Alphabet Soup ~ The ABC’s of Pakistani Dramas ~ IX

Be it Hollywood, Bollywood, or even apna TV wala Dramawood aaj kal it is all about remakes, remixes, revisits, redos. Gana ho ya koi kahani the same old is being served up with a tarka of something new. Matlab ke kuch khaas itna naya nahi hai magar ab kuch aisa purana bhi nahin hai. Ji, it’s all about putting a new spin on the same old.

And because we here at DRNR are so cutting edge tau ho hi nahin sakta tha ke koi itna popular trend aiye and we let it pass by without putting our own desi take on it. Tau bas ji, in keeping with the theme we are revisiting our very popular Alphabet Soup series and us ko zara naya twist de rahe hain.

Aap loag taiyar hain?

Shabash! Excellent answer!

Ab let me explain how we are going to re-tool our now pretty standard, very firmly ensconced-in-the-box dramas.

Our task is to re-imagine a drama by replacing a character in said drama with a character from another one. Matlab ke zor ka jhatka type remix.

Oho bhai! Why such overacting wala drama? Itna mushkil nahin hai. Let me give you an example, ok?

Say, for instance, we replaced the calm on the outside but simmering on the inside Arju in Diyar-e Dil with the andar bahar simmering no filter Bano from Sang-e Mar Mar? Can you even begin to imagine what a fabulously dhamakedar serial that would’ve been?

The question then would not be ke Wali aur Fara ka romance kab shuru hogarather in its stead we would have been holding our collective breaths to see ke Bano/Arju kis ko pehle goli maaregi – Agha jaan? Behroze? Sohaib? Ruhi? Wali? Fara? Herself? Considering her suppressed emotions possibilities are endless!! Also imagine how very differently that kaali siyah raat would have played out, no?

See, not so difficult?

Acha tau bas ab you guys know the drill, bas foran se put your thinking caps on and share with all of us which characters fits into what dramas and why. I’m intezaaring!

Oh, and if you were wondering, our letter for today’s R-e-tooling of dramas and this R-eturn to the Alphabet Post series is none other than

Written by SZ~


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  1. This is a brilliant idea! Allow me a second to fangirl the heck out of your brain.

    So…ever since I read this post earlier today, I cannot get rid of this idea that popped into my head. Apologies in advance, and I have my raincoat at the ready.

    What if Humsafar featured Ashar being forced to marry not the sweet-and-ever-so-slightly-nerdy-Khirad but the much saltier and shrewdly manipulative Pari of SeMM? I mean, just imagine Farida Aunty versus Pari for a moment. Magic, no? 😉

    • lol In that case our Bano bibi would’ve literally begged Ashar rather than just slashing her wrist.. or our har dam qurban Shirin bibi would’ve given qurbani all the way.. aik bar kalai katna tou bohot asan hai ‘)
      Scheming Torah instead of Khizr, Gk instead of MH.. OMG yani ke SeMM was also HS ka spin off.. lol

  2. Oh, tough one! Maybe get Khurshida Begum married to Molvi Noor Mohammad of Mera Naam Yusuf Hai?

    SZ, will think a bit more! 🙂

      • It is a fabulously done serial – with the MJ bells n whistles and fab acting .. we had problems with the frame story – the love story between the leads – and left it in the middle but came back when they moved beyond that and focused on the meat of it all .. HB was fab! She was with us on the threads and was fab abt handling the critique and more than gracious with the compliments .. oh and you see how brilliant the sound design is for this and realize why I complain abt how crassly bgs is handled elsewhere ..

  3. SZ this is so interesting yar.. filhal i could come up with only this.. k how awesome it would have been if Hani in MeJ was replaced with khird… atleast achi chemistry tou dekhne ko milti 😉

    • Lol! You remember when Sarwat had showed up on the thread?! Btw, let’s just have a moment of silent appreciation for HB and Adeel’s chemistry there 🔥kehne ko maa beta thay but I would pay good money to watch them as a pair 💞

      • Gasp! Log kya kahenge!? 😂

        I started watching MeJ a week ago, but couldn’t really get into it. I think it’s because I still have a bit of a Jamshed/Michelle hangover from Jackson Heights, lol. Can’t see AH as any non-Jamshed character just yet.

