Sania Saeed Ke Jawab ~ You Asked She Answered ~ Part 4

Hi Sania! I’ve grown watching your plays, Aahat being my favorite one, I keep watching it again on YouTube and your performance still gets me teary-eyed.

1. Who do you think is the promising male and female actor(s) of the current generation?

2. Your performance in Manto left me completely speechless. Can we expect to see you in more movies, now that more of them are being made?

3. There has been an increasing perception that the new, younger generation of actors is disrespectful toward their seniors and very arrogant, ill-disciplined, which has been the reason for some very fine actors to leave this profession. What do you have to say about this?

Salaams from a fan from South India & USA Saniaji.
1. What is the Dastak legacy both within and without the artist/activist community?

2. Would Dastak re-emerge…perhaps metamorphosed, with a new generation of actors? Or was it an endeavor that had its time and place?

3. What was the most gratifying part of the Dastak experience for you?

4. Given that the Pakistan (feature) film industry is now going through a revival phase, could you tell us if there is discussion among the artists/producers about the ways in which Pakistani feature film-makers intend to distinguish themselves from other film industries? I realize that the industry has to plug into distribution and other networks regionally and worldwide but I am wondering if this is part of the discourse among artists and film-makers.

5. During this revival phase of the Pakistani film industry, are there any particular innovations that are being used in the industry both from the creative/production and the marketing aspects of the business?

For instance, across the border we have very strong South Indian regional film industries (a different family system of languages and unique/different traditions from the North). Recently (2013) the first (Kannada) crowd-funded film was made, released, and won several international awards. The film-makers raised money world-wide from Kannadigas (people who speak Kannada) through the web/Facebook and the film made significant profit.
Eager to hear about the new ways in which the industry might be meeting its challenges not just to revitalize but also to sustain itself in the long-term

6. Are there any actors’/writers’ unions in Pakistan? India has several but none with the kind of prestige/clout that SAG-AFTRA has in the US.

Click here for the final part~

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