Sang-e Mar Mar ~ Episode 23 Review


Just when it seemed like the powers-that-be had decided to go mellow, winding down to a tepid finish, the narrative shook off it slumber as the tone and pace picked up and the serial went back to being the Sang-e Mar Mar that had me hooked.

While last week Durkhane’s confession had turned out to be a dream sequence this time around it was for real as she could no longer live with the guilt. The graph of the scene after her confession was pitched very well and it had me holding my breath to see how it would all pan out. The aftermath of all that was interesting as it pointed yet again to societal double standards where one’s own sister’s mistake (that impacted so many lives) is forgiven as a ghalati, as opposed to a gunah, but someone else’ daughter was so easily maligned and cursed to a live a sinner’s life. Had Gulistan Khan not been as accommodating Shirin’s life could have been made a living hell. That said, I am glad that we didn’t have a whole other round of blood feuds starting up after the confession. This was a good ending to that track, except now thanks to Sharif Ullah Torah Khan has yet another trick up his sleeve.

We had complained earlier about Aurang’s too pat a decision to turn his back to his life in the city, and I am, therefore, so glad to see Shamim standing in his way and insisting that he complete his studies. Good for her! I am so glad to see that for once we have a drama where education is not left by the way side. Shamim might be a simple woman, uneducated woman, but she has more brains than all the men in the drama combined.

For his part, Aurang reverted back to the way he had always been. Unlike the decisive assertive man we saw last week, here he was again a child desperately wanting to please his father, seeking his approval. For his part, Gulistan Khan showed himself to be truly a changed man when, even after seeing his son’s vacillation, he chose to step back and allow Aurang to make his own decisions. Now whether Daaji can remain this steadfast when it comes to the question of Aurang choosing his bride remains to be seen.

And on the question of choices – Bano is back with bang! I love Uzma Hassan and she is so good in this character. Not a woman to mince a words she openly confronts her mother about the inherent  societal double standards, where a woman has no say in the matters of her life but a son is a different matter. One can only wonder how different a person Bano would’ve been had she been happier in her personal life. Now her bitterness spills on to everyone around her. I wonder whether Gulistan Khan ever thinks of his daughter’s unhappiness and hold himself responsible for it, to some extent at least?

So far Bano’s wrath has only one target Palwasha, but the minute she hears about Daaji and Shirnin’s conversation and figures out Shirin’s love for Aurang – bas! Talk about fireworks! But khair, that is yet to come. For now, Shrin’s continuing her dream spree. Earlier in the episode we had seen Aurang with Palwashey and that scene followed by this one just did not work and only served to suck up time. That said, just the fact that Shirin dares to dream about such a possibility says tons for how far the family has moved from the times when perhaps it was Shamim’s or Bano’s time. Maybe there is hope after all that all this bloodshed will usher in some much needed changes.

On the women in the serial, Shirin, Durkhaney, Bano, Palwasha, Pari, and now even Shamim, it is refreshing to see these women not holding back and refusing to play the victim anymore. Shirin is offered a choice and Durkhaney tells her to go after what she wants. For her part Durkhaney comes clean despite the certain consequences. Palwasha too takes it for only so long before she refuses to put up with Bano’s insults. Pari knows she’s in charge and has no qualms in asserting herself when inquiring about Sharif Ullah’s whereabouts. And finally my girl, Shamim, now that she has found her voice she refuses to let Aurang mess up his life with his ill thought decision to quit school.

Among the men, Torah is still haunted by specters of the past. First it was his mother, now its his father. Every stray comment serves as a rebuke, a reminder of the painful past. It doesn’t seem like he is quite as yet done with avenging his parents. His brutal outburst against Bano was less against her as his wife and more that she reminded him of his parents’ wasted lives. Why should Gulistan Khan’s daughter be happy when his own mother never was and his father’s contributions continue to go unacknowledged. There’s a lot of hurt and anger simmering behind that easy going exterior, and I for one don’t want to be around when he really lets loose. The promo for next week promises yet more revelations and I can hardly wait to see what other skeletons are hidden in the family closet.

