DBuzz ~ Desis’ Take on the Old, the New, the Borrowed & the Blue

Any new serial that’s caught your interest? A gem from the past? Perhaps something so bad that it’s actually good? An ad that’s caught your fancy? A Lolly/Holly/Bollywood film that you would like to discuss? If you nodded yes to any one of these then you’re definitely among friends – right place, right time. Jump right in!

Haan ji tau after the success of the last DBuzz we’re back with a brand new thread where we shall continue with our desi wali rants ‘n raves. I know I’ve been MIA but am trying to fix that – so please bear with me. And while I’m getting my act together please continue to share your take on what’s on our desi screens these days. What are you all watching? Grab a chai and samosa, or two, and let’s dish! Kiya kiya dekha mere baghair? Kuch accha? Kuch mazedar? Guilty pleasures ‘n all??

Chalein so while you think back to what all you’ve watched, been watching, or trying to unwatch – let’s start the ball rolling with a link to Actor in Law, a Pakistani movie from the makers of NaMaloom Afraad. I watched this on my last trip to Pakistan and though not entirely original it was definitely a paisa vasool film.

Am looking forward to hearing from you all.



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  1. Yay! New DBuzz! Thank you, SZ!

    Pinjra and Saanp Seerhi are the only shows I’m watching right now. I’m already behind on A3I, although I like it and will catch up at some point. I’ve been trying to catch up on non-desi TV, and I highly recommend the second season of Aziz Ansari’s “Master of None.” Good stuff.

    I started watching a drama called Hiddat, but I got bored a couple of episodes in, especially as I could pretty much tell where the story was headed. There was nothing especially wrong with the show, but there wasn’t anything compelling there either. It seemed like the usual gharelu drama intent on punishing its heroine for wanting to live a less conservative life.

    That made me wonder why so many of these dramas are focused so sharply on families and family relationships, or on educating the viewers on all sorts of social ills.

    I realize most viewers are women, but women have lives outside of being daughters and wives too. Where is the sharply funny workplace dramedy, the gripping murder-mystery thriller, the epic story of an all-girl band struggling to make it big, for example? Wouldn’t these sorts of stories be intriguing just for being different?

    I watched a couple of episodes of Mor Mahal recently, and while I didn’t really get it, it was nice to see something so completely different than everything else.

    • Also, I’m kind of proud of myself because I was able to figure out at least two of the titles in your picture above, just by identifying the few Urdu letters I know: Jannat and Andaz-Sitam. At least I think those are the names, lol.

    • @RK: your question: re: the bland unidimensional understanding of the viewers is one of the fundamental founding questions of this blog — the answers, afsos, are still to come. I have raised this issue in many posts .. have read the one titled cow duck etc ( can’t remember the exact title, I’m on my phone sitting in a parking lot so can’t check) but do check out the stats given there in terms of how TRPs are determined etc and also read Hina Bayat’s response ..
      MM: was a tragedy in terms of the way it was handled by the channel and more than anything highlighted the lack of channels’ and producers’ understanding of the viewers’ mindset.

    • @RK.. i watched all episodes of Mor Mahal.. i quiet liked it.. ab idk if it was my boredom that made me like this or it was actually good🙈

      • Thank you Rehmat – glad you liked it as it was really something quite unique. Unfortunately both Mor Mahal and Teri Meri Jori were great opportunities totally mishandled by the channel. Interestingly the re-run of Teri Meri Jori got more viewership than its original airing. I still haven’t figured out why Geo destroys it’s own products – Manto is a glaring example – no world release or screening at festivals, no airing of the serial either! Rumour has it that they have sold international rights to Zee – so while the world will get to see the still under production Manto by Nandita Das, ours will remain forgotten 😦

        • HKB! Yay! It’s always nice to get your insider take on things. Thank you for your comment.

          I’m really disappointed that I didn’t catch the Manto film when it was screened festival-style in a couple of US cities. I’m pretty desperate to watch it. I’ve heard so much about Sarmad Khoosat’s direction and Sania Saeed’s performance in the film too!

          • Oh that is sad to read about Manto! I was so looking forward to watching it. Plus, I too was wondering why there has been no international release? I recently saw a clip on youtube of Nawazuden in a Manto scene.. does that mean that Bollywood is now making a Manto themed movie? I wouldn’t know, as I am usually so behind in watching all the shows and movies.

