Preet Na Kariyo Koi ~ Episodes 17 & 18 Review


For some the past is a foreign country, for others, however, today is but yesterday in a new garb.

The polished and confident politician Shagufta Shehzadi we see today is a far cry from the immature Goshi who defied her family and married Shams against their wishes. It’s been eighteen long years and even as she has lived a lifetime in each single day, in many ways it is as if time has stood still for Shagufta. As if on repeat, every single morning she’s  woken up determined to wipe clean the slate and every single night she has gone to bed with her hands soaked in blood. The past just refuses to let go.

No matter how hard Shagufta tried to protect Noori it was as if fates were conspiring against her. Looking at Noori in the present is like looking at Goshi of the past. Though two very different girls growing up in completely different contexts, for Shagufta it is like looking at herself in the mirror. This situation, Noori’s rebellion, is precisely what she had been trying to prevent with her strict parenting. Her daughter would never go through what she herself went through, she had promised herself. But, as they say, what man proposes god disposes. Today, after all these years Shagufta is right back where she had started, but this time around the shoe is on the other foot. She is the parent of a young woman with a mind all her own.

While Shagufta is looking at the present through the prism of her past, the fact of the matter is that the two situations are completely different. Were she to step outside of herself and look at matters objectively, Noori is nothing like her mother. Where Goshi’s rebellion was based on rose-tinted idealism, her daughter has no option but to rebel. With both her parents playing games to satisfy their own individual agendas nobody’s paused to ask Noori what she wants. Quite a far cry from Goshi’s situation all those years ago, when her doting father put aside his feelings and trepidations and gave assent to his beloved daughter’s choice of a life partner.

Though there is no doubt that Shagufta loves her daughter as much as her father loved her, the big difference lies in the size of their egos. Fayaz sahab never wanted anything beyond his daughter’s happiness. Shagufta, on the other hand, is engaged in an ongoing battle of wills with her husband. To be fair to her, however, in her own roundabout way Shagufta is looking to secure her daughter’s happiness, something Noori will most definitely never find with Shams’ choice, the problem is that she is only looking at it as a way to one up Shams and also to rectify mistakes of her past, none of which have any bearing on Noori’s present. What Shagufta doesn’t realize is that by dragging Noori in her personal issues she’s placed her daughter in a very vulnerable situation. Enter Bhola.

Much like his sister, Bhola too lives in a present steeped in the sepia tones of the past. The anger he felt after his father’s death has not abated a bit in all these years. With time bitterness and pent up rage have taken on a very sinister tone, so much so that even his young niece is not be spared. Ilyas, Maryam, chachi, all might have forgotten and forgiven Goshi with the passage of time, but Bhola has refused to let those traumatic memories fade. In allowing himself to be persuaded by Bhola’s story Roomi might have made his biggest mistake to date and unwittingly put Noori’s life in danger. Whether Shagufta can set aside her ego for her daughter’s sake and beg forgiveness from her younger brother is something time only can tell.

Self absorbed though she might be, Shagufta is at least thinking of Noori’s best interests, at least from her perspective, sadly though the same cannot be said of Shams. This man really deserves not just a trophy but a carton full of trophies all declaring him the biggest nincompoop around. As if finding a middle-aged suitor for his daughter was not enough he had to go ahead and visit Suleri’s sister as well!?! What is amazing is that despite the fact that he has not done any conceivable good deeds in his life, he still finds himself the husband of two devoted wives – one who happily presses his feet, helps him wear his shoes and cooks for him, and the other who despite everything can see no further than him. Truly there is no accounting for luck!

Interestingly juxtaposed against Shams’ track is Suleri’s track. The man who has every conceivable material luxury at his beck and call, whose one flick of a finger can change somebody’s life and fortune forever, Suleri, finds himself envious of a man who is empty-handed in the material sense of the word, with neither name nor fame, Shams. Where Shams has really done nothing to earn Shagufta’s love and trust, Suleri has been a constant companion through all those long, dark years,. He’s been the one to whom Shagufta’s turned for financial and emotional support, he knows her better than her husband ever could, his has been the political clout that turned Goshi into Shagufta Shehzadi, but even after all that he finds himself on the outside looking in.

