Preet Na Kariyo Koi ~ Episode 19 ~ Finale Review


Bearing little or no resemblance to the complex and intricately nuanced narrative that preceded it Preet Na Kariyo Koi ended today on a very rushed, sappy and clichéd all’s-well-that-ends-well note.

Last week’s episode had ended on a turn rife with possibilities. Shagufta’s reunion with her long lost relatives, Suleri’s sister’s response to Shams’ visit, Noori’s impending forced marriage, Bhola’s role in Noori and Rumi’s elopment, Shams’ response at having his plans thwarted by Shagufta, the future of Shams and Shagufta’s relationship from this point forward, Zarina’s location in Shams and Shagufta’s lives, Shams’ political future, if any, Sham’s brother’s duplicity – were but a few of the many issues that had been raised in the previous weeks and we had been looked forward to further engagement, not necessarily conclusive black and white answers but a serious consideration nonetheless.

What we got in its stead was an ending reminiscent of Karan Johar’s brand of fluffy storytelling and his famous tagline – it’s all about loving [and trusting] your parents (to be fair though to KJo, he has evolved and has since changed his mantra to its all about understanding your children). Noticeably missing was the delectable nuance and absent were the meaningful dialogues and visual storytelling that had us all hooked; this episode was all about laying the blame squarely on Shagufta’s shoulders and having her be passively contrite … mitti pao on all that still remained unanswered.

In many ways this rushed ending seemed to loop back to the first seven or eight episodes, with all the twists and turns in between being left by the wayside. Not once did Shagufta ask her chachi why nobody had tried to ask her khair khairiyat in so many years… why wait so long if she had been missed as much as was being said. Bhola’s angst, all those years of pent up rage and fury, all were built up only to be oddly deflated today. I so wish we could’ve seen an honest conversation between Bhola and his once beloved baji instead of the tepid lecture to his niece.

On the neice, I don’t get why the spotlight was trained squarely on Noori’s track in this episode. All of a sudden all other characters receded into the background and it became all about Noori’s shadi.  I get that theoretically speaking in Noori’s track we were also getting a resolution to Shagufta’s story, but it did not quite translate that way on screen today.  The scenes with the younger actors playing Bhola, Rumi and Noori, all seemed interminably long winded, and then flashbacks did not help the pacing either. What we should’ve gotten instead was more of the triumvirate – Suleri Shagufta and Shams – who held the answers to the questions raised in the previous episodes.

Suleri and Shagufta’s equation has to be one of the most interesting ones we’ve seen in recent times, theirs was a relationship that refused to be filed away under a convenient label. Sadly for us even that came crashing down from the high peak of last week. Who were these two people today? I could barely recognize this Shagufta who held out her hand to Shams. Suleri too was a shadow of his former self, going from being a master puppeteer in the begining to turning into a rishtey wali khala at the end. Was Zarina’s tearful plea that convincing? I understand and appreciate that Suleri saw himself reflected in Zarina, and empathized with her situation on an emotional level, but this turnaround, in just one meeting, was very hard to digest. If Zarina’s words had so much purported impact why couldn’t she ever make an impression on Shams?

Coming to Shams, for a man who had loved only one thing in his life – politics – it was very strange that we heard no mention of any future plans or any more conversations with Shagufta about his thwarted plans. It seemed as if Shams had been turned into a bystander in his own story, even the maid got more  screen time than he did! That lame shot of him and Shagufta holding hands was very out of place in a serial where every single frame had spoken a thousand silent words.

I could go on and on about all that was amiss in this final episode but suffice it to say that for a serial that kept raising the bar week after week  in terms of writing and execution this simplistic finale was a disappointment. I am not usually a conspiracy theorist but this episode does make me think that something went seriously amiss for us to get such a slapdash end to an otherwise brilliant serial. Disregard this episode, however, and the entire team deserves a huge round of applause for giving us one of the more engaging serials in the past year or so.

The finale notwithstanding, Amna Mufti’s Preet was a story that compelled us to think out of the box. Written within the existing framework of ‘ishq wala love and doosri biwis this serial moved away from the traditional concept of the hero and heroine and introduced us instead to beautifully conceived characters, all of whom defied easy labelling. If we had started off being annoyed by the high spirited Goshi we could not help but feel for the world-weary politician Shagufta Shehzadi. When we first met Shams he was a flamboyant troublemaker who dreamed of becoming a big time politician but nineteen weeks later he was a mere shadow of his old self. Zarina had looked upon marriage as her ticket out of a miserable abused existence but she soon realized otherwise. Suleri, the man with everything, would’ve laughed then if anybody had told him he would walk away empty handed at the end, but that’s exactly what he did.

