Tum Kon Piya ~ Episode 1 Review


Tum Kon Piya, an Ayeza Khan – Imran Abbas starrer, was eagerly anticipated by fans on account of it marking Ayeza Khan’s return to TV screens and the fact that it promised a fresh, visually striking pairing – and to that end this new Urdu 1 serial does not disappoint. The first encounter between Elma and Ramish was all that it should’ve been. Ayeza and Imran look very good together and they have that certain sizzle which holds promise. Look beyond that particular moment, however, and there is almost nothing to write home about.

Written by Maha Malik, directed by Yasir Nawaz and produced by 7th Sky Entertainment, Tum Kon Piya has started off on a beyond predictable note. Waqar Ali is an aging widower weighed down by the responsibility of three grown daughters, the eldest of which is Elma followed by Neha and Sonia. Waqar sahab is employed at his cousin/brother Muzzafar’s office where relationship does not merit him any special treatment by the owner.

Ramish Hasan on the other hand, is quite unlike his father, displaying markedly socialist leanings as he pushes for better working conditions for factory workers. Ramish’s very different nature is also underscored by his attitude towards Waqar Ali; his affection and respect for his older relative is made obvious when he takes the time to take care of Waqar after a health scare – and this where he first meets Elma and is struck by her intelligence and beauty.

Running parallel is the story of Sharafat begum and her three children, Zarbab, Asif and Sobia. Zarbab is interested in Javeria, a college friend of his younger sister Sobia. Sharafat keeps an eagle eye on her children and the fact that her older son, whose income supports the family, is interested in Javeria is not something that escapes her attention. By the end of the episode she makes her disaffection for this girl very clear as she asks Sobia to limit her interaction with Javeria.

Even from this very quick synopsis it is pretty evident there is nothing new here. A heroine who is a paragon of perfection, an idealistic hero, betiyon ki zimmedari, shaadi, class differences, pehli nazar ka pyar, all are tropes as old as hills. I don’t think I will ever get our producers’ fascination with adapting novels, but even with that why not opt for a more interesting story?

I understand there are only so many stories that can be told, but surely there are fresh, out-of-the-box ways of storytelling? What of innovation and experimentation? Infact, forget that, what I don’t get is the continued deterioration even in retelling an already told story? Today’s screenplay has to be one of the messiest ones I have seen in a while. TV is a visual medium and therefore fundamentally different from a textual one, where everything has to be spelled out with words… today there was so much talking and so much reiteration that it was well nigh impossible to stay interested and focused.

In terms of direction, Yasir Nawaz is barely able to keep pace with a very busy scrip; where he does well is in getting good performances from his actors, they all did well. Lighting and camerawork by Naeem Mustafa is nicely done. The loud background music is a constant issue and the refrain of Tum Kon Piya gets too much very quickly.

Simply put, I am underwhelmed. What about you all? Will look forward to reading your take!

Written by SZ~

Tum Kon Piya ~ Rahat Fateh Ali Khan ~ OST

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  1. Thanks for the review SZ. Not planning to watch this, feels like the same old same old, just riding on IA-AK chemistry. If it turns a corner and turns out to be a hidden gem, I’m sure you’ll let us know!


    • @VZ:Haha! Don’t look to me for updates on this one, this one episode was quite enough for me 🙈 That said, if you ever find yourself with absolutely nothing to do, I would recommend you check this out .. the constant talking is nothing short of amazing 🙉


    • @VZ check it out for comic relief. There are some record breakers there! Need your humour and wit to get over this masterpc, really! 😉


  2. @SZ hats off to you you managed to find something good here!

    Ok I take my word back and must say that I DID have a good laugh! After a few scenes in I realized that drama was serious non sense and can only be appreciated for its new lows in behuda farsooda dialogues.
    The opening with sham, suraj, saheli, kosokazah – all that and more in one monologue followed by abba ki chamchagiri..We have the miss goody two shoes of a heroine! Abb inn ka joor bhi inn ke takker ka ho.. tou phir enters hero sahab who deserves the nobel peace prize for sure.. I mean honestly 4 years worth of bonus dished out to the entire fleet of workers in a go!! With all the zindabad ke naare anybody would think hes running for elections.. 5 nahin tou 4 saal ke waade… (Daddy ji he cut a deal if u ask me! lol)… But we find out he is only doing this because becahara is terrorised of ghareebon ki bad-duaas!

