Sang-e Mar Mar ~ Episode 27 [Not A] Review


What the what was this episode of Sang-e Mar Mar?!?

And its not just me! Even the saintly Shamim lost it today as she lagaoed one to Shirin – zor se!
Not that I am condoning physical violence and domestic abuse but Shamim, girlfriend, why stop at just one? Sab ko line se laga kar ek ke baad ek … sab ko ek do lagani thi na!

Suffice it to say that the entire khandan went crazy today. A lot happened but I find myself unqualified to shed light on the happenings hence the [not]review. Magar phir bhi have to hand it to them ke itni garbar mein bhi they managed to teach us so much new stuff. Below are a few lessons I picked up in no particular order:

 Lesson No. 6 
Beating up bhabhis is a genetic beemari. Dekha how Bano has inherited this particular gene from her father? He used to beat up his bhabhi and today she beat hers – bilkul same 2 same. Fazool mein people pray for sons to carry on khandani riwayat.
Moral of the story: Betis are neither bekar nor a bojh –  they can do everything just as well.

Lesson No. 5
Don’t ever think parhai likhai can teach anyone anything. All this time I was laboring under the delusion that education helped make you a better person, help develop an open mind, look beyond the obvious … sab ghalat! Bilkul ghalat!
Aurang ko dekha tha na? Apna parha likha shehri babu Aurang? Not one peep out of him while Bano continued to beat on Shirin. So much for sending children to schools – koi zaroorat nahin.
Moral of the story: Appreciate how subtly drama serials are teaching us to save time and money.

Lesson No. 4
When looking for friends always seek an idiot like Shirin. Bas then you are all set and can coast through life. Don’t EVER worry about ever facing the consequences of your wrongdoings.  Such is the power of a bakri jaisi bewaqoof BFF that nobody is ever going to find your old love letters or any such thing… beshak sanbhal ke rakho. Others around will suffer incesantly magar you will get everything good life has to offer including our dramas’ version of a jackpot – an Allah miyan ki gaye type shauhar.
Moral of the story: Choose friends wisely, bas phir mazey hi mazey.

Lesson No. 3
You can be a bully, a sood khor, a religious hypocrite, make promises you cannot keep, be physically abusive, even commit a murder, matlab ke kuch bhi kar lo... sab chalta hai as long as you confess every so often, talk to your reflection in the mirror, and look appropriately contrite. Nobody will ever ask for accountability. Case in point Gulistan Khan. Kuch bhi kar lein magar izzat sab un ki aisey karte hain jaise doodh se dhuley hue hon. After all un becharon ne maafi mang li hai na. Moral of the story: Always keep your forgiveness game on point.

Lesson No. 2
Its all about the shaadi. No matter what the problem it doesn’t matter. Marriage, my friends, is the be all and end all of life. Take Aurang for instance. He went away to study, had dreams of building a school and what not… but when push came to shove what is his first instinct? Yes! Shaadi to Palwasha. Matlab ke marriage was the only way he could think of to counter Da ji’s plans? Not convinced yet? OK, let’s talk about Torah? He feels sorry for Shirin, is reminded of his mother’s plight… and his solution to her problem? But of course, shaadi!
Moral of the story: Jab bhi aap kisi mushkil mein hon jaldi se figure out who you can marry. Sab masley khatam!

And now.. drum roll please!
Let’s give it up for the most important overall lesson that Sang-e Mar Mar has taught us. Matlab ke aisa sabaq ke bas soch hai aap ki… If you dont follow this one then you and only you will be responsible for the consequences.

Lesson No. 1
Never, and I mean never ever, let your children, particularly those in the 6-8 year age bracket, anywhere near a mor pankh. Let them never know that peacocks exist or that they have feathers. In fact best that you never mention the M word in their vicinity. If ever there is a peacock documentary airing on National Geographic or some such foran send them to their rooms. Always check their backpacks. Kiya pata some silly friend might have given them one as a gift. Why am I asking you to be so careful? Well, if after 27 weeks you don’t get it tau phir tau you need more help than these lessons can ever offer.

So… these, my friends, were only a few of the anmol ratans I have picked up from Sang-e Mar Mar. There have been so many many many more – bas serial hi kuch aisi dhamakedar hai– but my pea-sized  brain can only process so much. I now look to you to pen the rest in your comments below.

Written by SZ~

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  1. What in the world happened?!? I haven’t watched the last two weeks – should I even bother LOL I was going to catch up tonight😂


  2. Fabulous (not) review! Thank you so much, SZ.

    I’ll be back to talk about the episode when I have processed. Kuch sar ke upar se hi nikal gaya, to be honest.

    Filhal, this is what came to mind when lamenting what’s happened to SeMM:

    There is a tide in the affairs of men,
    Which taken at the flood, leads on to fortune.
    Omitted, all the voyage of their life is bound in shallows and in miseries.
    On such a full sea are we now afloat.
    And we must take the current when it serves, or lose our ventures.


  3. Spot on with your non review.. love it.

    I was so bezaar with this ridiculous epi tht watched in ffwd mode n i learned lesson no 7 as well k always always apni galtyan confess karne k lye either take the gun with you or keep your duppata down.. and then watch the magic of your intelligence k sab maaf.. phir kaun si galti kahan ka insaaf… but never ever in your right Mind confess like our new bakri in town shirin.. phir tou Shamim jaisi bandi se chammat hie parega..

    Super mad on how this serial is turning


  4. Dear SZ, wah! See ab hosh thikane pe aagaye na? Unnecessarily we were ranting all of last week. Just see how many lessons we’re picking up muft mein! Very good, keep it up SeMM. Here’s more from my side:

    1. Timing is everything: want to marry chup ke se to the best halwa making girl in town? Choose the day someone else has a bigger story to break. You know, the sort that will push your story under the radar completely. Bas! Job done. No one will notice your kartoots in fact you might be praised for acting in a timely manner!

    2. Learn to make halwa – with kehte hain na, way to a man’s heart is through his halwa-loving tummy? Just keep making and feeding. Let your ‘competition’ burn! Be the envy of all girls in the vicinity. You might even get featured in your local ‘Woman’s Own’ or other such society mags! Remember to look appropriately demure while at it.