Mustafa Afridi and Saife Hasan have done a great job keeping us interested and engaged. Afridi’s lines are as hard hitting as they are laced with humor. The actors are all fabulous. Sania Saeed and Nauman Ijaz are brilliant, I say this every week and every next episode they remind me yet again why they are the best in the business. Paras Masroor and Uzma Hasan are fabulous as Torah and Bano, a pair made in marriage hell. Mikaal is very good as the quiet, watchful Aurang. Kubra’s Shirin is so good so underplayed in this episode, its hard to believe it is the same actress in Muqabil. Kaif Ghaznavi is fab as Pari and Sharmeen and Beenish are both effective.

So I enjoyed this installment – what about you all?

Written by SZ~

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  1. Fab review for a very entertaining ep!
    I loved all the lines! aik se barh ke aik!
    Shirin ke aik din mein dou rishtey – bhai se shadi nahain hoti …but dewar se shati tou fashion mein hai… lol
    Re dream sequence : Uffffffff! Shirin is a right day dreamer! Honestly she needs to go see a real doc.. not a neem hakeem who checks the nabz lol … but I think most of all woman needs some sleep! abb raat mein soti nahin tou din bhar bhi chalte phirte khwab dekh rahi hain madam!… Abb this was tou too much bhai! what with her arm extended out and all.. Alice in her wonderland.. thanks to her friend Durkhane who painted the roses red for her…
    My theory to why such an idiotic sequence : Well they have to justify the romance they promised.. waise tou kuch hona nahin hai, tou youn hi sahin…
    Yes all the women were on a roll today. What I’m enjoying most abt SeMM ithat it has turned out to be such a surprise. For a drama with promos showing groom ordering his bride to clean his shoes, SeMM is probably more progressive that many dramas on air these days.. right from the very start we saw Gulalai, Pari and Bano as women who knew how to get their way. And now like u said they are all holding their own.
    Torah and Bano wow!! rabb ne bana di jori… regardless of what they may think of each other, if u ask me honestly they were made for each other! .. jori of the year for sure!
    Re ”how different a person Bano would’ve been had she been happier in her personal life” : interesting question.. well not too different I think.. she would’ve been a Pari.. who channels her energy in getting things done her way, and doesn’t just take out her frustrations on others..
    Re the confession : ok I didnt expect that to come out like that.. but der ae durust ae.. atleast we are over that and can move on.. but Durkhane’s brother – what a loser! from guns to roses in 5 sec.. yes Im glad there’s no more bloodshed but his aam maafi was a bit hard to digest.. Yes it shows the double standards, but in that culture, that wouldn’t be a such a choti ghalti when it comes to ghairat and sister.. Also this guy has been drooling over the idea of marrying Shirin and could hardly keep his excitement to himself…Torah noticed it too – Habibi hayya hayya lol … and now making out how it was all supposed to be a payback and ihsan and what not..
    the ep was thoroughly entertaining – although story-wise I felt the pace was a bit slow… with the confession that we’d been waiting for 3 weeks finally out of the way, I wonder where are we heading with the story.. or should I say how long it will take for the rest of the story to unfold..


    • FA your comment is hilarious.. Gave me laughter fits 😂😂 torah line habibbi haya haya was just too good.. Paras Masroor is just too good.. I loved how his eyes showed sadness when shareefullah mentioned bangladeshi..nice detail..
      I know right.. You are bang on abt shirin.. My goodness. With her knowing aurang n palwasha love eachother phir bhi suhane sapne… Shareefullah se hie shadi karle.. Jitna vo khushi se balwa horaha he.. This pari is so taez.. I think she didnt buy his story of going to dargah.. Tabhi asked her maid aj din kaun sa he..

      Bano n torah.. Treat to see them together..after NI n SS.. This pair is fire cracker.. Uzma hasan is brilliant..

