Sang-e Mar Mar ~ Episode 25 Review


Twenty five weeks in and the stretch marks are showing. Though it continues to be engrossing, I sincerely hope that powers-that-be will stop messing with the narrative pace of Sang-e Mar Mar and wrap up this generational saga before it loses its originality and exceptionalism.

Any and all discussion of this week’s episode must begin and end with a round of applause for the actors, for it is they who kept me engaged and interested. Be it Nauman Ijaz as the tortured Gulistan Khan, Sania Saeed as the worried peacemaker Shamim, Uzma Hasan as Bano with her burning desire to avenge all perceived wrongs, Kaif Ghaznavi as Pari and her vow to show Shirin down no matter what the cost, Paras Masroor as Torah and his never-ending litany of grievances, and Mikaal Zulfiqar as Aurang re-evaluating his feelings about his father and Kubra Khan as the will-she-won’t-she Shirin.

Mustafa Afridi’s writing and Saife Hasan’s direction skills were on display as well in this episode, some scenes were beautifully framed and positioned, but because of the pacing, plot points I would have gone along with willingly earlier, now seem forced and difficult to buy into. Durkhane’s nikah, the lead up to it and the ceremony itself, for instance went on for too long, as did the so-not-romantic scene between the new bride and groom. I get that the larger purpose was to set the foundation for the about-turn to come, but this could have been conveyed in a more-to-the-point scene. Similarly, while it served its purpose, explaing the rushed nikah, but after today’s episode, the sang-e mar mar wala bathroom scene from last week also seems to have been a filler. I appreciate the humor, but the joke, about KaleemUllah’s mother’s immenint death, had already been established a few episodes ago and to repeat serves no real purpose except to stall the narrative.

Last week we were miffed about missing Gulistan Khan’s big reveal, but when it did happen today it hardly carried the impact it should/could have had. So much of the suspence had been diluted because of the wait and that we had come up with better probable scenarios. Also seeming dragged is the Palwasha-Aurang-Shirin triangle. I know many are watching primarily for the shaadi to happen, but for me this has to be most inconsequential track in the entire saga. After so much talk perhaps Aurang should just marry both of them and call it a day! Torah and Bano will thus have one less thing to fight about, giving them some much needed time to focus on the status quo of their own marriage.

While Gulistan’s big reveal didn’t do much for me, it clearly had a huge impact on Aurang, who found out his father’s secret thanks to his khandaani beemari of eaves dropping. I can see how this would’ve come as an unpleasant surprise to Aurang, but surely not as much as it seemed to have upset him? Again, had this occured earlier I would have bought into Aurang’s shock but now, after all that Gulistan Khan had confided in him and what he already knew of his father … no. All through this episode I couldnt but help wish that the makers had not slowed down the pace so much that I was questioning everything rather than just sitting back and letting my mind go with the flow.

On going with the flow, there was talk here last week that Pari’s pregnancy was suspect, well this week we got visual evidence that even Pari herself can’t make up her mind. There were scenes where she barely looked pregnant, but later seemed to remember that she was with a child. Nonetheless, vacillate as she might on the question of to be or not to be, the one thing we are quite certain of is her desire to make an utter mess of Shirin’s life.  And of all the tracks this week, this is the one I enjoyed. What a piece of work she is and the pace at which her mind works is something else. In fact, Pari and Bano are a match made in heaven… both ladies with super sharp brains that are going to waste playing these silly games when they could’ve really been changing the world.

Yes,  this week’s episode did not do much for me. The textures and nuances are there and the actors are amazing but the snail’s pace is not helping. Looking to next week: Thanks to Pari’s machinations many more evil ideas have been planted in Bano’s already churning mind and the promo promises a hopefully more happening episode. So here’s me keeping my fingers and toes crossed. What about you all – yay or nay for today’s installment?

Written by SZ~

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  1. Ooo, look at me! First comment and all. 😉

    I actually enjoyed this episode even if it didn’t exactly move the plot forward much. I love those situations where several characters unwittingly end up aligned with each other and work to accomplish the same thing. I think it’s fascinating that Pari, Torah and Bano want almost the same thing now, and how amazing would it be if Torah and Bano actually worked together to scuttle the Aurang-Shirin match? I mean, the kindling is already there. All it needs is a match, yes?

    I love Bano for being a character of her generation who willingly chooses not to compromise what she wants to satisfy society’s norms re: being a wife and mother. I mean, that’s really courageous, even if she’s motivated by all the wrong reasons. But every now and then, Bano seems to have a small flash of regret at her own childlessness, and unless she conveniently bumps off Torah, he’s pretty much her only chance at that, right?

    Pari is a fantastic character and hats off to the actress playing her too (who I haven’t seen in anything else so far, but already sort of love). Over the last few episodes, I’ve become convinced she’s suffering from some sort of paranoid psychosis, and her phantom pregnancy and desire to destroy Shirin at all costs are all part of that psychosis. I don’t know enough about psychology to make actual sense of this theory though, lol.