That he is in love with Shagufta must’ve been a thought that gradually creeped up on him, as he slowly molded the young girl into this woman with substance. It says a lot for the respect and regard that he holds her in now, that he who had once made a pass at her without giving it any further thought is today unable to give words to his feelings. Shagufta, on the other hand, is still so absorbed in Shams, despite all that he has done, that she can only look at him nonplussed when he literally bares his innermost feelings. That scene, where Suleri takes off his glasses and watches Shagufta walk out of his home back to the house where she lives with Shams has to be one of the best scenes in the last few episodes. Rehan Sheikh, what he did in that scene was simply amazing!

Eighteen weeks in, Preet is still going strong. Kudos to Amna Mufti, Ehteshamuddin, and the cast and crew for maintaining the high standard week after week. Rehan Sheikh is fabulous as Suleri – no matter how small a scene. he makes every second count. Ahsan Khan plays the asinine Shams with a lot of finesse and effortless ease. Hira is great as Shagufta, giving her best to a very complicated character. It was a pleasure to see Hasan Noman back in action. Saman Ansari as Zarina does well overall, but there are times when she slips up and sounds like a polished urbanite. Noor Khan is doing well, but her partner in crime, the actor playing Roomi falls short of the high standards set by the others in the cast. Also below par are the actors playing Roomi’s parents; the actor playing Bhola also seemed to be literally reading his lines in the scene at the dhaba.

All in all I’m still happily hooked … how about you all?

Written by SZ~

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  1. I will watch it and get back to you. I’m on 16 LOL I still read your reviews, just amazing!
    I absolutely love this drama!!! I have been MIA for quite a while and was very slowly catching up.
    Love the grey nuanced personalities of all the characters. What fab acting by Bhola, Ghoshee and Shams! Ahsan Khan has been superb, totally owns Shams- what a batsmeez insan after everything goshee has done for him – hating him the most right now!
    But then I think of what Ghoshee did to her father, even though I feel bad for her now she really was the cause of him falling ill and subsequently dying with her selfish only me myself and I persona, so I feel like what goes around comes around and now she is getting her dues although she has suffered for far too long so I do feel bad that she is still getting punished in the form of shams as a husband!!!
    Oh yes and can’t forget Suleri Saab..,, wow what a character that has been written my gosh! He gives me the chills sometimes, what games he plays in such a genuine manner.
    Anyways looking forward to watching the last two and what happens with Noorie, Love how you contrasted her with her mother- I feel bad for her, she used to be the center of her mothers world and now suddenly her whole life has changed. Poor girl!
    Wish there was more well written different dramas like this. So smooth and entertaining with just the right amount of melodrama.


    • @SK: Yayy! You are back!

      Haina!! So glad you’re also enjoying this one as much as I and a handful of other friends here are .. as you rightly say it is so very well-written and so refreshingly different even though it does work within the parameters of our routine dramas, i.e, the 2 wives track, blind love, etc …

      And yes, the acting is so so fab… I watched these two eps yesterday and then tried to catch up on Mann Mayal … and wow! There is literally a day and night difference in the two serials.. and getting to Suleri sahab, Rehan Sheikh is pretty much unbelievable here … and Hira is so so good as well. When I had watched her in Firaaq I had pretty much given up on her but shes really worked hard and it shows.

      Ab catch up quick so that we can all be on the same page from now on 🙂


  2. SZ, firstly, how is your friend, my prayers are with her and her family. Thanks for reviewing this play given the circumstances.

    I relished your review, it was quite a dramatic read, almost like a thriller. There was more imagery than in your usual reviews (which are more musings rather than visual) and I quite enjoyed it 🙂

    Shagufta has two fears: that her mohabbat for Shams will never be quite enough for him and that Noorie will end up making the same mistake she made many years ago. These two fears are like her pairon ki bediyan and haathon ki zanjeer. They are eating her alive consciously and sub-consciously.

