Alphabet Soup ~ The ABC’s of Pakistani Dramas ~ X

Friends, it’s that time of the week again. Time to think. Yes, think. A word not typically associated with desi dramas, magar kabhi kabhar thora kuch alag try karne mein kiya harj hai.  Who knows we may even surprise ourselves. Maybe find a few brain cells that are still alive and kicking, despite all the drama watching we do. So, chalo let’s get going.

Our letter for today is

More specifically, L for


Ab lets come to our dramas and the women in our dramas.

No… This is not another writeup about how regressive our dramas are and all that jazz … nope. Been there done that. Aaj hum de rahe hain plot ko thora sa DRNR wala twist.

Instead of waiting for drama makers to give us interesting female characters – women who have more of a life than waiting for shaadi and following that a male child – how about if we took it upon ourselves and re-wrote a few of our favourite dramas?

For instance:

How differently would Sang-e Mar Mar read if Shirin worked? Maybe taught kids at home, perhaps taught embroidery to local women? Anything other than sighing endlessly about a non-existent relationship with Aurang?

Remember Nighat phupho from Aunn Zara? I don’t know about you all but I was really frustrated to see a very bright women wasting her life meddling in her nephew’s life… Any suggestions for her?

What about Saba from Bin Roye? If ever there was a poster girl for someone desperately in need of a life she was it! Any hobbies she could take on? Aur kuch nahin tau a barista at a local coffeeshop?

I dont think I need to explain any further.

Chalen ji

Written by SZ~

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  1. Aray wah! @SZ what an interesting notion- give these girls a life

    I think one who needs it the most is Romaisa. She should be a zookeeper – preferably for the ducks or ‘in’ the fish tank… Hopefully she will get over her obsession of being a machli or a battakh – or a cow for that matter… Abb give such a nature lover a technical job with a computer tou what else to expect from her except constant daydreaming.. No wonder Nabeel , as shrude a business man he was, realized straight away ke Romaisa ka uss ke office main tou koi kaam nahin…

    And Saba – koi maane ya na maane , she is quite a go-getter. Abb dekhein she got who she wanted.. She would make a great head hunter. She also got Aitazar to win every time – she would also make a very successful team manager. She can choose the sport but something tells me she would enjoy rugby.

    Waise talking of sport Shirin would love bull fighting – after all she’s all about ”aa bail mujhe maar”…


    • Hahahaha!! I think I come up with these just to see what you guys come up with – it’s so darn fun to read you all.
      Love Shirin and Rumaisa ki kahani 😂 too good 👏👏👏


    • Waise talking of sport Shirin would love bull fighting – after all she’s all about ”aa bail mujhe maar”…

      ROFL, @FA! Too much.


  2. @ SZ, FA & RK,
    You are too funny.

    I’ll stick with SeMM but I want to focus on the vile Bano.
    Instead of stewing in her hate and making everyone’s life miserable, I think she should *Get a Life* by doing the following:

    1. Take that peacock feather from Shirin (it has supernatural qualities)
    2. Wave it around and dance like a Dervish (Yeah baby! we know you got the moves…)
    3. To relax at the end and spread some cheer, have some of Palwasha’s halwa (might make Torah happy! after all it’s been tried and tested by Aurang.)



    • LOL, @JR. These are great.

      have some of Palwasha’s halwa (might make Torah happy! after all it’s been tried and tested by Aurang.)

      Ok, my brain just went somewhere it really wasn’t supposed to go. Goodness!


  3. You know who needed to Get a Life was Mehreen raheel characters in 2011/12
    Remember Madamara and how she wouldn’t leave Fawad alone in 2012 whether it was Zgh or Ashk and was constantly leeching onto him that she annoyed us no end
    We kept saying is larki ka aur koi kam hi nahi , all she does is do these fawad chasing roles
    What she could have done is hath Batao with kashafs mom Rafia and helped her tutor the hundred of kids in their home and also got invaluable advice from aunty jee about how to keep your man, she could have learned how to make garam roti and taza ghar ka khana after a hard day of office work and Also having her visit nigaar if she got bored with tutoring they could design new fashion trends around make up and which eyeshadows are on trend😝 maybe would have kept Zaroon after all rafias advices were gems👍😂
    Zaroon would have still ditched her saying you upper class working women will never change I want the khalis middleclass authentic one aka dear kashaf.
    lol that’s all I could think of haha


  4. SZ, kya topic socha hai! Where do you get your ideas yaar…👍

    Will come back with more, but here are a couple of starters (please delete my comment if you think it’s controversial):

    Bano (SeMM) – White House press secretary.