        • Haha! I totally get that! That’s what happened with MeJ .. it started the week after Humsafar and FK was originally supposed to play that so it was a no go for so many who had already imagined FK as Aabi..
          in any case that serial really picks up after Haniya moves to Karachi..

        • Oh and if you like AH you should watch silvatein .. it was a great mad serial which as usual fizzled out in the end but that first 15 or so eps were fun

      • Hahah yes i remember 🙈 haan Hb n Adeel were treat together… haye watching AH pairing with Marina Khan k baad agr he pairs with HB will be insanely awesome 😍

  4. If DeS was Shamim of SeMM (or HKB of MNYH).. I can see bandooks instead of letters.. Nadia Jameel’s character as Bano – NA the cheating husband would’ve had a very different ending! .. Our major sahab would’ve been thoroughly impressed by his wife’s gun handling skills and she would’ve earned her respect a long time ago!!! (Sorry totally forgot all the names)..

    • I love how we are rejecting all the mazloomiyat and all the seedhi saadhi Allah miyan ki gayes are being replaced by gun toting ladies

      • Touchwood, I was thinking the same! We’re tightly holding on to the rare breed of strong women on screen…

        How about Tabinda from SeZ marrying Asher?

      • lol @SZ that reminded me of Neelum from Numm.. speaking of which imagine Zulaikha from Pinjra instead of Neelum – instead of talking to imaginary tree friends she’d be imagining someone else.. and most of all bechari Mahjabeen wouldn’t have had no chance with her beemari games, no time for the leisurely strolls and mirrors would’ve been banned! …

        Oh while we are at it, since vanis are in fashion let’s replace all the bewa bhabhis who had to marry the devar / jeth with vanis.. yep devar bhabhi – out / vanis – in . Which means if they were making MSKSH today they would’ve made Allah mian ki Gaye Romaisa responsible for her husband’s death and then.. You can see where I’m going with this…

            • @VZ I was thinking of pairing Aunn’s Dadi with Bare Saab.. but Agha jan’s way better!

              We were thinking about Aunn’s father/ HKB’s missing husband.. Any ideas woh kon ho sakta hai?

          • hahaha why not! While we are at it tou can we set them in Garhi Baran in SeMM era.. baba adam ke zamane main… Hopefully they will stop talking about cars and shopping and so on and so forth.. The most they would quarrel abt is parandas and halwas..

            Speaking of halwas our bhabhi from Firaaq needed to up her skill set.. Laundry isn’t the way to go.. Palwasha’s halwas would’ve helped her a lot more..

        • If we’re subbing Pinjra people out for Numm people, we might as well replace Wali with Shahzeb.

          I mean, sure, no FK and all his silent and very smoky brooding, but Shahzeb would get stuff done and wouldn’t try to have his cake and eat it too. (Tsk, tsk, Wali…so disappointing on so many levels).

          Also, Shahzeb toh chai bhi apne aap bana leta hai, so Salima ki koi zaroorat hi nahin parhti! 😉

          • Uff! How many scenes did Salima have in that serial!! Totally a central character what with her comments on MJ’s hair and kitchen scenes and what not

            • LOL. So I kinda love Salima for the hair comment. Without her “help,” it would have taken Wali six more episodes to simply compliment the woman he’s sleeping with!

          • Ok Salima for Sheedo from Pinjra.. uff I can just picture her telling shahzeb abt asiya’s taap / bukhar.. khoob namak mirch laga ke … ufff Imagine Salima dancing on the hukka koila and later letting it out on Dawood.. comedies!

