Sania Saeed Ke Jawab ~ You Asked She Answered ~ Part 5 Final

1. You are one of a handful of actors who have been working continuously since the 90’s and have seen the TV industry go through quite a few ups and downs … what in your opinion has been the most welcome change you’ve seen taking place and the worst that has happened?

2. We here had loved Numm when it first started but then the story went all crazy and it was obvious to even us lay people that a lot had changed somewhere along the line… how disappointing is it for you to see projects you’d been so excited about, turn out so haphazardly? How often does it happen that the final product bears no resemblance to the story you’d been narrated initially?

3. Were you to write a script what would you to choose to write about? Would it be a comedy, romance, thriller, or a social issue based story?

4. When you, Sania Saeed, sit down to watch a TV serial or a film for purely entertainment purposes what is most likely to appeal to you? Do you watch more for content or do you go by the names of people involved – director/actor/writer etc– or do you watch stuff which has been reviewed favorably?

5. When choosing projects do you look at your particular character – and the margin it affords you as a performer – or do you look at the bigger picture and make a decision based on the overall impact and utility of the project?

6. With open, in your face discussions about multiple marriages, extra marital affairs, talaqs, halala, DNA testing, family planning, rapes, etc, primetime TV serials have been pushing at the boundaries of how we define family viewing … do you think time has come for a serious discussion within the industry for introducing ratings – not censorship – for drama serials?

7. And finally, what next after Mor Mahal? Any other interesting, hat ke projects of yours we should be looking out for?

Sania and I had first discussed this interview way back in early April, then somewhere along the line we decided that a hat ke audio wala twist would add in a cool spin on the same old same old and would be so much more fun for you all, making for a more intimate experience … and so began our journey recording responses with voice notes. What in theory had sounded like a quick sawal jawab session turned out to be not quite as easy as it had initially seemed. But hats off to Sania for not reneging on her commitment and carving time out of her very busy professional and personal calendar to make this interview happen. Sania Saeed, ladies and gentlemen, is truly a superstar!
Please join me in thanking Sania for all her efforts and her honest and forthright responses to our at times very difficult questions.

Written and compiled by SZ~

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  1. Dear All,
    My sincerest apologies for all the tech issues with this post … the audio files were too long hence difficult to open on either the phone or ipad. I think breaking this post into smaller parts has fixed the problem, or at least that’s how it appears on my end. Please do let me know if you continue having problems opening up any of the posts or are unable to listen to the audio responses.

    Issues aside, I hope you all enjoyed this more personalized kind of interview. Do share your feedback on what you thought of it …

    And on my absence – yet again! – ab what to tell you …. I seem to have picked up some kind of an unshakable flu type virus that just refuses to be done, so I have spent most of the last couple of months just coughing my life away … if anybody has anybody gharelu totkas please share!

    I am watching Sang-e Mar Mar and now that this post ka masla has been hopefully resolved I will have it up ASAP.

    Rest, I hope everybody is warm and well – have missed you all and our regular gupshup ❤


    • Finally , DRNR has emerged from hibernation!
      SZ , so good to see you ,you’ve been missed and pls do feel better ☺
      Just finished listening to all the audio clips of Sania Saeed and I must say it was a treat !!!
      She is absolutely brilliant in everything she’s done.I’ve seen her live performances too and she’s too good.
      Love her in Sangemarmar aaj kal.
      Keep Rocking Sania S 💗


      • Happy 2017, Deeba!
        So glad you enjoyed the post – makes it all so very worthwhile 😀
        My sincerest apologies to you and all our DRNR friends – I don’t know what’s going on, but it sure does seem that some one up there is not yet ready for me to get back to regular blogging 🤔 So after my various ailments, I had guests and just when I thought chalo I’ll sit down to write and catch up with you all and get us all talking abt Sang-e Mar Mar, my laptop decided it wanted to die!! Can you even believe this? Ab I am hoping that I will get a new lt in the next few days and we can resume our normal routine. Hopefully 2017 will be a much better year for the us here at the blog than the dhaka start 2016 – fingers and toes crossed 👍


  2. Thank you so much SZ. What a surprise to hear Sania ji’s responses. Yes it wasn’t loading on the phone but I was able to hear on my laptop. I hope you are feeling better now.


    • Happy 2017 DB 😘
      So so good to know that all of you have enjoyed this post 👍
      Yes, AH feeling much better, ab mere laptop ki tabiyat naasaaz hai – 😞 #frustratedandhow!