    3. Want to be a strong, empowered, yada yada girl? Let’s make it easy for you, here’s a checklist:

    A. Learn to day dream. Pick a good looking guy and just imagine he’s in love with you. Preferably this picking and choosing should happen in bachpan! That way you utilise all your growing up years to brew that love!

    B. Forget education, career, making something out of your life etc etc – these are for the weak! All you need is love!

    C. Even if you forgot point B, no problem. When the target person is about to get married to someone else, or when you are going to get married to someone else, then, and only then, not a second before, express your love, fully expecting the other person to have read your mind.

    D. If the love of your life has no clue about your love, throw tantrums, give bad-dua, threaten or attempt such intelligent stuff that Sara of Humsafar has taught you.

    E. Do mind-numbing exercises. Minimum one Hum drama a day to start off with. As your mind gets better at being numb, we’ll move on to soaps.

    F. If people are throwing unreasonable accusations at you a la Farida aunty in Humsafar, just don’t ever say anything in your defence! That’s being silly! Just stand there while they rip you apart piece by piece, or intermittently say “Mummy yeh aap kya keh rahin hain?” (Imagine Mummy has started speaking in Latvian suddenly). Or the best way is to just accept that you did everything! Yes, you caused world hunger, you are the reason crops have failed, you caused that earthquake, you were the reason for whatever is on the news today. Just accept it – there’s a strong girl!

    G. Never expect a man to come and help you. They are mostly clueless creatures. See Bano – did she ask for the men in the family to thrash her victim? No dearie, just DIY!

    H. Have a network of friends – they are your best support system! Want to convey that one piece of info to your band’s in-laws? Have a go-to parandewali, or even ex gf of your hubby. They’ll do the job.

    I. Never pick up a hobby (apart from halwa making of course!). Case in point, Pari. Until she was eavesdropping, poking her bejewelled nose where it didn’t belong, she was fine. Now look at her, trying to sew and going mad, literally! Tsk tsk.

    J. If you are keen to learn one practical skill let it be eavesdropping. It’s the best! You can use it to your advantage later or sell your info to the highest bidder. This will help finance the cost of your halwa lessons!

    Sorry SZ, friends, my mind is numb after exercising it so much…


    • 👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏🙌🙌🙌🙌😂😂😂😂😂😂

      And now that you have totally awed me just please also explain what exactly am I/ we missing that we are not sobbing our eyes out and feeling all emo for ‘poor’ Shirin?? Why magar why??


      • Easy to answer that one, our minds are not conditioned enough! Bas, we think too much, we need to go with the flow! Until we learn to do that, we’ll end up like this, unable to enjoy the masterpieces out there!


      • We’ve taken SeMM too literally SZ – look at how we have developed SeMM ka dils – I mean they beat the pulp out of a poor girl and here we are churning out satire and comedy and writing non-reviews? Huh, we are truly heartless.


      • Seriously! There are fans all over social media who loved this episode, and are giving all kinds of bad duas to poor Aurang because he didn’t marry Shirin! Not to give Aurang too much credit here, but did everyone miss last week’s lecture on not building a dream life with a guy who (a) you only knew as a child, and (b) is in love with someone else?


          • Haha! Humor is such a good tool though!

            I once called Zaroon a big baby (on Tumblr) and I had to delete the post because of all the anonymous hate I got from fans. It was fun in a weird sort of way. I loved ZGH literally to pieces, but there was so many things about that show that I was troubled by too, lol.


          • Seriously I just don’t get the whole Shirin and Aurang fans. Aurang loves Palwasha and Palwasha loves him, end off story. Palwasha has not tricked Aurang into loving her. In fact Palwasha at one stage is not even sure she will marry Aurang with all the family politics and reluctantly accepts this.. But Shirin seems to have a sense of haq or entitlement.

            Its so clearcut I just don’t understand it……

            By the way not sure I agree with the comment Saintly Shamim. Just watched episode 14 where Bano accuses Gullahai and Torah of an affair in front of the whole family. Shamim blurts out in reference to Torah ‘uski taraf to koi pagal be na dekegha’ obviously in referring to his ‘dark complexion’. That was harsh and unkind.


    • VZ… yaar chaa gayee… this should be counted as your best of best 😂😂😂 loved your point g.. hahaha DIY.. n karo bhi aise k apne shohar ko bhi hila k rakhdo 😂😂😂

      Waise i was thinking agr bano sir pe dande marti shirin ke.. tou torah bhaisahab ko amaa ki yaad na aati na aur na hie proposal deta so new lesson always hit on different part of body .. dont copy your father…


      • Rehmat, thank you hehehe…

        You are right, don’t copy, use your own brains, pick a different strategy…

        Yesterday I was randomly watching something and switched over to Hum and there on screen it was Shamim Hilaly and Usman Peerzada saying some dialogue “woh bachpan Ka mangetar hai uska” or some such. I was ready to cry khoon ke aansoo… What are we doing with these talented artists yaar…


        • Sad state of affairs:( n i randomly watched some drama on geo.. bholi bano.. n saw Sameena Ahmed playing mohabat wali nani but it was soo looking weird bcuz of pathetic lines n i started comparing her with Jannat Bibi.. what a drama n good story n dialogues can do to our actors


          • Haha! I randomly watched an episode of something on YouTube last week. (So random that I don’t remember the name of the show, lol). It featured actors I don’t know, but there was something about it that was so familiar that I was intrigued for about five seconds:

            1. Hero is forced to marry a girl who only just about tolerates by his zamindar-type grandfather.
            2. He’s in love with someone else.
            3. The haveli in this show is exactly the same as the haveli in Numm
            4. The actors who play Neelum’s mother and the driver Daud are in this show too.
            5. It was written by Myra Sajid.



            • Ok that should be the name of the random drama talk thread that JR had requested .. bas I’ll get the up as soon as I return and am on a lt


      • Rehmat: lol @ n karo bhi aise k apne shohar ko bhi hila k rakhdo – see if only our shohars come to know how Hum is empowering us females…taubah!