  5. ok, now that Im on my lt here are the images that go with the gun-toting ladies comment

    and mind you all these are real film posters!!

    • Don’t know why, but I felt so sad on seeing this. Felt bad for these girls – I can’t begin to imagine the circumstances under which they were working…

      • I suspect the posters had a desi version of ‘photo shopped’ by the painter.

        There was a book recommended on the Mein Sitara thread on the red light district in Lahore. Taboo by Fouzia Saeed. I did read it and found it fascinating. According to this book the girls most probably are from the red light district and for them getting a break in the film industry was a big break and if successful a chance to move away from the red light district.

          • @VZ: Yes, Taboo is a great book and offers great insight into the kotha culture and the lives of the girls who live there. And yes, @NKhan is absolutely right in saying many of these girls, heroines in the PK film industry came from such backgrounds. I think it was on the Main Sitara thread that I had noted that until TV came about and educated girls from “a good family background” like Samina Ahmed, Simi Raheal, Sahira Kazmi, Roohi Bano, Uzma Gillani, and others joined, the general impression was always that the entertainment industry was not a place for “good” girls.

            That said, whatever we might say of their backgrounds and how they started in the industry, lets not forget that these girls were at their prime when playing these characters and were considered the most popular heroines around. So not like these were becharis who had guns held to their heads. These films gave them more than enough name and fame and they are very proud of their accomplishments.

            Saima, in the first pic, is married to a famous film producer Syed Noor and is nowadays referred to with great respect as film star Saima ji. You might remember her from drama serials like Kaneez, Yeh Mera Pagal Pan Hai, and she was also the heroine of Sarmad’s first drama serial Piya Naam Ka Diya.

            Mussarat Shaheen, in the third pic, was the darling of the awaami masses and was a superstar of Pushto films in her heyday. This film, Haseena Atom Bomb, released in 1990 was a massive hit and was later dubbed in Urdu as well. Mussarat later joined politics and also became a member of the Assembly. Again, all because of the recognition she earned from such movies.

            The second, I think, is Anjuman; again an uber popular heroine of the fim industry.

            So yeah, while I do feel for them as to how they started off they are not exactly mazloom or becharis, at least in the case of these heroines. They cashed in big time!

    • Oh my…I don’t have anything to contribute to this thread but wow these posters. Love how these ladies as well as the guns have their handbag with them. Even the last one has her purse tied around her leg.

  6. Very interesting thread.

    I’d replace Durreshehwar with Kiran (from KPKP). What sparks would fly – I am sure unlike DeS, Kiran wouldn’t have been such a perfect bahu…

    • DB, good one, Kiran’s wardrobe and fashion (non)sense will have driven DeS’s saas mad! No question of haath maaroing her jewellery!

      • Exactly

        Another crazy one… I’d replace Mohini (though I loved her pre-accident in Goya) with Faara Behroze Khan who’d have enough jaidad to not rely on Mr. Hashmi for finances. And even if she did she will:

        1. Cry so loudly that she won’t hear or register any of his threats
        2. Use her education in medicine to understand what Senior Hashmi is up to

        • @VZ @DB oh in that case it will be Zara, Faara and Mohini.. forget Mannu.. triplets going for triplets…And Dr Faara fixes up Mohini in no time with her Fish diet.. #SomebodyStopMe

          • Behen @FA: ruk ja o dil deewaney🎼🎼
            Let’s please do a bajamat dua ke no celeb ever reads this thread .. and more than them nobody from the sammi zacha n baccha team reads this family planning ki barbadi 😂 kya yaar! Itni mehnat se sikha rahe hain ke don’t talk abt bacchas and here you guys are going on about twins and triplets!! Go easy with this otherwise ten more “sabaq amoz” ” social issues” wale dramey are going to

            • I dunno. I think OKB might enjoy the sheer (and slightly nerdy) awesomeness of what we’re doing here, what with Wali discovering the world in a DeLorean and all! 😀