  3. That was simply fabulous… What an amazing way to give answers… And Her answers were just so full of modesty and honesty… One can keep listening the again n again… Thank you so very very much Sania and You SZ for such courageous effort and bring infront of us… Much appreciated…throughly enjoyed!!

    I always thought Q/A session with Aamina Sheikh was best but very interview that followed and came after was no less than former one.. And i was like yaar ye best tha, then come next..n i am like oh goodness ye tou aur bhi best.. And legacy continued.. 😀🤗

    Hope all is well at your end SZ and you are feeling better.. I really wish and pray that year coming ahead brings lots of health and happiness to you and my fellows at DRNR:):). Happy New Year everyone!!


    • Rehmat, it’s so nice to hear from you. Hope your little one is well.

      Thank you so much for the New Year wishes. Wish you and all our friends at DRNR a very Happy New Year. Wishing everyone good health and sending lots of love and prayers.


          • @VZ , @SZ aww thank you guys… I love it too, her phopoo suggested 🙂 VZ. Thanks for your love 😘
            SZ hahahah.. Bus wohi i was thinking k kisi novel ya drama mein i must have missed it.. Going by the uniqueness in names 😂


            • @Rehmat Congratulations! I had skimmed past the comments earlier. Abhi I’m reading properly and it dawned on me 🙂 May Allah bless her and make her the qurat ul ain (comfort of your eyes) for you and your family. Zunaira is such a pretty name – always loved it! (My cousin reckons there’s something special with names starting with Z 🙂
              Enjoy ur time with the lil one and cherish every lil moment – omg im getting all broody! 🙂


    • Rehmat: happy happy 2017 to you and your family, specially to your little one 😘 I’ve been complaining abt 2016 but I take my words back when it comes to you — it was a memorable year indeed for you! Hope the years to come continue to be as kind.
      Yaar, you guys are the best.. all of you had been so patient in waiting for your answers from Sania and also been extremely sweet to me and not berating me for disappearing on you guys – I truly am sorry for my absence but bas ab hopefully we’ll soon get back to our regular sessions … ❤️


      • SZ: so sorry for late response.. Aameen to your wishes.. It has been indeed an year to always remember:)

        No we cant ever do that because we love you and know that you always do your best .. I too hopefully get back to discussions as i missed this one… IA with your next review i will be back as well 🙂


        • Adi, Ab I think my reviews need your and everybody’s duas to come back .. idk why but it’s been sooo long that I’m actually not sure if I can actually write anything coherent 😕


          • SZ: uff ho… you are being critical towards your writing.. nhn tou here we just adore your matter how long it has been.. so rest assured jab bhi your review comes, we are and will be excited 🙂

            Oh slightly off the topic…i was going through some torture on geo tv where one drama Roshni has this character name zunairah 😂😂 i was like omg.. no way..😂


  4. Dear SZ, sorry for the long delay in replying to you. Sorry to hear about your health. If you’re still coughing, try taking some warm milk with a pinch of turmeric at least at night before going to sleep, it has helped me in the past with night time coughing. See if it helps. You can add ground black pepper (a pinch) to this milk as well.

    Thank you for rearranging Sania’s replies, sending you both lots of love for the enthusiasm and sincerity with which you’ve approached this. Really touched. Thanks for my mini-post 🙂 I will treasure it.

    It never ceases to amaze me how humble all these talented artists are and how honestly they answer our questions. And how they give their best to all that they do. So much to learn from their attitude towards their profession.

    Re: Sarmad’s cooking show – I did try some recipes (cheesecake, the bhindi with mango recipe, tried some of the salads as well)
    I realised I always had to modify the amount of chilli powder lol. I watched the episode with Nadia Jamil, that was one episode where the food was a bit disappointing, because Nadia is this big foodie, I was hoping for some interesting food… I still have a few episodes to go, I watch one every few days.

    Which episodes did you enjoy? Did you try his recipes?