    • @VZ hahahahaha wah tussi tou cha gae ho! After reading the review I could’t wait to read your comment.. It’s eps like these that bring out the best of us lol
      After the the tourism brochure, and the project Garhi Baran , abb You’ve penned ‘A Desi Girl’s Handbook’ .. Wah! …. Uff I’m in tears! and no I’m not crying! 😉


    • @VZ honestly timing was impeccable! I mean it was like that classic desi filmy climax type timing – last min ki courtroom entry ‘judge sahab!!!’ or a yeh shadi nahin ho sakti type.. only difference – shadi ho chuki thi aur saza bhi ho gai thi.. yahan Shamim ki duaain rang le ain aur aurung was the #OneWhoGotAway


  5. SZ , aap ne to waat laga dee dramay kee……😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
    That was pretty hilarious!!
    Waisay Bano hit Shirin so many times but no bones were broken and she was up n about in no time 😲


    • Hahahaah deeba i was thinking same k beecharo torah ki maa tou couldn’t bear n .here our rockstar shirin na sirf ol but with fresh face k jagmaga rahen thein


      • Rehmat & Deeba: Bas, dekh liya na diyar-e SeMM (DeS) ka karishma… matlab ke maar kha ke bhi you look fresh as a daisy. On a serious note I wonder if our issues-loving producer and director are thinking of how much damage they have done to the cause of domestic violence … it’s now been turned into a joke rather than the deadly serious affair it actually is 😔 but then I guess to their way of thinking this is entertainment is liye it’s ak


      • Sorry — hit send button by mistake
        … it’s all kosher.. they save all their righteousness for outside funded projects 🤐
        Our women and their lives matter only when we others are paying for it.. warna tau it’s like ro ro re aurat ke paisa milega #disgusted


  6. Hi SZ. You have outdone yourself! Reading this at dawn and hoping the rest of my day is just as much fun.
    From Shakespeare to the Beetles, friends you are Smokin’
    Until soon
    JR 😂


      • I guess all the questions we wanted answers to will be left by the way side .. sirf yeh pata chalega ke Shirin baji ki akhir-e kaar shaadi ki ke saath hoti hai ..


    • Oops, really? Hmmm…as usual, all mitti pao on everything, rushed ending. In one scene Shirin will take Torah’s gun and go dishoom at everyone. Kissa khatam. I thought this was her “revenge saga”? Bus itnahi?!


      • I think they posted the synopsis of season 4 by mistake.. there will be ‘Return of SeMM’ .. this time fast forwarded to modern day with the bacha party.. mobile phones, powdered grey hair, and the works.. to complete the DeD wala master pc formula..


    • Really? I mean, I’m pretty happy they’re putting a fork in it, but all the same, I feel like there may be too many loose ends.

      Should have ended the show right after Aurang set fire to Daaji’s account ledgers and Torah promised his mother he’d stop with all his scheming and manipulation.


      • RK, they still have Bulbul out and about na? He needs to spill the beans just like Durkhane did this week – they are just standing in line waiting to give bayaans… And here I was hoping that these things will be resolved logically, in an intelligent way.

        I’m surprised that they touted this as a revenge saga and all the revenge stuff they mentioned in the spoiler is going to be covered in one episode? All that unleashing of vendettas etc? Hmmm…


        • Ok so whoever wanted to call it Daasi.. was it meant for Shirin all along?… Some slave madam is! Chained to the mor pankh, armed with a qainchi …


  7. Just watched this episode in about 10 minutes during my lunch hour at work. Got all the key points plus the usual ott background music borrowed from Star TV. Wow they really have put the ‘glamour’ in domestic violence. I mean the woman is wearing white and is sitting on an outside reception floor half the time and still her clothes are absolutely spotless. If someone has been hitting you with a wooden stick that hard on your back you wouldn’t be able to walk properly for a few days at least. But oh no ninja Shirin is up next day and walks upright to hear Torah’s proposal. Not even a ‘aayy meri ma’

    (by the way wasn’t Khirad also wearing white during the whole “Mummy yeh aap kya keh rahin hain” scene).

    I was going to say that Shirin had fixed the whole situation. Knowing that Bano was about to spill the beans she got Durkane to come and confess just after the beating so she could ‘play the bechare’ and they would have to marry her to Aurang out of guilt. How else can you explain Durkane coming just at the right moment. But this scenario has one drawback….has anyone seen anyone in this drama use a phone? I mean in that other drama (that I will not mention) everyone used mobiles but here I don’t think I have seen anyone use even a landline phone.


    • NKhan, the story is set in 2000-2001, hence the lack of mobiles.

      Lol@ ninja Shirin! Yes Durkhane’s timing was too perfect – these girls may not have mobiles but they have soul-to-soul WhatsApp connection!


      • @VZ RoFl @ soul-to-soul WhatsApp connection – tsk tsk looks like that mobile network has no scope in Garhi Baran lol
        After his shadi khana abadi its total khana barbadi for Garhi Baran.. Aurung has given up on school and hospital and now no scope for telecom either #sigh tsk tsk


  8. Ok, now that I’ve had a chance to reflect on this episode, I think I understand it even less?

    1. It all felt very disjointed. Scenes weren’t edited together very well and the whole thing lacked SeMM’s usual narrative flow.

    2. Lots of padding, i.e. random shots of sunrises and the full moon and people catching their own reflections in mirrors (What is this, Numm? Good grief).

    3. What exactly was GK so upset about? Is he only now reflecting on the fact that he’s THE guy in charge anymore? Shouldn’t this epiphany have come to him when he decided to give up the sood business for good?

    4. This was the outcome of the whole tortured Shirin-Aurang-Palwasha triangle? WHAT?! If this was all done with TRPs in mind, then how does an off-screen nikah even move the needle? Also, this wasn’t exactly a revolutionary move by Aurang. He married his cousin who everyone in the family both knows and likes, and he did it with her brother’s permission and his mother’s implicit good will. So…yeah, whatever.

