Pinjra ~ Episodes 11-20 Review

Given the prevailing state of affairs returning to a drama serial after ten weeks is almost unheard of these days, but dekh lein

That Pinjra has made its mark despite some major shortcomings – unattractive title, ill-advised poster design, inherently dark subject, absence of big name stars, marketing team’s inability to create a buzz – is testament to the fact that a well-made project will find an appreciative audience, niche as it might be. I am unaware of the stats but I do know that a good many of us are tuning in regularly to stay updated with the latest going-ons in Jannat bibi’s household.

And speaking of Bibi: A huge round of applause for Samina Ahmed – kiya character and kiya performance! Watching Jannat bibi is like watching layers being peeled off an onion. There have been many standout moments but her starkly different responses to her two sons’ murders have been particularly impactful,  and Samina has done an absolutely fantastic job in her pacing of this character’s arc. This whole saga had started off with Bibi’s quest to avenge Ranga’s death, but after hearing of Zebi’s  it was as if a bulb has been switched off within her. Gone is the chaudrayan who refused to bury her dead son till his killer was found and what we have in her stead is a grieving mother. But it is not like she has turned into a new leaf overnight. No she hasn’t.

Even as Bibi is shaken to the core and Zebi’s words haunt her, it is not like her guilt and remorse spill over to Asiya or to her daughter Nazo. Asiya’s continues to be a vani, albeit no longer shackled, and after a minor hesitation Nazo is freed only to be handed over to a different jail keeper serve a different kind of life sentence. Personal loss or not, izzat and rivayat still need to be upheld at all costs. I suspect she knows about Jahan being Zebi’s murderer but again it all boils down to ghar ki izzat. Zebi was her favorite and she wants his murder avenged just as much as she did Ranga’s but this time around it involves her only surviving son. Does this mean Jahan gets away scot-free? So far of the chaudhrayan and the mother, the chaudhrayan is winning. Does this mean that Zebi’s death was in vain?

At this point I cannot help but wonder about how, if at all, can such a deeply flawed but equally deeply entrenched system be taken down. If a genuinely-committed-to-the-cause chaudhry like Zebi fails at bringing about change then what chance does the common person have of breaking free of the system? Where then does one go from here? Now as the serial should be coming to an end, I am looking forward to seeing how the writer plans on wrapping this story.

With Pinjra, the writer Imran Nazir has given us a whole bunch of fascinating characters, Jahan for one. Initially I had written off Jahan as a mast magan kind of a guy, bland in comparison to his older brothers. As the story hs progressed, however, his is the character that has surprised me the most, and Hasan Niazi has been outstanding as Jahan sain. The subtle gestures, the nuance and the body language all is very nicely done. Gone is the blank gaze and done with is the pretense of being dumb. This guy is anything but. Jahan is someone who enjoys inflicting pain, enjoys playing games with his victims, the kind of person who must’ve tortured stray animals for the fun of it. But now it seems like he has met his match in Asiya, who seems to have transformed into a new person after Zebi’s death. I am really enjoying Yumna Zaidi here and like how she’s kept the character interesting and given this girl a spine of steel even in the darkets of times.

Unlike everybody else around him Asiya is no longer afraid of Jahan, and this turnaround has been an interesting plot twist. A few weeks ago I would’ve thought that Zulekha would’ve been the one to challenge Jahan’s authority, but his suspicions of her trysts put her on the defensive. That her perception, of Jahan as an easily distracted man, was wrong has shaken her to the core. Not only has he manged to discover her relationship with Mubashir but he’s also demonstrated how cruel he can be when it suits him. And that night seems to have sealed the deal with Zulekha – she no longer takes her place in Jahan’s life as a given. Gone is the girl who was most likely to challenge Jahan, now Zulekha is preoccupied with trying to keep her secret meetings secret and keeping Jahan’s mind and attention from wandering too far. Kiran Haq is so so good as Zulekha. And if someone knows where she buys her fancy chadars (love those!) please do let me know – shukriya.