    The Aurang-Daaji subplot left me cold though. I really liked how they turned the corner in their relationship in the last episode, and Aurang’s sheer happiness at finally being in his father’s embrace–metaphorically but also quite literally–was such a well-earned moment. To backtrack on that didn’t really work for me, and nor did Aurang’s anger feel justified. He’s always known his father is not an especially nice man, and I think it might have worked better if Aurang had been sad and disappointed instead. As such, all he’s done is given Torah another weapon for his already fully loaded arsenal.

    I’m not that invested in the Palwasha-Aurang-Shirin triangle beyond, but I sort of enjoyed the scene with Aurang, Torah and Palwasha, where the siblings are clearly in the know but he isn’t. It sets up interesting dynamics for the next episode.

    Finally, everyone is going to blame Shamim, no? GK probably thinks she told Aurang his dark secret, and Aurang is going to hate for not going to bat for Palwasha.

    How many episodes are left now?


    • @RK: Oops! Sorry! Shouldve been there to applaud you on the first comment – my bad! #HameshaLateHoJatiHoon 😦

      Re: How many eps left? LOL! Thats the million $$ question ain’t it? I remember hearing 24/25 but ab since we all have made it so popular so but obviously we have to price for this … ab lets see going by the number of loose ends still hanging I say 30? What do you say? Anyone else? Lets get a pot going 😀

      Re: Aurang’s track: Im with you … these flip flops of Aurang’s are hard to swallow .. bhai jaan make up your mind and stick to it #shukriya

      Aah! I like the way you’re thinking abt Shamim being dragged into this mess .. makes sense to me lets see .. but that means many more eps, no?


      • 30 episodes, eh? I feel like that may be too many because there isn’t that much plot left to resolve. But I’m ok with having five more episodes with Torah, Bano and Pari. It’s wrong that I’m rooting for the worst characters here, lol.

        I finally watched the OST video for SeMM. What a gorgeous song! Also the video hints at some things we’ve all suspected for some time, so that should make for an interesting final stretch, if nothing else. 🙂


        • Thank you! Was getting very boring talking to myself 😉

          Oh, I think these are fab characters . just beging to get tired of P being painted with a black brush :/

          So what are your mumkins after the OSt video? Pari is defo preggo aint she?

          So you saying less than 30 eps? I hope and wish so too but this is HUM rating ke liye kuch bhi karenge ppl ..keeping my fingers and toes crossed!


          • LOL. I’m procrastinating at work to chat about television, so you and DRNR are pretty special! 🙂

            Yeah, the OST makes it pretty clear that Pari has a baby, but also that all is definitely not well with that baby, so I’m a bit worried about her (in a Lady Macbeth sort of way).

            She’s a fascinating character, but I think the writers have masked her motivations too much–to the point where she’s not necessarily relatable and not especially sympathetic even though she really should be: she’s obviously very isolated and alone. Maybe it’s because she’s the architect of her own misery? But then Bano is that as well, and she comes off better somehow.


            • Yeah, but Bano has a somewhat solid reason .. Pari tau bechari is not a bechari without a reason .. for the first time ever I feel like I want to see at least a degree of becharapan for a female character.. do I make sense? Ok i'll shut up now and go back to finishing my response to VZ and Nashra before they come beat me up!


            • RK, I agree with your guess that probably there’s some missing link re: Pari’s story, which, with all the stretching, is losing its impact. She’s going after Shireen with a vengeance that’s too revolting to be explained by the story so far. If there are back stories, they should have put them out by now.


            • Re Pari : I was watvhing the earlier eps of SeMM just before watching these eps and it was interesting to watch Pari trying to protect Shirin and Durkhane (for whatever reason..) until it came down to protecting herself and her immediate family… I think the fact that happenned a century ago and with all the stretching exercize and all we seem to have forgotten any good that she pbbly once possessed.


    • @RK re several characters unwittingly end up aligned with each other and work to accomplish the same thing : isn’t it?! I was thinking although this was quite a slow ep, I enjoyed finally seeing this web pulling tighter.


      • It’s a favorite trope of mine, but I feel like it’s usually really hard to execute for a writer. SeMM is doing a great job with that though. This subplot is more interesting to me than the whole Shirin-Aurang-Palwasha triangle, really.


        • @RK and @FA: Isn’t that the main plot though? Or atleast that’s how I’m treating it .. the other one, to my mind, is to keep the tweens happily shipping their fave couples


  2. Great Review SZ! I loved the episode. The last scene was very well played by Torah and I am eagerly awaiting his final act which will commence I believe in the next episode. Pari and Torah will both drive this family to the brink and like previous episodes they have slowed down the pace to make the next episodes more impact full I think. I do hope they wrap this up in 2 episodes else it will be too long.

    I am going to miss tuning into this drama though, despite the pace slowing I enjoy each episode immensely which is much said looking at the boring and sometimes awkward quality of today’s drama’s.