            • @QuezzLifestyle: Hello! Welcome to DRNR 🙂
              Yes, it’s unfortunate about the shortsighted deal that A&B cut with Zee.. but ab what to do .. hopefully someday they’ll have the sense to sell it to a streaming service like Netflix and thus open it up to the audiences at large.
              Yes, Nandita Das is also making a movie on Manto, but it is based on an earlier period of his life, when he was in Bombay. Sarmad’s Manto deals with the later years.
              Ab now that you’re here I hope you will be a frequent visitor and join in.

            • Yes I am intrigued by your amazing writing style! Will surely update myself regularly! Now I don’t need to be the only one who is out of such discussions 😜

            • Thank you ji 🙏🏼you are very generous with praise 😊 Yes, bas thorey hi waqt mein you’ll be an expert on dramas 😂

        • @HKB… always so so good to read your comments.. yes i was so into MM that even after episode ended.. i used to think and analyse all conspiracies and everything.. you were simply brilliant as Badshah Begum.. yours and Sania Saeeds track i loved the most.. and the way it reached to conclusion was mind blowing..

          I also liked Teri Meri Jodi.. it was such a light and simple show with great comedy…
          Such a disappointment to see these shows dont get their rightful recognition

  2. What if we are watching absolutely nothing at all😜
    But I’ll just post for the heck of it😂😂
    I’ll just read everyone else’s interesting comments 😃

    • @SK: then you just do exactly what you’re doing – join in the gup shup .. we love hearing from friends 😘
      I’m watching alif Allah these days and pinjra – give them a whirl and see if you get into them ..
      Nothing absolutely must watch these days I’m afraid 🤦🏻‍♀️

  3. Dear SZ and friends,

    First of all SZ, thanks for the new thread 🙂 I often find myself thinking if you are such a kind and generous host online, what you must be like to meet up in person! Thanks for always keeping your doors open for us…

    OK, I got fully fed up with what is mostly passing for dramas these days, so I watched a Korean drama instead (my first). It was superb and made me long for such quality from our desi drama lords 😦 Why can’t they make something enjoyable, with good quality writing anymore? Pinjra is the only show that I’m following and I want to cry at the kind of obscurity it is facing in contrast to other shows that are a million times inferior…

      • Dear Rehmat, how are you and hope Baby Z is doing well 😘. I’m on the mend but it’s a long process, so I have some good days, some not-so-good ones, just taking it slowly yaar…

        At least the weather is nice, so that is quite uplifting! Lots of love…

          • RK, thank you so much, believe me these kind words and wishes from all of you here makes a huge difference to me, especially when I’m having one of my down days… Lots of good wishes for you 🙂

        • @VZ: between the two of us we should totally start a blog about the lifestyles of the not-so-well who are also the not-so-famous. No but seriously the story of your health is very familiar. Hang in there this too shall pass ❤️ And on that note, any desi totkas on an allergies + migraines +fibromyalgia combo? ( I swear the desi lifestyle blog is seeming like a real possibility now! )

          • Tell me about it SZ. Just vexing when you want to get on with life and can’t. Thanks for your wishes – big hug to you…

            Re: fibromyalgia – do you have gluten intolerance? It might be worth getting that checked and changing your diet to gluten-free stuff? Here in the UK they prescribe acupuncture and acupressure for migraines. Might be worth trying…

          • Fwiw, I recently gave up all grain and added sugar, and it’s done wonders for my migraine issues.

            It might not work for you, but an elimination diet is a good way to figure out if there’s a particular allergen in your diet that’s at fault for all the pain issues.

            I would also add that constant exhaustion appears to go hand-in-hand with being a mom these days, so just wait till they’re 18, I guess? 😉

            • Ok I’ll try the diet elimination.. I have given up some stuff in the past year just because it doesn’t seem to agree with me any more but will now look through my daily diet with a fine tooth n comb. I just got so fed up with being at the drs constantly that after a while I just couldn’t deal with being treated like a pin cushion and a guinea pig with meds any more and just disengaged.. not a good thing I know but ab let’s see I’ll try these other things..

        • @VZ.. Good to know you are doing well.. love your positivity and will power… 😚 me and baby Z are doing good.. time is literally flying. She is now 9 months..:)

      • Rehmat: hello hello so lovely to chat with you all after what seems like ages ( all my fault of course) but I promise (fingers and toes firmly crossed) I shall be back!!