Now for the loose ends that do not work for me. Hasan Ahmed as Mubashir. Hasan might be a good actor otherwise but here he is an absolute misfit. The miskeen I-am-a-loser demeanor coupled with the patently fake mustache make it impossible for me to buy into his character. Rather than empathizing with his plight I just want to give him a shake and tell him to get on with his life. If he is such a standup guy what business does he have meeting with another man’s wife on the sly? Surely he’s not that naïve that he cannot understand the implications? I cannot help but think that someone with better acting skills, Sohail Sameer for instance, would’ve been perfect for this part and gone a long way towards making Mubashir believable.

Another track that did not work for me was the Zebi falling in love with Asiya and running away with her with an expectation to marry her. Arrey if there was so much dard in his dil for the poor tortured vani then shouldn’t his kind heartedness have extended to his sister as well? Not once did he ever try to make any effort to rehabilitate his sister. Then there was the eloping business, Sure, he had been away for a while but still did he really expect any maulvi to officiate his nikah with that of his brother’s vani? I enjoyed watching Daniyal Raheal as the soft-spoken idealistic Zebi, but wish his track had a bit more of a meat to it. As for his sudden death.. that I did not see coming at all! Full marks to writer and director for springing that one on us.

The biggest disappointment so far has been Nazo’s complete turnaround. Perhaps it is just me but I most certainly did not buy into this mother daughter let-bygones-be-bygones scenario. Who is the new Nazo and what has she done with the older Nazo, the one who used to tell Asiya about all the tortures inflicted on her most particularly by her mother? Is it really that easy to forgive and forget? When her mother gave her an out why did she not use that opportunity to break ground and start a new tradition, rather than complying with the very same traditions that had caused her to spend the last so many years imprisoned in her own house by her own family? Sorry, this whole track was a no go for me.

Twenty weeks in Pinjra has gone through it fair shares of ups and downs but overall it is the only serial I am following regularly. That said, I do hope it ends soon. The pace has slowed appreciably and stretch marks are making their presence known. I hope that powers that be will not drag this one out and for a change allow us to sign off on a drama on a high note.

This then is my take ab aap ki bari… kaun kaun dekh raha hai and what do you all think? Am waiting to hear back from you guys!

Written by SZ~ 

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  1. A review worth waiting for… thoroughly enjoyed reading it.. n agreed to your all points.. Pinjra is indeed going remarkable..considering the dark subject i expected this to be boring n depressing but hats off to director.. the way he has executed it.. its amazing.. scenes that could be disturbing ..the way he let us know is wow..letting audience use their mind too.. like i love how after bibi caught lovr birds… after locking up zaibi.. the way she closes door with asiya behind n next moment v saw asiya being brutally abused… also jahan sain forcefully doing with zulekha..n we just could see how it was handled.. wonder what went wrong with same direc in Sangat 🤦‍♀️

    Anyway killing zaibi was another surprise element.. though i havent watched last 2 episodes but your review is telling me.. its getting exciting even more..

    Bibi, Jahan and Zulekha are such wicked characters,, so fun to see making their next move.. all actors have done such fab job yes minus mubashar.. such a rotlu he is… ans seriously dumb.. asking zulekha to make asiya her devrani.. n believing her.. and agreeing to her conditions.. like dude satheeyaa gaye ho pake..


    • @Rehmat: thank you for reading and commenting 😊
      Haina! I too think the director has handled some very difficult scenes really well. That marital rape scene was handled really well. Also I like how the two brothers – Ranga and Jahan – have been compared and contrasted, Where Ranga was in your face violent and outrageously uncouth and an unapologetic bully, Jahan comes off as such a bheegi bili. Its only when you look behind the easy demeanor that the creepy smile, the buri nazar and the cruel streak reveals itself. Now that I look back it actually makes sense why NI’s character was so in your face violent .. made us all cringe but in actuality he was all bluster and no real brains .. Jahan tau is quite a pohonchi hui cheez 😱

      Uff! Mubashir bas what to say! Loser with an upper case L. But dekh lo for a supposedly dukhi guy notice how his clothes are always so well-ironed, his hair always well made and the house is spotless! Zulekha is an idiot that she feels sorry for him.. she just look around the house and see that he probably has two three other women coming around to do this supposedly grieving widower’s ghar ki safai etc 😂