    Uzma Hasan is such a fine actress, she is no doubt the most talented actress on tv nowadays, however I feel she doesn’t get the credit that for instance a lame actress like Hareem Farooq gets. She in my opinion is even prettier, as that always also counts for the popularity of actresses alas. Anyways just a thought 🙂


    • Lost my reply to you three times already .. ab here’s me trying a 4th time!

      @Seher: two more eps?? Itni jaldi khatam ho jaye ga? I am in two minds like most of you here.. as in I dont want the story to drag so much that I start hating it but then I dont want it to be wrapped up in a jiffy such that we are left with a feeling of tishnagi … which would not be fair at all to how beautifully this story has been handled so far .. so I hope the makers are able to walk that very thin line with grace and ease and give us an ending that does justice to all that has preceded it … And yes, agree with you that there is really not much else on TV of a similar caliber which in and of itself speaks volumes about the mediocrity that prevails despite the countless projects being churned out on a daily basis by all channels ..

      I also am a huge Uzma Hassan fan and think shes fab .. the tragedy is that our writers dont have anything for women in the thirties/forties so all the roles fab actresses like UH and other get are the relatively marginal ones .. Hareem is younger and relatively new so is in a different category and appeals to a diff section of the audience so its unfair to compare the two … I think both are beautiful in their own ways its just that our drama makers like to think firmly within an ever shrinking box :/


      • @SZ: good point re: actresses “of a certain age” (which also happens to be my age, lol). It just struck me that Sania Saeed is only a few years older than Omair Rana, for example, and she’s playing his mother here. In a non-TRP-driven universe, they’re close enough in age to be an on-screen couple.

        On another note, I watched a fascinating interview (actually a panel discussion re: Urdu on TV in India and Pakistan) where both SS and Sarmad Khoosat had some fairly uncomplimentary things to say about the content that’s currently on TV in both countries. SS in particular was very critical of what she clearly considers non-serious rom-com writing that’s sold as “women-driven” to the audience just because female writers are involved, but is generally regressive and repetitive. (She was trying so hard–and failing–to not make a value judgment, but hey, I’m ok with SS’s intellectual snobbery, I think).


        • I’ve seen that and dont think its intellectual snobbery .. its just a plain fact that she is bold enough to state openly, and she’s said that in the interview with us here too .. there is a long history to the point she makes re: woman writers (by which she is talking abt digest writers ) and I think many other here can chime in with that history but suffice it to say that what she is says is correct and so much of this regressiveness, sterotyping etc all is a relatively recent phenomenon, dating back to the last decade or so … ont mind, when you have time can you please share that link with others here too …
          And she is not alone in saying this.. many other celebrities have come here and said similar things as well ..


        • Oh, and Hina B was only a few years younger than Humayun Saeed when she played his mom and Sania and Humayun started off being paired against each other and now HS continues to be paired as a hero against Mahira whereas SS’ pairing with FK, in Numm, was publicly criticized and their pair seen as eww .. and she is now playing mom roles .. powerful roles but stil mom roles ..

          And its not just you .. I ain’t a twenty some year old either .. hence my feeling these actresses’ pain very personally … #matlabkenochanceofbeignFKkiheroine


          • Here’s the link to the Jashn-e-Rekhta panel:

            It’s actually pretty entertaining for other reasons (including a hilarious riff on how people who learn Hindi can’t pronounce Urdu words properly…”if your hero can’t say ‘haqeeqat,’ maybe just have him say ‘sacchai’ instead?!”) Also, Sarmad is wearing a Manto kurta, and that’s a level of fandom I will never achieve, lol.

            I’m frequently annoyed at older actors playing hero roles well into their dotage while women in their late thirties and early forties are quickly relegated into older sister/mother roles. If artful application of makeup can make a man look younger, it can do the exact same thing for a woman.

            But the bigger problem is that nobody is writing parts for older female characters. There’s a wealth of experience and diversity (basically, life) that happens to women after they fall in love, marry, etc. But where it’s possible to have someone like Noman Ijaz (who I think is in his 50s?) headline a show, it’s somehow asking too much to have a similar role for a woman. That’s just so frustrating.

            Sorry. I’m sort of ranting now. It’s a pet peeve of mine, and a troubling trend in these dramas, but also in film in India, and even in popular music.

            #matlabkenochanceofbeingFKkiheroine…LOL. Yahan toh pehle hi koi chance nahin tha! But now I’m so tempted to write a script where FK (or someone like him) is deliberately paired with an older actress. It almost worked in Numm (and fwiw, they were magic together. MAGIC. I think I might respect FK just a bit more for signing on for that now, lol).


            • Thanks for the link RK. Would love to watch this.

              Did anyone catch Shabnam’s interview at the Karachi Fest? Was it any good? Seeing her picture reminded me of Main Sitara and our discussions about films and filmy folk of that era…


            • Nope .. please share link 🙂
              Uff! Main Sitara was another one that derailed on us … :/ Did you ever watch the second season?


