Sania Saeed Ke Jawab ~ You Asked She Answered ~ Part 3

Shamim Hasan
1. Can you share with us your experiences as the part of Dastak doing street theater with your father and how did it rub you to make you such an all-rounder?

2. Shahid Shafaat sahib being your better half & an active member of Dastak & Katha, why has he not written or directed any TV serial to bring much needed experience & creativity now a days, some freshness to the old stale plate?

3. Did your degree in clinical psychology help you in selection & adaptation of the characters so you can reconstruct them in your own way?

4. What characters are close to you & why?

No question, simply want to admire your iconic and inspiring presence on our media. You embody grace and charisma. Wishing you all the very best for your future endeavors and may there be many.

Thank you so much for your time Sania ji. Aahat was one of my favorite plays back in the ’90s, and we still remember the adorable Saba, Mina and Gurya.

1. In many dramas nowadays, a strong woman = a scheming and/or screaming woman. I feel most of the writers seem to have a very warped idea of who a strong woman is. Do you see this trend changing anytime soon and who do you think should be at the forefront of bringing about positive change in the portrayal of a truly strong woman on-screen?

2. These days, we often see one director casting the same lead (and even supporting cast) in multiple back to back drama serials. As an industry insider, what is your opinion on cliques – do they exist and if yes, how are they affecting the industry as a whole?

3. What are your three “deal breakers” – as in, three things in any script that you are offered which make you reject it straight away?

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