Coming Soon ~ New Dramas for Summer 2017

With Ramzan coming to an end and Eid right around the corner it’s a busy time for many of us, and TV channels are well aware of this fact. Airtime these days, therefore, is filled up with a potpourri  of religious programming, game shows, cooking programs and pata nahin aur kiya kiya. After Eid though it’s a whole other story.

With new promos being uploaded everyday every channel is trying their utmost to grab attention and get viewers to check out their offerings: Madam idhar, baji yeh dekhen, aunty woh check karen, bibi meri taraf … matlab ke difficult to decide where to go and what to check out first. Bilkul weekend bazars wali feels aa rahi hain!

Ab kis ka drama sab se ziyada accha hai, kaun kitni alag story dikha raha hai aur aap ko kiya kahan pasand aaye ga yeh tau sab dekhney baad ki baatein hain … filhal let’s check out what’s coming our way in the very near future.

Teri Raza
Formerly titled Istikhara, this one is being eagerly anticipated because it marks Sanam Baloch’s return to serials, Kankar (2013) being her last one. Apart from Sanam, this serial boasts Sarmad Khoosat, also acting in a serial after a long while, and Shahroz Sabzwari in lead roles. This is the first time Sanam has been paired with either of the two and I am looking forward to seeing how this love triangle works. The serial has been written by Naila Ansari, directed by Abis Raza and is a Big Bang Production. The melodious OST has been sung by Ali Sethi and is a reworking of Mehdi Hassan’s classic rendition of Hafeez Hoshiarpuri’s ghazal. Teri Raza is slated to air on ARY Digital.


This one is penned by Rahat Jabeen, directed by Amin Iqbal and produced by Sarfaraz Ashraf for 9th Degree Entertainment. The highlight of this serial, for me atleast, is the pairing of two of my favorites – Hina Bayat with Asif Raza Mir. They were last seen together in Ishq Gumshuda. Shahroz Sabzwari plays their only (?) son and Nausheen Ahmed Hassan plays his love interest. From the teasers it seems like the story revolves around issues between father and son with the mother caught between the two men in her life. Begangi is scheduled to air on APlus.


Tau Dil Ka Kiya Hua
Written by Khalil ur Rehman Qamar, directed by Shahid Shafat this project is jointly produced by Momina Duraid, Sana Shahnawaz and Tariq Shah for Next Level Productions. The cast includes popular stars like Sami Khan, Ayeza Khan, Zahid Ahmed, Mansha Pasha alongside veterans like Usman Peerzada and Rehan Sheikh. Going by the promos this one looks like it is along the lines of the tried and tested formula of pyarshadi + extra marital affair + talaq + doosri shaadi=complications galore. But as per Zahid Ahmed, “It’s going to be one hell of a play; the storyline is extremely interesting.”  So let’s wait and watch. Tau Dil Ka Kiya Hua will air on HUM TV.


Yaar-e Bewafa
After directing films like Karachi Se Lahore and Lahore Se Aagey, Wajahat Rauf has turned to TV for Yaar-e Bewafa, produced under the banner of Rauf’s Showcase Productions.  This serial is written by Mohsin Ali and directed by Zeeshan Ali. Suppported by heavy weights like Samina Ahmed and Salim Meraj, Imran Abbas, Areej Fatima and Sarah Khan play the three angles in this love triangle. As per reports this one is a ” different storyline that will focus on the struggles of a middle-class couple in today’s tough times.” Yaar-e Bewafa is slated to air on Geo TV.


Adhi Gawahi 
Written by Saima Akram Chaudhry, directed by Fahim Burney and jointly produced by MD Productions and Fahim Burney, this one stars Azfar Rehman, Sohai Ali Abro, Ali Josh, Uzma Khan, Munazzah Arif, and Ayesha Sana among others. As per reports  this is an issue based serial, where Azfar Rehman plays a rich entitled political brat who reacts badly when Sohai Ali Abro’s character rejects his advances. Complicating matters further is the love triangle between Sohai, Ali Josh and Uzma Khan. Seems like a potboiler of a story – let’s see how this one unfolds. Adhi Gawahi will air on HUM TV.


Shadi Mubarak Ho!
Wajahat Rauf features again in this list as he produces and directs this lighthearted serial written by Yasir Hussain. Seemingly along the lines of the famous Baraat series this one too features an emsemble cast led by veterans Salman Shahid Bushra Ansari and includes Kubra Khan Yasir Hussain, Sadia Faisal, Asad Siddiqui, Abdulah Farhatullah among others. Shaadi Mubarak will air on ARY Digital.