      Dur khaane confession finally out n thhis was more better n i think Azaan made her brother stopped killing her n they wanted to show ander se he is quite samjhdar .. My pov…

      But @SZ loved your review n you were in my mind while i was watching epi.. Specially when shamim mentioned aurang studies n I was like wah sz just wrote tht last week


      • @Rehmat re the azan & confession & samajhdar : I call it jazbati.. I mean one min he was about to kill her.. next min he is world’s best bro.. Although it was quite an abrupt change, it was perhaps a subtle way of showing the jazbatiat in our society.. harr baat parr marne marne ko tayyar and mostly in the name of religion.. Then his whole saga with Shirin.. pal mein tola pal main masha..
        And btw isnt that very cheeky of him (and Durkhane) to go to Gulistan khan’s den in their car?.. i mean they are practically Pari’s dushmans… Guy is not as simple and straight forward as he looks.. not samajhdar, ghunna is the term that comes to my mind..
        Re Pari : she’s on the ball! .. but unlike Bano she knows where to draw the line… She needs a munshi so best not to damage the relationship… quite a diplomat she is!


        • FA, Rehmat, enjoyed your comments very much! Of course Pari understood something was up, but as you say FA, she is letting it be for now because she needs him to work for her, but he is a marked man lol.

          Paras Masroor is fantastic – those sad eyes, that dialogue about pardesis, his mask just dropped for a second, then he was back to his usual public persona, all laid back and quiet… Just superb.

          FA, I second Rehmat – your comments were so so good! Yes the dialogues just hit the nail on the head – Shamim’s “Hawai firing” was brill!


          • @VZ: Isnt it fab when you see real actors at work as compared to glamorous stars – Sania, Omair, Uzma, Paras, Kaif, all have done lots of theater, and NI has tons of experience under his belt – such a huge difference in the way they approach their characters and the manner in which they use their body and expressions to convey emotion – wah!


            • Absolutely! It’s a real pleasure to watch these artists on screen. Otherwise talented artists like Uzma just get pigeonholed into random bhabhi, nand roles with no scope to show their craft. These artists show how it’s done and it’s so satisfying to see them getting appreciation. Don’t know when we’ll next get to see them in a play that gives them scope…


        • FA: i see what you mean.. but i took it like they wanted to show his inner self was thoughtful.. tabhi he stopped at tht v time.. reg. Being judgemental towards shirin..o think mostly ppl are like that.. quick to judge outsiders where as always give benefit of doubt to close ones.. thats human psyche.. i could be totally wrong here

          Hahaa @ cheeky… munshigiri ls faida utha raha tha.. but pari ko bewakuf banana mushkil hie nh.. namumkin he lol..this lady is fire


    • @FA: These dream sequences and eaves dropping sessions have to end. They are overused and no longer funny. MD needs to come up with more creative ways to move the story forward and use up time.

      Re: the forgiveness .. agree it was too pat too simplistic.. but as a viewer (who has become brain dead after watching dramas for so many years) I was just relieved that it ended without being dragged out for another 5 episodes – and also brought an end to that particular day dream.. ab little did I know ke bibi Shirin dreams at the drop of a hat and ek topic khatam hua nahin ke doosra shuru..

      Oh, Durkhane’s brother annoyed the heck out of me when he conveniently resorted back to call Shirin his behen … kiya yaar koi deen imaan hi nahin hai ..

      My prediction is 28 eps … lets see .. cant see it ending in the next 2/3 eps unless they pull a DeD and mitti pao on everybody and everything, all become best buddies and live happily ever after….


  2. That was quite the episode! I didn’t expect it to tie up some of the loose ends so neatly (and maybe it hasn’t…we’ll see).

    Great review! There’s definitely a double standard in the way the female characters get treated in that society, and I commend you (and Bano!) for shining a light on it.

    On that note though, if I may just defend poor Sharifullah for a minute? 😉 Bechara toh waqai hi sharif nikla! He’s been out of the gaon and seen the world a little. Maybe that makes him realize that killing his sister for Goher’s beghairat behavior is actually an enormous waste of a perfectly good life. That he’s not willing to make the same concession for Shireen (before he knows the truth) is maybe just a sign that blood is thicker than water, and also that Pari is very good at the whole Lady Macbeth thing. (I have this suspicion that she’s having a phantom pregnancy, fwiw).