      • Hello Seher, hope you are well. It’s Healer – have you watched it? Did you like it? Any other recommendations? 🙂

        Sorry SZ, Korea is quite far from desi land, apologies for veering way off topic…

        • @VZ: no worries .. Ab not your fault when it is the desi dramas that are so farigh that you can’t be bothered to watch ..
          Also I hear that the newest thing in pk dramas now is to draw on these k-dramas as “inspiration” (totally unacknowledged of course) so keep a watch out for stories that seem a little too familiar 🙂 and keep us posted #goeswithoutsaying 🙏🏼

          • Dear SZ, I was reading an interview with the writer of this particular drama – turns out she’s quite well known for good dramas – and she was talking about the same issues that plague their industry and the list was absolutely familiar – their useless TRP system, budget constraints, etc. In spite of these issues they do seem to generally have dramas on different topics/genres. Not saying all of them are well-made, but at least experimentation gets them brownie points from me.

            As for the “inspired” versions, just 😱…

        • VZ….I watched descendants of the sun few months back. I used to watch Korean drama’s more regularly during University time (almost 10 years ago) In those days a very popular drama was Autumn in my Heart and Full House. Another one which was fun to watch was Personal Taste, watched this few year back… I will try to check out Healer.

          Get well soon! X

    • @VZ: As usually you are entirely too generous and very kind with your words. Haha! If only you were to ever meet my husband and son 🙈🙊🙉 😂😂. But hey great idea! What do you say abt a DRNR meet up? U.K.? US? Would be so much fun to meet you all in person and match up your real selves to the personas I have created for you all! How fab would that be!

      • Hehehe, we should have some secret code word like old 70s smuggler type movies – now my imagination is running wild lol…

        • Secret password n all wah wah! That sounds so deliciously fun! Going along with the gangster theme then we meet up in some dark den I guess? Would “not mazloom” do for the secret code??

      • I would totally be up for some kind of DRNR meetup, although I’m now curious what sort of personas you’ve concocted for all of us, SZ!

        • Haha! All of you are super fab trust me, the kind of IT gals that little ole wallflower me would probably never have the guts to befriend .. 😌

          • SZ, Arre, I’m hardly IT, more like “way past it”. I tau imagine you always prim and proper, mostly in Saniya Maskatiyas (SeZ effect lol).

            • 🙈you are good, @VZ! I do love SM and used to wear her a lot but these days tau tabah🤦🏻‍♀️🤦🏻‍♀️have you checked her prices?!?!

          • Haha! There is nothing “it” about me, unless we’re talking about Cousin It from The Addams Family.

            On the other hand, I imagine all of you are as hip and happening as Mahira Khan! 😊

            • Hayee no at all,, infact i have imagined u all including FA…. the most intellectuals. Which u guys actually are.. more kinda sober and sophisticated:)

  4. Wah SZ that’s very well done.

    I have started watching Sargoshi.. its an old drama used to come at Aplus.. but Aplus Europe is repeating it nowadays… it has NI and Alishba Yousuf.. written by Zafar Miraaj.. it caught my attention because its slightly different with NI not being able to become father.. his mother wants to get him married and is ill too so he can’t tell this to her… he feels guilty getting married as then his wife has to bear the allegation of being Baanj.. because mard ko koi kuch nh kehta.. how Alishba fits here.. its something I am looking forward to.. searched on utube.. it has only 20 epis..

    Rest its Pinjra … what a serial it is.. and Ye Raha dil..on n off

  5. @SZ: Thanks for the link to Actor In Law. I hadn’t seen it before, and really enjoyed it on one level. It was a fun ride, and Fahad Mustafa is a superstar in the making. I didn’t think it was quite as good as NaMaloom Afraad, but still highly entertaining.

    As a lawyer though, I found the movie really frustrating for how fast-and-loose it plays with the practice of the law. I realize that an accurate portrayal of the legal process would be about as entertaining as watching paint dry, and some dramatic license is necessary to tell a fun story. But I found myself holding my head in my hands a lot and thinking “um, how did he do that?” and “why haven’t they thrown him in the clink for contempt yet?” and “how did he sign the paperwork if he doesn’t have a bar registration number?” and “wait, there’s no party to sue here!”

    Basically, the movie broke my brain a little, lol.