            • Oh that Manto kurta thing happened because his movie had just released and was being screened at festivals in India those days …

              Yes! That script needs to be written, like right now!! Before Numm aired I remember asking HB so many times ke she should be paired opposite FK as a May December pairing rather than the boring Ma beta pairing .. check out her and Adeel H in MeJ … uff they are so so good together… and I always thought that chemistry was wasted on them playing maa beta and i have a suspicion AH had a bit if a crush on her as well .. I dont think we’ve had HB visit us since you’ve been here .. she is super cool and a part of our DRNR family and would have had such fab answers to your ques ..

              Thanks for the link!

              Re: my hashtag: arrey bhai no chance here either magar dil behlane ko Ghalib khayal accha hai 😉


            • Re #matlabkenochanceofbeingFKkiheroine and the script : yes like right now!! and add a few heroines naa.. thora chance barh jae ga ‘) .. aray bhai hamara nahin baki actresses ka ‘)

              @SZ re HB & FK pairing – she was the khala and almost mother-in-law in HS.. uss ke baad tou that may Dec pairing tou mushkil hai…
              Re MeJ : yes that was amazing!
              Actually come to think of it FK was also against Nadia Jameel and Iman Ali.. Add SS in and I think he’s pbbly worked against more senior actresses thank anyone else in I can think of..


            • I found one recording (recorded on someone’s mobile and posted on YouTube) of Shabnam’s interview:

              Here’s a link to a sort of transcript of the interview:

              There’s another interview on Geo as well. It’s interesting how after all the name and fame she got as Shabnam, she is happiest when someone calls her Jharna.

              I didn’t watch Main Sitara after the first few episodes SZ, I wasn’t well then I didn’t have the enthusiasm to watch it.


            • Oh btw talking of DeD.. that was also masterclass in how to turn the young actors into complete budhhaas.. the breath of fresh air that DeD was, there was no room for the older/ more mature actors.. Why cast the age appropriate actors when you can give the younger ones glasses, puffy saggy cheeks, and powdered grey hair.. matlab ke jahan they should/could’ve utilized that fantastic talent (also thanks to DeD we have a trend of multigenerational sagas) bechare wahan se bhi gaye..


        • I just stumbled across this series of videos on Net-a-porter.. Seems likes they are a global issues.. .. they are ranting about pretty much everything we complain about…. .. interesting! this is part 1.. there are 4 parts I think


          • That was great, @FA! Thanks for the link. It’s fascinating that–even on American television where female characters don’t have the same limitations as on desi television–the same sort of regressive messages still exist, even if only in a subliminal way.

            I also thought Cynthia Nixon made a really good point about roles for women becoming more interesting once they’ve left the “motherhood” stage of their lives behind. As she notes, a mother isn’t ever allowed to be anything other than benevolent and a force for good. If a mother is less invested in that role, she’s held out as “bad mom,” right? (As an aside, I had a real problem with ZGH’s characterization of Zaroon’s mother as a bad mom just because she’d prioritized her career over being a constant presence in her children’s lives…but the fact that those children turned out kind of great implies she did fine, right?)

            We should make a list of all the women-driven stories out there that aren’t being told in favor of the TRP-leading romance-and-gharelu-masla stories. I can even start it off with two things I’d definitely like to see dealt with seriously and sensitively on desi-oriented television. These are possibly a bit controversial, so apologies in advance for any ruffled feathers. (@SZ, feel free to delete if I’ve crossed some sort of line).

            1. The glass ceiling in the corporate world/politics. Women do fine in certain professions until they get pretty far up the corporate/political ladder, and then they’re either railroaded by the men around them or not championed by their female role models. I can’t speak for Pakistan, but in the US and certainly in India, women also end up leaving the work force right around this period in their lives because of family pressures. On the flip side, there’s probably an ancillary story to be told about how men now feel they’re losing out on certain jobs because women are preferred in certain heavily client-facing professions.

            2. Infertility. In a part of the world that is very pro-motherhood, and especially young motherhood, it would be nice to see a decent story written around a slightly older couple’s attempt to have a child. In the past, Bollywood has always just used infertility as a way to introduce another woman into the equation (and hey, infertility is always the woman’s fault, right?!) In particular, in the Pakistani or Indian context, this is kind of a big deal topic, because things like IVF are fabulously expensive and barely affordable for the middle class, and adoption carries its own social stigma in South Asia too. Also, childlessness puts way more pressure on even a good marriage than infidelity or in-law problems.


          • Thanks for sharing these, @FA.. will look at these in the morning but yeah from RK’s comment I get the idea what these are abt.. I agree abt the global nature of these problems but I do feel they apply much more urgently to desi countries like ours where TV is so much more a medium of communication and an instrument of not just bringing about change but also an instrument that happily reinforces stereotypes and emphasizes regressiveness .. what annoys me a lot in the case of Pakistan, and India too of one considers a person of Ekta Kapoor’s stature, that these regressions and stereotypes are being hammered home by women, who are in fact in a position to bring about change.


  3. SZ, thanks for the review. Yes, the pace has slowed down. This happened earlier as well – the episodes between Gohar’s death and the triple deaths could’ve been crisper. There is a limit to how much a story will give in to stretching. And there’s something called fatigue. I wish I had waited till this play finished airing, so I would’ve fast-forwarded the slower parts.