    Pari (SeMM) – author of best sellers like: Tough Negotiating, The Art of Recruitment (How to hire and fire at will), Lean In – The New & Improved version (specifically suited for the rural woman), True Lies, etc. She also moonlights as local rishta wali and writes a gossip column in the local newspaper.

    Palwasha (SeMM) – Has her own cookery show and writes a cookery column for Garhi Baraan’s society magazine. Has patented over 500 halwa recipes and has done world class research on “Effects of halwa on the male psyche”, “Halwa and the heart”, “Experiments on the time taken between eating halwa and falling for halwa maker”.


  5. @VZ!
    I just saw the news. Palwasha has indeed patented her “Happy Halwa”

    I did a search on JSTOR and found her much acclaimed scholarly work:
    “The Cultural Economy of Happy Halwa: The blissful journey of double-blind clinical trials”


  6. Hello DRNRs peeps
    Follow up news: Bano is committed to transforming not just her life but the lives of all women and men.

    Bano has organized a flash-mob – LADIES ONLY
    Music – Ode to Joy!
    Word reached Bollywood and the acclaimed artist Katrina Kaif offered to lead the flash mob.
    Not to be outdone, Anmol (Mehwish Hayat) said ‘no way I should lead the flash mob. Let’s get back at those Bombaywallas who banned us’
    Bano put her foot down.
    Yes my friends, she said ‘no item numbers here; this is a refined and cultured crowd.’

    It was reported that (Khap type) panchayat members were frothing at the mouth
    Instead of Strait Jackets, the wise-happy ladies of the flash mob have administered Palwasha’s “Happy Halwa”
    Men and women are all smiles now.

    Hair accessory wali has also reported sales have grown exponentially.

    Bano finally got a life. She has not only transformed her life but has transformed the lives of many.

    LATE NEWS: After the FDA scientifically inspected and licensed ‘Happy Halwa’ it was reported that desis all over the world were rushing to Desi stores for Happy Halwa.
    Palwasha told the press that she is upset that her Happy Halwa has been banned in some countries.


  7. Hi all!
    Palwasha just called a press conference. She is no longer upset.
    Since her #HappyHalwa was mentioned in presidential tweets the world press has taken a stand behind her.
    Aamir Khan who has been watching the story unfold for his show ‘Sanyam Eva Jayate’ tweeted: Good to know #AaalIsVell.
    #HappyHalwa continues to break down walls and build bridges. (Opps! did I say walls? Clarifying that it’s merely a metaphor)

    Bano is at peace!


  8. Wah wah too good
    Get a life.. haha ..natasha of Silvateiln is coming in mind.. instead of scheming against her sister based on bachpan k issues.. she should be some designer.. from what we saw about her shopping sprees in US and her cool clothes she wore.. tou i am sure we easily have enjoyed other half of drama as well


    • @Rehmat oh yes she really did need a life! Abb I can just imagine her organizing the shows and exhibitions and being acting like the right diva that she was!


  9. This is so much fun 🙂

    Arjumand (DeD) – bouncer in a disco/nightclub. I mean, her “don’t mess with me” looks are enough to make sure the wrong sorts don’t even think of getting in.

    Shirin (SeMM) – TV drama writer. Since she has such vivid imagination and since it’s all about love these days, she will fit right in.

    Nida and Shama (Dil Banjara) – labour boot camp with Jannat Bibi.

    Sara (Humsafar) – work as manager for Pari (SeMM). Pari will extract itna work out of her and keep her on her toes ke Sara won’t have any time left for plotting and planning.

    Baji Sakina (Pinjra) – part time beauty therapist. She’s the reason for Zulekha’s “just had a facial” fresh face and Aasiya’s perfect manicure and the main reason why Jannat Bibi kept her in the haveli all this time.


    • @VZ I was thinking with new development project on its way all eyes will be on Garhi Baran – Bano and Bulbul would make great news reporters for our news channels .. breaking news with all the masala added and on the days where there’s no news they are pretty good at making news too…. but wah! white house press sec sounds even better!!