    • @RK: Haha! So with you on the frustration with the simplistic approach I too found myself questioning a lot of stuff – not as much as you though I’m sure! And also agree with you on this lacking the spark and originality of NMA.. I found this a little too reminiscent of the Raju Hirani school of storytelling and his folksy handling of social justice issues. That said, I do think that this triumvirate – dir, Nabeel, producer, Feeza, and lead, Fahad- have hit upon the method of making movies that look and smell like movies rather than extended telefilms (and bad ones at that). Here, for instance, there was a proper beginning, middle and an ending, a story that carried through and songs that made sense in terms of their placement( remember HMJ and the random song at the end or Bin Roye and pretty much every song in there).
      Re: FM: absolutely, he is totally a darling of the masses, I don’t think there is anybody else in the industry in terms of his awam connect and his understanding of his audiences’ pulse (watch him in Jeeto Pakistan ). Over time he’s not only polished his acting skills but also sharpened his savvies in terms of understanding the medium and understanding himself and picking up scripts that are a good fit for him ..
      I watched this in pk last September and I have to say in a country where ppl check their phone more often than they breathe it was fascinating to see almost no cell phones in sight!

  6. I am really enjoying the convo here. Like the idea of having a DRNR get-together LOL…I watched Actor In Law last week and I liked Om Puri and Mehwish Hayat both. As for Fahad Mustafa I got the hero vibe from him, but just as Humayun Saeed’s recent performances I did not feel any compassion towards his character. I don’t know what is missing in these Pakistani movies, but despite the descent storyline it seems often hard to feel for the main character. I tried watching Janaan few weeks back, but turned it off, dialogue delivery was poor, I did not understand at all who was related to whom overall bad execution.

    I am still enjoying Yeh Raha Dil a lot, things are still progressing in a realistic manner and all the characters are a lot of fun to watch. Will start Pinjra soon to join in the discussion.


    • @Seher: Haina! A DRNR meetup is sounding better every time I think about it – bas ab we need someone to organize us .. you wanna take the lead? 😉

      Re: Yeh Raha Dil: You had mentioned this one earlier as well, also @Hafsa has also recommended it .. ab let’s see I’ll try to catch up … thanks for letting us know that its still holding up well.

      Janaan: I tried to watch, but the first couple of scenes, Armeena in Canada were quite offputting … perhaps I should’ve stuck with it for a bit more .. Idk, I guess I just dont get the hype about Armeena .. She’s a very pretty girl and quite dedicated to her work but somehow I just cant find myself interested in watching her :/

      • LOL…hmm…how to gather DRNR forum members from all corners of the world…that is quite a daunting task… 🙂 …. I agree with you about Armeena. Dialogue delivery is the most important aspect of being an actor. It really is baffling what can be accomplished if you have a pretty face.

  7. SZ and all DRNR friends enjoying the discussion . I am watching Pinjra but without SZ review so many things goes over my head . But patiently I am waiting, no rush SZ . Praying to God that this Holy month of Ramzan goes well. Thinking about all my friends.

    • Hi Ranjan: I am so so sorry for the delays and being MIA … bas ab Im back and hopefully we’ll get back into our regular reviews routine. I have posted Alif Allah today (looking forward to hearing from you on that thread) and keeping my fingers crossed for Pinjra in a day or so .. its going really well isn’t it!

    • Hi Hafsa! Thanks for the rec… Have noted it down and hoping to catch up on this one soonish 🙂 Anything else you’re watching and enjoying or something so bad that you’d like us to steer away from feel free to share 🙂

  8. @HKB: Sorry it was getting too cramped up there so started a new thread here ..

    Thanks for letting us know about your upcoming project Begangi .. am looking forward to it.

    I want to reiterate my appreciation for your not beating around the bush when it comes to expressing your views – be it brickbats or bouquets you’ve handed out both with equal honesty. And this brings me to your continued stance on not joining the over-night religious brigade and refusing to cover your head in these silly Ramzan transmissions. Also, thank you for being dignified and not joining the fray in the war of words what with the FB statuses and open letters and not compromising your integrity and hosting/appearing on shows handing out Mercedes, airplanes, cars, bikes… Clearly nothing, including religion, is sacred in this race for TRPs.

    That said, absolutely loved your look in this pic, head uncovered ‘n all. Love your niece’s designs!