    In all this, it’s GK’s story that has kept me engrossed the most because of the many layers. While watching him facing his demons from the past, I felt that one of the worst situations in life is to not to be able to meet your own eyes. That scene in the graveyard with the wind blowing, the sounds, as if everyone was laughing at him, disgusted at him, that scene with Shamim, where they just exchanged a look, that scene in front of the mirror – just no one but NI could’ve done justice to GK.

    In a way it felt that GK was so desperate to be rid of his past, but expecting fellow human beings to understand him or forgive him or even comfort him is futile. His peace must come from someone else who has the capacity to forgive him when no one else can and guide him like no one else can. But is he really looking for forgiveness and peace in the right place?

    I’m so done with all the eaves dropping and conspiracy brewing by Bano, Pari and Torah. I’m feeling fatigued by these people’s never-ending saazishes. Just get on with the story already. The kind of witch-hunt for Shirin (for any human being) is revolting.

    The one piece of information that was new was that Torah had already lost his father when the incident with his mother happened. Let’s hope the pace picks up, otherwise I’m going to start watching every two weeks.

    SZ, you mentioned scenes that were well-framed and positioned, which ones did you mean? Thanks. Also, what’s with Hum and mirror scenes (Humsafar, SeZ)…


    • @VZ: Sigh! What to say …. I’m on the same page as you :/ You mention the earlier dragging but since I was watching those eps in batches of twos and three I didn’t quite feel it as much #powerofffwdbutton 😉 But yeah they really have to stop this arbitrary dhaka starting of a story .. and this is precisely the reason why viewers like us find it difficult to invest in a story ..Sadly nobody cares because for everything even remotely critical that we say there are so many others who say otherwise .. and bas tareef sun sun ke channels keep churning out one masterpiece after another – ugh! #RantOver

      I also agree that this is GK’s story and the rest – despite what marketing may say- are all secondary tracks .. and NI and SS are so so fab in their respective characters .. and notice how all actors perform just that much better when in the same scene – moments like these are really what make it all worthwhile. The scenes you mentioned, at the graveyard was soo good! And yes GK is being too simplistic in thinking that all his evil deeds are going to be as easily gotten rid off as Aurang did with the account books … very naive thinking from so complex a man. And didnt you think it was brilliantly shown that even as he is he is turning into a new leaf so many of ideas re: women and their place in his world view continues to remain archaic ..the way he spoke to Bano, asking her sarcastically if she went outside the house and sat amongst men, was very very nicely done .. we’ve seen this attention to detailing even earlier when Shamim very easily and casually dissed Torah’s darker skin color – brilliantly done by Mustafa Afridi!

      I honestly will have to go back to the ep to see the exact scenes, but I do remember loving the scene in the garden when Bano is talking to Shirin and Dajee comes from behind her and Shamim walks out from a door .. that entire scene was so well shot ans choreographed and made it seem like I was watching a theater play (not surprising I guess given the theater background of all the ppl involved). But this kind of a scene, positioning of actors etc has become so rare these days ..

      Re: the mirror scenes : Humsafar and SeZ is very very Sarmad and his training in psychology and his reading of the self as reflected in the mirror etc .. these scenes feature in almost everything he does but I love how he imparts each scene with a very different meaning.. Check out the brill mirror scene with Nimra B and Sarmad in Manto .. in the video of Kaun Hai Yeh Gustakh .. all kinds of fab! Baqi rest of the directors I wouldnt know ..


      • Re: attention to detail, yes that was a big reason why I got pulled into watching this show. And the quiet ways in which MA raises so many questions.

        Re: GK – I am not sure he’s turned a new leaf so much as he’s starting to think about the stuff he’s been doing – he’s an accountant, he’s into proper hisaab-kitaab, so he’s starting to count up his losses. If a company is facing a financial loss, the first thing they would do is to pull out of loss-making areas of the business – sell it off, shut it down… That’s what he’s doing now – he even used words to that effect with Bano.

        But what about his victims? He’s still not in the place where he can ask for forgiveness for his acts. He thought mitti pao on the past, on with the new. But this is not business (and even business has a human side)…


        • @VZ is GK really looking for forgiveness and peace in the right place? : good point.. but I don’t think he’s thinkinhg mitti pao on the past, on with the new.. I felt he’s stuck in the past, in a place where many of the ppl he wronged are not around him any more.. He’s hung up with what he did to his dad and, to some extent, to his bhabhi .. but he fails to realize what he has done to of the ppl still around him.

          What I found interesting is that what he regrets the most is his hand in his father’s death. He is remorseful about something he was forced to do, and not not so much about the things he inflicted on people around him by his own will.. perhaps he doesn’t even realize?.. He only changed his behaviour towards Shamim everytime he was shown the mirror (by Aurung.. perhaps that’s why he’s been scared of Aurung all this time..? ).. Is he ready to face the mirror now?..


