Sania Saeed Ke Jawab ~ You Asked She Answered ~ Part 2

First of all, thank you Sania for agreeing to do this interview. Love your dedication and sincere approach to your work. You breathe life into the characters you play and it all appears natural, never artificial. Thank you for all your wonderful work.

1. The play Aur Zindagi Badalti Hai is one of my all time favorites. I love Irsa and the way you played her. Any memories from the shoot, unforgettable incident from the making of the play? What was it like to shoot in Spain? Would love to hear about the experience.

2. One of my pet peeves is the absence of normal, realistic women characters on TV these days. We only seem to be shown extremes – completely mazloom or the full-on saazishi type. Very very rarely do we see a balanced woman character. Even 5 or so years ago this was not the case, we had more relatable characters. Who or what is the reason why we’ve stopped showing balanced female characters on screen. If we viewers can see this trend from the outside, what is it like to be in the thick of things? As an industry insider, how do you feel about this?

3. Whenever viewers ask for more sensible content on TV, the box standard answer we get given is “this is what the public wants to see”. I understand that TV channels are not non-profit organisations, they need to make revenue, and it’s a business. But isn’t there a way to match good projects and making profit? What do you think will be a practical solution to this issue?

4. Do you read reviews of your plays/films? What do you feel about the quality of reviews (both on the internet and traditional paper reviews)? Do you read comments about plays on social media like Facebook?

5. Do you make any changes to the way you approach a character depending on whether it’s for TV, theater or film?

6. A word of advice to youngsters who plan to take up acting as a career?

7. What is/has been the most challenging part of being in the TV industry?

8. Whom do you look up to as mentor in the industry?

9. What kind of books do you like to read? Any current/evergreen favorites?

10. What aspect of the entertainment industry manages to still surprise you?

11. If your vision for a particular character differs from the director’s, would you (a) stick to your guns, (b) give in to the director? Have you ever let go of projects because of such creative differences?

12. A colleague whose work you admire?

13. Would love to hear your thoughts on working with Sarmad Khoosat?

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