  9. HKB: So just as I posted my comment above, I saw this on Images..


    Similar things on our minds 😀

    Though I appreciate the sentiment behind the article I find it is all over the place. I don’t get why you are being put alongside Bushra Ansari .. a) you are not her contemporary and b)there is a zameen aasman ka farq in the way you carry yourselves publicly!

    • That article made me sad, if only because it’s the same sort of body/clothes policing that is so common in the west these days. I sometimes think (naively) that our desi culture might be immune to this sort of thing because we tend to have such respect for those who are older and wiser. But I guess the fashion/modesty police spare noone these days. 😦

      Also, I guess these sort of things happen at all ages. I saw some pictures from last year’s LSAs where a couple of younger actresses were called out for being frumpy and aunty-ish because they’d gone more traditional and worn sarees instead of haute couture.

    • Hey SZ! Yes I am a bit “dheet” when it comes to my personal convictions and stances on what I believe in 😉 thanks for always supporting me in that. I just can’t be another person for one month of the year and purely for the benefit of TV! If I can’t be true to myself I can’t be true to anyone……
      The Dawn Images piece was rectified through clarifications by the writer and I accepted that but I wish more of what I had said had been incorporated because despite the fact that women above a certain age are targeted for their appearance, many of them do make spectacles of themselves in desperate attempts to look “young”! I believe in enjoying every phase of one’s life without letting insecurities destroy the happiness of that time and moment. As I said to a very generous cosmetologist who wanted to give me guaranteed safe, free trials “if you can guarantee that you can do better for me than God, I’ll go for it!” Needless to say, I never got the freebie! Lol! 😝

  10. Hello SZ! Hi all !
    Finally found a thread where I could join conversation ( but I’m late I guess😅)
    So hello from India ,
    Well in Pakistani drama I watched besharam​ couple of months ago and though it wasn’t perfect , Haider n mishi’s chemistry was great ! Did anyone watch it ? N talking about Saba qamar she is fabulous in Hindi medium 😍 I hope u all watch it !
    N I was wondering anyone of you is watching indian serial right now? ( I know they are pathetic but still for guilty pleasure 😜 like behadd types)
    Looking forward to your replies 😊

    • Hey Heli! Long time! How’ve you been? Lovely to hear from you *Hugs*

      Hello back from us all here, spread around the globe as we are!

      Aww! No, no never too late .. thread is still active and from time to time frends keep dropping by to bring us up to date with what theyre watching and their thumbs up and thumbs down picks – just like you’re doing 🙂

      Ah Besharam .. yes, I heard many good things about it but then there were pther who disnt much care for it .. I was reviewing Mein Sitara those days (another SQ drama) so stayed away from watching the same actor twice a week. So you recommend it for a binge watch then?Should i put it on my to-watch list?

      I so wanted to see Hindi Medium (not just cause of SQ but the story also sounded interesting) but sadly I had guests over those days so just never found the time .. but yeah read lots of praise for the movie and SQ. Will have to wait for it come online now :/ So happy for Saba though! I think she’s worked really hard and has come a long way since Kal, her telefilm Fawad where they both played college students.

      Here’s a link for those who might not have seen it as yet 🙂

      I, unfortunately, dont watch Hindi dramas, just could never get into them 😦 My mom and bhabhi are great fans though!

      • Big hug to you too ! And yes Ramdan Mubarak ☺
        I’m fine just exam-work so many things were going on so didn’t watch much new stuff.

        Okay besharam – overall basic story line was good but could have been executed better. It has loop holes but watch it for unique chemistry between Haider n mishal! They talk about everything with each other with ease -shares friendly bond as couple .
        At the same time it has dramatic shaadi and some scenes which might not likeable🙈
        Actually I’m sucker for good romantic couple so I can ingnore other things – but as far as I know you through your blog you can’t😅
        So overall recommending it at my own risk😜 tell me if you watch it .