    Yes we have all the stereotypes here.. from the perfectly angelic jori, 3 betion ka bechara abba, industrialist abba ka socialist beta, bari apa aur un ki dumchaallian, chichori dost ka bffs ke bhaijan se chakker, rikhse ka khurch and budget issues on every social level (from factories to ghareloo budget), amma ji ke andaze… U name it – its all here! I think the drama makers were revolutionalizing the watching experience : hafte bharr ke drame aik ghante mein! Abb who has time to watch itne sare drame in this busy world naa!!! 😉

    See its not all old story.. yahan bohot kuch naya bhi hai.. abb aaj ka zamana is all about ground breaking technology.. Tou what’s new in TKP?? We get a tech friendly dill!!! Dill that comes with a pre-installed mohabbat-o-meter!!!!! Wah!! her heart reads the ‘readings on scales’ intantaneously! I kinda feel sorry for her though.. Aik tou her heart must be waise be over-working.. ooper se can you imagine what she must go through in a public gathering! hahahaha ..
    Oh waise this household is consuming too much of earth’s natural resources.. Abb look at the laundry.. besides too much talking (noise pollution) and taaro-ing, all Elma bibi seems to be doing is sorting out the laundry .. Yes this house needs to be equipped with an environmentally friendly washing machine! (more than a mohabbat-o-meter)
    ok sorry I having wayyy too much fun here…

    Dialogues of the episode : (One really needs to watch these to appreciate how utterly bizzare they are – itne ke they deserve an award! )
    – ‘ji haan main hi aap ka ramish bhai hoon’
    – ‘ache log is moqe pe kehte hain aap phir aye ga’ .. followed by tweedledum and twwedledee saying ‘phir aye ga’ (in unison).. & no these sisters are not 5 yr old!…
    – And itni baat karne ke bawajood Ramish is ‘speechless’!.. like 5 times!

    @SZ Aur kia chemistry yaar! tarna galore and then the jhanki tanki from behind the chai ki piyali and abba ke bed frame (which btw is so wonky that it will definitely cave in if they’re not careful)… Idk maybe by this time I was just so zoned out ( & I had given up on anything remotely serious and romantic in this play) that I was only watching this for comic relief. Everything made me laugh!


    • @FA: Lol you are so funny! I don’t plan on watching even an episode of this, I know the story and when I learned they were making a serial on it I was like whaaa..?!! But after this comment of yours I’ll definitely watch it for the comedy when I feel the need to laugh (will probably end up wanting to throw something at the screen coz to be able to laugh at brain-deadening serials is the skill to have these days but sadly, I haven’t acquired that art yet) 😉

      @SZ: You’re too kind in your review of this! Softie 😛


      • @Nashra: Haha! Considering my reputation otherwise (you should see my “fan mail” ), I am quite okay with being called a softie once in a while 😂

        Waisey read carefully and you will see I have said in a few polite lines (this review is 1/3rd the length of my typical reviews) what all @FA has described hilariously. She is too good! I too was in fits after reading her comment lol. TBH I just couldn’t be bothered with trying to decipher what was being said – I was rendered deaf about five mins into this one thanks to the overloud bgs and the repetitive OST taans 😳


        • @SZ: But SZ, it is your politeness that makes you a softie 😛
          Haters gonna hate. You are the best at this job and I’m being totally unbiased here. (And i shall write you a long and flowery fan mail as thanks and also coz I’m your fan dil-o-jaan se ^_^ )

          I watched Mein Sitara after I read your review and the comments on it. The thread made me feel so left out keh bas! Maine socha I’ll definitely follow it if you guys are, otherwise I’ll miss out on the fun by not being in on all the discussions. I love it so far!