Chinar Ghati
While other channels are busy churning out the typical pyar muhabbat shaadi stories TVOne appears to have upped its game. According to reports, Chinar Ghati is the story of an advertising guy who disappears while on recce for a shoot in Chinar Ghati. What follows is an intriguing intertwining of the past and present with unexplainable happenings on the side. Talk about hat ke stuff! Described as a “super natural story about 2 ghost women” this mega project is directed by veteran director Ghazanfar Ali and stars Alyy Khan, Samiya Mumtaz, Shamayel Tareen, Tipu Shareef, Ali Noor, Dino Ali, Anushey Ashraf, Khalid Zafar and Nuzhat Nazar. Chinar Ghati will air on TV One.


Like Chinar Ghati this one also promises to be a one off. But unlike other serials on this list, Dhund is a series, every week bringing a new story to the fore.Penned by Syed Mohammed Ahmed and directed by Farrukh Faiz this one is based on unexplained  phenomenon. According to Ahmed sahab, Dhund is about those who die leaving behind unfinished business and those who seek answers from those who have passed on. Given the series format, every episode features different artists and going by the teasers it seems like we are in for a treat. Dhund is scheduled to air on TV One.


These are but a few serials slated to air post-Eid. DaldalMujhe Jeeney Do are two big sponsored projects that are also being talked about as summer releases. Baghi  and O Rungreza are other major upcoming serials that have me intrigued and interested. But with all these their teasers and air dates are yet to be announced hence not included here. Will keep you all updated as to their status.

So guys, kiya khayal hai? Anything promising?Any teaser or plot line that piques your interest? Share your thoughts – am looking forward to hearing from you all!

Written by SZ~

24 replies

  1. Maan gayee ustad . You never leave any stone unturned to amaze us.. thank you for this compilation n makinh our work easy…🤗 so quite an interesting line up is here.. i am hands down looking forward to chanaar ghati and dhund.. then its begangi and teri raza.. not a fan of fahim burney so would miss tht.. KuQ wala drama might see.. adhi gawahi Will be passed too. Shadi mubarak might give it a go cuz of yasir hussain script


    • thanks @Rehmat, glad you enjoyed the post. Meri mehnat wasool 😀

      I thought with so many new heavy duty serials coming it made sense for a detailed write up, with all the info in one place.
      Yes, like you I too am intrigued by the two TV One dramas .. ab lets hope they come off as good as they sound!

      There are a few others as well .. I will update the post as we go along.


    • Thanks Shumaila for visiting and checking us out. I hope your mom finds this guide useful. Do share her feedback .
      Stay connected 😊


  2. Chinar Ghati and Dhund both sound interesting!

    Also, I’ll probably catch Sanam Baloch’s return to TV dramas, partly for her and partly for Sarmad Khoosat (who I haven’t seen in a drama since he showed up as Sarmad the ‘Stache in Numm, lol).


    • @RK: Haina! So glad that we get something different for a change … chalo good ab atleast there will be a few of us watching these 😀

      Yup, I too am looking forward to Teri Raza for Sanam and yes, it will be good to see Sarmad back in action in front of the camera ..btw, he is also in the cast of Baghi and Mujhe Jeene Do .. so it seems like we are in for a #SummerWithSarmad 😉
      Oh, he was also in an episode of Kitni Girhein Baqi Hain with Iffat Umar ..

      LOL at the Numm reference .. you just had to, nahin 😉


    • Hi SZ & RK
      I’m watching both Dhund and Chanar Ghati. The first, no doubt is very well done in every way; writing, direction, acting.
      Chanal ghati – I love the concept of unity in plurality of time, existing simultaneously and interacting or merging at some nodes of intersectionality. It appears (at least from the first episode) they had a tight budget and some scenes were not well executed. But the concept intrigues me and I’m going to continue watching to see if it gets better. Of course, the big treat – SM.


  3. Hello everyone! Eid greetings to all of you! So sorry for going missing, I missed all of you…

    SZ, thank you for this list – I too like the sound of the TV One plays – whether they will deliver in their execution, no idea. I am also interested in Teri Raza (as a fan of Sanam Baloch and out of curiosity to see what made Mr K agree to this play!) and Begangi (because of HKB).

    After one episode of Mohabbat Tumse Nafrat Hai, I think I’ve had enough of both Ayeza Khan and KuRQ combination. So I am giving that one a miss – unless of course I hear you rave about it SZ!

    Just been catching up on some of the film releases that are lined up over the next few weeks – and my oh my, I thought for a second that I was on a time machine back to the 1990s – what with Pakistan winning the trophy, Shaan getting ready to release a movie and Syed Noor releasing the trailer of his movie!