    • Happy 2017 VZ 😘
      Good to know that you were finally able to listen to all the response and am glad that you enjoyed SS’ responses … she is truly fab!
      Thank you for the haldi milk suggestion. I did actually try it and it was helpful indeed- truly appreciate it.
      Sorry for still not being able to get my act together but as I wrote to @Deeba above .. I am now quite convinced that there is some conspiracy at work here … I’ve been really trying to write SeMM but something or the other keeps happening … and then ofcourse there are all the other drafts from before 😢
      Re: the cooking show: I tried the bhindis and keema and some other stuff, but for me, the main attraction was not the food ( not a cook neither a food show fan) but the easy way the conversations flowed and how much fun they were … I loved the informality of it all and all the 500 mistakes that Sarmad made while cooking and talking made it all seem so real and relatable .. usually cooking shows always leave me intimidated but this actually made me feel ke chalo at least I’m not as bad as some of the guests were 😂Nimra’s suggestion abt wearing sunglasses while cutting onions was hilarious as was Nadia Afgan’s line after her and Sarmad’s cooking mistakes: ab hamare liye acche gharon se rishtey nahin aayenge LOL
      I thought how it was his personal equation with the guests that made it stand out.. and I also thought that the popular stars ( Maya Ali, Reema Khan, Ahsan Khan, Umair Jaswal, Mahira Khan, Nadia Jamil) were not quite as interesting as I’d thought they would be.. for me Nadia Afgan, Sania Saeed, Nimra Bucha, Vasay Chaudhry, Ali Sethi, Juggan Kazim, and the director of Shah were very fun to watch.

      Oh, and sorry, I keep forgetting to ask how you’re doing with your eyes.. hope they are better now. Seems like 2016 was less than kind to us here .. hopefully 2017 will be a much better year for all of us…


      • Dear SZ, just realised I have missed answering to your note here.

        My health is getting better thanks for remembering 🙂 I’m still being quite strict with screen time etc, wish the weather outside was better as I am missing going out for a walk (at least that’s my excuse!). Really, health is wealth…

        I’m glad the turmeric in milk helped. I used to take it in a flask with me to class when I had horrible coughing bouts, plus it helps me with night-time coughing as well. How is your migraine? Did you try that eye pillow? Not sure if it helps but no harm trying I guess.

        Re: cooking shows – I used to watch Masterchef some years ago (they do a celebrity version here) not so much for the food but just as a show. Sometimes I watch the very strict lady on Hum (can’t remember her name now). With Sarmad’s cooking show, I found that he had this nervous energy throughout the show (at least the ones I watched), I was always worried he was going to mess up the cooking lol – just me thinking that way? With some guests he was clearly more at ease than others. Haven’t watched some of the ones you’ve mentioned. I really enjoyed Sania’s episode, with Mahira, I felt she was very self conscious – she looked nice (she mustn’t be eating any cheesecake ever, unlike me!), Nadia Jamil episode was a let down – she’s this big foodie yaar, why was it so bland? But overall it was something different and fun. I liked the segment where he asked the guests what food item/ingredient they would be 😀


        • @VZ: lol! It wasn’t just you .. even I would cringe every time Sarmad went near a frying pan or a knife 😂😂 All these mishaps, near or otherwise, though, were precisely the reason why I enjoyed this show .. I felt like I had found a kindred spirit.. someone else with a mind running in 1609 directions and still managing to come up with a reasonably presentable meal ..
          The MK show was kind of off for me .. they have such great chemistry otherwise, on other talk shows etc, but here it was like they just got off on the wrong foot and it kind of never got anywhere ..
          Btw, I did request Sarmad for a season 2 this ramzan when I met him in PK this past summer .. Ab dekho if that happens 😀
          My headaches are going nowhere .. after almost twenty years of meds and doctors and tests I have reconciled myself to the fact that they will always rule my life and it is my job now to manage my life around them..
          glad to know you’re feeling better!


          • Dear SZ, agree with you about the show with Mahira.

            Season 2? I’d love it, thanks for putting in that request 🙂

            I do wish our artists team up for some children’s audio books – kids here in the UK have so much choice of good quality entertainment, both books and audio books etc – it will be really nice if artists like Sarmad, Sania, Hina, others who have good voices, speak clear Urdu can get together to recite our traditional stories. Would love to hear them recite grown-up books too, but the state of children’s entertainment really needs help. Given my health in the last few months, I’ve longed to hear books read out to me, I’m sure there’s an audience for this…


  5. Dear DRNR-ers

    Wishing you all a very happy, healthy, safe and successful 2017 🎉🎊💥

    I generally do an end of the year post but since I hadn’t been viewing and writing as much I thought it would be unfair for me to come out of nowhere and start talking abt the good bad and ugly dramas of the past year, so decided to stay quiet this time around.