    Do you really feel she is engaged in a one-upmanship game with Shams? I felt that she refused the rishta that Shams brought, on quite fair grounds, not to score a point. Choosing Suleri Saab’s bhanja’s rishta was again acting in Noorie’s best interest (what Shagufta perceives as her best interest) rather than to fight it out with Shams. If Shams had come up with a sensible rishta, do you think she wouldn’t have allowed it? (Of course, our Shams has a big vacuum in his head so chances of him doing anything remotely sensible are zero.)

    She almost treats Shams the way her father treated her – indulging him as many ways as possible, forgiving him for his unkind ways, even finding ways to justify his words and actions. Shams is hurting her and she is putting up with it in all cases except this rishta business.

    Shams is not even a nincompoop, SZ, he has a nasty streak in him, he is self-centred and has bucket loads of ego and self-pity to boot. The way Ahsan Khan has played him is indeed superb.

    Bhola. I think he is too far gone to forgive Goshi. I guess that poor Noorie will be the one to pay the price for Goshi’s past mistakes. I can’t see that much anger and pent-up revenge going away without extracting a price, unfortunately.

    Hira and Rehan Sheikh were fabulous. If I had my way, Suleri Saab should definitely get an award for his awesome work. And I wouldn’t have ever thought Hira was capable of showing us such a complex character so well.

    Most of all, the writing. Simply top class. The logical plot movements, the non-judgemental way of portraying characters, no unnecessary stretching, such a rare thing these days. And the director has done full justice to the script. And thank God the empowered women in the top echelons of the channel supported this project.

    SZ, Jo Mann mein aaya keh diya, thank you for patiently reading through and commenting on my bak bak. Can’t wait until next week (hope the promo people will play by the rules!).


    • @VZ: thank you so much for your concern .. My friend is doing as well as can be expected under the circumstances and is doing better with every passing day.

      You are so kind always with your words and lol you and others see things in my writing that I never can see, for me I always write the same and just know how tedious, I find the writing process. That said I’m glad you enjoyed the review and found it thrilling – thank you 😊


    • Sorry, typing from the phone and hit send halfway ☹

      I so agree with you read on Shams and agree that he is so much more than a nincompoop… In my defense I had so many choice descriptions going through my mind as I was writing this, but unfortunately all were in French and I just couldn’t get beyond those descriptions at the point in time hence settled on the least French sounding word that came to mind … Sorry! 😜


    • Ok, apologies .. You are getting my responses in bits and pieces 😥
      I see what you’re saying with regard to Shams and Goshi and i like the way you compared Shams and her relationship with that of her with her father’s, but i also think their egos are involved .. Goshi had already talked to Suleri about her daughter’s rishta before discussing it with Shams and I forgive she came home expecting a pat on the back, from Shams, for the hifi rishta she had found for her daughter.. Remember the mithai ka tones she brought home .. He too on his end fixed a rishta without discussing it with anyone, that it paved the way for his political ambitions was besides the point.. But basically both fixed the rishta in trying to one up each other, where both were really looking at it from their own perspective .. What it would do for them rather than for Noori. Shagufta, of course thinks she did it for Noori’s benefit but were she to examine herself a bit closely I think she would find that she did it for her sake, perhaps finding a rishta that she herself would’ve liked to have been arranged for her… I don’t think I’m making much sense here :/

      And no! You always make sense infact I always feel like I’m rambling and going on with no sar pair 😦

      Oh yes! The promos! Wth was that?! I was expecting so much to happen that when it did not I almost felt like nothing happened in the episode ..

      Finally, how many drooled over the parathas being fried in that karhai?!


      • Hehehe SZ, I admit I was drooling over the parathas lol. First time I watched the scene I missed all the dialogues and had to rewind and listen to them. 🙂

        Your point about Shagufta’s ego makes sense. And I can’t wait to read your take on the last episode!


  3. Sorry SZ, wanted to ask something random: How is Pakeeza? Any good? Not a fan of Bushra Ansari’s writing, but love Amina’s acting, so I was wondering if you’d watched it?

    And how good are the teasers for Mor Mahal? Really looking forward to that one! I read an article about the work that went on for designing the clothes etc for it, can’t wait for it to start.


