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Our guest this time around needs absolutely no introduction. For millions of followers worldwide Hina Bayat’s is a name synonymous with the best of all that Pakistani drama industry has to offer.

HBTKYHina’s performances in serials like UraanTum Ho Ke Chup, Dareecha, Jalpari, Humsafar, Shehr-e Zaat, Mata-e Jaan, Talkhiyan, Aik Nayee Cinderella, Aunn Zara, Gar Maan Reh Jaye, Mera Naam Yousuf Hai, to name just a few, have all been widely appreciated and applauded. That she’s made her mark in a dramasphere where there is neither recognition nor scope for a female actor past a certain age, when she can no longer play the damsel in distress, speaks volumes of her talent and testifies to the hard work Hina puts in to make each of her characters stand apart, giving each  a distinct look and mannerism.

Though she’s now more known for her acting, Hina started her KBTHKCcareer in the media as an anchor and a talk show host. In the late 1990’s Seema Tahir persuaded Hina to host Andaz Apna Apna on PTV World. Then followed other shows like Baatein Mulaqatein, Uljhan Suljhan and Geo Hina Ke Saath. Unlike the nonsensical talk shows nowadays these shows highlighted relevant social issues and drew attention to several such problems that we as a society would rather sweep under the rug. Hina’s foray into dramas began with Sultana Siddiqui on HUM TV in a small role in Jhumka Jaan, which was then followed by a more substantial role in Ishq Gumshada, and, as they say, rest is history.

HBGMRIt’s not just that she’s an intelligent host and a brilliant actor, what makes her stand out in a crowd is her graciousness, warmth, and humility. We here are privileged to include her as member of our DRNR family and it is, therefore, my pleasure and privilege to host this Q n A session with Hina Bayat.

While we’ve interacted with her several times on the blog, this is your opportunity to convey appreciation, give feedback and ask questions, the kind you’ve always wished somebody would ask. We know Hina is not just very honest and straightforward but also has a great sense of humor so koshish kar key avoid the usual morning show type thakey huey questions and ask interesting, hatke sawal takey mil saken mazedar aur masaledar jawab. 

Please keep in mind:

  • The last date for posting questions is Monday, March 21st 2016.
  • Ask as many questions but please post each as a separate comment.
  • Do not repeat questions that’ve already been asked.
  • Post your questions here, NOT on twitter or facebook. 

So bas ab aap kijeye sochna shuru aur likh bhejye apney sawal takey de saken Hina unke jawaab!

Written by SZ~


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  1. AOA…Hina mam…big fan of yours…you’ve literally slayed every character of yours…MASHALLAH…my ques is :what are your upcoming projects nd do you have any other project with osman khalid butt in pipeline??? Its always refreshing to see u both together. ..stay blessed.

  2. @Hina : Your work leaves me speechless and i am always awestruck watching you playing any character, be they novel based characters (Hajra,Mehruniisa,Husna or Appo) or originally scripted characters ( Khursheeda Begum, Bibi Janom, or Afia) .. Your name is enough to made me watch the serial and admire you wholeheartedly.. If your work amazes me, your personality and your humble nature makes me respect you even more, the way you come here and comment so honestly and frankly, makes us feel like you are treasured part of DRNR 🙂

    Just wanted to say keep working so tremendously and giving us such quality work to watch. Stay blessed!

    Ok so finally here’s my first question:

    Q: Every time you take a character, you always play it so differently, your body language, your makeup everything.. So what drives you to do something different each time with your character?

  3. Q: I really used to enjoy Uljhan Suljhan..it was a very quality and thoughtful watch, are there any chances to see you doing any such program?

  4. Q: Hajra and Husna are my all time favorite mother characters whether in reading or watching.. Did you feel any kind of extra challenge to come up with expectations of readers, who already read the novel? Or you played it as it came?

  5. Hina, many thanks for agreeing to do this. Even though you come here and chit chat with us, yeh dil maange more! SZ, thanks so much for arranging this 🙂 I was really looking forward to this! OK, here are my questions:

    When commenting on Shehr-e-Zaat finale, Mahira Khan said about you: “wish I could learn how to organize my continuity clothes like her, guys thats a treat to see!” So this has been at the back of my mind every since!