      • FA, I completely forgot about that development project! Just imagine Bulbul on the field, asking all the tough questions… Maybe Pari should own the local TV channel and press? She’s got the cut throat spirit for the job. And as for where there’s no news they are pretty good at making news too, you know that ‘fake news’ seems to be quite popular these days, so no problems at all! 😉


        • @VZ Pari owning the TV channel and press.. wah!
          @JR your news source revealed 😉 Bass be careful of their fake news and making news reputation lol

          Uff i can imagine Pari’s driver uncle driving the press van, and shareefullah and durkhane’s hubby manning the cameras and lights.. 🙈

          What’s Durkhanay up to?


          • FA, Durkhane is perfect for undercover agent. All those times she met Gohar and no one even remotely suspected her. Plus she has proved to be excellent at handling sensitive documents – look how carefully she held on to Gohar’s letters right under the nose of her family members? Even Pari couldn’t get to her. Perfect for the job, move over 007.


            • @VZ Durkhane as under cover agent and the letters 😂😂 – Yes defo! and she’s great at making the great escape.. look how she got away unnoticed, unharmed (woh bhi on a bike – up for action, stunts and all).. lol


          • @FA
            In support of our #FearlessPress in SeMM-ville I refuse to reveal the identity of my source.
            Except to say the philandering 007 and Deepthroat do not hold a candle to her.
            She is so brilliant you cannot find a trace of her on the Dark Web or Deep Web even.


            • PS: In fact Humayun Saeed has just appointed a team to trace her stealth activities.
              Biopic in the making.


    • ROFL @ Jannat Bibi’s boot camp.. haven’t watched DB but jo bhi jae wahan i just hope they don’t turn into Ranga or Jahan..

      Ufff Baji Sakina as beauy therapist 😂😂 .. sammi move over!


    • @ VZ. I love the idea of
      Jannat Bibi’s Labour Boot Camp 🙂
      A long list of characters whose names I can’t remember..
      Please sign up all those women from ‘Defense’ who gossip, shop and order their domestic staff around – at least that’s the way they are portrayed in so many plays.

      Shama had some saving grace yaar but Nidha needs special mention.
      This character was so insipid, I think nothing less than Queen Lateefah’s Beauty Salon will do as a boot camp (STAR on Fox).
      She can train to play back-up (voice and hip hop chorus) to Star, Alex and Simone.
      Since we’re crossing borders, why not eh?

      I’d love to see a bad a** nasty hip-hop Nidha.


  10. Whilst we’re giving these ladies a life I think some men also need one!

    Bano and Torah being mr and mrs. Smith tou I’m just imagining Torah playing power games in the white house whilst Bano is the press sec.. #homeland #houseofcards

    And please Mansoor from Pehchaan is totally farigh.. somebody pls give him something to do..


    • Excellent idea FA!

      Mansoor (Pehchan) should be appointed to work in a stone quarry in Japan (an industry with 0% females). Because knowing Mansoor, he’ll be after the next female in sight.

      Mubashir (Pinjra) – model in art class. This guy has been sitting and sighing all of the 10 episodes so far, he might as well make that a profession and earn some money for his effort…


      • Hahaha thats perfect for Mansoor!! I love this! Insaniyat aur aurat zaad sukh ka saan le sake!
        And Mubashir as a model in art class 😂😂

        Mr and mrs Jahan (pinjra) both of them have such active and vivid imagination – they should take up screenplay writing.. esp zulaikha is great with her plots and adding twists. Pk cinema is in dire need of such talent!


        • Totally randomly started going through comments on this one and MAN! You ladies are a riot!!! Mubashir as a model?!?!? 😱😱🙄OMG I’m dying here from laughing!! 😂😂😂
          @VZ & @FA bas ab wapis aa jao tumhen kuch nahin kaha jaye ga and @RK and @ JR bas ab enough India tripping .. bohot ghoom liya ..
          #officiallymissingyouguys 😘


  11. @SZ and all!
    Sorry! wrong video; and I just intended to post the link to “I Bring Me”

    Time to get back to work. Have a great day all.


  12. Saba from Bin Roye did have a ‘hobby’, which was pottery. But she did not pursue it as something she could have done to sell. She could have set up her own Etsy store, taken her frustration out more visibly with this creative outlet but it was definitely a missed opportunity.


    • @Maria: sorry! Somehow I’ve totally missed the comments on this thread 🙈
      Opening up an Etsy store – wah wah! What an idea sir ji! Love this solution for all our heroines who cannot work outside of the home because of duniya kya kahegi👌


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