    I think it’s deliciously ironic that of all the couples on this show, only Torah and Bano understand each other perfectly. The actors have such fabulous chemistry too. It’s just too bad they hate each other!

    I’ve been thinking about Shamim’s four children. It strikes me that she may have had more of a hand in raising Safiullah and Aurang (as her first and last children), so they both turned out loyal, kind, and mostly trustworthy. I think she may have taken her eye of the ball a bit with Bano and Goher so they looked to their father for inspiration and turned into entitled and self-involved adults who spread more misery than happiness.

    How many episodes is SeMM meant to have?


    • SeMM, if I remember Sania correctly, was slated to have 24/25 .. but the way they are going I have a feeling we are in for 26-28. They still have so many lose ends to tie up .. although the speed at which they are going they might get their pretty soon .. but then again all those dream sequences are putting some major speed breakers!
      Re Pari: could be! With her anything is possible!


    • @RK: Re: Torah and Bano hating each other: dont they say that love and hate are flip sides of the same coin .. who knows?! Can you even imagine if one of them were to confess to loving the other all this time just not saying it because of their ego … now that would be really hat ke wouldnt it? mumkin hai? Or not?

      Re: Sharifullah: Idk .. although they pitched the suspense really well I just found it very easy and annoyed the heck out of me ke apni behen ke waqt ghalati and gunah ka farq yaad agaya .. when it was Shirin who was accused of meeting Gohar she was of questionable character but his sister is easily declared innocent and told not to worry her pretty little head abt anything – wah wah! And then his pal mein masha pal mein tola flipflop re: Shirin …. lets just say Sharifullah didnt win any brownie points in my book … that said he might do something worthy to win my sympathy but for now I think Pari is right to keep him on a tight leash … I like Pari a lot btw .. love Kaif waisey bhi and here she’s shining.


      • Mumkin hai nafrat pyaar me badal jaye
        Mumkin hai mohabbat door door ho.

        Sorry, couldn’t resist. 😉

        I’m a little confused about Bano’s reasons for hating Torah in the first place. She’s right that nobody asked her first, and that’s deeply unfair. But it’s a world where women don’t get asked, and her father married off to a man who has status and land and is of the appropriate age. Is she really so small-minded as to resent him just for his appearance, or is it something else? Did she want to marry someone else? Maybe even Saif-ur-Rehman? What a tangled web this show is!


        • Oh, she was in love with the late Mr Pari … and also Torah was considered inferior – he was kala she gori … remember how casually Shamim dismissed Torah in an earlier episode …and I think that had been the general attitude of the family towards him and Bano being the princess she was very unhappy and then the wedding night scene set the tone and events that followed sealed the deal …


        • What a fab OST that was! I still remember the excitement when the 20 min first look came out, right around when ZGH ended and FK fever was at its peak.. #jaaneykahangayewohdin :/


          • It was such a haunting piece of music with such lovely lyrics. But Numm went to that well just a bit too often, and five episodes in, I was just sick of the OST.

            There was one scene with a voiceover of FK reciting the words, and that was actually a nice change.

            As an aside, and now that I’ve seen a couple of non-FK dramas, I’ve noticed that his Urdu diction doesn’t seem to be as good as some other actors. Or am I just imagining this?


            • @RK: Sorry, couldnt find your comment for a bit it got lost in the other convos we have had going..

              Ok, so yes, you are right and very astute in picking up on this … FK, Mahira, Sanam Saeed, all represent an urban trend, one seen not just in Pakistan, but in Indian metros as well, where the younger generation has grown up more comfortable with English than say Urdu or Hindi … they do know Urdu/hindi for conversational purposes but are at a loss when it comes to using the higher literary register and their pronunciations are off and their reading skills are limited. It was infact a joke during Humsafar where Sarmad, the director, would constantly make fun of their accents and bad urdu skills … they have gotten better with time but still … and so it was actually hilarious when the Indian media all went gaga over FK and his Urdu accent and he turned into Mr Urdu in his interviews there etc 😀


  3. Desperately trying to catch up on this drama so can join in on the discussions.

    I am reading the reviews on Pinjara and Saami. Going to wait a 2-3 weeks before deciding which one of these two dramas we will watch.