    How do you organise your continuity clothes? I have no links to the drama industry, but Mahira’s comment intrigued me, hope it’s not a silly question to ask!

  6. From your demeanour, the way you dress and carry yourself, to your professionalism, you inspire so many of us. Who is your inspiration?

  7. One unabashedly fangirl question. Given that you work day/night shifts, under harsh lighting etc., how do you maintain such a flawless, beautiful skin (MA)? Any tips for the rest of us 🙂

  8. This is probably related to the question Rehmat has asked above: how do you work on the nuances of a character?

    For example, the way Zarina (Humsafar) cried for Sara at the end is different from the way Hajra (Mata e Jaan) cried for Aabi. How do you make sure these stand out different from one another?

  9. We are all quite excited about Mor Mahal, given the names involved and the scale of the production. How was your experience with it? Any memorable instances that you can share with us at this stage?

  10. When the day’s work is done, do you let go of the character you are playing or do you keep thinking about it? Has any character impacted on you so much that it has refused to leave you?

  11. Firstly SZ great job in arranging this, always enjoy Hina’s characters so much.
    Thank You Hina, it is always been a a pleasure reading your opinions and views in various threads and getting a better insight about the dramas you have been in.
    I love all the characters you have played so much!
    My first question is about how you research or prepare for your roles ,honestly it is the mark of an excellent actress when the audience really feel for that character or love or hate them due to how they have been played. You are at another level with your acting and the other thing that really strikes me is how the sincerity with which you plays them totally shines through, I just want to know how do you get yourself so into the character that we are just left amazed by your portrayal?

  12. I first watched you in Humsafar then ZGH, Mata e jaan, Shehr e zaat..but I liked the more aggressive roles you portrayed even better- Mera naam yousuf and Talkhiyaan, Ishq ghumshuda. Even the upcoming Mor Mahal, i think you might have a challenging role as it is a period drama.Your pious lady character in Dareecha was quite different too..while you might be playing similar roles you always make sure audiences remember you. Do you consciously put an effort and how much planning or character sketch do you do for each project?

  13. You are also in the new drama based on Maha Malik’s novel Tum kon piya..can you tell us about your character? And what makes you take up a project, what attracts you into something new?

  14. Hina ji who are your favorite people to work with– is it important that you know them from before or you’d rather go beyond your comfort zone?
    Do you have any directors or actors or writers you’d love to work with? Who are your most favorite ones from those you’ve already done shows with? 🙂

  15. Do you have any plans to go into direction/production or perhaps writing?
    I think we all need to see new storylines in dramas since nowadays every other play deals with the same issues. What is your take on that?

  16. You have been in showbiz for a long time now..and you’ve always stayed out of controversies or gossip which is very hard to do and really commendable.
    Are you friends with anyone in the industry?
    Love watching you during interviews and hope you will be attending more shows like that especially Tonite with HSY is one classy show. hopefully we’ll be seeing you on that. And thanks so much for doing this one!

  17. Hina ji, what would you have been if not an actor? Did you have a passion for acting from childhood?
    Who is your inspiration? Your role model or who do you look up to in life and profession?
    Would like to give any advice to people/new adults who are still figuring out what to do in life? 🙂

  18. You did a series of telefilms where you played a psychiatrist and that was the only time I saw that kind of role being played to perfection and it felt and looked real. It was a good step in showcasing mental health problems. Since you are also involved in many philantrophic acts, do you have plans in taking up any such issues in the future?

  19. Thanks for tagging me. My questions are;

    – Currently Hina is acting in Geo’s Teri Meri Jodi, as a very proud-of-her-roots choudhrayan. How refreshing / different was this project? Does she think light serials like TeriMeriJodi should be done more? Did Punjabi came go her naturally or she had to prepare for the role?

    – Does she approve of the violence, especially towards women, should be shown in such explicit details? Doesn’t this constitute to more violence?