      Oho bhai catch up! We need to discuss Naco’s about turn🤦🏻‍♀️


      • Definitely a great contrast u noticed.. and initially how Jahan looked like a looser character n it seemed only zaibi will rock it.. but thats such an amazing turn of events..with Jahan’s chessboard games going on…i so agree with you on ranga being the impulsive one and no brainer… we could see how he was shot.. if Jahan was in his place.. Mubashir was dead already n no vani thing would have happened 🙈😂

        I was just thinking that Bibi loosing her sons.. isnt this sign of a payback for what she has done with others.. also i also liked how jhooti qasmain didnt had then n then result.. both kousar and zulekha did that but thankfully it was shown better unlike in case of pari🤦‍♀️


  2. Enjoy reading your review . Was waiting patiently. Very interesting drama . Captivating , one thing I didn’t understand why Nazo was kept like that ,and then she changed. How come she was allowed to talk to Asiya. You are right about Sohil Sameer. One question of the track . What is the meaning of Mukiya in this following line .” Mere sahiba Mai tere ho Mukiya”
    Hope the Holy month of Ramzan is going smoothly . You are in my daily Prayer .


    • @Ranjan: Aww! Sorry for the delay 😌 hopefully it was worth the wait!
      Yes, like you even I didn’t quite understand or get why Nazo’s character went haywire like this in the last episode.
      I shall check out the OST and get back to you on the meaning.. if anybody else can help out that would be great!
      Thank you for remembering me in your prayers .. much appreciated🙏🏼 😘


      • Thanks SZ . This is from Suffi song sung by Osman Mir . Very talented classical singer .if you get chance listen to him .


        • @Ranjan: here muki aan (from Punjabi – poet Shah Hussain writing in the femake voice ) means the same as the Urdu chukna .. hence in simple Urdu it would read “mere sahiba main teri ho chuki hoon” as in I am yours wholly and solely – done deal. Chukna is added at the ended of the verb to emphasize the finality and firmness of whatever is being said… for instance… main khana paka chuki hoon … means I am done with cooking food its final, there is nothing that is almost done or halfway cooked.
          Hope this make sense and helps you out

          PS I couldnt find these lines in the Pinjra OST .. what track were you citing?


          • Now it makes lot of sence . Thank you . This is not line from pinjra OST . This is Sufi song I heard it on you tube by Osman Mir . Wonderful singer .thank you SZ !! What I will do without you !!!!


            • Aww! Glad to be of help .. next time around please attach the link of the song/video so that I/we have a proper context 😘


  3. Yay SZ! Great to see this review up, though I haven’t read it yet because I’m well behind on Pinjra now. Super busy time at work + unexpected family trip to India means I haven’t had much time. Will comment later when I have a chance to catch up.

    Ramadan Kareem! Hope all’s well with all our DRNR folks!


    • Hello hello! Acha hua heard from you otherwise was gonna start posting Talash-e Gumshuda posters.. ab need to hear from @VZ and @FA.. guess both are busy as well.

      Haan sure, as long as we know all’s good on your end it’s perfectly fine .. will be looking forward to your take whenever you catch up)

      Arrey wah! Trip to India! Mazay! If you’re still there please eat lots of street food on my behalf, shukriya 😀


  4. @SZ LOL on the Pinjra!

    Your review is amazing…it covers all the episodes nicely. I think I have always detested Hassan Niazi so much, him playing all these stupid characters that I just didn’t get into this drama at all. Kiran Haq has been very impressive in this drama and I enjoyed her scenes in the initial episodes. Currently the only thing I like is the change in Asiya’s character since Zebi died. Her scenes with Jahan in the last two episodes were amazing. I am curious how this drama is going to end with Zebi being killed off I am scared there will be no happy ending…. I am really looking forward to Sajal Ali’s new drama with Kashif Nisar. He has a knack of bringing out the best performances from these two young actresses. Loved Yuma and Sajjal both in Sannata and Kiss se Kahoon!


    • @Seher: Haina Pinjra dekhne wala!