Along with Amna, it is to director Ehteshamuddin’s credit that we enjoyed this unsung gem as much as we did. His visually storytelling imbued yet another layer of meaning to a very elegantly written story, and his understanding of the understated, subtle nuances of each character allowed his actors the space to make their presence felt. Among the actors, Rehan Sheikh was the heart and soul of Preet Na Kariyo Koi, his Suleri sahab was in a class all his one. Ahsan Khan is another actor who really took on the character and became Shams, essaying all stages of his character’s arc – from the flamboyant bad boy to the embittered and insecure middle aged man- so very beautifully.

For the story to work it was vital for the central character, Shagufta, to come alive, and here Hira Salman really came through brilliantly. I have no qualms in admitting that I was no fan of hers, but after this stint I have to say I am impressed. She  worked very hard and it showed. Though she started off a bit shaky as the OTT Goshi, but after that she was stellar and became Shagufta Shehzadi.

On Goshi, the story started off with her as a young girl who was the apple of her father’s eye. Fayaz sahab was played to perfection by Erfan Khoosat sahab, it is to his credit that an otherwise small role became so very memorable. Hasan Noman is another actor who really made an impression with his very strong performance as Ilyas. Mira Sethi impressed in her very brief role and I wish he had gotten to see more of her as Maryam. Adnan Shah Tipu is a great actor but we never really got to see Mushtaq in full form, his was another character that I missed in the last episode.

Unlike so many other characters, Bhola did get a chunk of time in the final episode and I have to say I was disappointed. The actor playing Bhola needs to work on his dialogue delivery and more importantly learn to speak Urdu properly. Watching Bhola’s scenes with Rumi, it was hard to decide who needed to worker harder on their acting. I so wish their scenes could’ve been cut down to give more time to others, Shams for one.

While this final episode left a lot to be desired, overall the editing, sound quality, cinematography all were very done and played a big role in us enjoying the serial as much as we did. Where the technical department exceeded expectations, the makeup department fell way short. I have complained a lot earlier so won’t again, but it is high time that MD Productions invested in some quality theatrical makeup and rely on more than ugly specs and grey streaks to denote aging.

Finally, kudos to MD Productions for bringing us an intellectually engaging serial after so long. I do wish the final episode hadn’t been rushed along as crassly as it was, but overall Preet Na Kariyo Koi did bring back memories of a time when MD Productions’ was a name synonymous with meaningful, quality entertainment. Here’s to hoping that we see more of these kinds of projects from them, kyonke aur bhi ghum hain zamane mein ‘ishq ke siwa.

And as I sign off, a huge heartfelt thank you to all you dear readers who kept me company on this delightful journey. We may have been only a handful but our discussions were always meaningful and thought provoking. I now look forward to reading your take on this episode in particular and the serial in general. Bring it on!

Written by SZ~

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  1. What a climb down and an anti climax to a fascinating series to the past 18 weeks? However, for me your brilliant write up is more then a fair compensation, this week. Keep it up SZ.


    • @TSBindra: Anti climatic is exactly what this finale was!
      Thank you for your kind words and thank you also for being a part of our discussions here on this Preet thread. Hopedfully you’ll contnue to be in touch and we will hear from you on another thread.


  2. Thank you desirants for this review at least we can rant on this crap of a last episode here! What was it? I feel cheated! We could watch 5 more when we watched 19! A lead stamp on a gold casket .smh


    • @Rachael: This was a huge letdown and you put it so well – a lead stamp on a gold casket. I feel cheated and am now going to think and rethink before I recommend any more HUM TV dramas. I’m really annoyed with them, not that they care about what I say, but they way they play these games with viewers is really abominable. They might win the ratings games in the short term – by stretching and shrinking serials at will – but in the long term they are only hurting themselves.. viewers are not as stupid as they think …


  3. Dear SZ – I can feel your disappointment, you have taken the words out of my mouth in your review.

    First of all, when I read that it was going to be the last episode, it surprised me a bit, because there still seemed to be a lot of ground to cover and I was hoping they wouldn’t rush it. But yahan toh kahaani kuch aur hi bangaya! I think my overall sentiment after watching this last qist was one of “But, but picture abhi baaki hai!” There were so many tracks/characters that were ignored that it felt so incomplete and out of sync with the whole “feel” of the show.