    Seriously, has anyone seen the trailer of Chain Aye Na? I lost all my chain well and truly after watching it! If I could unsee it, I would, honestly. And I thought Raasta set the bar quite low! What the what was that? Oh, did anyone watch Mehru V Lub U?


    • @VZ: Heyyy!! Lovely to hear from you *Hugs* You were well and truly missed ❤ Hope you're doing better these days, what with the longer days and warmer weather. Ab please don't disappear on us again. Hopefully something among the upcoming dramas will bring us all back together again.

      Yes, on the same page as you as far as my to-watch list goes. I too am quite done with the KurQ and Ayeza's "comeback" has been very disappointing. I too watched the first couple of episodes of Muhabbat… and bas.. was quite done with it.

      Yes! Have been staying updated with all the trailers and ab what to say … if these latest movies are to be seen as an indication of a revival or a rebirth or whatever of Pakistani cinema then Allah hafiz have cinema ka .. #PakistaniCinemaBacktoSquareNone.

      Be it Chain Aye Na or Mehrunnisa they are all nonsense.. to the extent that they almost make Bin Roye seem like a masterpiece .. did you watch it? It was just aired on TV this Eid. Lets hope and pray that ones in the pipeline are better than this nonsense. That said, I just read reports that Mehrunnisa and Yalghar have had very good openings …. maybe this is what the awam wants?


  4. Belated Eid Mubarak to All 🙂 Hope you all had a wonderful Eid.

    Thank you for the list SZ. Did anyone catch the hum tv mini series It was a 6 episode comedy and I do recommend it. It was funny :D. I really miss light entertaining content these days. Anyways did anyone catch the video OKB just posted on his FB timeline about the Eid greeting messages..I just love his sense of humor. I don’t know how to share this here else I would have posted it.

    SZ do you have any update on the dates these drama’s will first air? Curious to see what you will review first 😀


    • @Seher: Khair Mubarak to you as well . Hope you had a great time with friends and family 🙂

      I did try out the first two episodes of Muhabbat.PK. I enjoyed Mustafa Afridi’s sharply written script but I could not take the overacting and the loud background music. Like you, I too miss lighthearted stuff, but I dont get why TV bosses have started equated humor with loud music and OTT acting.

      Thanks for letting us know about the Obi video, I checked it out after you posted. I think all of us desis got the same set of messages this year! I too got that opening box on and some other song ones … too funny!

      Nope, no updates as to the dates yet. I think all start in July some time. I hope to review at least the first ep of all then see whch ones we decide we like. Which ones are you looking forward to?


  5. Belated Eid Mubarak! I hope you all had a wonderful holiday with plenty of peace, joy, and of course, Eidi! 😀

    @VZ: So nice to see you again! I hope you’re feeling much better. I’m all in favor of a return to the 90s if I can look now like I did back then. Something about youth being wasted on the young, lol.

    Speaking of movies, I saw Bachaana on YouTube recently. It was kind of terrible, but beautifully filmed and also surprisingly entertaining. Also, I feel kind of bad for the leads for the sheer amount of running, jumping and general escaping they had to do in this movie, lol.

    I also watched Hindi Medium, and it was way better than I expected. Irrfan Khan is just as good as anybody would expect him to be, and he kind of carries the film in many places. Saba Qamar is, of course, more than equal to the task, and I think may have had the most solid debut of any PK actor in Bollywood (I know I just dissed Fawad Khan, but sach toh yehi hai, and hopefully he can forgive me, lol).


    • @RK: Khair Mubarak 🙂

      Haha! I too wouldnt mind the 90’s coming back, but they’d better not bring those bad movies with them!
      And this Chain Aye Na trailer is something else altogether – not acceptable in any decade! Ugh!

      I too watched Bachana – you are being too kind to it .. .it was just bad! But yes, the so bad it was good kind of movie 🙂 I don’t know why but Sanam seems to havde lost her way somewhere along the line (I havent seen Dobara Phir Se so not including that ).. be it her drama selection or her choice of films she’s not making good choices, which is a tragedy because she’s very good. Mohib is another one who is such a good actor but we havent seen him in anything substantial as yet – film wise. But he looks hot in the Arth 2 posters – did you see those?

      Hindi Medium I havent watched as yet, but yeah, everyone is saying the same stuff – SQ is very good in it.

      Haha!! Blasphemy!!


  6. So, in keeping with my resolution for reviewing at least one ep each of these new dramas, watch out for my review of Tau Dil Ka Kiya Hua … lets see what lies in store for me/us. Please try and watch it, just to keep me company – I might need a shoulder to cry on later 😉


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