      I so agree with you re: Hassan Niazi! I cant say I have seen much of him but what little I have it has left me unimpressed .. I dont know if you’ve watched Talkhiyan, but in that drama where everyone had brought their A game forward he stuck out like a sore thumb… uff us ke baad I have tended to sidestep his stuff. This one too I tried out only because of the director’s name and Nauman I .. but wow! he’s been fantastic here. I also hear he’s good in Sun Yara, another serial I have heard good things about (you tried it?).
      Yes! I too am looking fwd to O Rangreza … chalo good, ab atleast I’ll have at least one person watching the first ep with me 🙂


      • Yes Indeed! Have you tried watching Dumphukt? I am thinking of starting that….what do you think?

        The other actor I detest more than Hasan Niazi is Junaid Khan so no on Sun Yaara… (also not a fan of the girl cast opposite him, hence I did not get through the first epi of YKS) ….lol….I will start on Pehchan this weekend… topic but I am currently finishing this Spanish drama called “the time in between” it’s a Spanish seamstress story ending up in Morocco at the start of the Spanish Civil war and during second world war. Spanish Period shows are always excellent…do try to catch it on Netflix.



        • @Seher: I tried Dumpukht, it seemed interesting but then I had guests and somehow I never went back to it … will try again one of these days.
          Thank you for the heads up on the Spanish serial … have added it to my watch list.


      • @SZ n @Seher.. sorry to bump in.. reg. Sun Yara.. i have been watching this on n off.. its simple n quite predictable story but direction is nice.. makeup is pathetic but acting is nice minus hira mani and minal khan.. l


        • Rehmat: Arrey bhai, why sorry all convos are open to all . glad to know you are watching Sun Yara and that is actually not bad. Can you share a quick synopsis?


          • @SZ.. extremely sorry for late reply.. so its story of sibling pair Talal played by Junaid Khan and Lalarukh urf laali.. played by Xarnish khan.. drama starts with lali ki shadi being fixed with Faris Shafi.. and Talal likes Roshaney played by hira mani. Talal is doc and is very serious n disciplined person.. Roshaney is also their family friend.. then wr have khuram.. brother of lali n talal.. and in teeno ki bhanji.. played by minal khan. Forgot her character name.. so story takes u turn when faris shafi’s sister has neeyat kharab on talal and their ghar waley wanted to have wata sata.. it didn’t happen n out of rage tht sister tries to frame him in attempt of rape . Things get worse and lali got divorced. Mean while lali has a son too.. now story shifts to talal n Roshaney.. bht sari minaton k baad talal agrees for shadi cuz he wanted lali to get settled first but lali is in no mood.. so on this condition k phir meri baat man’ni paregi.. he got nikahfoied to roshaney.. comes mustafa urf taifi played by hasan niazi.. Talal s friend and lali ka aashiq

            He got attached to lali’s son.. sent proposal. Lali rejects.. talal comes in scene n gives dhamki k i will divorce roshaney if u dont get married.. so lali ne hathyar phainke n got to married to mustafa but is angry with him.. mean while faris shafi has realized his mistake and want his son..

            Roshaney got hurt on this divorce dhamki k am i actually being played on..

            Sorry for literally telling u everything🙈🙈 i havent seen recent epi.. but thats wht is in drama


            • @Rehmat: Thank you so much for this detailed synopsis 🙂

              Seems like a lot of same old .. perhaps it is executed nicely thats why so many are tuned in.. but does not sound like my cup of tea. Shukriya meri bachat kara di 😉


  5. @All: Related to the “Pinjra” image ^ if any of you ever come across similar drama themed/related pics please do share. You can email/inbox me the image or dm on twittter or insta and I will give you the link to share along with your comment. Chalein ji, lets see what all you guys come across in your travels 😀 If we get enough of these we could do a post about Desi Dramas In the Real World or some such ..
    Looking forward!


    • @sarahjmir: Hello! Thank you ji – shukriya 🙂 Please do join us and share your take on dramas that we love to hate and hate to love! Anything you’re watching these days?

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  6. Finally all caught up! Thanks for the great review, SZ! As always, you’ve managed to notice things most of us would miss. 🙂

    I’m somewhat dismayed that Pinjra isn’t more popular, although I understand why. If nothing else, the furious pacing of the narrative and the sharp editing should be a lesson to others making dramas these days. I love that the narrative never lingers on any plot point for too long, but that the writers are somehow keeping several plot lines running at the same time.