            • i agree.. okb in aunn/ wali-man in nerdy martin / dr who avatars… but so long as he does get to get a healthy dose of horse back ride along the way.. as Mayer, in Garhi Baran and in DeD haveli…

              bass Wali-man on a mission – be it the unravelling family mysteries and re-connecting with the ancestors .. or bringing khandan (7 siblings) together.. just the kind of thing wali-man does best!! 🏇🏽🏔🚙💨

  7. FA, replying to your question: Aunn’s father/ HKB’s missing husband… Is of course Senior Hashmi of Goya!

    See, it all fits quite nicely. We know what Aunn’s father had left his mother and had another family isn’t it? What they didn’t elaborate was, Aunn had a twin – Omar! When they were just born, Aunn’s father took one of them away and brought him up while the other one stayed with the mother. Hehehe, brilliant touch, isn’t it?

    So we can have a sequel to both Aunn Zara and Goya this way! Also, we can make Aunn’s Daadi talk some sense into Mohini and get her to recover. The last shot will be like Kabhi Khushi movie, Sr Hashmi with HKB (Husna), one side will be Omar with Mohini and the other side will be Aunn Zara. 2 OKBs for the price of one! Now who can say no to that?!!

    We can do even better, a sort of Bollywood 70s movie like Amar Akbar Antony types. Remember we substituted Aunn’s Daadi in the place of Agha Jaan (see my earlier comment), so we can have a triplets story – Aunn, Omar and Wali! We can have a scene where all three of them are giving blood to Daadi 🙂

    In case you’re wondering, yes I’ve completely lost it. What raincoat, I need an invisibility cloak…

    • @VZ wah! maza agya.. perfectly plausible!
      Twins and triplets lol.. ufff no wonder poor HKB gave up on two of the babies.. imagine 3 x cry-baby-Aunns – what a nightmare! – only bechari she was dreaming of Wali the prince all along (Aik Nayee Cinderella) – perfectly in sync with havelis supernatural / ilham connections – ghora, faara and all lol

      Acha tou are Aunn and Wali fighting over the same girl? or are Zara and Faara also bichree hui twins? Or were they triplets? third being Mannu… zara fara and mannu?

      Oh BTW sr. Hashmi got his dream bahu Faara who can serve him fried fish breakfast, lunch and dinner! 😉 The Bengali old flame and the daughter conveniently replaceable..

      Speaking of which, Sr. Hashmi’s Bengali flame later married GK’s brother. She had Torah and Palwasha. Palwasha replaces the other girl (can’t remember her name). She’s not only halwa making expert but also a class at fish!) . Palwasha is older than Torah. She is indeed Sr. Hashmi’s daughter.. Abb imagine Torah going for Gk and Palwasha going for Sr. Hashmi.. Palwasha has too many other obessions already – so she drops Aurung.. Oh while we are at it, let’s also replace the mor pankh with Palwashas flowers in her hair..

      @VZ If you think you had lost it…… lol

      • FA, I love the triplets going for triplets idea! Uff, mazaa aagaya 😀

        And linking Goya with SeMM with Aunn Zara and Mann Mayal – just brilliant. I won’t be one bit surprised if we see this on our screens very soon, at the rate our dramas are going (Naagin anyone?)…

        Why let go of Sr Hashmi’s daughter (Zeb?) from Dhaka, she can run taxi service from the Northern areas to Lahore – apna Wali has discovered a new route na, which takes minutes to cover this distance, he can share that route info/map with her. That way, Zeb can find a nice way to eavesdrop on all her passengers and sell the info to Torah, Pari, GK, anyone really.