          • FA, that’s an interesting point you make that what he regrets the most is what he was forced to do… Also, there’s this GK-BK father-son stuff which is casting a shadow on GK-Aurang, slider father-son relationship…

            Yes, he bulldozes his way with the others around him. If Shirin had said no to his idea (of getting her married to Aurang), what would he have done? Dismissed her like he dismisses everyone. It’s his way or the highway and no compromises. He doesn’t realise how much resentment this sows in others’ minds for him.


            • @VZ if shirin had said no : I think he would’ve perhaps respected her descision. I think he sees Shirin as an expiation for what he did to his father. It always puzzled me why he agreed to accept the khoon baha in the first place. It only just made sense now.. It was pari when she mentioned ‘apne haath se apne bache ka gala ghont doongi” that rattled him and that resonated with what he had done to his father. So perhaps in a very strange, very indirect sort of way he sees looking after Shirin as some sort of atonement…
              Also I think he feels its his right to be obeyed esp by those closest to him. It pbbly doesn’t even occur to him where he starts ”bulldozing his way round them, because no one ever questioned him (except Aurung)… He was pbbly the same with his own father.. Infact he pbbly felt obliged to take his father’s life because he was obliged to obey him.. and now he expects his family to obey him without questioning him in the same way..
              I dont think im even making sense any more lol.. but i think its a case of him obeying his father aankhein band kar ke, and he expects the same from his family. But it was that andhi farmanbardi that made him suffer and perhaps Arung will now make him see that he’s subjecting his children through similar torture.. mimkin hai


  4. Hey @SZ. Good review! I agree with most of the points you raised. This wasn’t a particularly good episode in my opinion either but the acting made it worth the time. Things are starting to look a little repetitive to me.

    You view Pari’s scheming with more generosity than I do lol. The point is, she’s done it before. She has tried and succeeded in controlling Shireen’s fate like a puppeteer with a puppet. Her actions now seem unjustified for her character. Shireen shouldn’t continue be so important to her since she is out of her life for good. If the same anger was directed towards GK’s family, for the murder of her husband etc, that would make more sense. What exactly does she stand to achieve by stopping Shireen’s marriage with Aurang? On the other hand, if she were to somehow pair up with Toorah and work towards destroying GK, that would be an exciting thing..for the character as well as for us 😉

    I liked the scene of the Unveiling of the Skeleton in GK’s Closet. Lol. Top-notch acting by both NI and SS! But then that narrative somehow got overpowered by Aurang and his hysterics. I mean, compare Shameem’s quiet but intense reaction to that of Aurang and it won’t be hard to decide which one was powerful and which just plain over the top. It’s not like we saw Aurang having fun times with his granddad that would make his upset justified. I mean, we never saw him even once utter the words: ‘Daa jee k dawaii/nashte/khane ka waqt hogaya hai’. There was a man called Wali-Man once. I can totally imagine that one losing his marbles over the (imagined) murder/mercy-killing of his granddad at his own father’s hands, and the resulting fall-out between the love-dovey father-son duo, but this? Absolutely not. Couldn’t buy into it. Aurang is supposed to represent the opposite of the legacy of his grandfather & father, for one thing, so it follows that he didn’t harbour much love for the granddad whose funeral he missed with zero regrets and the same number of tears. For second, he has come to terms with the kind of man his father is, like you said. So why try to view him with rose-tinted glasses now? Granted that the former (now seemingly over) acceptance did not entail acceptance of murder as well, but still, reason demands for Aurang to at least get the whole story straight and directly out of GK rather than tumble stupidly into conclusions based on a conversation he eavesdropped on. Looked too pathetic to me, his entire modus operandi.

    Then there is Bano. Now her reactions seem justified, cuz she still has all the reasons to hate Shireen. Loved all her scenes. Uzma Hassan is so much fun to watch. This is not to say that Kaif Ghaznavi isn’t as good an actress, but I felt like they are losing the plot of her story a little. It’d be a waste if her vengeance-is-mine attitude towards Shireen isn’t wrapped up soon. I wish she’d see already that she has bigger fish to fry!

    Toorah continues to impress. He should really have more and better scenes. Khair, not tired of him at all – yet – and am excited to see what he does next. Which is more than can be said for Aurang and Shireen, the supposed leads. Also I have issues with the, what do you call it, poster? of the show. It shows only the 4 characters of the show when it really should include everyone from GK down to Bulbul since it’s an ensemble cast show as far as I can tell.

    I want the serial to end soon so that it isn’t ruined. But then I’ll also miss it when it’s gone. Sigh.