    5. Finally, and this has been a longstanding peeve of mine with this show. Durkhane’s confession clears Shirin of all blame, but it also places the blame for bad behavior squarely where it belongs: on Gohar. So how come nobody comments on the fact that Gohar was SO VERY beghairat? (I get that he’s dead and has paid the price, but still). Only women should bear the consequences, even when it’s not their bad conduct that’s in question? Are you paying attention, kids? Especially boy kids? It’s never your fault!

    All that said, there were a couple of moments that were pretty good, actually.

    In that scene when Shamim gives Shirin one across the face, there’s a fantastic framing shot as Shamim heads back inside. We see Bano staring at Shirin in shock, but Gulistan Khan is staring after his wife, looking very concerned. This episode would have gone much better if the two had just discussed the Shirin matter in private afterwards.

    When Bano is beating up on Shirin, Aurang gets up to intervene, and it’s Palwasha that stops him, and that’s even though her own mother was practically beaten to death for much less than what Shirin just confessed to. I just found it a powerful comment on how women let each other down, especially when their own interests are at stake.

    Finally, a question. Was Torah’s proposal to Shirin as sincere as it seemed, or is it just another saazish to embarrass Bano and GK?


    • @RK: For me, Torah’s proposal to Shirin is no saazish and is no sincerity either. On the other hand, it showed Torah’s Oedipus Complex quite distinctly. First he sees his mother in Shirin. Then he follows that up with a marriage proposal. Wait, what?

      What happened in the unconscious of Torah the Terrible between the first and the second event?!!
      Is it Oedipus Complex taking over?!!
      Or is the danda speaking, the one Bano banged on his head?! [this scene was hilarious, btw]

      All of it is anybody’s guess now, my friend 😉

      Next episode’s preview does imply that Shireen marries him. Now Torah will finally have someone to watch him dance on Bengali songs. Or maybe they both will dance together now. See, it was so simple. All Torah needed was a dance partner. This was why the murders and all the sazishain happened. To be Torah’s dance partner was Shirin’s destiny. This was the masterpiece story of SeMM. Khuwa makhwa he itni episodes zaaya ki 😉


      • Nashra, your Oedipus complex theory was interesting. I think Torah did see his mother in Shirin when she was getting beaten up, but rather than Oedipus complex I would say he had an instinct to protect her, he felt he sort of had a chance at repairing the damage from the incident that happened with his mother. Maybe the shaadi proposal was his way of trying to protect her?

        In an alternate universe, where Hum didn’t end up spoiling the narrative in the name of TRP, I would have liked Torah’s psyche to be explored properly but alas…


    • Am I the oldest person on this forum? Come on guys remember the old Nokia mobile phones where you only had to charge the phone ONCE a week. And they did have mobiles in northern Pakistan in 2000/01. They had them in Afghanistan which was in the news in those days for the wrong reasons (sigh).

      Why set in 2000/01 – oh goodness they are not going to do a last five minutes of the last episode a flash forward to the present day, you know where they show Shirin and Aurang living happily ever after.

      By the way does anyone noticed that GK’s house is a hotel, on the doors you can see the card-entry system instead of just an ordinary door lock. Now if they had those in 2000/01 then they definitely had mobiles.


      • LOL. Fwiw, I asked the same question about the cell phones, so clearly you and I are people “of a certain age.”

        It’s not clearly stated what year we’re in, but I figured mid-to-late 90s based on the model of automobile, the lack of both cell phones and laptops, MZ’s “nanga” attire in the first episode, and the model of the stereo in Torah’s house. I believe there are also clues on the headstones in the graveyard, but alas, I don’t read Urdu, so those were meaningless to me.

        I did not, however, notice the card entry locks on the doors in GK’s house. Very observant. If that’s a hotel, wow, it’s gorgeous. I’d like to go stay there for a few days, lol.


        • Not just entry locks but fully equipped with fire alarm system.. but they missed out on sound proofing tsk tsk..
          It’s Serena Hotel in Swat – and DeD was Serena in Skurdu (Khaplu).. Hum and Serena what a lethal combination! #MasterpieceGuaranteed


        • Actually now you mention it yes the tape recorder that Gohar gave Durkane. That thing was ancient (I grew with those things so can’t believe I just that). I kept thinking at the time why is Durkane so impressed with that, Gohar could have at least got her a CD player. Going by just that tape recorder I would go back to perhaps the 1980s.


          • Someone else pointed out that Torah’s mother appears to have passed away in 1989, so the show is definitely set after that.

            I’m guessing Gohar is sort of a cheapskate Lothario. No sense is spending the big CD-player level bucks on his own beghairat behavior, no?


            • Oh can’t stop laughing – NKhan, RK – I remember Nokia phone too, lol – now they’ve re-launched it as well!

              FA, uff, Serena hotels and Hum – just match made in masterpiece heaven yaar. I’m never staying there, given how thin the walls are, I keep having visions of random hotel staff snooping on my convos with hubby lol… Not good marketing is it?!

              RK – lol @ cheapskate lothario! He even copied 70s Bollywood songs in his “love letter” – salaam-e ishq meri Jaan and what not. So going by Gohar, we should be dating the serial around 1970s…


    • Not only can men get away with being beghairat, they can also get away with being wimps. Case in point, Aurang. Why on earth would he even allow Palwasha to stop him from doing what anyone with even an ounce of decency would do? Aur tou aur, sab karne k baad b he gets to ride off into the sunset with Palwasha beside him and dabbas of halwa hidden in his car trunk.

      Also, whatever happened to Durkhane’s shohar? How come he never said a word to his wife? How come the qissa of the lost bhabhi get lost on its way to Shireen? And most importantly, why and only why does Durkhane get to monopolize males of the most forgiving kind?!!