        Waise Wali is Christopher Columbus Ka Bhai, discovering routes and all…

        • I just realized that the brilliance of all these plot/character combinations is that they also require time travel. Doctor Who/SeMM/DeD crossover, yes? 😉

          • @ RK This just gets better and better.. back to the future – desi style .. new genre for age old new multi generation saga wah wah 😂

            • Ha! I’m now picturing the DeLorean from Back to the Future magically showing up in Garhi Baran with Aunn’s daadi and Wali-Man in tow. 😀

              Also, this universe requires Wali and Aunn to be separate at all times so the timelines don’t converge, yes?

              @VZ and @FA, you two are geniuses!

            • Double role, but naturally – one with bad wig other with fake moustache 😉 and of course nobody would EVER see the likeness

            • 😂😂🤣 👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽 Sheer brilliance! We’ve done all the hard work.. someone better pick up on this plot 🙈😂

  8. Apologies in advance, but @VZ your comment has gotten my brain going in all diff directions and here’s a recent interview of Anjuman with Reema (another actress who is now apparently the toast of the desi social circuit in Virginia, US, after her marriage to a US based Pakistani surgeon). I love the way Reema introduces her .. and hear her talk about her career and regrets …

    • Thanks for this SZ. It’s good to see these positive stories, otherwise I would not have realised this other side of the coin. It’s heartwarming to see the kids respect their mother and are proud of her achievements too!

  9. 😂😂😂🤣🤣
    @VZ I’m laughing so hard right now!
    Wali christopher Columbus ka bhai and we’re keeping the dhaka wali sister too.. then there are autung and palwasha.. seeing wali was one of the triplets thats 7 – @SZ save ur blog! Sammi walon se lol

    • Arre, we have forgotten to include social messages, women empowerment, etc, tau Kahaani abhi baaki jai doston!

      And after watching Anjuman in Dakoo Haseena and the likes, I want to get Shirin in I’ve of those roles, replace gun with qainchi. Just imagine the looks on GK and Torah’s faces!

      In fact, Shirin, Bano and Pari could star in our desi version of Charlie’s Angels! Instead of Charlie, we can have Shamim (female oriented stories yay!). #gonebonkers

      • Sorry for so many typos #fatfingers…

        The latest trend in dramas seems to be road accidents – almost every Hum drama (8 PM) seems to have one. You want realism? “We” give you realism. You want social issues highlighted? Arre bhayee “we” will get a full packet of highlighters and highlight every social, unsocial, anti social issue under the sun. Still not happy? Chalo we will include multi generational sagas with seasons to boot. We will raise awareness on tribal cultures (SeMM, DeD), black magic in the street near you (Nazr-e bad), specialist diets (fried fish just after heart attacks, different types of halwa, nashta and its importance), unique hobbies (eavesdropping, growing mor pankhs, high-pitched shrieking and wailing without spoiling your eye makeup, sweeping key issues/details under giant carpets, talking to mirrors), career guidance for young girls (find man, imagine he’s in love with you, shaadi of your dreams in designer joras), job opportunities for older citizens (wallpaper ban jao sab)…

        • VZ: oh man! you are on a roll today!

          ” job opportunities for older citizens (wallpaper ban jao sab)…”


          • SZ, just watch Shamim Hilaly (in two plays), Usman Peerzada saying things like “bachpan”, “mangni” blah blah blah – arre yaar, Agha Jaan’s everlasting gifts to all of us…

        • unique hobbies (eavesdropping, growing mor pankhs, high-pitched shrieking and wailing without spoiling your eye makeup, sweeping key issues/details under giant carpets, talking to mirrors)

          ROFL. @VZ, aap toh chhaa gayeen! Full kudos!

  10. 😂😂
    Charlies Angels and The return of the qainchi! ✂️✂️✂️ Wah wah!!
    What abt our Zara, Faara and Mohini? You need to empower them too! We have a doctor 👩🏻‍⚕️🐟 with her special secret diet and a journalist with her qalam ki taqat 📝✍️ .. Zara needs something special too… ?!?! #EmpowerZara

    Oh btw Aunn’s issues have a perfect resolution.. he, certainly, no longer is the iklota ladla…

    While we are at it lets give Jeena her maan baap please!! .. Jeeena they never died.. they were alive all this time.. bass bichharr gae the woh bhi… amnesia.. kidnapped.. blinded..?!?! #JeenaKeMaanBaapMilGae 😂 Magar Kon hain woh?