    • @Nashra: LOL! No no not trying to be generous to P at all, its more like trying to understand her POV and how she’s justifying her actions to herself, at the very least, but like you all there is really no redeeming quality to her, as yet at least, and as I wrote above and others have as well, I cant fathom why an other wise very sensible and sensitive writer would choose to paint this one character black, without any nuance at all … I keep thinking I must be missing something but from all the responses i dont think its just me … we are all not really undrstanding P at all which is weird because between us hum loag itney bhi bewaqoof nahin hain .. so lets keep watching and see whats gonna happen here … baqi tau I am with you re: Aurang and GK and Auran’s missed placed tantrum in a teacup…

      Uff! Wali-Man! Kiya yaad dila diya and all those anmol ratan dialogues! Bas ab un lines ko tau sonay aur chandi ke harfon se likha jana chahiye!! Chalo ab since you brought him up .. #foroldtimessake 😉


        • Hahaha Wali-man that was so much fun!
          Well if it was Wali-man’s dada he would’ve arranged the funeral and the burial ground and the works, let alone be late for it.. Can you imagine the rona dhona in the haveli and the by the river bed.. quite a contratst to GK’s ban on the rona dhona in his house.. i quite enjoyed that ban actually lol
          But on a more serious note I think it was MZ’s acting that didn’t work here. It’s was not about how much he loved or respected his dada, What upset him was the realization how far his father could go in his ways – i-e he could take the life of his own father with his own hands… Wasn’t it interesting how GK listened to Aurung quietly but took it out on his father for the first time calling him by the b word : beghairat!


          • FA: interesting point re: MZ acting .. I just can’t get onboard with MZ’s Aurang .. now whether it’s the acting that’s unconvincing or the character and it’s flip flops that are not making sense idk but something is off ..

            Re: Pari you have made interesting observations but again perhaps it’s just my general “fatigue” ( as VZ put it very elegantly) I just can’t feel her at all .. my fault or the creatives’ idk..

            Wali Man uff! You remember it was you and VZ who egged me on with all the comments on that earlier thread.. it was all too much fun!


            • Re Pari : oh im not feeling her.. I’m just thinking perhaps we would’ve if she had some doubt abt Shirin and Gohar chakkar.. which she she doesn’t.. In that case we would’ve been able to understand why she would blame Shirin for her husband’s death and hence the vengeance..
              btw the promo where she’s having to testify seems really odd.. i hope they don’t go down the consequences of jhooti qasam route to teach Pari a lesson..


            • Uff! That would be the pits! I’m so fed up of the creatives’ lazy resort to such unimaginative devices to move the story ..


          • FA, I don’t think GK called his dad the B word, I think just at the flag on the tomb?

            You mentioned in another comment that “it was interesting to watch Pari trying to protect Shirin and Durkhane (for whatever reason..)” – she did that so that Saif-ur-Rehman didn’t get the chance to talk to Shirin directly and clear up the Gohar matter. It served her purpose for Saif-ur-Rehman to think ill of Shirin. Pari has never done anyone any favours so far.

            I guess there are people like that in the real world, who inflict harm on others knowingly. I guess Pari has always been jealous of Shirin because she knew Saif-ur-Rehman loved her very much. Also possibly because Pari is one of those people can’t see anyone other than themselves happy? Instead of giving us so many day dreaming scenes of Shirin and Aurang, they could’ve given us some background or motivation for Pari’s actions, given how much they are relying on her to take the story forward.

            Lol at the ban on rona-dhona, uff what a missed opportunity (not!). Those never-ending tears, the never-ending breakfasts, oh the mundaneness of it all – Agha Jaan must have had like gazillion pots of soup! Not to forget fried fish after his nth heart attack (cooked by his darling doctor-grand-daughter as well!). And the way they had mastered the art of flying from the northern areas to Lahore like it was next street…

            You’re so right about the horrible make-up Sanam and Hareem had on, tauba! They looked like kids playing dressing up for school plays.


            • @VZ yes ur right but idk to me it felt like although he seemed to be taking it out on the flag on the tomb, it was actually directed towards his father… but I might be totally off here lol

              ufff the fried fish!!! lol that was epics! and yes with the super hero powers and the art of flying.. DeD was quite a masterpc! – #oneofitskind


    • @Nashra @ SZ wouldn’t Pari’s actions have made more sense if she hadn’t actually witnessed Shirin’s non-involvement with Gohar? If she had doubts about her innocence in the matter, perhaps it would’ve made sense for her andhi vengeance? no?..


  5. I will start with my takiya kalam … that love your review and agreed to it fully..

    I was eagerly waiting for that confession gscene and nikla bhi kya.. adha sach.. GK bhaisahab atleast should have told whole thing instead of saying i didnt have any option .. and me who has just started watching from epi 15.. im tired of eavesdropping.. those who are regular watchers.. vo loug kitne bezaar honge..

    Graveyard scene was nicely done.. the way GK said chup karjao beghairat and then looking at aurang.. what a touch.. i have always enjoyed SS n UH scenes. They are so maze k.. these both ladies are just flawless…

    Pari is such a bala.. aisa peeche pari he shirin k.. Allah ki pannah.. was she always that insecure to shiri? Any reference to past epi

    Next epi looked dhamakedar


    • @Rehmat: and I will same thing as always : nawazish 😀

      Re: Pari and Shirin: Whatever Pari’s reasons might have been – perhaps someone can help with specificities – I dont see why, in an other very nuanced story, is Pari being turned into this wicked with of the west … almost everybody else has been humanized so that we can understand and maybe empathize with their situation, magar Pari?? Why has she been turned into Roohi ki jaanesheen? Surely this is more than insecurity? I can see how she came to be insecure and wanted to have her own little fiefdom but to go to this extent I dk … Do you all think that on her own twisted manner she now blames Shirin for her husband’s death? Had it been any other serial I wouldnt even be bothering trying to find explns but idhar … I dont know Im surprised… Your thoughts guys?

