Sania Saeed Ke Jawab ~ You Asked She Answered

Q & A

Aisha Noor
What makes you fearless?

Syed Furqan
1. What is your best character you played in your entire career that you think the most toughest and memorable for you?

2. A dream character you wish to do?

My goodness..  Its just nearly unbelievable that you will be answering our questions . That much near to us… I am really a great admirer of yours. You just bring smile on my face. Chahe vo ek choti si jhalak hi kyun na ho… the grace and dignity you have is classic.. The way you carry all your characters, that thehrao ,.something that has become so rare now a days. Listening to your interviews always gave me positive vibes.. If I have to keep your personality and your work in scales they would be equal in highest regards. I can go on and on but let also ask me you some questions too..

1. When you started your career it was a different, simpler time, when all focus was on character and their characteristics. Times have changed now there are very few artists who focus on character’s uniqueness.. How do you feel working with artists who take their role as it comes … itna bhi sochte nahin hain k kaise karna he, kya karna hai?

2. I have heard a lot about experience that people gain during theater work but recently watched few videos where celebrities were all thankful to their theater work and that it maintain their sanity and made them grew more.. I am amazed and so want to ask you what is that thing in theater that just grooms artists in every way and that they enjoy it so much?

3. Being such an amazing artist, you would have been offered similar roles, during those times how much you crave the creativity in roles, writing?

4. How was your experience in portraying particular kind of character in Mor Mahal? Your body language, expressions are simply flawless!

5. What gives you immense amount of satisfaction?

Part 1 Ends …. For Part 2 click Here!


3 replies

  1. Dear SZ, I’ve been trying to reply here but it doesn’t seem to load properly. Let me try again.

    Many many thanks for this SZ, I was not expecting to hear Sania’s voice! What a lovely surprise, the sort only you can give 🙂 How is your health now? Hope you are feeling better.

    I really appreciate your efforts in putting this together.

    Sania, thank you – for your time, for being so honest, for being so unassuming and for doing the work that makes us all so proud of you. What can I say, it’s just our misfortune that in spite of having such true artists among us, we’re not producing the kind of work that truly does your talent justice. I am watching Sange Mar Mar and loving your take on Shamim.
    Thank you so much, sending you lots of prayers:-)


    • @VZ: so sorry for this tech issue 😔
      It’s a huge file so it’s very diff to load .. I’m now breaking up the post in parts and hope that resolves this issue … also, though it is impossible to open on the phone or iPad it opens up fine on the laptop ( atleast on my end).
      Let me get back to you in a bit .. bohot sari baatein hain!


    • @VZ: hey! Hope you can listen in without any issues now. Sorry for the problems… would love to read your thoughts when you’ve heard all the responses .. and dekh lo! You get your own personal post with SS!!!
      Also, I’ve been meaning to respond to your earlier comment on the Bin Roye thread, I think, re: Sarmad’s cooking show.. haha! Why would I judge you! I loved loved that show and was tweeting about it like mad when it was on .. I just couldn’t get around to reviewing it because of whatever was going on then ( it’s been a crazy year this one! ). So who was your favest guest? Did you try any of the recipes?


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