    I also think Pinjra is a very brave show. It’s unusual to introduce a romantic lead and then kill him off halfway through the run of a show, but I like that Zebi’s death wasn’t a cheap tactic to manipulate the audience. Rather, it’s a key event that allows the show to make an even more important (and rare) point: Asiya may be the mazloom aurat of this story, a young woman lacking both freedom and agency, but she’s now the architect of her own fortune, however that turns out. She can’t rely on her allegedly strong brother or her crusading angel of a lover, so she has to rely on herself and only herself. What a great and empowering message this could be! I really enjoyed the part where Nazo reminds Asiya that the haveli can take her freedom and her dignity, but not her wit. I’m very curious about the rest of her plot arc and how she’ll ultimately “win.”

    Speaking of Nazo, I agree with you that her about-face was not well packaged. That said, I think I sort of understand it. I think Nazo’s initial acquiescence to the rishta was because of guilt. She realized that she’d indirectly caused Zebi’s death, and that this was the most obvious way to make up for it. But I also think seeing her mother break down and cry flipped a switch for Nazo. It was a reminder that Jannat bibi wasn’t just the sarpanch, she was also a mother. More importantly, she was Nazo’s mother, and I think Nazo had an epiphany where she realized that she craved her mother’s attention and could get a bit of it back by making a sacrifice on the altar of Bibi’s izzat.

    What was more surprising to me was Bibi’s reaction. Not only did she NOT suggest the watta-satta herself, but she seemed reluctant to let Nazo go. In losing face before her brother, she’s realized what it’s like to be on the other side of a faisla. I think Bibi is actually more interesting now that we’re seeing a slightly softer side to her personality. She’s no less determined than before, but there’s less menace to her now. Like with Asiya, I’m curious where the writers will go.

    I have no patience for the whole Zulekha-Mubashir thing. I think Kiran Ha


  7. Ha! I accidentally hit “post” before I was ready, lol.

    I think Kiran Haq is fabulous in the Zulekha role, and I love her clothes and jewelry. But I’ve never understood the character’s motivations and I don’t understand why a smart and capable woman like her is mooning over a wet blanket like Mubashir. There’s also the fact that he’s clearly not interested in her. This entire subplot is the weakest link on Pinjra, IMO. (As an aside, are we given any explanations as to why she and Jahan don’t have children? It seems like they’ve been married a while, and you think a woman like Bibi would have made snide remarks about that already, no?)

    The other (slightly less) weak link was the Asiya-Zebi romance, now mercifully over. I liked Zebi when he was the reform-minded, educated feudal determined to do right by his people. His cool-headed approach and his determination to succeed against the odds made him a perfect foil for his own mother. But all it took was one fainting episode from Asiya, and he was in love. If that wasn’t bad enough, Zebi-in-love was an immature and possessive boor. It would have been much better for Asiya if he’d loved her in silence and from afar, looking out for her and maybe standing between Jahan and Asiya when needed. Instead, by forcing his feelings on her and compelling her to reciprocate, he constantly put her safety at risk and never delivered on any of the things he promised her. Even in whisking her away to marry her, he wasn’t smart enough to travel far far away, i.e. to some place where the local cleric wouldn’t know that Asiya was already married.

    Finally, a note on Jahan. Judging by the promos for the next episode and the fact that his mother is now wary of him, he’s about to get his comeuppance. But in the meantime, Hassan Niazi is clearly enjoying himself just a bit too much in this role. He’s a fantastic and compelling villain, and I’m glued to the screen for each of his scenes. Terrific stuff, and I hope he wins some sort of award for this role, because he deserves it.