    I apologize sincerely for my long absences and intermittent writing but all I can say is that the past year was kind of a crazy one for me.
    That said, hopefully all the madness is in the past and we will be talking to each other a lot more in this year. I know I have a lot to say and am sure you guys have quite a bit that you would like to talk about as well — so here’s looking forward to a much more active year. Bas ab just waiting on my laptop to get repaired.


    • @Ranjan: thank you 😘 wishing the same for you as well – lovely to hear from you. Hope all’s well at your end.
      Will be back as soon as I can with regular reviews … do stay in touch in the meanwhile.


  6. Dear SZ, so happy to hear from you. I felt like singing “aa bhi jaa, aa bhi jaa” when there was no news from you 🙂

    Can’t wait for your SeMM post, curious to know your take on it.

    And what does everyone think of the recent showbiz shaadi, mangni – or rather, sponsored events?


    • Mein yahan mein yahan mein yahan 😊

      Aww! sorry to have kept you waiting 😞 bas ab this my resolution for 2017: to respond asap, even if it’s a quick “I’ll be back later with a detailed reply” … oh and feel free to inbox me on fb and/or email or tweet ..😊

      Ok so the recent sponsored shaadi news: you know, I read quite a bit abt it, was kinda hard to ignore it was so in your face, and I have to say it’s actually very brave of the girls to come out and openly acknowledge the fact that their clothes and stuff were being sponsored .. most, actually almost all, female celebrities are wearing someone or the other’s clothes and jewelry and accessories these days, be it for weddings, public events or even their Eid joras ( check Maya Ali or Sanam Saaed or Mahira Khan’s insta feeds), aur tau aur even makeup artists are getting plenty of free publicity out of all this so I don’t get the big hullabaloo abt this wedding, except that they came out and put their names on the invitation cards, this cutting through the extra steps of posing for 5000 selfies and thanking the ppl in question for their loveliness…

      Basically way I looked at it, was that this was actually a good thing in a country like Pakistan, where we tend to go overboard with wedding expenses, that perhaps this might get some smart ppl thinking that there is a big market waiting to be tapped here, for renting out designer clothes for weddings .. we do it here in the west ( tuxedo rentals are very routine) so why can’t we do that in Pakistan .. take a few mix and match pieces, a blouse that goes over a ghaghra just as well as it does with a Saeed, a kameez that goes over a lehnga as well as it does over a gharara .. diff colored, styled shalwars for a heavily embellished kameez, few adjustments here and there for size, and voila you have a whole new designer outfit to wear at your own or someone else’s wedding … why spend so much on joras that are never to be worn again? And this way designers get to reach out to a whole new consumer market .. I doubt very much if even after all that fuss over what Urwa wore or what Mawra wore that anybody actually remembers what the clothes really looked like ..

      The other part to this whole hungama is also that the very media that made such a fuss abt this is the same one that was happily posting every new click that emerged from the said shaadi or even the other high profile weddings .. and the public for their part was happily lapping up every single pic .. I guess I’m either too naive or simplistic but if it bothers ppl so much then why can’t they simply disengage ..

      Uff see ab you got me rambling on like there’s no tomorrow .. I’d better shut up otherwise I’ll start on my new peeve, abt making news out of fb statuses, tweets and insta posts .. now those… 😤😤


      • Dear SZ, enjoyed reading your comment. Do you feel people would really rent designer clothes in Pakistan or would they rather get an affordable version made by the local tailor? Don’t know whether it’s the design or the designer tag that will matter to people. Whatever it is, our resourceful awaam will find ways to adapt.

        My main take from this was the undeniable importance of social media for stars, and through them, for a range of others (photographers, make-up artists, dress designers, stylists…). It’s a huge marketing opportunity that has really taken off in the last couple of years mainly thanks to Instagram and camera-phones. Gone are the days when you had to wait for a photo shoot to appear in a magazine or paper. Now we have BTS footage the minute it’s shot, accessible around the world simultaneously. In a way it’s a win-win for the stars, the other service providers and for the public as well (up to a point). It is a bit surprising that stars endorse different brands even when they are the “face” of a particular brand – clearly exclusivity is no longer feasible to impose.

        Coming to the shadi in question, I felt putting all those names on the cards was just that bit distasteful, somehow it took away from the personal nature of the event and turned it into one big marketing opportunity for all concerned. And it seemed haphazardly put together as if to please their designer friends/event managers – chalo bridal shower bhi karlete hain, you want a qawwali night, no problem, so much so that a recent high profile mangni had a dholki the previous day as well. But that’s just me, I guess. I keep ranting about the Kardashian effect!