    • @VZ: Aww! No, please no need to apologize, ask away! Its always fun to talk about an interest of mine that nobody else around me seems to get 🙂

      Pakeeza, I watched the first two episodes, havent gotten around to watching the next two, but my impression was that it was Hum TV’s version (read high on maar kutayi waley steroids) of Aamina Sheikh’s track in JH, with none of the subtlety and finesse that Vasay and Mehreen displayed and Ally Khan is a fine actor but he ain’t no Ali Kazmi who handled his role as an abuser with so much care … know MJ and VC got a lot of flack from the aam junta, but if I had to I would rather watch JH again rather than this really bad reiteration … From the teasers it is evident that AS’ character will show growth and evolve into a survivor but I dont think I have the patience to sit through another ten or so episodes of watching a woman get verbally and physically abused…. I have started a rough draft of the review started and if you would like to read it I will try to get my act together and finish it…

      Mor Mahal — uff! It looks amazing! When I had talked to Sarmad for Manto he had been finishing off shooting for this one and he had talked about the money and effort that went into this serial and at that time I didnt really grasp the scale of production and now that I am seeing the promos I am able to get a sense of the detailing and thought that went into it .. will try to get Sarmad to tell us more about this one. Oh, and on that note, I dont know if you are in London proper or not, but Manto is being screened in London tomorrow – I posted the link under Manto review – and I think Sarmad and some cast members are slated to be there.

      Another serial that looks promising is Nigar Khana a retro serial based on the Pakistani film industry in the ’60s and ’70s. Here are the teasers I posted on FB


      • SZ, that was a superfast reply! Thanks for the heads up on Nigar Khana, will keep an eye out for it.

        Re: Manto, no yaar, I live too far away to manage it and really sad about it 😦 thanks for letting me know though, may be another time if something comes along I’d love to go IA.

        Don’t bother about the Pakeeza review, doesn’t look like it’s anything to write home about. JH the writing was subtle and MJ is always responsible in showing such social ills. I remember Yamina’s track in MeJ was quite well done. I don’t have that much faith in BA’s writing skills. MeJ is going to be telecast on Hum Europe from tomorrow every weekend nights at 9 by the way.

        Saw some photos of Hina K Bayat at the launch of Tum kaun piya, she looked lovely! Is this now a new trend, having a launch party for drama serials? Noticed there was one for Dillagi too.

        Re: Dillagi, looks like “bhai”s of all ages, shapes and sizes are here to stay in our dramas for a while. And I am finding Mehwish Hayat’s lips very distracting in the promos at least!


        • @VZ: re the press conferences: indeed you are very sharp to have picked up on this new trend .. Yes quite a few of these serials and films are now being handed over to PR companies who send out ‘exclusive’ BTS pics and other related info to various media related sites and invite their reporters/bloggers to attend these press conferences and launches and spread the word … If you happen to read a lot of these articles about the upcoming serials etc then you will notice that the same info is being disseminated via various media sites and newspapers, all of whom proudly proclaim they have the ‘exclusive’ scoop ..


    • @VZ I tried to watch Pakeeza, but i couldn’t get past her nick name..Adnan Siddiqui said it like 10 times in a scene… I mean what were they thinking!! Paakee? really??!!!.. Honestly it sounded so wrong that I had to turn it off… Caught one other scene by chance, saw Angelina Malik in a gharara in her gallery, on a totally random day….. That was the last straw! lol


      • Hey FA, long time yaar! Re: Pakeeza, the promos were a big turn-off for me, so I was waiting to see if any of you recommended it, but now I am not going anywhere near it.


  4. SZ, you’ve said it all. great review.
    I will just say that I love this show and Rehan Sheikh was fabulous in that one scene. It’s a treat to just watch him enact. Kya sensitivity….wah!


    • @Afia: this is still the best serial on air these days for me .. And absolutely RS is brill! And Ahsan K has really staked his claim here and Hira too has shown her mettle .. It’s the 19th ep. tomorrow and we still have no clue where and how it’s all gonna end!


  5. @SZ and all. Welcome back SZ. I hope you are doing ok. Great to have your wonderful reviews again.

    Episode 18… RS steals the show hands down but HS and AK have done great work here as well.