        U know what – few days ago it was raining here n I was relaxing listening to music when my playlist on shuffle decided to play humsafar ost😬
        Fir to kya tha- I had to open my PC n watched asher scenes in last 4 episodes 😍
        Then I was wondering when we’ll get to see fawad in something new 😔 n here you sent this link ( old hi sahi, new for me☺) thanks for sharing this ! 😆😆

        • @Heli, Thanks for the synopsis and your impressions of Besharam.. will def get back to you if I catch up with it. Haha! Like anybody else I am a sucker for love stories and if a particular track catches my interest I too will ffwd to just to watch what happens to them, much like how I would read a not so particulary good book. Humsafar, for instance had so many instances where I would be cursing up a blue streak at Ashar, but it was FK and Mk’s chemistry that had me hooked 🙂 But, more n more these days I find that dramas are just so all over the place, and the love stories used like a tack to attract the younger audiences that you basically end up wanting to throw shoes at the romantic/lead pair – Sang-e Mar Mar, a new Pk drama serial, being a perfect example of that. You should actualy watch it .. my problems with the so-called love story *rolls eyes* and the end notwithstanding, it was quite an engaging story.

          Chalo, glad to be of some help and let us know what you think of Kal, there is also another old telefilm of FK’s that you might wanna watch if you haven’t still 🙂

          and there is also the newer, Arman which I have reviewed ..

          • Thank you 😊
            I can understand. Post zgh I’ve read all your blogs n I really appreciate how you always draw attention and speak against something you find objectionable in drama which can influence society in a wrong way whether it’s violence or glamorizing stuffs like stalking,harrasing in name of love story ! U observe and share these issues with everyone here 😊( so when I said u can’t ignore this I meant as a good thinker n observer you are you can’t overlook it which is why I love to read your stance 😊)- sry if this line by any means offended you😓 not good with words .
            Abhi I’ll watch all 3 telefilms one by one asap:)

            • @Heli: No no not offended at all.. its all good, no worries at all 🙂
              You watch the movies and come back and share your take .. particularly abt FK’s gola ganda look! Won’t tell you which movie it is – that you have to guess 😀

    • Haina!! It was not just the Bollywood ripoff that annoyed me, but the crassness of it all .. aqal se naqal hoti hai not just a shameless frame to frame lift, including clothes from 90’s. And the sleaziness of it all — ugh ugh ugh!! SRK and Kajol were so classy they never made me cringe ever! Ugh again.
      Waisey notice the defeaning silence from all the so-called entertainment reporting platforms … When it came to Sahir Lodhi’s film they were all screaming their lungs out but this one is directd by a big industry name, backed by Urdu1 and is propelled by big PR bucks tau bas …. everybody is mum.. The hypocrisy and double standards are mind blowing :/

      • It really bothers me when we copy the bollywood style of comedy too… I remember turning off wrong number, it was so “not funny.”
        You’re right just because this is Yasir Nawaz sab chup hain. I really hope this movie doesn’t do too well so we can stop the madness. When you see trailers like this than I feel even more strongly how nice Ho Mann Jahan was, even if the story was slow it really felt Pakistani throughout. I watched “Dukhtar” recently and it’s a must watch. Our filmmakers need to be more creative!

  11. @All: You must have seen the “mor and his long pankhs” wali pic that I had shared on one of the SeMM posts (if you haven’t check it out here
    https://desirantsnraves.com/2017/03/09/sang-e-mar-mar-episode-28-finale-review/comment-page-1/#comment-104783 )
    And most recently I have posted a “pinjra” pic on the latest pinjra post .. and so here’s the deal:

    I am asking you all to keep your eyes open for similar drama related-themed things/signs/saying/whatever else you comes your way and share it with all of us here. You can send me the image via email/fb/insta/twitter (bas chha gayi hoon mein har taraf 😉 ) and i shall send you the link to share with your comment as you explain the context etc … Or perhaps if there are enough of them we could even do a post (crediting the DRNR family as contributors) and share it widely.

    So bas ab DRNRs ho jao shuru … lets see what all we come up with .. this should be a fun collective project!!

  12. AOA! EID MUBARAK to all the DRNR friends, hope everyone had a great eid with their loved ones. I enjoyed all the convo more then the actual dramas, you guys are super. I have not seen any drama since Sang e mar mar, started couple of them but meri kimat wo hi kute billi ka khel. Since Sehar & Hifza has recommended Ya Raha DIL & SZ is reviewing Pinjra I am going to give them a try. I have watched Hindi Medium, it is a absolute delight to watch & my God What a talent SQ has displayed Irfan Khan ko khul ke teker di hey, must watch movie, waiting to watch MOM next week and discuss about it then…..
    VZ hearing about ur ill health is concerning, I hope all the best for ur health, and SZ is not feeling too good too, all my duas are with you both, bye see you all soon .

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