        SZ sorry for the long rant. Loving your new year resolution!


    • hey VZ and SZ

      I’ll jump in this very interesting conversation as I also felt that putting designers’ names on the invitation cards was distasteful. Basically, I don’t have much of an issue with what people do at weddings. They can wear original or replicas, or buy or rent for all I’d notice. But an invitation card is something that you receive and are likely to read. This is unlike say a wedding that you’d choose not to attend or an Instagram account that you don’t follow (so whatever a celebrity wears and flaunts there is irrelevant to you). But to open a card and see designers’ names jumping out at you – well an eyebrow-raising moment for me.

      By the way, this reminds me of a valima I attended last year where the photography studio had put up panaflex banners all around the banquet with their logo and contact information and some selected snaps from the earlier functions. Things like these are not common at weddings here but when they happen, they do look out of place for being such blatant in your face marketing.


      • @DB: arrey the more the merrier 😀

        I totally agree with you and @VZ that the putting of sponsors’ names on cards was tacky and could’ve/should’ve been dealt with in a classier manner ( was there anything classy abt the whole affair is a whole other rant in the making). But again, such are the times we are living in … like @DB I too have been to “sponsored” desi social events here in Boston. We are talking abt celebrities but here I’ve seen regular rich desi ppl arranging red carpets for graduations and weddings and the local desi tv is usually on hand to cover this madness .. when you get to your assigned table there is a whole range of business cards – caterer, event manager, stage decorator, florist, photographer, dj, spa/salon – awaiting you. So yes, crassy times are here to stay ..

        The point I was trying to make is that with so much attention given to the sponsorship thing, I hope young girls – or even brainless parents – who dream of having lavish weddings for their children and end up spending a lifetime paying off the bills will see that even weddings of celebs need a whole list of sponsors to pull off such a spectacle ( tasteless as it might be).

        @VZ: I mentioned rental clothes because when I was I Pakistan this time I noticed an interesting phenomenon .. the youngsters – late 20s/early 30s- who are highly qualified, upwardly mobile with high paying jobs in the corporate sector, who are used to yearly vacations in say Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore, London etc, are very aware of brands and the social capital they bring with them… for these youngsters, Darzis are where their moms and Aunty s go .. and they are the ones fueling the sales of say like sapphire, khaadi and other pret name brands and so when they are looking for wedding finery or formal wear they are very conscious if what they and others around them wear and it’s in this gp that I heard ppl taking abt what a fantastic business opportunity this designer clothes rental business would be and what a huge potential market this was, just waiting to be tapped … and so I was thinking of them when I was writing the comment ..

        And yes, social media is very important in the making and marketing of stars these days ..


        • Dear SZ and DB – yes there were many things that couldn’t quite be called classy, but believe me, people are already thinking of bridal showers and spa days (!) thanks to all the hoo-ha this and the “longest wedding in Pakistan” raised.

          Sorry SZ, didn’t realise where you were coming from re: renting joras for the big day. I suppose seeing stars doing them makes it seem more “OK” for those shying away from it and the idea might catch up… The price of a wedding outfit is incredible! Even as a guest, attending 2-3 weddings during the season can burn quite a hole in the pocket, especially since people don’t want to be seen in the same outfit or colour scheme at different shaadis. Multiply that by the burgeoning number of related events, I think it’s enough to test the resourcefulness of even an astute dresser and we’re not even talking about accessories yet. But renting has its own set of issues (fit issues, availability…). I was reading an article in Dawn about sales of used designer joras, there may be a market there as well. It will be interesting to see what happens.


          • Uff,yes! Much like our serials these shaadis too have become so stretched that by the time the whole saga ends the guests need a vacation to recover from the whole hungama .. I was at a destination wedding a couple of years ago, with every event held at a diff location in diff corners of that particular resort town, that by the end of the week we all felt like we had run a marathon…

            And speaking of serials, socialites, high profile weddings and social media coverage, what did you guys think of boxer Amir Khan and Faryal Makhdoom’s very public playing out of their gharelu saas bahu drama?


            • Uff SZ don’t ask. I was so sure this entire saas bahu saga was a publicity stunt especially when I saw the poster for their reality show. But I don’t know what to think anymore.


            • @DB: Haina! It was all so nuts! Hard to figure out if this was a case of reality imitating art or is art indeed imitating reality. Bas all that was missing was statement from a channel executive saying “dekho hamarey dramey kitney ziada reality based hain” !!