      • Durkhane’s shohar, Aurung.. new generation naa.. They are empowering women.. samjho naa.. We are all missing the point here.. All the women were empowered today! Durkhane and Palwasha as u mentioned, Bano with the danda, Shamim with the thappar (and btw GK also asked her what to do next) and Shirin with the qainchi aur tou aur she was freed of all the ilzam.. Uska tou rutba hi barh gya! Wah is se barh ke aurat ko kia maqam mile ga! aur ooper se she got a rishta too!!! .. Aik hi ep mein itni empowerment! #EmpowermentOverload #GirlPower

        Honestly along with the hubby, we should all be walking around with dandas and qainchis.. lol


  9. What a perfect mess this episode – no, this entire serial – is! Thank you SZ and all the friends here for laughing it off and making me laugh it off warna tou I’d be driven to such disappointment! To think that this was a sane serial till episode 25! The makers of this show have lost their minds obviously, nut bolts and all. They are stark raving mad.

    For the first few minutes of the mayhem that unfolded on the screen I actually kept thinking this was a dream sequence. Badly written and choppy, yes, but a dream sequence nonetheless cuz how could reality – that, too, comprising of only 2 minutes – suffice in order to cover all of everything that had taken a considerable number of episodes to develop? Matlab train chhuut rahi thi kya sab logon ki jo everything was crammed into a few small minutes?

    But then I had to tell myself that no single character could dream such a lurid dream all on his/her own and it was, in fact, the writer’s dream (read: nightmare) after all that had darkened our screens forever. Iss show k makers ki dimaghi haalat se Poe the Prescient ne hamain pehle he aagah kardia tha:

    “Deep into that darkness peering, long I stood there wondering, fearing,
    Doubting, dreaming dreams no mortal ever dared to dream before.”

    ..and not only did these people dare to dream such a dream but they also dared to put it up on air and now i can only hope that they did not dare to expect weak mortals like ourselves to understand their dreams for them.

    You know, we should’ve shouted in unison to our screens: “bright karein isy! bright karein isy!”, enough times to scare the characters away and maybe chase them right out of our viewing space.

    All of everything happening all at once made no sense at all. So, was everyone connected to each other thru telepathy or something? Phones tou hain nahin inke paas. How did they manage to work everything out in perfect sync with such perfect timing? Seriously, the synchronicity of the events was such a pathetic tool – it’s even worse than the epidemic of eavesdropping was. It isn’t strange at all that no one eavesdropped on anyone in this installment. Ab inko nayi hobby jo mil gayi hai.

    This ‘masterpiece’ – seriously, this term has lost all its original meaning for me and now I can only say it ironically lol – of an episode should now be taken as a case-study in how TRP-obsession can give rise to intense, absolute and sweeping mental breakdown.

    Also, I’d like to add PSL to my list of thanks-deserving entities. PSL na hota tou kya hota? -,-


    • Nashra, read our comments on the previous episode – we ranted and ranted ke bas now we’ve got into this mode. What’s more, just like DeD days, we seem to be the only ones who are feeling disappointed. The rest of the world is seeing this in a completely different way…

      People are singing praises of the Durkhane Shirin friendship, strength and courage of female characters, Torah’s heart bleeding for Shirin and what not.


      • @VZ: I read those and you all were hilarious! Seriously, all the terrible serials (or terrible episodes of serials) bring out the best of y’all 😀


  10. @SZ Thanks for such a laugh!

    This ep reminded me of Firaq , MNYH and JH days.. This was a roller coaster ride – there were slow agonizing almost tantalising moments when ur waiting for something amazing to to happen next, the bits when it’s totally upside down, and this ep was that segment where the roller coaster is going downhill – full speed ahead!! what thrill for the audience! no? …i mean trying to understand drama makers perspective here – idea being make it itna fast ke they wont even registered what the hell happenned.. bass they would be glad it’s all over! – yep Aurung ki shadi ho gai, shirin ka such khul gya.. Aur kia chahye

    @SZ the anmol ratans are indeed anmol! Jo koi nani dadi buzurg ustad na de sake woh sabak SeMM ne parha diya.. and because I missed it all in that roller coaster of the ride as usual aap ne woh sub dikha diya jo hum ne miss kar diya lol – hats off to you for extracting all that – honestly you don’t miss anything – great insight as ususal lol 😉


    • FA: all you ladies are such a riot! Uff! My stomach is literally hurting from laughing so much!
      That said, I am going to go visit my optometrist first thing Monday .. I need a new chashma to see all the sensitivities and emotions that I seemed to have missed out on in this ep … and it’s not just me I think all you ladies should go for a check up as well .. I think DRNR ke paani mein kuch garbar hai .. hum sab andhe ho gaye hain 😎 #kaalachashmaneeded


      • Hahaha my eyes are watering too.. i think I really need a new kala chashma.. woh bhi ‘power’ wala! We seem to have missed all the girl power in this show..
        DRNR ka pani lol.. i think its the hawa.. hamain DRNR ki hawa lag gai hai lol 😉 …


      • On another drama review site I was told not to impose my ‘urban sensibilities’ on Shirin (when I said that she was absolutely faltoo with no hobbies or ambitiions in her life); as people in the villages have a different way of processing thoughts and can get attached to things very quickly – implying that as an 8yr old it was totally normal for her to fall in love with Aurung and then remain in love with him for all eternity! Their life doesn’t revolve around coffee at Gloria Jeans and lawn sales – because obviously, that’s all the girls in Karachi, Lahore or Isloo ever do.
        I mean talk about sense of entitlement; as if girls from rural areas are somehow lesser beings or simpletons who must only think about men and getting married.


        • As with some other trends we’re seeing, I think we can probably lay the blame at the feet of Humsafar. (Let me preface this comment by saying I love Humsafar, and don’t everyone throw stuff at me all at once!)

          If the success of that show set a new (very high) bar for writing, directing, acting and production values, it also reinforced old patriarchal notions about the ideal woman. A woman’s education, her sense of self, etc. are all less vital to the story than her virtue, her submission to her husband, and her self-denial. One important aspect of Khirad’s character is that she embodies all these traits, and the narrative promotes the idea that all this is for the good. We also see this with Farida herself who–despite being smart and self-possessed–is basically threatened with divorce and shame if she doesn’t go along with her husband’s plans to marry her only son off to a seemingly unsuitable girl. Finally, Sara is the ultimate urban professional, but she is the one irrationally obsessed with a man who doesn’t want her.