  20. AOA Hina Mam..
    I loved ur work in Aunn Zara and Mera Naam Yousuf Hai…U literally rock each and every character that u play.
    I want to ask about ur future projects..
    at Osman Khalid Butt’s birthday..u wished him calling him Harib…so do u have any project with him in future??
    Thank u

  21. Thank you for this much awaited q and a, SZ. And thank you for your time Ms Bayaat for indulging your fans.
    I wanted to thank you and appreciate your efforts in bringing to us Geo Hina ke saath. It brought such a refreshing look to the genre , if that is the right word for it, – the right way to approach the sensitive topics and how to conduct oneself while bringing those topics to the audience. That was such a benchmark moment for me.
    Would you consider going back to it at some point?

  22. And for (my attempt at) the halkay phulkay, Zara hat ke sawaal…
    1. If you could have a group of 3 people for tea (dead/alive and national/international acclaimed) in the following fields, who would you choose?
    -film fraternity
    -tv fraternity

    Thank you.

    And pls feel free to choose only one category from the above, if u wish to as well.

  23. Hi Hina, how was your experience in working with PTV legends like noor ul huda shah in ishq gumshuda, zaheen tahira in teri meri jodi, shamim hilali in talkhiyan and do you have any wish to work with people like Haseena Moin and Anwer Maqsood?

  24. hey SZ.. good to see this segment back!
    Hina ji thanks for your time.. took me a while to formulate questions that are concise and coherent.. but here they are now

    1. As an actor, how much say do you have in the dialogues that are given to you? For instance, if there is a dialogue or phase that you think is inappropriate, do you get it changed? And how receptive are directors to such requests?

  25. 2. Of late, there are many drama serials with questionable concepts. And mostly, we see writers (and writers only) being blamed for them. As someone in the industry, can you tell us who ultimately finalizes a script and screenplay for any serial and as such who should be held accountable apart from the writers?

  26. 3. For you, what are the three script-related deal-breakers in any project offered to you – three elements in a script that make you refuse the project?

  27. 4. Out of all the characters you’ve played, is there any one which you now feel you shouldn’t have played? And why?

  28. 5. If any change is to be brought in terms of serials that give out a positive message, who do you think needs to take the first step forward – writer, director, producer, or channel heads?

  29. 5- My favourite character has to be Husna. Do you have any projects in the pipeline with Haissam Hussain?

  30. 7- This is a fun question 🙂 You’ve been an onscreen mom to all the following (quite a star studded list). What’s the first word that comes to your mind when you think about them?
    – Mahira Khan
    – Adeel Hussain
    – Fawad Khan
    – Osman Khalid Butt
    – Umair Jaswal
    – Sarwat Gillani
    – Naveen Waqar
    – Ushna Shah
    – Maya Ali
    – Aamina Shaikh

    • Your questions are so interesting as usual, DB. So let me add some more to the list:

      In a word/few words, describe:

      Mehreen Jabbar
      Haissam Hussain
      Sarmad Khoosat
      Faiza Iftikhar
      Umera Ahmed

      I know you’ve worked with them more than other writers & directors.

  31. Salam Hina ji,
    I’m a big fan of yours.
    Loved almost all your roles, but here are my favourites:

    Sana, Ishq Gumshuda
    Appo, Talkhiyaan
    Husna, Aunn Zara
    Aabi’s mom, Mata e Jaan
    Manto, your role was small, but it was so much fun to watch.

    1. Which one of these is your favorite? Okay, you can choose more than one.
    2. What attracts you more to a project, the writer, director, production house or the cast?

  32. Hina, when I see you, I see a positive, confident person. Have you always had this confidence and positivity? Or is that something that’s come to you over the years? Did the environment in your home when you were growing up encourage you to be so confident and assertive?

  33. Hinaji salutations and thanks for taking the time to respond to your fans. And SZ thanks for organizing it.

    Question 1:
    Hinaji you were quite candid on SZ’s “Chit Chat & Chai” where you expressed your frustration about the scripts you receive and the current trends in dramas. As a fan I am rather dismayed at these trends. Shows like Dillagi, Bhai, Mera Yaar Mila de, Gul e Rana with well-established actors portraying thug-like characters. What’s worse, some of these characters are glamorized, romanticized, and normalized. Well, Noman Ijaz’s character is offset by AW’s and perhaps it could be argued that FK is new and needs the exposure and/or money but someone like HS is himself an established film-maker.