          • hey SZ
            I do agree with you about renting joras. Only I don’t really see our replica loving awaam going for it. LOL. But one thing… I am sure I missed this because I didn’t follow that shaadi too closely but did anyone admit they rented the designer joras? I thought they got them for free or on a discount (in return for putting names on the card)


            • @DB: oh, no I don’t think any one said anything abt these joras being rented, I was talking abt that as in a broader implication … that said, somebody – maybe in a critical article in Dawn- did point out the girls’ ill fitting blouses on one occasion, indicating these hadn’t been made or fitted especially for them ..
              perhaps the term “loaner” rather than “rented” works better in this context of celebrities and designer clothes .. and if we broaden the discussion then most all red carpet looks ( for popular stars) are done with loaner outfits and accessories .. so seen that way this wedding didn’t really invent the wheel, it just took it to a whole other level …
              also there was a mention of weddings as intimate/private affairs above, but really this whole thing – right from the proposal in front of the Eiffel Tower – played out like a reality tv show .. and when seen this way the names of sponsors on wedding cards seems just appropriate – think of it as rolling credits at the beginning and end of a tv show!


      • Very proud of you 🙂 Keep it up SZ!

        I’ve never been one for making resolutions because my will power is quite poor. But this year I’ve made one – I’ll give people the benefit of the doubt and not judge their actions atleast towards me. Otherwise I’m quick to assume the worst and I’ve realised I’ve been hard on some relationships because of this habit. I sincerely hope I can hold on to this resolution!

        Hurriedly finishing my dinner as it’s SeMM day today. After last week’s googly, I’m looking forward to a mellow episode.

        I was wondering about other friends FA, Shaming, NKhan, Nashra … Hope to hear from everyone soon.


        • @VZ: I so agree with you abt not having the will to see resolutions thru to the end of the year .. Ab dekh lo .. I disappeared on you again – sorry!!
          Hats off to you for reflecting and reviewing on the past and being proactive in trying to make positive changes .. reading you made me think and I have decided to join you in trying to make this attitude adjustment .. sending you lots of positivity and good vibes so that you do not waver .. hopefully we’ll both have substantial progress to report by the end of the year-
          SeMM has turned in to quite the page turner hasn’t it! Ab not gonna jinx myself but hopefully I’ll get my act together tom – fingers and toes and everything else crossed! As I was telling Rehmat ..I haven’t written in so long that I am actually stressed abt writing 😩


          • Dear SZ, please don’t be stressed. Just write, you will be back in your stride. It will be absolutely fine, your nervousness will disappear as you write. I’m glad you like SeMM, will wait for your analysis/review. What I like most about it are the questions they’ve managed to ask and made us reflect about…And so what if you’re late, it’s no problem! I understand you’re trying your best, please don’t worry about it!

            Thank you so much for the positive vibes, we really need them in these times more than ever. My health and being home-bound for such a long time gave me the chance to reflect SZ. Even in this short span, my resolution has made me calmer, so let’s hope it lasts. Sending you lots of support and duas for good health.

            PS – I’m so sorry with my typo in my last message – Shamim’s name got auto-corrected.


  7. Ufff don’t get me started on the public proposal thing. It was even re enacted on the ramp in one of the bridal weeks. Matlab publicity kay liay sab chalta hai.


    • DB, here’s the Dawn article that talks about some of the stuff being loaned out:

      That proposal apparently happened 6 months (!) ago, but was publicised much later, it was played out in one of those OK! or Hello magazine. Reminds of the hoo-ha when Aishwarya Rai was getting married and it was rumoured that Amitabh Bachchan had sold the wedding photo rights to one of these two magazines (that too a UK edition!) and he vehemently denied it. Celebrities in the West routinely sell exclusive rights to one of these two magazines and it was only going to be a matter of time before the idea caught on in our showbiz, it’s about who takes the first jump in these matters. Soon this kind of sponsored deals might become the new norm.


  8. SZ how are you ? Missing your review .it has been longtime. Lately I am watching Sange Mar Mar and miss you ( so many thing goes over my head ) hope you donot mind me writing this to you.( Specially with comming president I need to divert my mind ) 😊😊😊


    • @Ranjan: Here you go – just posted the review .. hadn’t written anything in such a long time so was really rusty and took a very long time to write .. but its here now .. do read and share your thoughts and feel free to clarify your confusions.