    Watching SeMM and reading the reviews of these other two dramas made me think of DeD. DeD never really gave us a sense of how conservative this part of Pakistan can be. Especially to someone like me who does not live in Pakistan. All we got was Wali telling Farah to wear a duputta and nor wonder the gardens in her pajamas. But the same could be said about many parts of Pakistan. I was thinking of Roohi’s character and how her dislike of her in-laws always came across as irrational. Roohi’s dislike was shown to be based on a single meeting with Aghajan’s insulting her when they first met. But what if we were shown that Roohi’s dislike was based on her knowledge of what society is like in this part of Pakistan. Okay I know its wrong to tar everyone with the same brush but often we do this until proven wrong. Roohi’s next meeting with her in-laws results in her teenage daughter, who has dreams of going to medical school, being married to her cousin without her consent. When Roohi objects to the marriage her husband threatens to divorce her and disregard her views. All this would again confirm her worst fears. As far as Roohi is concerned Wali could be like Saifullah or worse Gohar’s characters in SeMM. If this had been shown perhaps Roohi’s character could have had a bit more depth and come across as being rational. The drama could also have sent a message that not everyone in that part of Pakistan is overtly conservative.


    • @NKhan: Aww! Take your time and savor it …
      Yes, DeD was a project that flattered to deceive .. there was so much potential but all was squandered. Pretty much every track was dealt with shoddily and at the end of the day the producers/writer and director ended up completely messed up because they had signed on huge stars and wanted to give them screen time even at the expense of the story …

      And DeD was also a fairy tale where nothing was real.. all characters were saints, bar one who was responsible for everything that ever went wrong, including hunger and poverty in Africa.. sab Roohi ki ghalati. It was purportedly set in the northern areas but honestly, when did we ever get any sense of that, except for the occasional accent. There was actually nothing in the story that necessitated that they live in Swat. It would’ve worked just as well if they lived in Bahwalpur or Hyderabad or Sialkot .. as it is they traveled back and forth as if Swat was a mere two lanes over from Lhr… Basically it was just fluff, saccharine sweet with no body only airy fluff.. This one here is rooted in the area it is set and the characters are very human with real ppl struggles with right and wrong .. makes a world of difference.


  4. A fab review and interesting comments above. A great controversy on another forum as to who should Aurang marry, Shirin or Palwasha? I predict Palwasha Your take?


    • My money’s on Shirin, because she’s the lead. Also, Palwasha being jilted by Aurang will move the plot, because Torah will lose his mind.

      Personally, I like Palwasha-Aurang better though.


    • I would go with Palwasha… enough of typical love story but going with history.. it would be shirin with palwasha coming in bano threats and doing sacrifce 😏


    • @TSBindra: Hello! Good to hear from you.
      Re: the “controversy” not sure why it should be so, but I guess ppl are rooting passionately for their fave pair.

      For me personally, SeMM was never about the younger pair and as such am not emotionally invested in them. For me, it is so much more important that all involved get heard in the final decision. Aurang is not a lifeless object who can be handed over to whoever supposedly deserves him more … I hope they show a mature discussion on the subject, not just sacrificial lambs waiting to wear the shahadat ka medal … Jo bhi jis ke saath rahe khush rahe ..


  5. Dear SZ – thank you for the review, will be back with a detailed comment. Just wanted to say I just saw your Instagram account and it looks very nice! 🙂


  6. Great Review SZ!

    I only have one question. Why oh why do they show in every drama that when someone falls in love and they know the other person does not share the same feeling they just don’t snap out of it.It just makes me mad. I thought Shirin had grown as a person after all she had been through. Shirin knows Aurang likes Palwasha so why is she even considering what Daaji said? We see this type of thing over and over again. Self respect is always zero for people who fall in love. This trend needs to change. It’s the main cause for ruining drama’s these days.