          • @Nashra: LOL! Bas ab intezzating for your letter 😉
            And ab aa jao Main Sitara waley thread par … chalo is bar you be the one to get the ball rolling … others will come in and join us over the week 🙂


    • What a weird up! FA, yaar haven’t laughed this much in a long time! I am sure the makers wouldn’t have imagined the comic potential of this play 🙂

      See how perfectly they’ve blended the 70s heroine and haalaat with the futuristic mohabbat meters and what not! Plus you get many stories for the price of one, talk about paisa vasool! And the usual Rahat Fateh Ali crooning away in the ost…bas, Kuch baki nahi bacha. Oh I forgot the guaranteed sar dard post watching. Uff!


        • LOL!! I read it as “weird ep” and thought you had actually gone back to watch this one haha!!
          Btw, this is described as a simple sweet love story with a twist coming up next week so I dk … perhaps we should volunteer @FA to take one for the team and write up a running commentary for all of us 😂


        • Btw, even though this isnt a period story it still looks, sounds and feels like it and actually does a better job at recreating the ’70s than any of the so-called period dramas on HUM!


          • SZ, you took the words out of my mouth Re: the period feel. I was going to say that this drama recreates the 70s feel trying to give period plays a run for their money.


            • @SZ @VZ now thats reslly not fair! You guys r trying to put me off period plays or summink?!?! And @SZ if that was an attempt to get me to do weekly running commentary tou thats def not working 😉 .. I think 1 ep was more than enough!
              Cant wait to watch MS.. Away for the easter break.. Will catch up as soon as I can. hopefully SQ hasn’t put a dampner on things already..


  3. Dear All. Bass! I have decided that I will read SZ’s reviews and @FA’s comments. Mazaa aaya yaar. Episode se bhi bahut zyaada! 🙂


    • Hahaha!! You can’t get away that easy! ‘Fess up and tell us all how much you loved the circa ’70s mere seeney mein mazdooron ka dard bhara hua hai type lingo here 😂😂


  4. @SZ. 🙂 OK…I’ll confess. The truth is that when a play is this predictable, and the characterizations and dialogue so poorly developed, I end up paying attention to things extraneous to these (for me usual) central elements.

    So here I was noticing how ill-fitting IA’s jackets were, how incredibly distasteful the dining room furniture was (haay! haay!), how all the female characters had the same make-up/color palette – same eye shadow color, applied the same way, same blush and even same color lipstick.

    The only one thing I guess that was mildly positive for me was that Raamesh stood up to his father, who has real concerns about and issues with his rehem dil son’s (over)generosity towards the mazdoors. But then Raamesh’s reason was fear of bad-duaaas not equity/fairness etc. I think he repeated this at least three times. So while it was clear to me that this was no Marxist, I failed to grasp his theory of labor-related bad-duaas in the economics of production.

    What to do! I just couldn’t get into it. 😦


  5. PS: Saw “Na Maloom Afraad” on Netflix. What fun! Thanks for the recommendation. With ‘Dukhtar’ and ‘Josh’ that’s 3 for 3 I’m happy to say!

    Can anyone tell me where I might find Bin Roye, the movie, online?


    • Actually Pakistan is doing pretty well in terms of controlling piracy and so it is pretty much impossible to find stuff online. Bin Roye, Manto, Ho Mann Jahan, Bachaana are all not yet available online.


  6. Waisey on a more serious note, it is really worrying that such a dated and messy script attracts performers of such high caliber … makes you wonder what the rest of the stuff out there looks like … :/


  7. Great review SZ!
    Same ho-hum theme, predictable but has a good cast so will carry on watching for now.
    Liked IA’s grey suit pink tie look👌🏽
    Yeh nahin samajh aaya how he cud fall for the girl without even exchanging a good dialogue with her. I mean in today’s age toh ausa nahin hota. Kuch toh she shouldhave said witty ke the guy liked her so much.


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