    The scenes when Shagufta and SS get to the core of her relationship with Shams were superb. He makes her think in a way she hasn’t before when he asks her about Shams and Zarina. Of all these interludes, one more expressive than the other, I think my favorite was when tears roll down her face but Shagufta says she happy…RS’s expressive response is brilliant. It’s really not a romantic/sensual love at all; it’s beyond that.
    And when Shagufta, speaking on muhabbat, said …kisi ko malaamaal to kisi ko kangaal, when she hear’s SS’s response, I think it is the first time Shagufta realizes his feelings for her. She seems genuinely shocked (and perhaps a tad embarrassed) at the table but then when she gets to the door, there’s something else in her eyes. Those feelings are reinforced when Shams tells her how he got the kangans for her.
    Was she that naive or was she just preoccupied with Shams that she saw nothing else? It’s a little hard to think a woman can work in this kind of environment, this closely with SS and have no clue for 18 years. @SZ what do you think?

    Here in E18 we see regret and bitterness in Shams. Earlier, in 17 we see the blatant anger in Shams’s eyes, when he decides that the only way to keep Shagufta in her place is to bring Zarina back. The one she loves has the capacity to hurt her the most. Such is the story of the vulnerability that love creates. Me thinks our Shagufta is growing up.

    I agree with you @SZ Rumi’s characterization leaves a lot to be desired. I will repeat a comment I read on youtube several weeks ago about this actor… “yeh kya, biryani mein aalu dhal diye”

    If Shagufta doesn’t want Noorie to make the same mistake she did, can she not insist that Noorie wait until she finishes her studies? After all she is just about 18, right? As is Rumi, if he’s her class fellow. Rumi is not a thug like Shams was. And she and Shams made the rishta at the same time. It was not like she wanted to marry off Noorie to avoid Shams’ choice of the older man. It seems like Shaadi is always used as a solution to every problem. I realize it’s a drama, but this one has been treating us like intelligent beings thus far.

    So the clash of wills has begun. However, the bottom line is that bechari, masoom Norie has become the pawn in everyone’s game. Chaachi, Illyas, Bhola, Shams and Shagufta. For everyone in her (Shaugufta’s) maike, this whole shaadi mudda is really about Shagufta not about Noorie at all.
    @SZ I didn’t get why you said Noorie’s life may be in danger. What did I miss?

    I am actually a little disappointed with the way this ‘clash of wills’ track has turned out. It brings it back into the domestic sphere with the masoom Noorie as the pawn, with the doosri biwi thrown in. Yawn! I had higher expectations.

    I would have liked to see Shams and Shagufta get into a political battle with SS as the Master of Ceremonies. Yeah! That would have been different and FUN!


    • @JR: Lol at the alu comment .. I got to say O love alus in biryani, but yeah I get exactly what you mean and agree with you.

      Re: My concern abt Noorie’s safety, I don’t know, but going by how angry Bhola is with his sister I don’t think he’s offered to help Rumi out of the goodness of his heart. I get the feeling that he will use this opportunity to make Shagufta suffer the same way her family, particularly her father did, because in our desi setup parents’ honor is integrally connected to their daughters’ izzat and an unsullied reputation .. I hope I’m wrong but the way he was talking I don’t think he was thinking abt Noori as his niece at that moment, she was only Shagufta’s daughter ..

      Re: Shagufta insisting her daughter wait and study.. I would say absolutely spot on .. That’s what I would’ve told my daughter were we ever to be caught in such a scenario, and then hope and pray that with time better sense would prevail … But unfortunately this is a desi drama and also remember though she appears all polished on the outside, inside Shagufta is still very much the same girl who lived in the inner city and probably grew up dreaming of Prince Charming, weaned as she would’ve been on a steady diet of Urdu digests and drama serials ..

      Re: Shagufta and Suleri, I do think he’s fallen in love with her, not the kind of love where you dance around trees, twirl in the rain and sing songs, but more a love that an artist feels for his masterpiece, something which embodies abs reflects his innermost desires .. Because he did mold her to be the woman she is today .. This is not the Shagufta who had come to him that first day and gone gaga over his charm and status .. This is a mature woman who looks him in the eye…
      I do think, and I could be totally wrong, that Shagufta never ever realized the true nature and depth of Suleri’s feelings for her .. Till that day .. Before that she was just too wrapped up in Shams. Now that he’s home and they are actually spending time together she’s getting to see a diff, darker side of her husband and not liking what she is seeing there and so now the equation between Suleri and Shagufta has started changing … Again, as I said I could be totally off, but that’s what I am loving about this serial that not all has been spelled out for us .. It’s all about how we read the various characters and how we choose to interpret their actions ..