    • @Seher: i so agree with your point on self respect… she clearly knows they. Both love each other… still she says palwasha ka kya hoga… bibi.. aurang ka bhi tou socho… I wasn’t such thing tbh …


    • @Seher: Amen to that! Why oh why cant these girls think of life beyond love and marriage… As I was watching Durkhaney telling Shirin that she “deserved” Aurang and she was nodding her head I was like WTH?! Not like the guy is a prize that goes to the most deserving winner!
      I was having this convo with a friend the other day about how fab it would be if just once someone told Shirin to put her education to good use and start a school in her hubby and brother’s memory .. or ask the turned-over-new-leaf Daaji to build a girls’ school that she could run … even if nothing were to come out of it at least that progressive idea could’ve been put out there to the viewers .. .abhi tau its like Shirin has no option in her life .. ya shaadi karo yaa basically mar jao ..
      Imagine how different life would be if these girls, Palwashey, Durkhaney and Shirin, had been involved with something meaningful other than sighing over mor pankhs ….


      • Oh, lost my comment. Just to say SZ, you spoke my mind re Shirin starting a girls’ school or take a leaf out of Princess Mussarat Ahmed Zeb’s book and start a vocational school teaching embroidery and the like… The culture of the valley won’t change until women are educated. That way Pari is showing remarkable managerial skills and has spunk (leaving intentions aside).


      • Thanks for your agreement Rehmat and SZ! I really hope Shirin gets a good ending and that she won’t die of this one sided love. I love Kubra Khan in this role. I have seen promo’s of her other drama’s but in this drama she’s a class apart. I am amazed as to how after so many episodes I am still so excited about this drama.


        • @Seher: Kubra is in almost every drama these days it seems and I have seen some of them while switching channels and wow! It’s hard to believe it’s the same girl .. shows how having a great team around can work wonders with the younger stars.


  7. Dear SZ, your review was insightful, there were some points I missed when I watched and your review filled those gaps, thank you 🙂

    I missed the point about Sharifullah’s double standards. I was actually quite unhappy with that whole scenario. That whole confession of Durkhane’s and the aftermath scene was disappointingly handled in my opinion. I don’t think we’ve seen the last of it because as it stands, the only things to come out of it were (a) Torah getting one more piece of info on Shirin to use in case the need arises and (b) Sharifullah understanding Pari’s true nature (and Pari of course sensing something was off). I can’t believe such a big reveal Ka yeh anjaam hoga. There must be more to come, possibly when Torah breaks the news of Shirin & Gohar to GK/Aurang should they decide to go ahead with Shirin-Aurang shaadi. Remember all those dialogues that Durkhane said (Main tape, bandook sab chala sakthi join), the talk about the cloth washed in Aab e Zamzam that Sharifullah had brought back (remember when he gave it to his mother, she said mera hi kaam ayega?) – all that I guessed meant Durkhane would probably die. Idhar toh hardly anything! I was just too annoyed with that scene I didn’t pick up on anything. Now that you mention it, yes it was indeed unfair of him that while he gave his sister a chance to explain herself, he was quick to judge Shirin…

    OK, I’m really really done with these eavesdropping scenes and day dreams, enough already. As FA put it aptly, Shirin needs sleep and we need a break from these “dream sequences”.

    As you can probably gather, this episode just did not work for me. There were probably 3-4 scenes that mattered, the rest was just pulling the pace down.

    A few things that I was thinking about: GK has tried to make peace with his past, but he is yet to feel sorry for his behaviour towards Torah’s parents – maybe that’s coming next? He’s seeing Torah day in day out, but still this hasn’t struck him yet. I’m looking forward to the big reveal about Torah’s dad.

    Shirin showed remarkable restraint when Daaji brought up Aurang – not everyone could have kept quiet at that time, when something they’ve wanted really badly was offered up on a platter. Later on, it was interesting to see her voice her thoughts to Durkhane and bring in Palwasha’s feelings, but said/thought nothing of Aurang’s feelings for Palwasha. It’s as if she’s almost in denial about his love for Palwasha.

    So far Torah was up against someone who harmed his parents. What punches will he pull when it’s Shirin against his dear sister? How will Bulbul come into the picture? Will his affection for Palwasha be Torah’s Achilles heel?