  9. Hello all!! Been meaning to catch up for a while but just got bogged down with all kinds of stuff happening in life.. @SZ thanks for this fantastic interview! Sania is amazing and now I love her even more so! She is such a sweetheart. 🙂

    Absolutely loved the chit chat about the sponsored wedding. Mannnn! Honestly missed this party of our be saro pa discussions.

    Working in fashion industry I know it works both ways.. Yes, Instagram and social media has made stars, but in this day and age fashion industry and brands rely on stars and these platforms just as much if not more… but @VZ yes these guys have put the Kardashians to shame lol… I mean usually brands would outbid each other for the sponsoring the event (or an outfit / accessory etc for the event) but these girls took a whole new approach.. sabb ko moqa dou – chalo why not let’s have more events instead!! ingenious!!!! – akhir the more the marrier naa! 😉

    Yes mentioning the sponsors on the invitation is distasteful.. but lets face it, it wasn’t a private affair any more and it had indeed become a public event!!.. tou chalo yeh bhi sahi.. might as well make the most of it. lol

    @SZ re renting the joras : interesting notion.. but I agree with @VZ and @DB.. our awam is not ready for rentals – yet.. Yes I noticed the change in the consumer behaviour of the younger generation on my recent visit too but that goes hand in hand with the brand awareness and the power of branding itself. It’s not just the affordable brands but the niche designers are lapping it up too – they are going public! There are lot’s more walk in high end designer boutiques now than there were a few years ago. They are now more accessible to public not only in the virtual world (on the social media) but also on ground…. Luxury brands sell ”dreams”.. they, now, don’t just have the perfect setting for creating their ”dream” lifestyle, but also the means to evoke the hunger for it in the masses… Unfortunately (or fortunately 🙂 ) realizing this ”dream” is comparatively easy back home with the darzis and cost effective replicas ..In the west getting stuff tailor made ( let alone creating replicas) is a) very difficult and b) not cost effective – hence the rentals makes sense. .. So rented joras will have to wait for the time being 🙂 @SZ the only intention behind this exercise was to market the brands and businesses and that’s what it has achieved.. It wasn’t intended to make ppl realize ke dekho celebs are not spending .. Awam is only interested in the hullabaloo and the fuss of long list of events and not how much these celebs were ”paid” to market this lifestyle.

    Gosh I’m going on & on .. chalo milte hain break ke baad – on SeMM…


  10. Hello SZ
    I am finally caught up with the SS interview. When I first tried they were not loading on a couple of my devices. Thanks so much for all your work on this interview; it is superb.

    I think you have a fabulous collection here, SZ and SS sure ranks right up there (if we were to rank them at all).
    Suggestion: perhaps you could consider giving your collection at some point to a film & TV museum/archives or perhaps a university with a theatre program. They are wonderful compared to superficial sound bites we usually get on TV and elsewhere. They would be a wonderful resource for researchers and students entering the realm of theatre/film, particularly given the crucial shifts in the industry that SS herself addresses so eloquently and thoughtfully.

    Many thanks to Saniaji for her patience and meticulous consideration of all our questions. She considered them deeply and responded both intellectually and from a place of heart. And with such a sweet, engaging voice. What a pleasure!

    I was moved by her expressing the role of the “body” in the portrayal of a character and how female characters on screen have become so “static” that it inhibits this particular aspect of the creation and portrayal of a character, not to speak of what it does to an audience’s experience of the character. It is in fact through the body that we experience every aspect of life (including “reason”) and making that crucial factor “static” is like putting an actor (actors with depth – not the cookie-cutter variety) in a strait jacket (I imagine).

    She spoke at some length about TRPs etc., and called on us, the audience, to let our opinions be known. I have to say every time I have watched a great drama or play I have gone to the network website to leave some feedback because I want to support good programing but I have rarely found a place for real feedback. If you have any suggestion SZ (or anyone else) please let us know. I would be happy to take a few minutes and leave a few lines to support good, creative works.

    Thanks again SZ. I am glad you are back. Yes, 2016 was not a good year for so many people I know. I am glad it’s behind us. Though this past week I am unsure about what 2017 might bring.

    Love and peace to all


    • @UrduMom: Aadab! Welcome to DRNR – thank you for stopping by 🙂
      Glad you enjoyed the interview .. Sania is indeed all kinds of fab. Given that you’re a fellow drama aficionado do keep in touch .. would love to have you join us 🙂


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