    To be honest, I was guessing that the ending might be quite a dark one. Bhola’s character was building up to something ominous, certainly not to this pheeka pheeka dialogue baazi. It felt as if someone had started writing a beautiful essay and then suddenly someone said “You have 5 minutes, finish up!” and then we got this. Did someone literally pull the plug on this one, is that why we had those mis-timed promos about last week’s episode? Khuda hi jaane! I somehow can’t believe that this was the ending that was originally envisaged for this show – looks like a misfit. Only Amna Mufti can tell…

    Of all that was disappointing in the last episode, my biggest peeves were the way Maryam’s character was ignored and the village track – I think there is a lot more to explore here, but afsos!

    But what a show, overall! I joined in quite late, but thoroughly enjoyed watching it and reading your and other friends’ take on it here and discussing all the characters, their motivations, the well-executed storyline…thank you so much SZ and friends for the enjoyable company! (Talking of company, where’s Rehmat – MIA these days?)…

    This play offered so much – one woman’s journey from being a ziddi and bright-eyed girl to life as a single parent-working mother without the usual support system, her mistakes and her realisations along the way, her vulnerabilities and her dreams, her ego, her fears; one man’s political aspirations and it all coming to nought, one man who supposedly had it all but not quite, one family that was left shattered by one decision, two girls who never quite got their due, politics, affairs of the heart, two youngsters trying to make sense of the world around them…

    Thanks to the channel, producers and the golden triangle of writer-director-actors for this play, even if the last episode felt like khichri when I was expecting a biryani…


    • @VZ: you are such a sweetheart.. You know that right.. Thank you so much for being so considerate and thinking about me… Deeply touched 🙂

      My Father in Law passed away on 16th Feb and right now I am in Pakistan.. It was very upsetting and distrubing period for whole family, slowly and gradually everyone is trying to come back to normal life..and so i too started missing my amazing virtual friends here 🙂

      Couldnt catchup with Preet from 16 episodes onwards, and reading the finale review dont think wont be able to watch either lol.. And since wasnt watching anything thus no comment..Will try to join you and other gang on SZ’s next review 😉

      Hope everything is fine at your end?


      • Rehmat I wrote a reply just now but it’s gone missing! Anyway, here I go again.

        First of all, so sorry to hear the news, my prayers are with you. Hope things get stabilised soon.

        Yes, Preet ending was disappointing yaar. I think as DB mentioned below, may be Hum has tried to wrap this one up in a hurry because of competition from ARY. Khair, let’s hope we can soon find something nice to watch and comment here…

        Thank you so much for your kind words Rehmat, and take care 🙂


    • @VZ: I only knew that it was the last ep because I read your comment and was just as surprised. and then what unfolded was so so annoying. Exactly! So many tracks left unexplored….

      And now, as I mentioned above, I am going to rethink a 100 times before I recommend another HUM drama to anybody, because there is really no point. Even if they start off well they go down the drain like that.. just because they are not doing well in the ratings . This has become more of an issue recently, as @Afia pointed out below. I am not trying to create controversy and who knows this might have been the original end but I just came across this site and cannot help but shake my head when I read that PNKK was originally announced as having 26 eps ..


      • SZ, hmmm, looks like they’ve certainly cut it down. Uff, another 7 episodes! What a disappointment, what a let down! I wish they moved it to another time slot, even a 11 pm one instead of cutting it off completely. When I see all those soaps on air from 6:30, I can’t help feeling where there is a will there is a way, it’s just that Hum doesn’t want to make that little leeway for viewers like us.


        • As you can well guage by the gaga comments over MM, I dont think HUM cares one bit for what viewers of our ilk want .. that need only the TRP audience and the teeny boppers on social media and thats it .. serial is a certified hit and thats all that matters .. GeR is supposedly trouncing everything on TRP charts and is a superhit ..


        • @ VZ
          Exactly, they could have moved it to another time slot. Even aired it at 9:10 pm twice a week and be done with it sooner if they wanted. I read on a forum that Gulerana has been re edited to increase the number of episodes. What a sorry state of affairs (if it’s true).