      Btw, even though I am calling her Roohi ki janasheen, no matter how monotoned Pari might have become Kaif is brilliant when it comes to making this character come alive … Sanam S unfortunately couldnt do much to/with Roohi #DeDHangoverRefusesToGoAway


      • Sanam kya karti bechari, there was zero nuance in the writing of her character and the dialogues toh were so mundane. And all that lollywood feel didn’t help one bit, nor did the ridiculous make-up. #floggingaDeDcamel #DastaaneDisappointment…


    • Meant to add, Torah’s dialogues of ending his “side” activities at his mother’s grave sounded like Afridi’s retirement announcement – this promo just confirmed it.


      • Haha! Hope it doesnt play out like Afridi’s announcement that comes up every six months or so .. reminds me so much of that Bill Murray groundhog day movie …


    • ook so here comes out the next skeleton… mmm…
      not ready to face the mirror yet I guess… but i guess that reconfirms why hes pushing for the shadi..


    • hey SZ. Going through a terrible writer’s block so just reading everything here and not contributing but what the heck is this promo? Though I knew Torah won’t stop his scheming anytime soon but a small part of me was hoping it will all conclude in two to three episodes. But this is definitely going to hit the 30-33 episode mark.


  6. Any of you checked out the first ep of Khan?

    I watched and after ten mins couldnt watch more … the only thing memorable in those few minutes was Atiqa O’s zewar … matlab ke bas :/ #yesImsuperficialikethat


    • Nope, but that clip is enough to assure me that I didn’t miss out anything… SZ, is this the one that’s supposed to be inspired by Imran Khan but not actually?


      • Lol! It might just be me but to me this was the scene that summed up this serial the best .. if even these two cannot make a basic scene work then you can only wonder abt the rest .. the writing may be good- as in a diff storyline- but the execution is really bad .. the acting is below par and the editing and placement of scenes is really clunky .. but do check and see for yourself .. I am often accused of being biased .. case in out DeD which the world beyond this blog loved


    • Ufffffffffffffffff!!! @SZ where was the warning for the sunglasses??! looks like bechara NI ki ankhein bhi chundhya gai hain.. sunshine-yellow t-shirt , the orange hair.. the zewar ki bharmaar – all that tack!!!
      The promo featured a red/orange suit and the tackiest throne in the world!.. this show will get the award for worst aesthetics hands down..


  7. @FA: “Actually come to think of it FK was also against Nadia Jameel and Iman Ali.. Add SS in and I think he’s pbbly worked against more senior actresses thank anyone else in I can think of..”

    Haina? How interesting. Matlab ke May/December script likhna hai toh FK ke liye hi karna hai. 🙂

    I just realized I can bring pretty much any discussion back to FK somehow. Apologies! FK ka bhoot toh abhi chadha hai. Utharne me kuch waqt lagega. 😉

    (Do you ever wonder if FK reads these comments? And whether that would be a good thing or a bad thing? OMG).


  8. @FA & @VZ: Responding to your very excellent insights here because no place up there:

    Re: GK and Shamim and Aurang’s rishta: Didn’t she tell him to reconsider his decision a couple of weeks ago .. she told him to ask Aurang and did show her unhapiness.. might not be as clear and as upfront as we might like it but coming from her, daring to even put in her two cents, this was as big a no as she could have said … but remember how he steamrolled her and literally shut her up .. .for me, this again comes back to the brilliant detailing of characters, where GK wants to put the past nehind him, it haunts him and he wants to get away and is desperately looking for ways to move forward but again his patriarchal feudal mindset is so firmly internalized that the idea that Shirin, a woman, could dare question his judgment is an anethema .. and to this point, even Aurang.. he might be a man, hence holds more value in GK’s eyes, but he is still a child who dare not question his father’s decision .. Aurang got away with the account book burning because that act of his tied was neatly aligned with GK’s motivation to free himself of the past .. .#justmytwocents .. I think this next ep might shed more light on GK and his issues with the past and his role in his Torah’s mom’s death ….


    • True what you’re saying about GK – interesting conflict isn’t it? Torah, for his part, is no less. He wants his sister to have the freedom to choose her partner, but never accepts that Bano could have the same choice. He abhors GK for beating his mother, but won’t stop before using force on Bano…


      • I think Torah is probably kind of a hypocrite anyway, but do you think he might have treated Bano differently if the marriage had begun a little more smoothly? Also, I feel like these men treat their women poorly because that’s the example they’re given. Torah sees GK beat Shamim and assumes this is the normal way for a husband to treat his wife, for example.

        I’m also wondering if Bano was married off to Torah to make up for what GK did to Torah’s mother. “You lost a woman in your family, so here, have one from my family instead.”


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