review I had to see , and I enjoyed a lot . Honestly . Thank you so much .Iffat was wonderful.
    Better late than never . Eid Mubarak. I am at east coast. Enjoying !!!!
    Thank you so much SZ


    • Ranjan: Thanks for watching this on my recc.. glad you enjoyed it 🙂
      Thank you for the greetings – you are always so vdery thoughtful and kind ❤ Yes, it is indeed lovely here – finally!


  4. Ji bilkul dekhi.. jab promos arahe the tab thought to watch lekin baad me i forgot.. then saw u have written review tou had to watch it asap..

    I enjoyed this alot.. FI’s witty sense of humour never disappoints.. iffat umer was brilliant..she got the most exciting character n love love the hits on drama industry 😂😂 after her i enjoyed urwah’s acting too.. only thing was. It was too long🙈 i know telefilms r meant to be 1hr plus.. but even along with enjoying i was also counting minutes remaining in ending..

    So thanku for writing n boosting us to watch this light hearted comedy👍


    • @Rehmat: Thank you for always following up on my recs – much appreciated.
      I hear you on the length issue, I did npt have a problem with this one, but a couple others I have watched over the last few days have felt very long. I think part of the problem is that for most part stories are not anything out of the box so you kinda know where its all going and then you just want the story to end so that you can see how they wind up. Ladies Tailor I did not feel that way at all because it was kinda hat ke and I was curious to see how things would unfold.


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