          Therefore, it’s hardly surprising that Shirin has to be the sort of woman who would hold on to a romantic ideal from her youth for far too long and who would martyr herself by confessing to someone else’s crime. Shirin can’t be cold and indifferent to love. She can’t be shown as standing up for herself until it’s absolutely clear that she’s lost the man of her dreams. This is her journey, and thanks to TRPs, it’s the only sort of journey women are allowed to have.

          In other news, I may be a little bitter about the direction SeMM has taken, lol.


          • I agree with you abt Humsafar .. the tends were there before, MZZB, but with the super success of HS it became a benchmark and Khirad the standard bearer for heroinehood .. rest as they say is history


          • Lol @ little bitter .. is this the first pk serial you have watched as it aired? That makes a huge diff .. in ffwd mode the disappointments don’t linger as long ..


            • Yes, SeMM is the first show I’ve watched during its actual run. And Pinjra too. Haven’t watched the latest episode yet.

              I should add that (except for Dhoop Kinarey way way back in the day), I’m new to PK television generally. I hadn’t heard of either HS or ZGH until they showed up in my Netflix queue. Gateway drugs, lol.


          • I recall a particularly cringe worthy scene in Humsafar when Sara finds out Khirad is back and goes to confront her at Ashar’s house. Previously Khirad meekly put up with Sara’s sarcasm and comments as any good girl in a white salwaar kameez is supposed to. But now she turns to Sara with anger and confidence and says something like ‘ab tum Hareem ke ma se bahat kareho’ or possibly ‘ab mai ma hoo’. I thought at the time wow which 80s Indian film did they steal this dialogue from. The only time a South Asian woman is allowed to show attitude is when she is a mother defending her kids.


          • I was never a fan of Humsafar, I preferred ZGH in terms of story, direction, and acting. There were a quite a few silly plot holes and stereotypes in HS’s story.

            I don’t think the general public understands the kind of cultural narrative these types of dramas and these characters are building. In a society where a woman (whether from the city or from rural areas) has to fight every step of the way to prove her worth, has to safeguard her ‘honor’ (because it’s just so damn fragile!), one would think the writers would want to be the bearers of change. They would have to guts to stop promoting stereotypes and the ‘mazloom aurat hi achi aurat’ kahani. The kind of filth that is on these days forces me to just watch reruns of the oldies.

            I think my favorite in recent times would have to be Rehaai. Made by the same folks who produced Udaari, but without the glamour. A must watch if you want to see some real intense acting by Samina Peerzada and Noman Ijaz and of course a very good story. It wasn’t well received though, people found it too dark; which isn’t surprising considering what our audience actually likes.


            • RG, Rehaai was by Mehreen Jabbar na, she believes in honest story-telling without forced romantic tracks. Our audience wants romance and shaadi in every drama these days – whatever the theme, ek romantic track tau compulsory, love triangle ho toh bas it will surely rake in ratings.


  11. Now that I’ve had some time to cmprehend this.. let me add a few anmol ratans

    – Never, i mean never discard any letters! ever! beshak kisi ne bhi kabhi bhi likha ho.. you never know when it might come in handy. Aur kisi beghairat ne likha ho tou shadi ke baad bhi you can cherish it!… Afterall your hubby will be truly madly deeply blinded in ur muthhi..

    – keep your dandas, qainchis close and chadar, paggars closer! they are ultimate weapons . They can disarm likes of Gk and torah in an instant!


    • FA, those letters – tell me about it, uff! Durkhane is one big hoarder! She has the time to go home, those letters and maro entry at the right time, wah! See, time management lessons – how to look after your saas and save your friend – multi-tasking in action!


  12. To all ladies I had good laugh reading . Enjoyed it. I think I need Batterie for my eyes too ,as it is I am getting old . But honestly writer has spoiled it . Very disappointed . Hats off to you SZ for writing .


      • No SZ I donot watch Indian movies ,very few and that too, should be off bit . Can take this , I watch pink and I loved it . But when we were in school we used to tease who wear the glasses . So battery is not new word . Thanks


  13. Dear All, I was thinking about the DRNR versus the rest of the world disconnect. This is neither the first time nor the last that this has happened, it did set me thinking.

    When I think of strong female characters in dramas I think of girls like Hania of MeJ, Bano of Dastaan, Zara of Daam, Mahi of Malal, Kuku + Laila in Pehchan etc. To me, these girls sometimes made mistakes, faced difficult circumstances but never gave up, accepted when things didn’t go their way and emerged stronger mentally. At no point did they let others break them.

    Compared to these kinds of characters, what do people mean by Shirin’s courage? She’s been a loyal friend and someone who respects her elders. But is this the level of strength and courage we are expecting from our female characters now?

    Imagine Zara of Daam realising that she has to give up her love to save her family – how did she face that situation? Did she resort to bad-dua, pushing her friend, playing with qainchi? Just see the difference – Zara, with dignity, accepted the reality, made a life for herself, used her education, helped her family. And all without going into “woe is me, blah blah blah”, crying buckets, etc. Isn’t that a strong person?

    I understand that Zara is a city girl whereas Shirin is from a different setup, but don’t tell me village girls don’t get heart-broken and can’t move on in life? Why this focus only on her “love” and shaadi? It’s commendable that Shirin didn’t point fingers at Durkhane, but apart from being the best ever BFF on the planet, what else has she done to merit this courageous/strong badge?

    Have we lowered our standards when looking out for strong female characters?


    • Hear, hear!
      It seems that since Shirin took this all upon herself and was happy to be sacrificial lamb, she has become the most wonderful character. True depiction of bechari and seedhi saadhi girl that our audience seems to love. So frustrating!


      • @RG: welcome aboard 🙂 always good to know we have more like us out there 🙂 seems like we are on the same page with the frustrations with such lame female portrayals .. but then dekh lo the audiences are lapping it up so why should they stop? No reason at all for them to do so ..
        but khair the doom and gloom aside we are a pretty fun bunch so feel free to jump in add in the lessons you have learned from SeMM.