    • @RK… wah absouletly loved your comment… though few episodes behind but the way you have put it up its amazing.. i totally agree with you on each n everything..your take on zebi asiya story and now how asiya is one woman army herself .. too good.. thats what we want to see na.. she paving her path with out any shadi or lover support.. and take a bow with your observations on Bibi.. how on spot.. and yes i too hope Jahans n Bibis characters get recognition:)


    • Welcome back! *Hugs* We missed you and are glad to have you back! Hope you had a good trip and managed to soak up some sunshine and eat some seriously good food 🙂

      Great insights! Reading over your comment I see now how the Bibi- Nazo equation worked out – thanks for drawing out the rationale behind that. Your observation is spot on but I am still unconvinced by the way it worked out on screen. I wish the director had taken a bit more time, an episode’s worth maybe, to help us understand better how and why Nazo made that 180 turn. And yes, re: Zebi we are both on the same page. Love how, is like discussing a case of whether the chicken came first or the egg …

      Yes, Hassan Niazi and Samina Ahmed are fantastic but dont hold your breath for them to win awards for this serial. A) this is not on HUM TV hence ineligible for that friends n family auper-hit seialward show. LUX Style awards are typically given to serials from channels with PR huge PR machinery and it is pretty obvious from what we’ve seen so far APlus is no good at marketing. Also these awards go to the big-namr stars, s the character played out without succumbing to the stereotype as many had predicted. Like you, I too am enjoying how the writer has managed to keep us intrigued and engaged. Socho, 22 episodes in and we are still clueless about how all this will end (I haven’t yet watched this week’s ep). And this is in and of itself such a rarity, because otherwise we get every little thing explained and elucidated to the nth degree to the point that just one or two eps in you know exactly whats going to happen to whom. And herein lies the problem, IMO.

      The reason why Pinjra has failed to make its mark, in my understanding, apart from the obvious ones, is that it is not underlining every word. We are not told (literally) when Asiya stops being afraid, when Bibi starts softening up, etc .. I was just on some social media forum and I read someone complaining about Asiya’s never ending mazloomiyat and why Pinjra was such a drag and why didnt the story move forward. Ab, if such is the common perception, then it is easy to see why the serial will go down as yet another mazloom aurat serial, when it is in actuality anything but. Ab whether this is the audiences’ fault or the fault of the media, which has brainwashed viewers


      • Ok, so my screen was getting hung so hit send before I lost all ^

        … Ab whether this is the audiences’ fault or the fault of the media, which has brainwashed viewers is something that can be debated to no end. But this is where we are … where a serial like Pinjra is seen as boring and tedious but A3I is subtle… but then again maybe its me … I guess to each his own. In any case you can now see why channels keep churning out the same old .. because obviously it sells.

        And speaking of selling, am looking forward to your thoughts on the summer fare that awaits us .. anything that interested you?

        P.S. Apni Zulekha is quite the trendsetter btw. Notice Sohai Abro wearing a similar nose ornament in the teasers for Adhi Gawahi. However that serial turns out, I must say I liked Ali Xeeshan’s styling of the three leads there … I dont know if you watched Mor Mahal, but he was the designer behind Meesha Shafi’s look in that one.


      • I had a great time in India. I was there for a very close friend’s wedding, so I got to do all the fun dressing up, mehndi, delicious food, etc. associated with a desi wedding, albeit a non-traditional one.

        Also, I’m going to put on my ugly American hat and complain about how incredibly hot it was in southern India. We were fine (AC zindabad!), but I don’t know how the aam aadmi manages to be out in that kind of oppressive heat. We’re terribly spoiled in our part of the world.

        I realize that marketing is everything and that this show’s producers haven’t put their best foot forward in that regard, in contrast with HUM TV and Sammi, for example. But it’s also odd that other reviewers/bloggers are not watching Pinjra either! I admit that the show’s dark tone and the brutal treatment of Asiya can be off-putting, but it’s almost as if we’re the only ones watching the show?


        • Nice! Glad you had a good time – nothing more depressing than to go that far and come back feeling less than happy. Haan I hear the heat is an issue all over the subcontinent this year. I was there in April and it was hot then, cant even begin to think how bad it must be these days.

          Re: Pinjra reviews .. I typically avoid talking about other blogs and will not speculate on others’ reasons and motivations so can’t answer about why no reviews but I do know at least a few are watching …most of the comments on social media are like those mentioned above …kis ko fursat hai ke they look beyond the obvious, its easy to dismiss it as yet another mazloom aurat saga. I have seen this happen with so many other serials that only I have ended up reviewing … Talkhiyan, Sannata, I started off with Ullu Baraye but quit because I was travelling . but even that one was not covered by anyone … so bas ab what can I say ..