      And yes, as I just responded to @VZ above, this whole rishta business is totally a game for everyone involved, most of all Noori’s parents .. So even though it’s about Noori it’s actually not about her at all .

      Also, to respond to something you’d talked abt in the last thread, I do think the writer has shown how Shagufta broke off ties with the women close to her, for instance Chachi, Maryam, her friends, all were used and manipulated by her to get to her goal, Shans. So, when she went to them for help, approaching her inner circle first, they all turned her down … Remember how her friend was forbidden by her mother to talk to her.. And so it is only after burning those bridges did she look to her outer circle, her college teachers etc to ask for help .. The one other woman who was not in her inner circle but could’ve helped her, Zarina, was also looked upon as a rival so another potential female resource was turned away ..


      • @SZ Re Shagufta and Suleri : I might be completely wrong but I still don’t think she got what Suleri really meant. Yes it made her uncomfortable and made her think, perhaps made her feel sorry for him.. Suleri vs Zarina…
        But i think it will be the start of something..


  6. @SZ A brilliantly written review. Thoroughly enjoyed reading it.
    Ahsan’s Shams is sooo good that he really drives me insane..I hope we get to see Ahsan Khan in more challenging roles like this. After mansoor in Pehchan, Shams is catching up fast! From his gitta daba to his trip to the samdhyana, to his kangan kahani, Despite of his pea sized , single track brain, Shams is one character that brings so much tamasha and dark humour to this otherwise very serious play, and AK is nailing it.. Hira is impressive and i can see her growing as a performer with each episode.
    RS is an absolute delight to watch. His scene that you mentioned was nailed to perfection. So much emotion and so much said when he said nothing at all! Masterclass! Just a glass door between the two of them.. so near yet so far.. and then she smiles and walks out on him yet again.. Shagufta seems almost seems animated, like an illusion here.. He is happy so long he gets to see her and her smile makes him smile.. but she is still on the other side of the glass..
    I felt Suleri was just as interestingly compared with Zarina as it was juxtaposed against Shams.. Suleri and Zarina who are poles apart – yet, this Suleri who called himself non-reusable material, has been used by Shagufta countless times.. much like Zarina who is the epitome of use and abuse.. both just as kangaal as each other when it comes to love..
    This episode made me think and rethink of all the times when Suleri helped out Shagufta, and made me wonder when he actually fell for her? and when he finally realized…. Methinks perhaps he was inclined towards her from the very beginning and the respect for her grew over time.. Shagufta made him realize about what she meant to him with her epic ‘muhabbat mein samajhna’ lines.. He finally understood her and himself… Would love to hear what everyone else thinks..
    Shagufta is finally beginning to see what a xxxxx type of a man she fell in love with.. there is a regret there for sure but is she willing to give him up? I don’t think so.. not yet. She knows it was her saza and so far she has been enduring it partly because it had its own maza and perhaps also because she feels she deserves it..
    Although she thinks she is doing what’s best for Noori, it was interesting to see what was driving her in this matter. It wasn’t just the hurt that she had caused her family, and the hard life she had had to live, it was also Mushtaq’s curse that had been haunting her.
    Did you notice the kangans were next to a doll? That said so much about what Shagufta cherishes, and how much she is about to lose in one day… It’s these fine details that makes Preet such a treat to watch!


  7. @FA. Very interesting question. When did SS actually fall for Shagufta because in the beginning he abandoned her/Shams when he left for London (or baahar somewhere). I wonder if it was when he came back and came to the lawyer’s office; he found her there with the baby in the conference room. I think there he might have realized her potential and her lawyer mentor/boss gave her a warning. Perhaps he wanted to use her (as her boss suggested) but he saw her strength over the years… without wrinkles. [Shagufta baaji, please tell us what miracle serum you are using?:)]


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