DBuzz ~ Desis’ Take on the Old, the New, the Borrowed & the Blue

Any new serial that’s caught your interest? A gem from the past? Perhaps something so bad that it’s actually good? An ad that’s caught your fancy? A Lolly/Holly/Bollywood film that you would like to discuss? If you nodded yes to any one of these then you’re definitely among friends – right place, right time. Jump right in!

Haan ji tau after the success of the last DBuzz we’re back with a brand new thread where we shall continue with our desi wali rants ‘n raves. I know I’ve been MIA but am trying to fix that – so please bear with me. And while I’m getting my act together please continue to share your take on what’s on our desi screens these days. What are you all watching? Grab a chai and samosa, or two, and let’s dish! Kiya kiya dekha mere baghair? Kuch accha? Kuch mazedar? Guilty pleasures ‘n all??

Chalein so while you think back to what all you’ve watched, been watching, or trying to unwatch – let’s start the ball rolling with a link to Actor in Law, a Pakistani movie from the makers of NaMaloom Afraad. I watched this on my last trip to Pakistan and though not entirely original it was definitely a paisa vasool film.

Am looking forward to hearing from you all.



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  1. Yay! New DBuzz! Thank you, SZ!

    Pinjra and Saanp Seerhi are the only shows I’m watching right now. I’m already behind on A3I, although I like it and will catch up at some point. I’ve been trying to catch up on non-desi TV, and I highly recommend the second season of Aziz Ansari’s “Master of None.” Good stuff.

    I started watching a drama called Hiddat, but I got bored a couple of episodes in, especially as I could pretty much tell where the story was headed. There was nothing especially wrong with the show, but there wasn’t anything compelling there either. It seemed like the usual gharelu drama intent on punishing its heroine for wanting to live a less conservative life.

    That made me wonder why so many of these dramas are focused so sharply on families and family relationships, or on educating the viewers on all sorts of social ills.

    I realize most viewers are women, but women have lives outside of being daughters and wives too. Where is the sharply funny workplace dramedy, the gripping murder-mystery thriller, the epic story of an all-girl band struggling to make it big, for example? Wouldn’t these sorts of stories be intriguing just for being different?

    I watched a couple of episodes of Mor Mahal recently, and while I didn’t really get it, it was nice to see something so completely different than everything else.

    • Also, I’m kind of proud of myself because I was able to figure out at least two of the titles in your picture above, just by identifying the few Urdu letters I know: Jannat and Andaz-Sitam. At least I think those are the names, lol.

  2. What if we are watching absolutely nothing at all😜
    But I’ll just post for the heck of it😂😂
    I’ll just read everyone else’s interesting comments 😃

  3. Dear SZ and friends,

    First of all SZ, thanks for the new thread 🙂 I often find myself thinking if you are such a kind and generous host online, what you must be like to meet up in person! Thanks for always keeping your doors open for us…

    OK, I got fully fed up with what is mostly passing for dramas these days, so I watched a Korean drama instead (my first). It was superb and made me long for such quality from our desi drama lords 😦 Why can’t they make something enjoyable, with good quality writing anymore? Pinjra is the only show that I’m following and I want to cry at the kind of obscurity it is facing in contrast to other shows that are a million times inferior…

      • Dear Rehmat, how are you and hope Baby Z is doing well 😘. I’m on the mend but it’s a long process, so I have some good days, some not-so-good ones, just taking it slowly yaar…

        At least the weather is nice, so that is quite uplifting! Lots of love…

      • Hello Seher, hope you are well. It’s Healer – have you watched it? Did you like it? Any other recommendations? 🙂

        Sorry SZ, Korea is quite far from desi land, apologies for veering way off topic…

  4. Wah SZ that’s very well done.

    I have started watching Sargoshi.. its an old drama used to come at Aplus.. but Aplus Europe is repeating it nowadays… it has NI and Alishba Yousuf.. written by Zafar Miraaj.. it caught my attention because its slightly different with NI not being able to become father.. his mother wants to get him married and is ill too so he can’t tell this to her… he feels guilty getting married as then his wife has to bear the allegation of being Baanj.. because mard ko koi kuch nh kehta.. how Alishba fits here.. its something I am looking forward to.. searched on utube.. it has only 20 epis..

    Rest its Pinjra … what a serial it is.. and Ye Raha dil..on n off

  5. @SZ: Thanks for the link to Actor In Law. I hadn’t seen it before, and really enjoyed it on one level. It was a fun ride, and Fahad Mustafa is a superstar in the making. I didn’t think it was quite as good as NaMaloom Afraad, but still highly entertaining.

    As a lawyer though, I found the movie really frustrating for how fast-and-loose it plays with the practice of the law. I realize that an accurate portrayal of the legal process would be about as entertaining as watching paint dry, and some dramatic license is necessary to tell a fun story. But I found myself holding my head in my hands a lot and thinking “um, how did he do that?” and “why haven’t they thrown him in the clink for contempt yet?” and “how did he sign the paperwork if he doesn’t have a bar registration number?” and “wait, there’s no party to sue here!”

    Basically, the movie broke my brain a little, lol.

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