          • DB, I don’t have any difficulty believing that they would increase the number of episodes for GeR. They’ve done it before, remember Humsafar?

            I can’t believe they couldn’t find one slot for Preet. This mad race for trps… Just fed up with the empowered women helming Hum.


  4. Totally agree with you SZ. great serial but i wish they’d added some eps to it and let us off gently. Itni jaldi kya thee. Kahan toh 33 eps long “DeD” aur kahan yeh 19 mein rushed ending…


    • @afia: Exactly!!!
      I think they are replacing this one with the KURQ drama starring Zahid Ahmed and Yumna Zaidi. It is advertised as love story and if that gets going (which it might well do so considering Zahid’s popularity and the teeny boppers’ penchant for sighing over romantic heroes) and I wouldn’t be surprised one bit if that plays out for 30+ eps as well … I think Im done with Hum for now …


  5. I am disappointed by the rushed ending. All of the tension built up in the entire serial was squandered. Characters such as Bhola and Suleri seemed to be out of character. The entire village track and Shams’s attempt at a political renaissance was dropped. I’ll second Afia; if a pedestrian Diyar-e-Dil can get 33 episodes, why can’t an outstanding drama get 7 or 8 more episodes to wrap up its threads in a befitting manner.

    However, like another show dear to my heart, BattleStar Galactica, I’ll choose to remember “Preet Na Kariyo Koi” for its all too human characters and wonderful acting. Rehan Sheikh was great as usual, but Ahsan Khan, and especially, Hira Salman, were revelations. Even the supporting cast had its outstanding performers in Adnan Shah Tipu and Hasan Noman.

    On an unrelated note, is there any other current serial worth watching?


    • @Ali: I agree with you completely … Preet was messed up badly at the end, but that shouldn’t take away from all its plus points and there were so many of those!

      So given my disappointment with the HUM I have decided to give them a pass for now and am following Bhai on APlus and a little hidden gem called Taan on TVOne. I will write these up in a few…

      And in the coming few weeks I will start with Sarmad’s Mor Mahal on Geo and Main Sitara (formerly titled NigharKhana) on TVOne. Dont know how they will pan out in the long run (MM is slated to have 45 eps) but for now they look like something hatke.


  6. @ SZ and all! I was speechless after this episode. My feelings resonate with everyone. Like @Rachel, I feel “cheated,” like @VZ I was in shock “…kahani kuch aur bangaya” and like @Ali, “…characters were out of character.”

    So many unfinished subplots. This last episode was bad, unimaginative storytelling! Haay, haay!

    The final straw…Goshi reaching out her hand to Shams. I fully expected Shams to reach out his hand to Zarina and then we’d have the complete end.
    And what about those cheap tricks with Rumi’s shadow and Bhola menacingly leading Noorie through those galis?

    Moral of the story: Listen to your parents and don’t be like Shagufta.

    I was wondering, perhaps their budget was axed or maybe the team got into a huge fight and refused to work with each other.

    Well, whatever it was, the Golden Triangle became the Bermuda Triangle!

    Ok, I’ll stop ranting now.

    Thank you SZ for your wonderful reviews and thank you everyone; I loved having company watching this drama, and enjoyed everyone’s perspectives and interpretations.

    Would love to hear what everyone’s watching right now.

    I’ve started with Dillagi and still on board with Bhai. Recommendations (from any time period) welcome!


    • @JR: Hayeee I feel your pain my friend! 😢 I will miss our discussions on this one because there was so much here that forced us to think and look at things from different perspectives and I enjoyed the intellectual stimulation it offered. Ab lets see what else is in store for us …

      Re: Something new, check out Taan on TVone ( eps up on DOL and dailymotion). It may sound cliched but it is really different from anything else out there on TV.


  7. I started following this one a while back and I was seriously taken aback when I saw the promo for the last episode. And honestly, it was so predictable that the Dulha besides Suleri Sb was Roomi. I think Hum TV could not get used to the fact that the Tuesday prime time slot that they are used to leading with DeD has now been taken over by Guzarish (on ARY). Since ARY is giving really tough competition in other time slots (bringing in MYMD against Mann Mayal, and Dillagi against Gulerana), they probably thought a KURQ serial with Zahid Ahmed/Yumna would give ARY a run for their money. Although the way they are promoting it, it doesn’t seem very likely.