    One word about the writing style. I’m not a literature student so I don’t know the techniques etc but I noticed how different characters know different pieces of information and they act/react based on that. Also, we as audience are privy to some information not yet known to others. For example, only Torah, Bulbul and we know who killed Safiullah. Only we the audience know about Torah’s obsessions. Only Shirin, Durkhane and now Sharifullah know what led to Gohar’s death. Torah and Bulbul still (mistakenly) believe that Shirin used to meet Gohar – only Shirin, Durkhane, Pari, Sharifullah and we know that it was Durkhane who used to meet him. Only GK and we know about his role in Baraan Khan’s death, the rest don’t. Only Durkhane and we know Shirin’s love for Aurang (Palwasha too maybe). And there are lots of pieces that we as audience are missing too. It’s fascinating to see this writing style – how the writer takes us into confidence in some situations while keeping us in the dark about others, doing this sort of slow unveiling of events whenever we need to know something, showing how different events in the narrative lead to revelations logically (for the most part). Sorry, am I making any sense? This sort of technique lends itself nicely to playing with timelines (past to present etc etc).

    There’s actually nothing new in this technique, it’s been used before as well, but here the underlying story is quite rich, so all these stand out…


    • @VZ yes writing is very good – but with so may loose ends still, and if they carry on with the slower eps, i hope they dont do a mad one and try and patch up everything in the last ep..


    • VZ: interesting comment specially the way you put up writing style… agreed… its more engaging that way but like FA said… with 23 episodes being paased and still some relevations are yet to open.. hope they dont drag too much..

      P.s.. oh and VZ I’m sorry always forget to ask you about your health… my baby brain 😔 hope you are doing well.. my lots of duas your way:)


      • Oh, thanks so much Rehmat, I’m getting better 🙂 I wish we get better weather soon, just tired of what is feeling like a never-ending winter.

        How is baby Z? Must be starting on solids soon na? Lots of love to both of you.


        • Im glad to know that.. 🙂 oh winters never leave sooner:/

          Z is doing good.. Arrey wah you are bang on 🙂 yes have started weaning her.. Thanku for your love ..


    • @VZ: yes, i am with you on being unhappy with the chalo mitti pao dismissal but I was just thrilled ke shukar hai no more bloodshed … but oh yes.. def not the end of that story .. i was writing as in end to when will the big reveal happen … warna Shirin wouldve kept on dreaming ad nauseaum …
      Waisey as I am discussing this ep with you guys I am reminded of all that bothered me then too but overall I was so into it (more so after that last week’s ep) that I walked away thoroughly entertained.

      You bring up an interesting observation abt Gulishtan Khan. Maybe I’m cynical but I dont think ppl change basic character traits like this overnight, no matter how big a dhaka .. and so you are right abt his past .. there is a lot there he has to atone for and so it wil be interesting to see what he brings up ..

      Lovely observation abt the writing! Ab jab I read you all I feel ke what am I doing writing the reviews .. you FA, JR, RK, Rehmat, Seher, all have such fantastic observations and insights ke bas! So much fun this is!


      • Oh SZ, please don’t tease! You make us all think about all these things and you introduce the depth with your review. It’s nice to have a drama where they’ve put in efforts so we get the chance to enjoy discussing it, isn’t it? Don’t know when we’ll next get another interesting play like this…


        • exactly!!! Its the depth in your reviews that makes us think.. And once again thanks for this space where can discuss this to our hearts content.. I know i would never discuss anything remotely like this with anyone else around me 😬


        • Yes Agree with VZ. SZ I have missed your reviews so much now I am actually considering watching Sammi and Pinjra. Although after Sangat I want to give this director a pass and I am scared Sammi is just going to go the Udaari way and I am not sure it will be as good.

          Anyways I will keep reading your reviews and decide.

          @VZ amazing comment and you explain exactly how the writing makes this drama exceptional.


          • Aww! Thank you I’m touched.
            Re: Sammi, read my note on the first ep thread .. it’s the kind of drama that I can’t even review .. don’t even know where to begin .. from producers to writer to director sab ek se barh ke ek..
            Pinjra so far has kept me interested ..let’s see what happens in tomorrow’s ep..
            if there is any other drama that any of you think is worth a watch and review then let me know..