        All: with the serial ending next week let’s start rolling out our versions of what a good/masaledar final ep would/should look like .. or in other words: Shirin ki shaadi kis se hogi ? Since that’s the only question the makers are really interested in.


        • Next week the makers will come up with a climax that befits the wonderful story that SeMM once was. You know, lost glory restored, that sort of thing. So, it will answer questions like: how will Torah’s deeds be exposed, what will prompt Bulbul to spill the beans, what will be Bano’s reaction, does Shirin pick up her shattered life and start again, what happened to Pari, does Aurang really open those schools, hospital, etc, what was the point of the SeMM Ka bathroom, etc etc will be answered to viewers’ complete satisfaction, leaving us craving for more… Whoa, I’ve caught Shirin’s day-dreaming beemari!

          Who am I kidding – my money is on Torah.


          • To be entirely honest, I will be dissatisfied if Torah doesn’t win in the end. He’s the only one trying, after all!

            If that means he’ll be married to Shirin, so be it. 😉


            • I am rooting for Torah too but do our dramas show the whole ‘crime pays’ scenario? I mean GK is now technically a good guy as he has confessed all front of his mirror.


          • OK since all its all abt empowerming women now heres what I think – aurung has moved to city and there’s no way Palwasha letting Aurung anywhere near Shirin or the mor pankh.. Aurig ka tou pata nahin Palwasha starting her halwa business…
            pack in the thrill so another double death ep, Torah and Gk – bulbul ka badla complete.. Bano was a villain just like Pari tou she too desrves to loose her mind completely…
            after gk shamim is finally free to travel so she goes lives a little – ie goes to aurung..
            baki reh gai Shirin.. tou because she suffered the most and and she rulao-ed audience the most tou she deserves to be rewarded. She will get garhi baran as well as her bhai ki zameen – last scene she is buddhi – has everything but still feeding cheeni to mor pankh.. but because shadi ke baghair tou guzara nahin tha tou she did marry the most eligible bachelor left – bulbul.. they lived happily ever after (with the dumbas and the mor pankh Of course)


            • Oho Shamim can’t go stay with A and S .. if she goes there then we get the start of the nth season of SeMM: jhagra saas bahu ka .. and what’s the jhagra abt you ask? Over Shamim’s khandani halwa recipe which Shirin can never quite get right .. the spat grows into a tiff which becomes a war till we get to Shamim ending up beating Shirin with a wooden cooking spoon .. A wants to go help but remembers that it’s not his aadat to help ..


            • Sorry not Shirin but Palwasha .. taubah brain nummed then dedened and finally smashed into smithreens like a sang e mar mar


            • LOL. Palwasha will make so much money off her halwa business they she’ll try to buy Ghari Baran from Shirin, thus setting up Season 4 of SeMM.


        • Thank you! I’m glad to be joining a bunch where a roti aurat is not idolized 🙂

          Btw, are you watching Muqabil? I’d love to hear your take on it.
          Also, please consider reviewing Iranian films.


        • hey SZ. Really enjoying this thread. Everyone pretty much said what I was feeling – the very filmy Durkhane’s confession scene was UGH! Anyway, so how will this end? Maybe the Aseerzadi way. Torah and GK will fight over the gun and Torah will end up shooting Palwasha. Then he will write a nice confession note and commit suicide. Bus jee phir hogaye Shireen aur Aurang end game.


            • Good point. I think if GK shoots Torah (which a lot of people are predicting elsewhere) then Bulbul might open his mouth once Torah’s dead and people would believe him. But retribution in our dramas usually translates to losing a loved one (ref Pari). So if Palwasha takes the bullet and Torah kills himself after confessing, Bulbul might be there to only validate his confession and absolve Shireen of all blame once and for all. The guilt trip of Aurang will only help in getting Shireen married to him. In any case it will be melodrama galore.


          • DB, GK killing Torah? I would’ve thought Torah kills GK, forces Shirin to get married to him, puts her in his mother’s saree, generally going mad like the rest of us here. Also, Palwasha is in the city na, so another dramatic entry? Another soul to soul WhatsApp call?!

            I think they’ve changed the storyline after seeing viewers’ response to Shirin – no way can Khirad become Sara…


            • Mikaal and Kubra are coming together in Alif Allah. This gives me hope that Shireen might actually have a more positive ending in SeMM – one that does not involve shaadi. But I don’t want to keep my hopes too up. You never know…


    • We obviously haven’t but look at our numbers and look at the numbers of all those who have sobbed their eyes out during this ep and can’t stop praising it .. . and in view of this disparity why should anyone in the industry go look for a strong woman character .. why bother .. don’t you remember what happened with Pehchan and it’s writer? Bee Gul told us she was asked to not come to that channel anymore ….
      I had brought up Toba Tek Singh during DeD and here it is again .. I’m linking an English translation ..

      Like then I wonder again: Asli pagal kon hain? Hum ya woh?


  14. We were just now watching episode 17 and we had a lovely beautiful flashback of Torah’s mother and then Torah dancing around a fire and a group of musicians. My husband made a comment about the portrayal of Bengali culture. This got me wondering….one of the negative stereotypes of Bengalis leading up to 1971 and possibly still today was that they were not quite Muslim and we ‘too Indian’ in their culture. They insisted on their saris, wanted Bengali to have equal status with Urdu, which many right-wing Pakistani nationalists in west Pakistan saw as THE language of South Asian Muslims and they loved Rabindranath Tagore. I am wondering showing Torah’s mother constantly singing and dancing…is this playing to that stereotype? I don’t know much about Bengali culture….when we were young for about three years we were the only Pakistani family in a group of flats, everyone else was either English or Bengali. We went to each others houses but I don’t recall a lot of singing and dancing.

    I think the portrayal of Torah’s mother is beautiful but how much of it is a west Pakistani stereotype? If Torah’s father had bought a wife from Punjab would she be showing doing the bhangra to some Punjabi music?

    Anyway I have a Bangladeshi colleague at work I intend to ask her on Monday. We have so much in common that we joked the other day about South Asian women singing out of tune wedding songs while one played a traditional drum and another hit the drum with a spoon. Between us we couldn’t work out the purpose of the spoon.