    • @DB: It wasn’t the ending and Rumi and Noori’s wedding that annoyed me (yes, it was obvious from the OST) but the way they arrived at that point and where they left it was so out of sync with the whole serial that it made no sense whatever.

      I agree with your analysis abt the time slots and do think they have pinned their hopes on this KURQ drama (given Zahid’s popularity with young girls and that this would be his first time as a proper hero). Also they have really nothing else big to offer right now – given that MM is falling flat despite all the twitter trending and the supposed high ratings- and ARY has Dillagi and Geo will start Mor Mahal which I think will draw a huge chunk of audience, at least for the first few weeks then it will depend on how it holds on to the initial momentum. Also TVOne’s Main Sitara is slated to start around the same time and that might manage to surprise everybody. I think I read somewhere that TVone was the only channel to pick it up when others considered it too out of the box ( just that fact gives me hope that it will offer something for us here). Oh and if all else fails, HUM can always pull out Bin Roye Ansoo and throw that onto the mix … although I feel that they will hold on to and pit against Sanam, probably in the Sept quarter.


      • SZ, sorry to jump in, is Sanam not a Hum project?

        Will look out for Main Sitara. Hope this time FI won’t disappoint! Thanks for the heads up!


        • Oh my bad! yes it is a Hum project. In my head I was thinking of Munkir, another OKB serial which had initially started off as a Geo project but then has been bouncing around all over the place .. Sanam is not done yet, it was left halfway b/c they started work on MM, so they still need time with it ..


      • I just checked out the ratings and it seems Mann Mayal has taken over Gulerana this week – but their ratings are much more than that of Guzarish and Bayqasoor on ARY. I can’t understand how the more the story goes downhill the greater the TRPs. It’s definitely star power.

        I watched Dillagi’s first episode and wasn’t really blown over. Sigh! I will definitely give Mor Mahal a try even though it kind of reminds me of Spartacus lol

        Hum will def bring out Bin Roye prob after Gulerana. Not sure about Sanam – it’s shoot isn’t completed and Haseeb Hasan will be starting the shoot for his two films as per his interview in Dawn, so let’s see.


        • I agree its sheer star power coupled with the fact that these serials get so much airplay…. GeR and Sangat started showing up so much more on social media after people started pointing out the shortfalls. Even those who had previously not known about these were now curious and joined in to watch and see what was going on .. I remember watching some star on NKS and he made the point about switching channels and moving on. His point was that the more you raise flap about stuff the more you become a part of the problem, b/c the commentary then serves as a hook to attract more eyeballs, which in turns creates a buzz which translates into higher ratings and media industrialists get the signal to produce more of the same because ‘people are talking about it’ … I guess there is a fine line here re: making your point and then letting go .. something I think about a lot as I sift through what choose what to write about…


          • Totally with you there SZ. I remember Sangat’s ratings fell once its reviews stopped coming and same for Aitraaz. But yes the line between giving honest critique and increasing viewership for an unworthy serial is indeed very fine. Esp when there are very obvious signs that the feedback has been read and taken seriously and worked upon (you know what I mean). Anyway, right now, I am not following any new HUM serial even this new KURQ one.

            I think the powers that be at HUM (content dept + director + writer) really need to work on their scripts before they start shooting.


      • SZ, DB, just saw a promo for Zara Yaad Kar, starts next Tuesday at 8 pm. There you go! Definitely plug pulled for trp sake.


      • @Deeba: Why not Meera? I actually thought it was great that she was in this ..considering the fact that she is the only film star ( I think) in this cast, I actually thought her presence would lend a very welcome touch of authenticity to this one 😜
        That aside, I am looking fwd to this one! Starts Thursday and I will look forward to your take!


  8. I wasn’t following any ratings so didn’t realize that PNKK was not popular enough for HumTV to keep it on. So much for the “strong women” running Hum….. I guess they don’t want any competition :p


  9. Hey SZ
    I quite enjoyed this drama , but the last epi was a disappointment.
    Ehsan khan was amazing as Shams , loved him !!!!
    Never liked Mrs Mani but after watching her in this serial I’ve changed my opinion abt her , she did well.
    The girl playing Noori , why does she look stoned 24/7 ? ? 😜
    Suleri sahab rocked 💪


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