          • Seher thank you so much. Let’s just hope that the writer and director have something interesting in store for Shirin. They have a chance to show something positive and not the usual same old same old. Let’s see what they do.

            I agree with you, they’ve done well with keeping our interest up, even after so many episodes. Now fingers crossed the ending will leave us satisfied! 🙂


      • I honestly don’t think most of us would watch these episodes so closely if we didn’t have these wonderful reviews to go with them! The discussion is 90% of the fun, IMO.


  8. Hi all,
    Speaking of the writing, I appreciated the sensuousness of the food tasting scene between Palwasha and Aurang. (That Shirin was eavesdropping added another dimension of course)
    I can see why her vile sis-in-law wished to deprive her of taking halwa back to Aurang (or Shameem as P claimed); she must feel starved (continuing the food trope) given her disposition towards her husband! That she throws the halwa in the dirt, and that her husband orders her to clean it up, and then swears to ragad her nose in it should she pull such a stunt again…food as literary trope well done!

    Ha ha!


    • @JR: On the halwa: Dont you think Bano was right to call her on that – matlab ke how much halwa does this woman cook? And who cooks halwa on ppl’s death?
      Next time Palwasha bibi mix it up, kabhi qorma kabhi biryani kabhi shaami kabab maybe even a daal or two… #muftmashwara


  9. @SZ; LOL! Good muftmashwara. But then the writers would have to make a subtle difference in bioenergetics of food and the onscreen representations – spicey vs. sweet.


  10. It was infact a joke during Humsafar where Sarmad, the director, would constantly make fun of their accents and bad urdu skills

    @SZ: LOL. Thank you! I am laughing really hard at this for some reason. I think it’s because I can totally see Sarmad Khoosat being that snarky about it.

    I think it’s a pretty global phenomenon that people are much less fluent in their native languages relative to English. My husband and I sometimes lament the fact that we can barely carry on a conversation in our own language and ultimately have to lean pretty heavily on English. Reading/writing toh bikul zero!

    I also think it’s amusing how much Bollywood has made of FK’s Urdu skills. During promo interviews, he would be asked completely vapid questions like “say something in Urdu,” and I still wonder how he managed to keep it together and not roll his eyes at the absurdity of it all. It’s weird too that actors in India who speak Urdu fluently are often not noted for it. For example, Irrfan Khan routinely speaks Urdu in his interviews but I think it goes unnoticed because everyone just assumes he’s speaking in Hindi.


      • That was an excellent Q&A. Your questions were particularly well observed, SZ, and I’m glad you asked that one about TRP.

        I watch a lot of TV from all over the world and (as Sarmad observed), it takes a bit of bravery to break out of the box and not worry about ratings. Most networks aren’t that brave which is why most TV is kind of terrible. One alternative is to have a subscription-supported service like HBO where ratings are not relevant and where writers and directors are often given a long leash before the plug is pulled. (The Wire is still the best thing to ever be on television anywhere IMO, but nobody actually watched it during its initial run, and nobody but HBO would have ever committed five seasons to it).

        Minor confession: I fell into the YouTube abyss recently and discovered something called Star Iftar with Sarmad Khoosat. I kind of love the show (and Sarmad too!) and would love to be a guest on it, if only to see if he really is as haphazard a cook as he seems on the show. I swear I thought he was going to set fire to the set by accident on a recent episode!


        • Haha! I love love that show for precisely that reason! It was from last Ramadan, in the summer and came everyday for the month and that was the only show I watched religiously. I thought the show was so refreshing in that he was so real in the kitchen .. I know I cook like that ( ok, not quite that distracted). And didn’t you enjoy his camaraderie with the guests … I have put in my req for season 2 let’s see ..

          Re: HBO type channels .. yes that idea has been floated around but with the illegal cable operators i think the general opinion is that there is real feasibility in going that route — and these channels are all abt the money honey .. and on that note, the latest news is that HUM is going to launch a news channel — Ab imagine news being melo-dramatized ala the dramas #NewsSammi-ized 🙈


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