    • I can’t really speak to whether the SeMM displays a Pakistani stereotype of Bangladeshi culture, but I think we’re meant to view GK’s attitude as irrational prejudice against Torah’s mother for her dance, her skin tone, etc. I think it’s interesting too that Torah is ridiculed for his appearance but not Palwasha, maybe because she inherited her father’s appearance?

      Is the problem “too Indian” or “too Hindu”? I don’t know enough about Pakistan or Bangladesh to comment, but the “too Hindu” issue crops up in India as well. Some years ago, there was a controversy about yoga in schools in Delhi and how some non-Hindu parents were concerned about yoga being too Hindu.

      My family is originally from South India which has its own rich/ancient tradition of music and dance. Many of the Muslim and Christian friends (also from the south) I grew up with in North America told me their parents didn’t want them to learn either classical music or dance because the disciplines were viewed as “too Hindu.” I think this is a legitimate problem, especially in the south where classical music and dance tend to draw from ancient works that are often rooted in religion.

      I’d say it’s pretty typical for desis to find points of difference when presented with things we should all be able to enjoy universally, lol.


    • NKhan, you have raised an important point – culture versus religion. I think, like RK says, on the show, they are trying to show how someone with different cultural background is treated as an outsider by GK – even after she spends years with them, learns their language, dresses like them. She is not allowed to even reminisce her culture. I think Torah’s mother could have been any outsider, but keeping her a Bengali was probably the farthest (geographically, culturally) they could have gone within Pakistan-as-it-was, before the 1971 war. And it brings an interesting angle – to me it was one of Mustafa Afridi’s holding up a mirror to us moment – aren’t we (most of us, if not all) guilty of the prejudice we show for outsiders? GK’s is a stark case, an extreme case, most of the times we have that prejudice come out more subtly (as you pointed out in an earlier comment, even Shamim is prejudiced), but Afridi questioning this prejudice, asking us “is this right or fair?”, is something I enjoyed.


      • RK, Ranjan & VZ – thanks for the feedback on the Bengali issue. I get the thing about Bengal being the furthest geographical point in Pakistan prior to 1971. Maybe Mustafa Afridi is trying to hold a mirror to our prejudices but I think the way he has done so is not going to ‘convert’ anyone. For the prejudiced the portrayal of Torah’s mother confirms everything they think they know about Bengalis. For the already converted like myself its only reinforcing what we already know about some of fellow (Pakistani) human beings. I think the contrast he showed between the Pathan and Bengali culture was too stark. Despite what some purists may think in Pakistan singing and dancing is a big part of Sindhi, Punjabi, Pathan, Seriaki and Baluchi culture.

        Most of the flashback scenes are from Torah’s point of view not GK’s.

        Do you remember the drama Dasht. It was set in the tribal areas of Baluchistan, there was a memorable scene when a coach was taking a group of women (including the heroine Atiqa Odho) somewhere and the women were singing a traditional song in Balochi(??) and clapping. This was a conservative environment as well. Within the context of this argument Torah’s mother has just as much right to sing and dance because its part of most South Asian cultures. And so Torah’s mother’s Bengali culture was not that alien. I think maybe if as well showing the Bengali culture if they had shown what there was in common as well. Okay Pathan women don’t dance in public but I think they do at weddings and special occasions in purdah in women only areas. Maybe when Torah’s mother was learning Pathan culture they also taught her some Pathan songs and dance moves. We could have had a scene where the women noticing that GK had left the house closed the bedroom door and then showed Torah’s mother some female Pathan dancing (if there is such a thing while putting on Pathan music. This would have shown that the possible things Bengali and Pathan culture had in common.

        Instead we were shown the two cultures as being black & white (and I don’t mean skin colour). If Mustafa Afridi wanted to hold a mirror to our prejudices then he could have shown what we have in common instead he seemed to concentrate only on the differences. I have not seen the episode yet where Bano dances so perhaps the point of having things in common is made at that stage.


        • GK seems to view all forms of dancing as beghairat behavior though.

          A few episodes ago, he beat up that Afghan refugee as well, if I recall correctly.

          I find it interesting that music and dance are being used not only as stark cultural differentiators, but also as a sign of how displaced people tend to hold on to these traditions with both dedication and desperation. You dance, and if you don’t dance, you lose yourself.


  15. Wow you guys have already hit a 💯 comments!!
    The scene with shireen getting beaten disgusted me and her response to not getting Aurang was also very disappointing . People wanting them together are kind of dumb , usually you root for the couple who are in love with each other and they hate the one butting in case in point Humsafar
    Why did they not then want Sara to get Ashar sorry back to Humsafar but it’s perfect example Sara loved him and at least had more claim being his Bachman ika dost and cousin what link did shireen ever have with him??! You said it so aptly I was so sick of that damn moor Pankh I didn’t even know what the hell it was at first😂 Anyways all boils don to shirins good virtuous self so she got all the brownie o
    Points with people feeling bad for her and what she went through, but definitely needed to show her as stronger and not depending on Aurang being her saviour, would have been a much more positive message
    I will not add too much as you guys have have hysterically said all there is to say but I am familiar with a khyber village set up as my family is from that area however the tribal areas are much worse and our village is actually pretty modern, girls are very into school and education etc and not just sitting around
    However the patriarchy in other places is much worse. I do understand why women do just sit around and waiting for marriage coz even though they go to schools colleges etc it is a huge issue where that is the focus of their life marriage and getting engaged, and getting that perfect rishta so you are set for life. Unfortunately it just a Pakistani culture as a whole and that is why so many people think marriage is solution to everything, so sad😢


    • SK, on your point about why people didn’t like Sara but are siding with Shirin – they’ve made Shirin the bechari na, they haven’t told the story from Palwasha’s point of view, it’s Shirin’s story.

      And going by the spoilers, we should have got Shirin as an avenger, taking badla from GK and family for not getting Aurang, but I think they have given that idea a miss (or may be we’ll see that next week). But this was touted as Shirin’s revenge saga.


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