  8. Just caught up with the latest ep .. and wah bhai wah! total paisa wasool type story chal rahi hai.. My girl Asiya is absolutely slaying it with that slightly crazed look in her eyes every time she is with Jahan. Bibi is nobody’s fool, and Jahan is pushing the envelope like crazy, but methinks he’s cutting it a bit too close for comfort and bibi Zulekha has even more reason to hate Jahan. How absolutely fab were the scene when Zulekha’s dad and brother came to congratulate Jahan on his victory and later when Asiya rips into Jahan with Bibi looking on … who could’ve thought this would happen way back when Asiya could barely stand in the same room as Bibi .. maza aa gaya!

    RK: You asked abt Z not having a child and nobody bringing it up .. I think its because she has property to her name and they dare not say anything to upset her.. if she leaves then her chunk of the property leaves with her .. it was to avoid returning this property (after Zebi died and couldnt’ marry their daughter) that Nazo was given to them as compensation..


  9. I just caught up with the most recent episode of Pinjra, and I’m actually a bit confused about what’s happening now. Help?

    Also, if the promo for the next episode is anything to go by, the body count in this show just keeps going up!


    • @RK… u know i was watching the epi with full concentration n suddenly i was like hain what ye kyn but kaise.. but doesn’t makes sense.. so first i wad taken back seeing aasiya like this.. abhi last week tou she was all sherni type n trying to educate herself.. n suddenly all this roag n kamzor type… couldnt get it

      then Jahan sain blackmailing khala sheedo n she agrees to do job.. like khala ji.. u know what exactly he will do phir bhi.. kher may be here im being too quick to pass judgement but lag tou yahi raha he khala diboo de gi asiya ko

      Also why do i feel jannat bibi will kill Jahan sain and will redem herself.. i dont want this typical ending..

      Reg body count.. oh it makes me recall SeMM.. sab ko mar dya siwae 4 characters ko chor k.. n jo bacha usko pagal kar dya.. tou be ready for zulekha to go mad


      • @Rehmat: right?! It’s almost as if ek episode beech me ghayab sa ho gaya!

        I don’t even understand what Jahan and/or Zulekha are even doing anymore, and if Bibi does off one or both of them, it won’t be a moment too soon, lol.

        Waisey, do you know how many more episodes we still have?


        • No yar sorry .. no idea about it.. they want to show jahan and zulekha are keep crossing limits lol.. hahaha han bibi just nèed 1 proof against them


    • RK.. i know, right.. so bakwas.. i watched in ffwd mode.. and i was thinking man what have they done to this show.. looked some totally different drama.. thoroughly disappointed. N what was that sakina n zulekha crying at mubashars grave.. oh goodness.. seems like next week is last epi


      • Haina? Iss drama ne toh dimagh ka dahi banaa diya!

        I’m going to wait until SZ reviews this, but good grief, what a lot of nonsense has happened on this show.


        • If its ending in a couple of weeks ill wait to catch up .. I am saddened but not surprised at the way its turned out. The fact that such a drama did so well for so long is a surprise in and of itself … Typically these feudal kinds of dramas go haywire very quickly and then the stretching etc … Will catch up soonish. Glad its ending. Dont think I have the bandwidth to handle so much .. dimagh is no longer dahi rather has turned into a very runny lassi …


  10. The most recent episode (26?) returned some sanity (and some much-needed raw emotion) to the plot, but it also feels like we’re now racing to the finish line in a slightly haphazard way now. /sigh


  11. Since its RK who give weekly updates but because it was last epi today.. couldnt resist coming n sharing 🙈

    They did try to do damage control though n to extent were successful too.. one guess got right unfortunately .. but overall last epi was nicely done.. only if they wouldn’t haven dragg 4 to 5 epi..


  12. This final episode was really good and pretty much equal in quality to the first 20 episodes or so. Some of it was damage control, but if this was the end they had in mind, some of the subplots in the last few episodes were totally unnecessary.

    I don’t think it’s much of a spoiler to say that Samina Ahmed absolutely owned (PWN3D!) this episode, and the end scene was a nice touch (and something I wish SeMM had the courage to do, in hindsight).

    But khair, I’ll wait for SZ to catch up so we can at least talk about this episode. 🙂


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