    • Re: Jeena Ke Maa Baap: That’s Season 2 of this generational saga.
      Note the inclusion (seasons) of the newest gimmick in town … #howtojustifymessyending

  11. Oh on the subject of qainchis.. As much as I like SS it would’ve been interesting to see Kuku training Sammi.. Her, Layla and Mrs Khan would’ve made good mentors for her.. (& Layla’s mother wasn’t too different from Sammi’s…) .. Sammi can learn hair dressing & gets out of doing meni pedi.. after all she’s parhi likhi.. and in the evenings she can help Laila at the cafe or babysit her daughter when mrs Khan can’t make it because she’s too busy with her husband.. She can study while the baby sleeps.. Later mrs khan’s gangster husband can help rescue her when the gaon wale eventually find her.. Mansoor gets caught in the crossfire.. finally #MansoorKaAnjaam

    • That would be Mansoor’s ghost ki maut … I killed him off with my vat of boiling oil right after he had offered to “understand” and “forgive” Laila.

      • HAHAHA haan i forgot abt that! Ok then not caught in crossfire – thats too easy .. he was secretly pushed by the girls into the boiling oil, gangster hubby helped clean up the crime scene and made it look like an accident.. (and if it was you tou bhi all evidence taken care of 😉 ) Lol

    • Tauba, Kuku with her scissors! I was truly mortified when she was welding them on her targets… Shirin must teach classes on multiple uses of qainchi…

      • Bas ji .. see how many career opportunities await Shirin once she is done with back to back iddats

        Btw, season 2 Shirin will be designated as the naagin jo do shoharon ko kha gayi #cuebeenmusic

      • lol haina!! These are all mazboot aurats trained how to use the humble qainchi as the ultimate weapon!
        Bass it’s official!l gone are the days when aansoo were aurut’s hathyar, qainchi is for the modern woman.. Musarrat Shaheen ka intakhabi nishan qainchi tou nahin tha?

  12. Out of context (or maybe not, considering “alphabet” soup)…

    I’m reading an online introduction to Urdu, and seriously, this may be the most difficult language to read/write in the world. I’m in awe of all of you. Props, kudos, falling at your feet, etc. Wow.

    • RK, learning to read Urdu means you get to learn to read 3 languages in one go – how good is that? It’s because it’s written in cursive script (which gives its beauty) that it’s hard I felt. Getting to know the various ways alphabets combine with others is the tricky bit.

      Are you good with languages? 🙂

      • Ha! I didn’t even consider the whole three-birds-with-one-stone aspect of learning Urdu.

        I’m reasonably good with languages. I speak several fluently, but with the exception of the two Indian languages I know well, I never had to learn a different alphabet, and that’s the source of my concern with Urdu. First, many of the letter shapes are very similar. For example, I think ain and ghain are only different by a single mark, right? Second, the flowing way in which the script is written makes it even harder to make out individual letters and decode the text, so to speak. I’m sure it’s possible with a bit of effort, but on the surface, it seems very difficult indeed.

        It’s also a bit of a strange predicament to be in, i.e. to say you can understand and sort of speak a language, but the written word is a complete black box. (Not that I really speak Urdu mind, but I think there’s enough overlap with Delhi-style Hindi that I could probably get by, lol).

        • @RK if there’s any consolation unlike english and most European languages Urdu is a phonetic language so once you’ve learnt the alphabets and their various formations it should be much easier to read 😊 😉

  13. @RK I tried to learn alphabet but I gave up ,for me it is too hard . I need tutor . But SZ and All my DRNR friends help me to understand . I have my word book .
    I am enjoying the comments .

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