    Are these trends (and some of the others discussed on Chit Chat & Chai) part of the discourse within the community of actors? Is there such a discourse at all? It appears that the Pakistani film/tv industry is at a critical juncture. Are these issues part of the conversation in the community of actors/writers/directors? Or are the TRP/money counting executives calling the shots with the creative teams becoming puppets to that kind of a system? If so, what’s your prediction? Will this trend push the creativity/social commentary etc., into a “parallel” drama universe?

    I apologize for the rather long-winded question.

  34. Question 2:
    I have been watching some old dramas and see women portrayed and presented a lot more differently there than they are in current dramas. I see more short hair cuts, sleeveless, and more urban-looking women in those older shows than I do now. I read a piece somewhere recently, where a woman said she doesn’t watch these dramas because there are no women like her (urban in lifestyle, dress, career etc.) on them.
    Can you speak to this transformation?

  35. Question 3:
    Mehereen Jabbar recently tweeted her enthusiasm for being part of Zee Entertainment’s Indo-Pak Peace Initiative – Zeal for Unity. What kind of outreach is this initiative implementing that side of the border, and what kind of projects are emerging under this banner?

    FYI for those who are interested:

  36. Hey SZ & Hina B.!
    Assalam Alaikum & Thank you so much ladies for giving us fans this wonderful opportunity.

    Q1. One of the questions I meant to ask you has been very eloquently put by ‘spirithum’. Watching you in your Punjaban avatar was quite a surprise, and I still can’t wrap my head around the fact that you speak Punjabi and fluently too. :$
    Here’s wishing Teri Meri Jodi a great success with the Indian audience as well! ^_^

  37. Q2. In Mor Mahal, you play the dignified Badshah Begum, a woman of formidable strength and determination. How easy or difficult was it for you to channel her without being judgemental?
    P.S. I’d like to think, being regal came easy!

  38. Q3. In complete contrast to Badshah Begum, you played Shamshad Bibi in Dareecha. Gracious, religious and broad-minded, who helped others using clairvoyance all her life. How was the experience?
    Do you suppose most television portrayals (esp. when it comes to religious individuals) are cementing the notion that a religious person can not be a well-read liberal or vice versa?

  39. Q1. “Bollywood Bound” seems to be the hottest fad in Pakistani showbiz; have you been approached by Bollywood production houses? If you were, what would be the three things that you would look for before finalizing a project?

  40. Q2. Given the deterioration in drama standards have you seriously thought of venturing in to the production side of things.. some position where you could be directly involved with a projection since inception?

  41. Q3. In recent years there has been an increase in drama review sites and blogs, social media is abuzz with drama related discussions, drama related twitter trends are proudly shared on various media sites, and media related personalities are actively soliciting feedback … while all this seems to point to the fact that public feedback is valued, how seriously, if at all, does the industry take our critique? And is it ever taken into consideration when future projects are being planned?

  42. Q4. We here have always appreciated your attention to detail in terms of characterization… is this an effort that you put in of your own accord or do the directors and producers expect and encourage such input from their actors?

  43. Q5. Related to the above question:
    How welcoming are writers/directors/producers of critical and creative input from their actors?

  44. Q6. When signing a project do you look at your character only or does the project as whole matter as well .. .say for instance if you were offered a great project but with little or no space for your character or vice versa… which one would you opt for?

  45. Q7. Complaining about TRPs being the reason for the downfall of dramas is a very common complaint that we hear from everybody associated with the drama industry … how much of an impact would it make if there was an understanding/unionization within actors and directors and they refused to participate in below par projects?

  46. Q8. You’ve been a part of several high profile projects and have worked alongside the best in the business … any fun incident, painful memory, or a memorable story that you would like share from any of your projects

  47. Q10. And finally,

    Women in our dramas exist solely in terms of the men in their lives – as sisters, girlfriends, wives, mothers, daughter-in-laws and finally as mother-in-laws – what would it take for our drama industrialists to see and depict a woman as an entity in her own right?

    And on that note, I understand these depictions are reflective of a broad based social mindset, but if we cannot get a narrative shift in dramaland, where we have women-led channels and productions houses, then is it hopeless to expect a change in our desi setup any time soon?